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a little bit unexpectible. usually James likes to make such podcasts.but in anyway it’s a part of our everyday life and should know English-not-from-books.


    I enjoyed the class a lot,but I wish I had seen this video back when I was in the USA, n I meant to say, people over there (in the south) seem to not drink coke a lot, n then I think mixed coke n coca cola, n ended up saying cock, yeah embarrassing!

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    Interesting video on slang for body parts. I’d heard some of these words on films and porno videos, but I hadn’t seen them in black and white.

    “His name is Peter and this is his brother Willy and his last name is Jhonson”, this is cool, isn´t?

    Useful expression to plan some practicla jokes on friends, isn’t it?

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      …making mistakes as usual…

      Correction: Useful expression to PLAY some practical jokes on friends, isn’t it?

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this is good to hear from the teacher this time this could be interesting,really like it,that’s cool lesson,thanks for sharing like this lesson ;)

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she is my best teacher Iknow alot about the languge through her many thanks for her


Teacher anyway You look so tender, thanks You

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Thanks ronnie You are brave to make this lesson .ya it is everyday English and we shy to ask about meaning for these words.


Pretty damn awesome!

Wiener and schnitzel don’t used in Germany. Is German foot but not slang in Germany.

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    There is also a “Wiener Schnitzel” very famous food from mid-Europe. Wien = Vienna capital city of Austria. Wiener means something is from Wien. Schnitzel is some kind of steak – meat is rolled in chickens eggs and then in bread crumbs and then fried on oil. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiener_Schnitzel

    Association of Schnitzel to vagina is most probably because a good schnitzel should be made of two parts of meat, not entirely separated, so it looks like vagina…


ahaha !!! I really love You Ronnie !!! you’re veryy amazing ! nice lesson lol :)

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It my first time i learned these words,so thank you so much and keep your good job.

I need anyone to add my skype id mansouralqasem to improve my English language.

Best Regard

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    done mansour i add you

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good lesson from beautiful teacher keep up ronnie

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that was awesome, i was always wondering about on some words i heard on movies, ronnie your so funny! you have no shame!! haha

mike labarca

You are brave to teach this lesson


I want to add a word. Fanny, in USA it is a harmless word used even by kids, and it means bum. But in England it means vagina and it is quite used. Of course I’m sure you know this, but I’m from Argentina, and I learned that word from the british series Skins. When I was 18, my aunt took me to Miami in the US, and while I was having dinner a young little girl who was playing around fell and started crying and shouting: mum, mum! my fanny hurts my fanny hurts. And since I only knew the british meaning of that word I started laughing very loudly, I couldn’t help myself and the worst of all is that everybody was staring at me. I felt so embarrassed.


Dear Ronnie, we are English learners. We need to be known all of words even bad or nice. Thank you very much for your lesson.

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    Fully agree with you, and well commented!


It’s funny to hear ‘schlong’. It sounds similar to the russian word ‘шланг’ which means a hose. And if you’re not embarrassed to show off your William you can call it so.

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well this lesson is great with knowledge as well as humor, but what i think about JUG is that “jug is the thing which contains liquid in it and breast also contain milk. So may be people slang jug instead of breast”.

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it was your great lesson Ronnie and hardest for you as well. You didd it great, Now I a little bit confused about listening some of thesу words living in the United states which where adressed to me!!!!!

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    That is the best way to be contended!!!


Thanks ronnie. these words are not found in my English-Pashto Dictionary,
good lesson,
you said that this is my favorite video, i think you are hot,


amazing lesson! Thanks you so much, Ronnie!

Vu Uoc

Hi Ronnie,
thank You for very useful lesson! From now I will understand all of movies vithout confusing! best wishes


Thank You Ronnie,
It was very useful for me!

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    hi Ewelina just like me searching for someone to improve my English!!

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      hi, I also looking for somebody to improve my English, my skype is ewelina4473


        i’m sorry for my lateness ……….so i can’t find your Skype account this is my E-mail dreamsoft_one@yahoo.com see u soon bye..


    hi there i would like to add you on my skype. it would be helpful for us if we interact with each other. my skype id is aman7en

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    And everybody, indeed!!!




    god damn , just because she’s kind of beautiful everybody wanna add her O.o


it was a grate lesson thank you


Oh Ronnie…I hate my name!!!!

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You are awesome teacher and thanks for this very hard lession

Harsh singh

yeah, one of the best english lesson by lovely Ronnie. ur dream is came true u said cock many times. ´´some women have penises but they buy them, that’s kind of strange´´so funny. byee.


Just awesome! :D

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It was a pretty interesting and useful lesson, thanks. :) As far as I know, the word ‘fanny’ means buttocks in North-America, but vagina in Britain. Is that true?


Omg the best teacher ever hahahahah.
I’ve made the quiz and if so……. I’ve failed only one question… hahha


you know when i hear the name of this vedio i ask my self why you call rude but i understood why you called rude when i watched it


We are looking forward to know all
about the verbs ASSociated with this
subject e.g. cum.


    (Q): Do you know why engvid.com is the best ?

    (A):Because they teach us what you can not find in the books or DICKtionary.


I’ve got an OMG, best quiz ever! lol
I think I’ve learnt lotta rude vocabulary today! thank u so much Ronnie

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i laughed so much.. very unussual lesson haaa ;)


Hi Ronnie…
Is “screw” bad word?
for example, if you do this way, you will screw him.

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Everybody has these parts of the body and use them very carefully. WE use day and night.but we didn’t get whole names till nowTEBE STEA KS AND JUGS’VERY APPRECEATING SLANGS. U R very confident RONNIE, THANKS


I heard about “camel toe” in Russian language and I very surprised when I got to know it also uses in English:) Very very useful and funny lesson:) Thanks:)

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Thank you so much,
You are a really helpful teacher especially for nonnative English speakers i am very glad to watch this video, and the video about Fart etc because we can’t learn these words from books, and the people here are also not aware from these parts,again we are thankful to you forever.

Best Regards,

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    Halaka, di kho bekhi kharaba kra, za kho khair, she is our teacher,


I didn’t get one word and I don’t understand a joke! What is this word – “smirth”? How do we know that “smirth” is open? No such words in dictionaries…
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!))))))


Roonie,There are a few people very good at their jobs
And you are one of them
thank you for this


Great!!!! Thank you very much!!!! I’d like to explain the meaning of ‘Schlong’. It’s a little transformed russian word ‘Schlang’ which means garden hose.


you’re veryy amazing

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just i can say thinks forthermore,it can be useful for me so far.from Manchester


“Schlange” in German language means snake, could be translated to english “Schlong” which is close to an image of penis.

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im sorry,but that was absurd.

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No doubt, this video will have a big sucсess! Good job!


you didn’t menioned the bush,
I also have tow other wordes for you Ronnie, the first is ‘the gentelmen sausage” and the secend is ‘the laydies garden”

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This lesson is very good to learn because we as foreigners who learn English as a foreign language will not understand them. When we hear some of these words from the movie or someone’s saying, we won’t understand. This helps us be careful of our pronunciation and speaking too. Thanks a lot for the special lesson that is hardly find it.


Please, could anyone write here the transcription of the last sentence of the Ronnie’s story about her grandma and the word “pussy”. I can’t make the words out.
Many thanks in advance!


    “I will never forget, one time when I was younger I went over to my mother’s cousin’s house. She was an older lady. Her cat went under her bed. I was smaller then, I was like this small. And I could get under the bed and find the cat. The funny thing was she was in the other end of the bed and say “Hey, Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy”. I almost died of laughter and she said “you think it’s funny i can’t find my cat?” “No, it’s funny cause you just said vagina five times””

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Thank you Ronnie. It was funny and interesting lesson:))))))))))))))

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Oh! Ronnie, thank you very much. Seriously one of important part in the language which you are shy to ask your friends grom UK, USA and other english-speakers-countries.
One part wan.t quiet clear to undersdand: a joke about smurfs or someone else. And blue vagina.



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      Suck also mean pleasuring a man with oral sex. So this could be a nice comment. :)


hi roonie
i got alot of information and also corrected a common blunder.


Thank you.

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Excellent for this lesson you are my best teacher keep going and thanks god bless you.

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Thank you very much Ronnie
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the lesson
Thank you for all your hard work.
I truly appreciate it.
I always looked forward to your new lessons.

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poonany – vagina
prick – penis
chode – small penis
cooter – vagina
twats – vaginas
clit -vagina

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    I’m afraid I have to point out that the clitoris is not the vagina. Everything else is right, though.

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      I’d like to know slangs of clitoris.

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        Sadly, there really aren’t any. People will say “clit” for short. “Flicking the bean” is a euphemism for masturbation, but no one calls it “the bean” on its own. There’s also the old-fashioned “the boy in the boat”/”the little bald man in the boat” but it’s not really used today except maybe humorously.

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Really best lesson !!

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I really like this video lesson, Ronnie. It is practical and interesting. Thank you for your creativity!

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Thanks for your help. We’re from Vietnam. Good luck for you, my teacher!

SLC Hoi bat chuyen voi Tay

hi, ronnie . first all i joined engvid yesterday.u are a good teacher. but don’t u think u are teaching a salacious stuff which SHOULD NOT BE PERMITTED HERE. we are not watching an adult movie ronnie . U TELL ME if ur lover or ur husband watch this. then how he will feel? i am sure he won’t like it. please do reply. THIS is a sleazy video. can u tell me WHAT IS fuck? my friend wrote to me? please REPLY

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    …wait, so you want to know what “fuck” means, but you don’t think we should have lessons on dirty words?

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      haha It’s funny to read the comments from offended guys here. You were warned ! haha and it’s crazy that those people still want to know what Fuck means.

      Profile photo of alarhu alarhu

      As I understood the comment, someone told him he is a “fuck”, so would like to know what this word means.


    I am very sure her boyfriend/husband from Canada is not going to feel bad if he watches this video. We leave in different part of the world with different cultures and in some part of the world this video is offensive, but in other part of the world this is just normal and no-one, specially hers boyfriend, is not offended.


Wow it’s really nice one tx!

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really best lesson .
Thank you very much with the high respect and appreciation


was funny to learn dat words xD

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Aargh! I failed the quiz. I need to study again this lesson!

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OMG! I got a perfect score for this lesson’s quiz, I guess I’m such a pervert XD. Just kidding. Cool lesson Ronnie, thanks.


I’d like to ask some questions and here are questions : Do you have a Facebook or do you have Facebook ? Do you have a Skype or do you have Skype ? Which ones are correct ? Do i have to omit article “a” ?


I mean instead of asking do you Facebook or do you Skype ?


good job ronie


Thanks for the explanation. It can help me enrich my vocabulary.

Adi Tyogunawan

that is good to teach to others ……for the knowledge of others…


Hi, I am Dick. This class is great. I like this way, I like this teacher. please keep your style (try to be unique ).


You’re amazing Ronnie!!!!!


Thank dear Teacher for your good teaching


Thank Ronnie, This video has taught me the knowledge not in books and I like it


Hi teacher Ronnie ,i want you to help me with the word ”kidding”.What is it initial form and how we can use it in the sentences??

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Ur just Awesome!
i really improved my English alot.

Frank zed

No offence though, but I wish I could have such a “friendly” teacher back at my school. I am saying this, because once I asked my male teacher that what male genitals were called in English and he beat me up to the hell. I am from Pakistan. You can guess why.


lol@ women have penises, but they buy them.


hi ronnie i love you you’r so funny during your lessons


wow…my result..OMG the best quiz ever….cool, only one mistake…ejejej cool..I want to learn more..


Now i understand who is PUSSYCAT DOLLS …. if in our country many of the men will know that that would be fanny:))))))))))))


Hey Ronnie,
I want to say that I really love your english lessions here, they are AMAZING! You teach in a funny way and it’s so nice that makes me return here all day to watch some new lession. I heard something about Skype lessions, and it really interests me. Could you give me more informations about this? It would be amazing. Thanks in advance.

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Nice lesson. It is not words which are bad or malicious but intentions and actions. Are you going to mistreat others or not is not necessarily connected with the kind of words you’re using.

So, the word ‘willy’ has no less right to exist in English than the word ‘philosophy’.

The only word to be avoided in any occasion is ‘cunt’, which was mentioned in the lesson.

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Can anyone help me to HEAR what Ronnie say in her story with “PUSSY”?

I hear, “No, it’s funny ’cause you achieve every china five times!”

But my friend hear another phrase,
“No! It’s funny You have just save china five times!”

Who is right? What is in fact?? And at last as a result of misunderstanding, why this story is funny???


    “Noooo!!! Because you’ve just add vagina 5 times.”

    Profile photo of rilomo rilomo

      OR “Noooo!!! Because you’ve just said vagina 5 times.”

      Profile photo of rilomo rilomo

        Thank you very much!!!!!


Do you have a Facebook or do you have Facebook ? Do you have a Skype or do you have Skype ? Which ones are correct ? Do i have to omit article “a” ?I mean instead of asking do you Facebook or do you Skype ?


Thnx Ronnie I just love your classes.
Greetings from Chile


You are my favorite one


its not good



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    If It Is Not Good 4u ,Don’t Watch This Video.

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If you ask, you’re my favourite!

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it was sexology lesson.taboo in other
country.you should see doctor if you
are homo,lesvian,predator sexual,tranny and so on.


thx, it’s awesome!!!!!!

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hello ronie i am sorry for absentees if u don;t mind when u record new English video plz forward it to may account it is may account sayednaqib.sahar@gmail.com

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Hello Ronnie!
how ya doin’?.. I just had two things:
1- I watched this video and i think it’s a double-edged weapon lol.Some people can take it so as to be aware of everything around them :D(and those are very few)haha and others can simply do researches on every word in the video!!lol i guess ya know what i mean .
2- i just wonder do u hold any English conversations or lessons on Skype??! (If so, can you please give us ur Skype ID so we can improve speaking skills)… ThanQ for ur efforts ;) .. Have a nice day!

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Do you teach phonetics?

Profile photo of misfer misfer

    Hi may i ask whete do u come from?x


Mrs.Ronnie ! You are the best


Hey Can you please teach me Diphthongs, Identifying the vowel sounds,Phonetics Vowels and Consonants and all things related to this? You now what? My English skill sucks! English is my second language. My English teacher doesn’t know how to teach. his passing rate is NIL. I might as well take the class and get the grade and study outside. I heard nothing goes on in his class and no one passes.
~video tutorials are highly appreciated~

[Sorry for bad English]


Thanks for this video.I just now notice that what some of the dirty words mean to be.I heard a lot this word in USA which was 2 years of my exchange program.Sometime i don’t understand what they are conversation with me.I can’t find on dictionary either.I just not going to be this words.Just learning how to be aware of that when someone conversation with you using this words. Thanks Again !!
It’s JC form Asia..

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Hi, Ronnie! I didn’t understand what did you say about BOX. Please explain it once again.


this is a nice and great site for learting english, I thank from the creater of the site


thanks teacher it was very nice also funny . i never heard of whose words


It’s very interesting
I think that teacher really admire this topic & I just wondered about that.


you’re really good at what you do, congratulations you’re great! thank you!

Ricardo Nascimento

hahahahahaa I got a 10!!! now, it’s time to practice ’em

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Ronnie is the best !!! Real teacher&real classes !!!


hi ronnie
thank you for your best lesson.
just one question is that what is the slang of when a man or woman ejaculating. i mean the time the water come out.pour out


Ronnie is the best ! Thats right


Dear teacher
Tahnks alot you are very nice teatcher and the best in the world


Ronnie when the video started i really felt scared with yours way, :) :), later a came back to Earth and i laughed a lot, oops yes yes i learned about the new words, hahahhaha!
Thanks teacher.
Hugs from Brazil.

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    Very TRUE!!!


Hi Ronnie, could you please explain further what is the difference between has and was and when will they should be used correctly. I’m a little bit confused about it. anyway thank you for the video lessons,they were really of great help in studying English.

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Hats of Ronnie.It’s a daring lesson


If I’m right, shlong – it’s a russian word, prononcien as “sl[a]ng” – general meaning is ‘hose'(e.g. firehose), and another meaning – penis.
Anover one, Jugs – came from irish jig. When a woman have a big boobs, when she walking, they are jumping, as if they dance a jig)
From Russia with love:)

Paul Manik

Ronnie! You’re the BEST! 7-))


Hi, Ronnie!
It’s great lesson! I like it! And you’re pretty cool! ))
So, I have some comments about the words.
1. “Shlong” -> it’s transformation from Russian “shlang (shl[a]ng)”, in general meaning – a hose (e.g. garden hose, firehose), and in slang meaning – a (usualy long) penis.
2. Jugs -> suppose, it’s transformation form irish folk dance ‘jig’ (simmilar prononsiation). When a lady have a big boobs, when she walking or running, they’re jumping and shaking, as like they are dancing a jig.

Thanks a lot for your job!

Profile photo of lurde lurde

    So I looked this up (because here at Engvid we pride ourselves on quality service) and “shlong” probably comes from the Yiddish word shlang (“snake”). English slang words that begin with shl- and shm- are usually borrowed from Yiddish. However, Yiddish itself borrows from Slavic languages like Russian, so let’s just call it even.

    And “jugs” refers to jugs of milk — presumably because breasts contain milk as well.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      Hello Ronny,
      such a dirty lesson, I like it!
      I’m from Germany and we don’t have the word “schlong” in our language.
      But we have a similar word “Schlange”. And often a German word looses the pronounced “e” at the end and an “a” changes into an “o”.
      So there might be a German grandfather of the English slangword “schlong”. “Schlange” means snake in English.

      To EngVid Modorater:
      The Yiddish version doesn’t explain the “sch” in the word.

      I like your lessons!

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it was interesting.

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haha!i got the best score!


thanks ronnie nice lesson on slang words

ankit pal

Awesome!!! Ty Ronnie! :-)

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its was very interesting


Ronnie is the best teacher EVER!

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Good teacher Ronni

Profile photo of haksoma1980 haksoma1980

Thanks ronnie..nice teste..cool..

Aram Kaftan

You taught such a lesson and you are still the best teacher :)

Profile photo of geop147 geop147

you know what, you r excellent teacher,no matter what other people say because,i have been learning english , and when i watch movies sometimes i dont got it. cuz there is alot of slang of american movies, and we need to be prepared about knowing anything possible


i’m sorry about my comment but i was kidding with u :(

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Thanks Ronnie youre veray kind and funnie i like a lot as always your class very cool

Profile photo of albertblue albertblue

A unique way of teaching, i wish, I could teach like you. Any you are wonderful

Sunny George

You´re the best teacher I´ve ever listened. Thanks for new (for me) slang vocabulary !!

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    add me on skype as aman7en

    Profile photo of aman7en aman7en

thank you ronnie alot i want to know name of woman backside as body part


Lol, very interesting lesson, <3 Ronnie. d(^_^)b


hell it’s so amazing..wow i was attracted by the tittle of your video you know?
lol i have seen they used often but have no idea what their meanings
ang ah.. i like the example given : coke and cock lol it’s cool..:d

Bao Tran

Hello Ronie, first time I saw your teaching video I really love it, and I picked up a lot of things. Would you mind Ma’am Ronie, if you enhance my curiosity regarding when do we use “may and might”? thanks and keep up your good work! your helping people a lot.


puhahha:) this is the best lesson i have wathed in this website till now :)) ronnie, thanks for this useful lesson :)

Profile photo of nile nile

you are the best really, i like you ;-) and i like all your lesson too ;-) thanks a lot for you and all of lecturers

Mohamad Simo

Schlong its in russian.


wow !!! interesting … ^_^

Profile photo of zekooo1984 zekooo1984

Thhhhhhhhhhhhhank you Ronnie I like your teaching method keep it up I always follow your lesson that is verrrrrry helpful God blase u.


Hi! Ronnie.
I have to admit you are the bravest teacher and you have a big criteria to explain to us these forbidden words that we cannot find easily in some diccionaries I am a new user in this engVid lessons and you are the best teacher I have ever seen, yhank you very much for your teaching, I have been learning so much,I from México and I would like to mention that the word Fanny here in México is a female´s proper name,like María, Guadalupe, etc., when I hear the word I start to laugh myself,because I know the meaning both in American English as British English but I do not say anything.


hahaha… you are the BEST teacher ever! I’m learning a lot. thank you Ronnie

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What a great video! Everything that i’ve always wanted to know, but i’ve always felt shame to ask.
Thanks teacher.
Leandro from Brazil.

Profile photo of leandrocae leandrocae

That was deadly.

Profile photo of hapkido hapkido

I got amazed after watching this lesson. Ronnie your body expressions are super in all classes. You are very frank teacher. But don’t expressing while you talk about sex you not look good. ;-) As you don’t recommend us to do sex, illegally.

Profile photo of ather9 ather9

Ronnie, you re the best one ever=))
thanks for lessons
kindly ask you to keep this style=**


Yes, fantastic lesson, madam. I knew some of these words. but learned new ones also. I think we must know these words if someone says. We should be able to understand. Thank you


hi ronnie can u explain me of the term we often use to describe the intercourse that proceeds in between both male and female known as “sex” briefly !

Eric megabox

Thank yuo for this lesson, you are an awesome teacher


Hello Ronnie!
You are simply superb. Nice to hear such words from your mouth. In fact i have learnt a lot from it… Thank you so much…!!

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hi Ronnie, thanks a lot for the lesson. I really want to receive more lessons of this kind (from real life, not only from books). I enjoyed the lesson a lot, so interesting!!! Thank you again!!

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Thank You Ronnie,It was useful for me


Thanks for the lesson. Even though I am not gonna use these words, it helps me to know who is rude to me next time.

Profile photo of allisonli allisonli

One of the best first lessons. Well explained. We all have these but not so familiar to their DIFFERENT names. Though it started like an ADULT MOVIE (18+), but ended as a universally acceptable lesson for all AGES and GENDERS!!!

Thanks and regards,



I have no listened like this lesson yet,i like u keep up like this


Thank you very much. You are a brave woman.


I am learning so much with eng.Vid! But now i am afraid to speak ” can’t”! Does it have the same sound of that bad word for vagina? For me, they have the same sound: can’t and “cunt”… Please, i’d like you to write me back…


    Can’t = sounds like rant, pant, ant.
    Cunt = sounds like hunt, runt, bunt.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Ohh in British it sounds like:

      can’t LingvoUniversal (En-Ru)
      [transcription]брит. / амер.
      сокр. от cannot;

      For sure… ))

      Profile photo of kenzoll kenzoll

        I think in British “can’t” and “cunt” have the same pronunciation.

        Profile photo of zetorka zetorka

      Mam i have a doubt,if male releases their fluids,its called semen.If women releases fluid,then what its called??Is really women releases fluids??

      Profile photo of Yavi Yavi

Ronnie, you are the best really, I like you.

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Viry nice teacher & lesseon
Thank you angil teachrt

Profile photo of assaf123 assaf123

Very nice and good lesson!
You are the best!

Profile photo of sfidelis sfidelis

nowadays rude words are part of our lives.Thanks for teacher


In so many time of English classes I’ve never had such a clear class about sex slangsss! thnaks thanks thanks!


A very funny quiz. And also a very educational, because it contains questions related to some additional knowledge domains, such as anatomy (where’s your ass) and geography (feasts in Germany)! A super quiz! :D

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Thanks a lot, Ronnie!
Jug is also what rock climbers call big convenient holds, something nice to hold on to.


Thank you,Ronnie!!!!!
Your lessons are awesome))))

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    hello , Im trying to know people to practice English. can we try it ? niitro_peru in skype. bye

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thank you ronnie

mohamed youssif

It’s very useful for ALL. Thanks a lot!

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agood lesson


balls lol


What do knuckles mean?


What about asshhole ^ ^j


thanks my teacher who alowed me to write a lesson

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hi ronnie what is the defferce betwen dink(y) or dick and wiener /tube steak

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Dear Ronnie it was the best ever lesson that I had :D
love ya,
tnxxxxxxxx alot ;)

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you are the best really nice lesson

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Thank ronnie this was a very useful lesson

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pretty good lesson..


camel toe…that’s a good one !!!

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This lesson should not be here. It has spoiled the ENGVID image in my mind.

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    We’ve totally done lessons on slang, swearing, and gross body stuff before, though!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

    Sorry friend, If we keep on escaping from such words then we will never learn them..

    Profile photo of Arun Khanal Arun Khanal

    If you are honest with yourself, you should be aware and recon that any language around the world has its own specific slang, among which human body parts (that nature has given us) and curse ( / rude) words which are the first words to be expressed verbally in every population practising a genuine living language. So learning broadly a foreign language should naturally include learning a minimum of slang _ which is commonly used in private conversation among friends and encountered in diverse modern medias; no matter your respectful educational standards or religious believes ! And where else could anyone be offered to fill this language gap than here with decency and honest pedagogy (active teaching) ? So take no offense and enjoy learning and fulfill your needs.

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I really like very much this kind of videos that teach us words that never listen in others websites

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this information we really need to know it

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Hi Roonie, I`m Altamir from Brazil and I was looking at some words on dictionary and I found out that “keep you pecker up” means something like to keep thankful even when you’re going through a hard situation… Is it rude to say that in this way? should I say “I`m keeping my pecker up even though I don’t have money enough for the month” . hahahaha does it make sense? sounds weird for me after your GREAT CLASS!!! CONGRATULATIONS, byt the way! see ya.

Profile photo of altfilho altfilho

    JAJAJJAJAJAA NO!!!! Keep your pecker up = keep your penis up!
    You can say KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!!! That means be strong to go through a HARD situation!!!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah I just can’t stop laughing imagining you reading all the shit I’ve written above!!!! hahahahahah but anyways thanks for answering! I`ll use “keep my head up”!!! hahahah YOU’RE GREAT!!!!!!!


ronnie it was excellent lesson, i was not knowing the confidential names u taught me interestingly


Wow ! that was Awesome lesson ever ! Thank you, thank you so much ! I love this lesson ! Thank you for this satisfactory explanation !

Phạm Đăng Khoa

A big Hello to Ronnie! This is one of the most beautiful lesson and useful in our daily life! One thing is here! Anybody before starting or listening to your lecture while they see what is the lesson today they will shock and automatically prepare for that! My score was in this lesson 90!

Jaweed Amini



Love this lesson or hate this lesson but you cannot ignore this lesson :-)
This one is the funniest lesson in engvid and I am sure ppl would have picked up all those words in the one go… hehehehe !!!

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i like it so much!


It my first time i learned these words,so thank you so much and keep your good job.

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sick vidio,thank you cool teacher


You are just awesome, you taught this topic with so good manner

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you are a good teacher

hany kheir

thank you very much beautiful teacher..

ali khan

I have never learn this in my school and college. You make it crystal clear. You are bold enough to give such interesting lesson. Thank You Madam, You are my best teacher.

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Brave teacher … thank you

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Please don’t make these kind of lessons. thanks.


Sorry but this was not good lesson. You should not teach this. Anyway thanks.


hahaha! brave ronnie :) but is this launched on youtube? hope not we should protect our minors, though. cheers!

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thanks a 1000000000 from yemen you’re the best teacher

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hi ronni
thank you for your best the all lesson.
just i am interest you lesson I am in liven in USA veer veer good you Lesson you are best teacher.


IT´S a good way of learning real through those videos.it´s a useful tool to get us ready for daily situation in usa.i´ve been learning alot of bad english words since i was 13,such as “nibble your bum,sit on my dick,faggot and so on.I thank you alot for those videos.

carlos santos

Ronnie, you rock!
I’m your biggest fan now! XD

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Now tell me who didnt get 100 points on this quiz!! im usually writing down all words are new, even slangs or..anything. but these words..what to do with them? maybe someone see my notebook full of slangs for penis.oh God. i’ll write them down with that risk..because maybe someone try to make fun of me with those names willy/peter. Wish u good luck with new videos and new ideas for other usual slangs :D

Irina (Irenne)

First time in Canada I went out with my house-family to Mc’Donald’s and I asked for a “cock”. The guy didn’t understand or didn’t believe his ears and asked me again and I repeated the same thing 3x. Until I notice everyone was staring at me and half of them were laughing. It has been the most embarrassing thing that happened to me until my vacuum broke and I said to my father in law: ” I have a blow job for you” … I meant ” a blue job”. You know? girls do pink jobs and boys do blues llOL. OMG!
Gezz!¡ tkx for the class, Ronnie. It’ll help me out with my troubles in my Canadian life kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ( Brazilian laugh)

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    hello, it’s life lisa28

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Hahahaha, now I got it!!! the coke pronunciation. I have a lot of fun with this video. Actually I have been learning lot! rom your video… Thanks.
I have a lot of problem with slangs and Phrasal verbs.. Would you like to make a video about that… Plissssss! And thank. ;) i really enjoy the way you teach.


I can’t stop laughing. The most useful lesson that I’ve ever had :D:::DD:D:D thanks

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What about fanny?

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Hi you are a amazing teacher ronnie ,I have a question …in a tv show SUPERNATURAL ….A character said …..BALLS when he is angry for something says balls…..is similar to damn or hell ????

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Thanks a lot teacher

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Roney… the darey teacher…hello

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With this lesson I got 90 % , hahahaha. Thanks.
You have a good courage. You are great and don’t have taboo.

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Incredible lesson!! I loved it :D thanks Ronnie

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Holy moly! You absolutely deserve an Oscar for your performance! That was fantabulous!!! It totally cracked me up! BTW: I just got 70%. I have to watch the video again. Cool!! :D

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Ronnie! Thank You! Now I Know How to use this words!!!! LOL :D

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10/10 Thank you Honey!!!

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thanks. Ronnie. I really like your English class. Your classes are really amazing ! Please make more video for slang use. It is really amazing for daily use, which is hard to learn from textbooks, or even other English class.

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what about an arse? I heard it quite a few times

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I love the way you teach.. Awesome!!! thank you..

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Ronnie, you are incredible! You make me laughing!!

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Nice lesson ))) I’ve heard about some of them… But I didn’t know about other synonyms ))
Great! Thanks a lot!

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Hi Ronnie! At first let me tell you that you are a great teacher and a funny person.

Thanks for all these interesting and enrichment lessons

Kind regards
Brian – from Peru

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I love your videos but this has been my favorite!

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Thanks a lot

kind regards
khadija – from Morocco

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Hi Ronnie! Very useful lesson and also very important to know about that ”Rude body parts”

Kind regards! :) :) :)
From Bosnian and Herzegovin

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hi, thank you ronnie. interessting lesson

i need to practice my english here my skype , capricorn792012.

good job

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Thank You Ronnie!

Nasty but helpful

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Thank you very much Ronnie, a very daring side of English language that we can’t learn from textbook but they are part of day-to-day life. Congratulations for this lesson, the video was super funny, you have a big talent as a teacher and comedian!

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Shocking at start, but most useful video for me as I have learned about the things that I have never learned about them anywhere else.
Thanks for being brave enough to talk about them. It is important that people learn about them and use the ones that are appropriate and stop using those not right.

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Thanks Ronnie I got 80%. Very good lesson for updating my knowledge.

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Fantastic lesson. Thanks Roonie.

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Cause I always feel shy to ask about these bad words.

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Roonie, you are hilarious. Thank you.

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hi Ronnie! you’re so funny maybe you can try to do a kinna Bill Hicks performance, just kidding! you’re a great teacher and your lessons are just knockout… you’re the best. Cheers!

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    Aw, Bill Hicks :)

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

Hi Ronni, Please let me know why women’s nipple are so imperative thing to cover. I mean why we see in music videos or regular movies the nipples are hidden. Is there any legal issues about to prevent showing those parts of body? I will be very thankful if you respond the answer to me.

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That was fantastic :-D

Thank you Ronnie !

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it’s absolutely wonderful ,

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Nice lesson. I know a lot of this slang, because I love to watch adult movies:)
Please guys find me on twitter twitter.com/English4Alll i would love to speak with you.

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Hello, Ronnie! Thanks for a uaeful lesson.
I’ve listened to the joke about the box 3 or 4 times, but still don’t understand. Nor anybody explained it to those who had alresdy asked. Please give us the scropt for this part. Thank you.

Profile photo of Cam Cam

    hi thePrecious
    she said “He Sticked His Schlong In The Box”
    And as mentioned before, schlong means penis and box means vagina.
    i hope it was helpful

    Profile photo of kamivh1 kamivh1

      Thank you, but I meant another part: “How do you know that the … recycle? (Wait for it!) … has a blue box. Her vagina is blue.” As often written, fill in the gaps))

      Profile photo of Cam Cam

        oh i see
        i think i found it
        she said ” smurf recycle. smurf has blue box”
        as you might know smurfs are cartoon characters and they are blue.

        Profile photo of kamivh1 kamivh1

          Oh, I see now)) I didn’t know. Thank you.

          Profile photo of Cam Cam

          but what is a “smurf recycle”? you can recycle trash but smurfs? :O
          I think better when you just say: smurf comes from a blue box, because that’s at least true

          Profile photo of zetorka zetorka

          Most non-english native cannot understand this (quick-said) phrase as it relates to the French-Belgium cartoon caracters originally named as “Schtroumpfs” in French-speaking countries, and which have a specific name in each foreign language !

          Profile photo of stabatmater stabatmater

          Most non-english natives cannot understand this (quick-said) phrase as it relates to the French-Belgium cartoon caracters originally named as “Schtroumpfs” in French-speaking countries, and which have a specific name in each foreign language !

          Profile photo of stabatmater stabatmater

before this video i didn’t know the meaning of some of these words, but now i’m fully understand! thanx Ronnie

Profile photo of kamivh1 kamivh1

Thnx Ronnie u’r the best :D

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Thanks Ronnie for this very funny lesson. In France the part of the body for Men is sometimes named: ‘Popole’. Funny name isn’t it ?

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Thanks Ronnie.
Thanks EngVId.
Thanks to who made this website.
I’m learning english for free,o.O?

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Thanks Ronnie!
EngVid is unique!

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how can i appreciate ur efforts ronnie really i looooove u

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T’was great and soooo funny. Thank you folks! Ronnie, again, you’re the best

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scored 1oo % , i love this lesson .

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you forgot to list eager beaver, don’t you?

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Thank you RoniXxx :)

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I enjoyed this lesson .. lol …. slang is funny and interesting :D

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bon matin mademoiselle Ronnie: good morning miss Ronnie :) J’aime beaucoup votre façon d’enseigner, vous êtes très drôle avec vos mimiques…je dirais que c’est comme si le soleil apparaissait un jour de pluie!!!! I just love the way you teach, you are so funny and your facial’s expressions = lol. Even when it may be a bad day…learning from you makes me feel good! So, thanks a lot and I hope that you’ll be teaching for ever!!! :)

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thanks ronnie

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Pu$$y is not a cat. C*ck is not a chicken. No sh*t Sherlock! :)

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Hi Ronnie.please say to me where are your videos?

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Thank you Ronnie… it was so funny :D lol :D

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i got 8 correct out of 10.
:)so weird lesson & really hilarious teacher :)

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7 correct out of 10. Thank you :)

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it’s so hard to remember… get a bad mark :(

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i need some one to talk with him to improve my english

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9/10, Thanks Ronnie for the lesson

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help me, “chicks dig” what is that mean?

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Thank Ronnie for the wonderful lesson on secret parts. Please is there any lesson on theology (christology)?

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Hi ronnie, this was an iteresting lesson, but there are actually other salng words for penis you forgot to mention such as; prick , shaft, rod, rail, dong ans so on

Profile photo of Rahmouni Tarik Rahmouni Tarik

Gi ronnie, thank you so much for you kindness, I really appreciate it because you are really my best teacher ever

Profile photo of Tarik rahmouni Tarik rahmouni

I always thought “balls” is the normal word for these parts of the body, so it’s not rude. And this is the first time when I have heard the word “buttocks” too!

Profile photo of zetorka zetorka

LMFAO Best teacher ever!!!!!! Peter?! I love Peters, strong, beautiful, big Peters! LOL Was I very rude? Maybe… Maybe not… I’m sorry! LOL I love Ronnie too.

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Thanks Ronnie as ever you are a great comedian and a excellent teacher. Good to learn with you. I don´t understand well the meaning of box, woud anyone explain to me? thanks!!!

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I really don’t know how to thank you, Ronnie, for your lessons.

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That was awesome :)

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Ronnie your lessons are great . You are fantastic 😂 Make me laugh a lot …

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Why Ronnie have you forgotten teaching as well the proper & correct British-English spelling for the slang word “Arse” _ which is normally only written ‘ass’ in American English ?

Profile photo of stabatmater stabatmater

WELL I don’ get understand all the words but I understand the phrase context. You’re amazing! Thanks!!!



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You got 6 correct out of 10.

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Thanks so muchos dear ronnie for teaching us that kind of rude words its important to know them greetings from surco Peru

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Dear Ronnie it was a naughty naughty english class but very necessary And now i understand what porn actors say in hot movies …….greetings from surco.

Profile photo of marc anthony marc anthony

    😂 This is my favourite comment today.

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Thanks. It is a very interesting lesson.

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