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very very funny!!!




      u know i like your teaching style it is so easy and understanding language


      good lessson

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The volume of this video is very low, so dificult to hear you speak. Anyway, thanks for another good lesson.


    the sound as low quality


So much of fun n interesting too

Ranjita Kabi

a very interesting lesson. Thanks Ronnie


very useful and funny lessons

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hi Ronnie
thank you for the lesson, but what about the shoes? should I consider them as clothes and say: -put on your shoes
-take off your boots
one more thing, what should I say if someone lace isn’t tie?
Ronnie I ask you again,can you prepare a lesson about” the difference between a lot of and a lots of
and finally how we use this word “either”

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    Hello Raheen ,there isn’t diffrence amang a lot, lots of , plenty of , All of them have the same meaning . We use these words to talk about quantifiers . If I were you , I would look for this subject . About the word either , there are two lessons in this site about it .
    Hugs from Brazil .

    ricardo alessandro

    Shoes… do up/undo. Socks…we put on/take off.
    You can say your shoe is undone if someone’s lace isn’t tied!
    Please search the ENGVID site to find lessons on either, and the difference between a lot of and a lots of…there are already lessons on these topics!

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      I shall take off my dress after I wanna go to my wife

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Hi mam,
I liked your teaching style! I have a question that how about the shoes and socks? can i say ‘do up’ or ?

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    Shoes- yes… do up/undo. Socks, no – we put on/take off

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      hi ronnie thanks for your help. i wish you are my teacher. you are so funny teacher.thanks i like your teaching


      Thanks for your reply!

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      I wanna kn the diff between have beeen and went


        Have been = present perfect. I have been to Canada.
        Went = simple past. I went to Canada last year. With simple past, we always have a time marker!~

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hehe. i love it


i realy like this !!
Ronnie.. you are the best .


very very nice Ronnie thank goy


Do up, new word for me
thanks teacher.

Rey - Brazil

Thank you teacher.

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i speak little english and i want to thank you for your lessons.
You are a wonderful to explain the lessons and i can understand well.
thanks a lot teacher Ronnie


Thanks a lot teacher ^^

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Thank you Ronnie! I liked learning differences among put on,take off, put in and take out!

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HI dear Ronnie
Thanks for your great teaching
Can I have your e-mail adress??

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hello!Ronnie you are so nice teacher please tell me the use of’WOULD’pleaseeeeeeeeeeee


hi..this is chandu from india.i saw ur block two weeks ago.u r a great teacher..i have a query will u tell me how could i learn enlish perfectly in speaking.


Thanks Ronnie. I learned some new vocabulary from your lession. And, it also gives a lot of fun.

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I love your lesson. Thank you very much! Have a nice weekend!


Hello Mrs Ronnie! I have a question, can we use put off or take on? to replace the words put on and take off? Like a switch on-switch off.

Thanks and regards


    When we talk about clothes, no, you cannot use put off or take on.

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Thanks for your help and good job!


thanks Ronnie

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    i want to leason pls help me


WooW, so funny lesson .. i like it ^_*


Thanks, I will try to do that for you! In the mean time….buquinis = bikinis, maiôs=bathing suits, sungas=sunglasses.
ahhahah that is hilarious……Tarzan English!!!!!!! Good luck and keep watching!

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    let me request another topic, would you mind teaching me how to say everything about military language in English?. like putting right hand in the head, to stand upright,to keep in line, etc. i really don’t know what are their special words in English. please help me…

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      To put a hand i the face,bitch slap.
      To stand upright, crucified.
      To keep in line, queue

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thank you so mush for this lesson really I like your way . I have tow question first one about (take off and put on )we can use it in America langauge ,sacond one about the zipper can you write how I say his zipper are open becouse you mantion tow way .


ronnie taht was really helpful the way you told us.i have a question….if iam not doing it for myself like…if i have to dress my baby or if i have to do up his shoes or if i have to put his socks on how do i say that.and one more thing when i feed him…what do i say ….come dear i will feed u or i will get you to eat it or i will make you eat it???plz tell me in detail for all these things(food, dress, shoes, socks) seperately.


    I have to dress my baby. I have to do up his shoes. I have to put his socks. Come dear I will feed u All of these sentences are 100% correct! Great job!

    I will make you eat it…is too threatening but sometimes you have to use if he doesn’t like his food!

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Hi Ronnie! I’m a teacher myself and I find your videos very enjoyable and, what’s even more important, very useful. Thank you very much for this wonderful experience. Greetings from Serbia.


ronnie teacher i like how you teach



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Hi ronnie

can I say “in the top” instead of saying “at the top”

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    In the top is only used when something is inside something.
    At the top is used to talk about location.

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It is ok

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you’re a great teacher!!! It’s a very good lesson.


thank u teacher , u r creative and professional …



very well teaching :-)


thanks for teaching…i want you to teach me a vocab word and how to use that…………


Hi Ronnie
I saw once in a movie ’17again’ a guy asks his friend “what are you wearing?”
and he meant the perfume, is that correct?

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    Yes it is correct!

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it’s really helped me

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hi how are you doing furst thing thank you for our helped for present alot information in enghlish and how to comnicity with someone please defferent between hear and listen and how to use do up,stand up

mike max

hi ronnie i want say some thing so may i say something.
(how to improve our brain please suggest me some thing suggestions)


    Don’t use drugs! It will give you a spongy brain

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heeeee thanks teacher


Hi Ronnie….I love it. Your last expression is memorable.


which one is better to use
“don’t let anybody put you down because you are always in the top”
“because you are always at the top”

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    “Because you are always at the top” is OK but best is “because you are always ON top”

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thank you very much for the lesson, from now you will be my teacher


Teacher,I like the way you teach and your lesson also.
Can you help me how to use other, the other, another and others in right way? I always confuse them.
Thanks for your help


    Other means a different thing. I’d like the other car.
    Another means plus one or one more of something. I’d like another coffee.

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i think won’t learn.i have got 3 wrong answer on quiz :((. but Ronnie you’re a great teacher and a very funny lesson.I keep watch yours video.I hope i didn’t write wrong :)))

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hi ronnie, your teaching power is very good.i like & love it.

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She is the best english teacher that i have ever seen


hi good teaching


thank you , you axplain with a very good method ,i inderstand you easily


You are great,Ronnie,thank u very much

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Dear Ms Ronnie,
Your lessons are easy. Well done.
Could you explain difference verb get and take?
Thanks a lot of.
I look forward to answering from you.
Your sincerely, Ramil.


    Give means to transfer one thing to another person. I give him a letter.
    Take means to receive something. I take (receive/get) the letter.

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Dear Ms Ronnie,
Sorry but you din’t understand me. I wanted to understand the difference between the verbs get and take.
Thank you.
Best regards, Ramil.


hi teacher Ronnie you are doing best job
you skill power is fabulists
but i have a question for my English skills
that is what’s the meaning of soon and which part of speech is apart of this word and where we use it


Hi Ronnie! Thanks for another great lesson. I wanna ask you something. Why in USA they call laces a shoe strings? And i know for sure that they say about shoes or boots the same as about clothes – put on and take off. Is there a difference between English in Canada and in US? I`m kind of confused.

Profile photo of Natalie Natalie

    Yes, there are differences between American and Canadian English! However, we (Canadians) understand all of American words/differences because we have American TV.
    Most of the differences are just the words we use, and the spelling!
    Don’t be confused!
    Hope that helped you! Thanks for watching and good luck!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Thanks for your response, Ronnie. I live in US and learn English on my own. That is why I have so many questions. (sorry about that) You`ve helped me a lot! God bless you!

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hi ronnie pls reply for my ,messages..


if have urgent, how can i contact u>?


Thank’x ronnie i got alot of things and i get my mistks

Meer Murtaza Chandio

    Great that you have a lot of things and still have your mistks?

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Thanks Ronnie I like your lesson
hope you make a lesson about how to prepare yourself to IELTS exam :)

best regards,,


your teaching style is really excellent…


thanks !
i engyed the lesson

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Hi Ronnie!!!
Could you teach me the difference between “put on”, “take off” and “wear”…When must I use them and when not?

Profile photo of andres18 andres18

    Put on and take off are the verbs we use to talk about clothes as you saw in the video!
    We hardly ever use the present tense of wear to talk about getting dressed.
    We use to be + wearing. “I am wearing a jacket“ (present continuous)
    Or “I wore those jeans last night“ (past tense).

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Hi Mrs Ronnie, I congratulate you ,nice work, awesome lessons, you know,I’ve never seen of such videos.As my new teacher,you’ve just made me start a new career in english and it no longer a difficult language for me.Wishing that God continuing to pour out his blessings upon you in order to keep teaching.I don’t know how to thank you.

Jerathel Jean

Is there a difference between TELL and SAY? and what about HOW MANY and How much? TALK and SPEAK? ok, thank you in advance.

Jerathel Jean

Yeah, I found the best english web site.I thank you.You did a great job and you also have helped over one million students worldwide, especially me.

Jerathel Jean

it`s very funny and common in learning.she is explaining very good.


Thanks Teacher Ronnie! :)

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Tnx very much!!! Ronnie!!! its so useful for me!!! I like your lessons!!! good luck in your job!!!


Thanks Ronnie!
You have been doing great job. I wonder how it is right to say” What did you do today?or What have you done today?
I have read the book by 5o’clock today or I was reading a book by 5 o’clock today or I read a book by 5 o’clock today? ” Thank you very much.


    ” What did you do today? and What have you done today? are both correct – The first one is simple past, the second one present perfect.
    All of the other sentences are incorrect! You cannot use the past or present perfect to talk about a future action!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Thanks a lot, Ronnie!
      But I am still struggling how to say it right. Suppose it is 6 p.m.. The child is at home. Mum comes back home and asks:Did you finish reading that book? The child answers:”Yes, I have finished (finished)it by 5 p.m.”
      Is that right? I meant that the child read the book the whole day today (it is still today but the action is complited)and finished reading it at 5oclock.
      Sorry if I confuse you:):):)


        You can say ”Yes, I have finished it. But because you have used present perfect, you cannot use “by 5 p.m.”. You can say ”Yes, I finished it at 5 p.m.” – this is simple past. With present perfect, you cannot use a time marker “by” or “at’. You can only use “since” for “for”.

        I have been read this book for 1 day.

        Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hello! It is me again. What’s they oposite of “do up” Is it right to say” Do down your jacket?'”


    Hello! Good question! The opposite of “do up” is “undo” your jacket (shirt/pants/shoes etc…)

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I love english becz you please visit egypt all egyption pepol love eng vid you will enjoy whene you see pyramides of egypt oky we support you soory for wrong wright im beginer in english bey


all egyption pepole support you and


all egyption pepol thank you i hope you visit egypt to enjoy with egyption pyrimides


If I wanna talk about a movie can I say “these scenes are inspired by real student life”

Profile photo of gilberta gilberta

    Yes that is correct!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Ronnie thanks a lot for your lessons. One ?regarding your 25/4/2111reply / I have been read this book for 1 day / Is that correct?


        NO, when we use present perfect, you can only talk about actions in the past. You would have to say I have been reading this book for 1 day.

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Thank you Ronie you are my favorite teacher

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Hi Ronnie I liked this lesson I’

Arthur Enriquez

good lesson teacher I’m new in this page

Arthur Enriquez

thanks Ronnnie very useful lesson i like it !!


very styish


hello teacher dearest. my question is that what is the difference between sight and vision???

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funny lesson I love it

Profile photo of foz12 foz12

Hello! What’s the difference between with and by?
Thanks a lot!


    With usually means together or plus another. Eg…I went to the movies with my mom.
    By usually means how you got somewhere. Eg… I went to the movies by bus.

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Many thanks for your great teaching.

maryam nezafat

thanks for lesson!

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thanks too much teacher about the lesson that you make for us.
I woull like to say that you ahve a great way for teaching.


Rony, you are the best. I am injoying your lessons. I was in your class in SEC. Are you remember me?


    Of course I remember you!!!!!!!!!!….Thanks for watching and the compliment! Hope you had a great long weekend!

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thank you i was delighted while you taught the lesson.u are very impressing and comprehensible teacher..once again thank you..

Gilbert N.. Regalario

what about jewellery


    We put on/take off jewelery!

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hi,Ronnie,thanks for the good and helpful lesson,I have a question,please explane me how we should say the opposite of do up,I mean that what we will do with snaps or buttons when we take off our clothers,just open or…?


    Snaps and buttons we undo…also shoelaces.
    Zippers we unzip!

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Hi Ronnie!I really love your teaching style.


hi Ronnie!! u’re damn hilarious!!I burst out laughing(LOL)..
can u plz teach me the usage of AIR QUOTES (FINGER QUOTES) during conversation??

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    Air quotes mean that the person is mocking something or being sarcastic.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie


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Hi Ronnie.I am beginner here and want to learn about English. I appreciate the way u teaching.It is very very good..Thanks and more power!
From: Philippines

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Ronniei love you and your english god bless you

bety/from ethiopia

thank you


Hi, Ronnie,
Can u please tell me if i am right:
put on your shose, means to wear them
do up your shoes , means to tie your laces,,,,Right??????
One more thing:
tell me why do we use power strips using words like: n# of prongs socket or outlet? cord, fit,plug in…thank u.


It is funny but I like your way to explain the lesson.


Hi, Ronnie,
Can u please tell me if i am right:
put on your shose, means to wear them
do up your shoes , means to tie your laces,,,,Right??????
One more thing:
tell me why do we use power strips using words like: n# of prongs socket or outlet? cord, fit,plug in…thank u

Profile photo of osama91 osama91

    “put on your shoes” means to wear them.
    “do up your shoes” means to tie your laces… YES! You are right!
    I don’t know why we use the words we do for power strips… sorry.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hey, Ronnie?
I think u misunderstood me! I asked u ( tell me why do we use power strips using words like: n# of prongs socket or outlet? cord, fit,plug in); I meant I want u to write me the purpose of using power strips ( I want u to use those words in your description), because they are confusing to me. Is it possible to tell me how to ask about: tomorrow’s temperature, weather, and how to ask someone about the hours in which a museum is open, closed ( can i say :when are your hours? is there another way to say it? And how to ask my teacher about his office hours?

Profile photo of osama91 osama91

    I don’t use all those words… I just say I plug in the cord!
    To ask about the weather: “What’s it gonna be like tomorrow?” or “What is the weather supposed to be like tomorrow?”
    Yes, you can say “When are your hours?” for a shop/museum or teacher!
    Good luck!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks, very simple lessons but useful interesting also

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Hey Ronnie,
Thank for answering all my previous questions.
I just want to ask u sth…I have an American prof, and I told him about( do up ur shoes, velcro) and he said that they never use that in the U.S, they say instead( tie ur shoes and fasten your velcro, zip ur zipper)…????what do u think??? One more thing, if u dont cover ur self well during the night then when u wake up u’ll have a stomachache and u have that need to vomit and might have diarrhea…wt do u call that? how can u tell ur teacher that u were absent cause u had that?????
And do u really say nor, or is formal? ex: i dont like fish nor chicken????? Can i ask u one more thing????plz?
I find problems with plr fruits, I mean: would u say i like orange or oranges. he sells French orange or oranges , i bought some o or os ???

Profile photo of osama91 osama91

    Yeah, if your teacher told you that in American they say “tie/fasten/zip”, then that is great! It’s just easier to say “do up” for all of them!!!!!
    If you are sick as you described, you can just say “I was sick last night and threw up”. There is no need to really go into detail about HOW you were sick! (don’t tell people you had diarrhea – no one cares and it is gross!!!!!)
    Nor is too formal. We say or.
    When we talk about what food we like, we always use plural! “I like apples/bananas/peaches” etc!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

it is very usefull and Nice presentation to understand it very easily and quickly . Thx.

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So much of fun n interesting too
Thank you a lot

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thamks ronnie for this lesson im waiting more videos from you thanks again uzbekistan boy


hi ronny your performance is very amazing and funny thank you we need more


thank you so much ronnie! your explanation so cleared

Profile photo of andybatalia andybatalia

“prime minister host the flag”
what to say for get down the flag?
thank you ….


    Took down the flag.
    You have to say “hoisted”, not host.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thank you very much for replay…


I’ve always said something wRong with little strange Ronnie-Long!
Your Fly is down! Well may bw I could understand now what is “Pretty fly for a white guy” phrase meaning in the same song could I?


    Pretty fly for a white guy = very cool even though he is white.

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hi thank u! ur great teacher for me


Ronnie, I realy like the way you teach, I’m from brazil ande just biggin to learn inglesh, and you are a very good teach. thanks


offcouse i beg yours teatch me english language

Iano Leopoldo Iala

thank Ronnie for this lesson. I´m brasilian, and i have difillcult in english and i always see an american film, they speak too fast,the canadian speak paused, or is it just me?


i like the style for study


hi thanks alot and could you explain hows say want og won`t


    Want = your mouth opens wide and for a long time to pronounce the “ah” sound.
    Won’t = your mouth is small and round like you were going to kiss!
    If you have trouble, you can always just say want and will not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Ronnie Ronnie Ronnie,you’re so amazing. I can’t get enough. :)

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You are very funny and I realy enjoyed the class
Thank you :)


i enjoyed your lecture. tnx :)

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i loved…i am so glad to found these video lessons is amazing. congrats you are doing a wonderful job. thanks

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thank you
you are amazing and wnderful


hi ronnie! I love your way of explain everything. i will wait new lessons of you.


I understood very well, thank you RONNIE


thank you very much you are wonderful,this is first time for me.


why you put sad face i am happy not sad hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


i am a beginner and i dnt know how to speak good english.due to this drawback i am unable to get any job.i am trying to learn your lessions i must say these are awesome but still i can’nt speak good english plz help me what can i do?


    Just keep on trying! Never give up! You should live in an English speaking country….that will improve your English!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi Ronnie thank you so much for helping us to learn more and more whith you amasing videos,if you can explain me the meaning of who’s on the earth i will bw gratful thanks again your student rajaa


great job ronnei tnxs i just wanna asku qstion can i say put on hat pls answer that qstion tnxs


    You have to say “put on that/the/a hat”!!!!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

great teacher !!!! thank you


thank you very very much…teacher.you are doing a grate job…


sorry great


hi, can you please make calaire to me t


where can i use present perfecte tanks


    Present perfect we use for an event in the past that was life changing or when we do not have a time marker in the sentence.
    Ex… I have been to Japan (life changing). I have been to the bank. (not life changing but there is no time marker – you don’t know when I went).

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi Ms.Ronnie. Can u teach me how to pronounce the word “COMFORTABLE”? Coz its hard for me to pronounce that right or in an American way. THANKS.

Profile photo of elsa22 elsa22


    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thanks , this is useful lesson

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thanks mam

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i cant believe, i cant go to sleep. i really enjoy watch the videos and learn. let me told you something, you are a funny teacher :D

Profile photo of victoryaesmeralda victoryaesmeralda

difficult a bit but so fun:D

Profile photo of billgateneu billgateneu

you´re very funny !!! with you i learn many new think !i´m a roumanien girl,and in RU we lernt american english and here in spain i´m lerning britain english , there are many different words…and i have many probelms with the pronaunce or some word ,what they are mean… but i´m follow you all the time,you´re a good teacher !!! tks a lot


very good teacher but be careful fly up not down ….good experssison

Profile photo of ismaeil77 ismaeil77

Thanks, Please tell us about freak, freaking out


thanks …..

Profile photo of ali945 ali945

What I always lack in Ronnie’s lessons is the absence of a preliminary preparation. Here, for example, thins like velcro, fastener, buttons etc. could have been taught very easily by simply wearing some clothing fitted with them.

Profile photo of mazarin07 mazarin07

    ..or just showing their images.

    Profile photo of mazarin07 mazarin07

hello mam,
ist i would like to thank you
i prefer to watch your videos,,,,
i appeared in too many interviews for a job and in most them i was asked to talk about what you did yesterday?
i fumble when i speak and i wanna get rid of this fumbling,,,, plz suggest me something and plz correct me in my question?
thanking you

Profile photo of suliman954040 suliman954040

Thanks a lot mam


please tell me simple way to speak good english.

Dinesh Kumar

Awesome Ms. Ronnie. Many thanks for your efforts and enjoyable lessons.


I really love the way you teach, teacher Ronnie. engvid is the best!!


I always watch your videos.engvid helps me a lot.


It’s a very helpful clip. Thanks alot


thanks Ronnie,you are great teacher.I have a question,what is differences between dress and dress up. does it(dress up) mean to put on special clothes and make up or do something like that”?

Profile photo of ia23 ia23

    Yes, you are correct!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks a lot :)

Profile photo of ia23 ia23

I’m glad to see your lesson,you’re very awesome,and funny) Tanx


hehe xx what a cute lesson :) n much needed too xx Thanks a lot :)xx

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great i love ur lessons


I love you Ronnie ,, u r unique :)


Thank you Ronnie!
You explain things clear and easily.
You are talented in it.
Continue more! Good luck!


Love you Ronnie !!! Thank you very much for these lessons !!! :)

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Hi Ronnie!!
I work as a shoe seller…
I would like to know how can I ask the costumers to prove the pairs?

Thank you!! I love your lessons!

Profile photo of lauro1 lauro1

    Sorry, I do not know what you mean by “prove” the pairs!
    Perhaps you mean check the pairs that they are both the same size???? or
    Try on the shoes?????

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      yeah! I mean: when I offer some pairs for them to put on their feet!

      Profile photo of lauro1 lauro1

thanks so much to your helpful lesson you’re really a good teacher

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Congratulation Ronnie!I learn a lot,,


thx alot ronnie

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it’s great.
thanks Ronnie.

Profile photo of dominicvinh dominicvinh

Thanks it really helped me.


u r very clever in teaching

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1)what is the difference between should have and should have been …

2) difference between could have and could have been ….

Ramesh patil

Speaking about contact lens… We must say “put in” or “put into”…?

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thank you Ronnie your very very good teacher
what is queef and shart pleas talk about both of them


I really learn and like this lesson. Thanks Ronnie.


I understood very well, thank you RONNIE

Profile photo of jiji22jiji jiji22jiji

Hello, Ronnie. First thx for your excellent and vivid lessons. And…second…is it right to say “unzip, unsnap, unbutton, unlace…etc.” for undoing clothes?


    Yes, you are correct! Great work!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hello,this very good.thank you R0nnie


hi mam am a Indian since last week i watching your videos its nice, ihave many doubts in English,but i am asking few doubts,what is the meaning of “being” and “of”


    Are you an Indian since last week? What were you before?

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You do an excellent job in teaching. I found this lessons interesting because you are using a very familiar language, thank you


Very good lesson! Now I know some new details.

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Again , excellent teaching , thank you Ronnie


Hi ronnie.
It is my turm to wash the dishess.”can I say ” I take my turn to do the dishess.
You are a great teacher I love you.
I am keeping up with english and you.

rahula thero

i love your teaching!

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You are brilliant!!!

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Hi Ronnie,
this is my second time I watched your videos and you have a very fun way to teach, I like it, I have a question for this lesson, could you also say zipper up, bottom up and snaps up in English? cause I have heard some people say it like that

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you are so exciting

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I really like to wear in English. thanks Ronnie

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i didn’t understand ”velcro”

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Thank you so much I really love you and your lessons

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Can we use unbutton and unzip instead of undo button and undo zip, respectively?

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    Yes you can!

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Amazing. I really wanna congratulate my self to be one of your on-line students.
thank you very very much for your easy and unique style of teaching.

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Hi ronnie can i say ‘he is not her’ or ‘he doesn’t her .plzz help me

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hi ronnie…we are really enjoying ur lessons…pls i’m confuse between ” we are so lucky to have u as our teacher or we are so lucky for having u as our teacher??..because your lessons are clear as a bell..

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Hi Ronnie,
thanks a lot for your lesson – funny and helpful as usual, take care

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Ronnie I love you.We in Brazil love you

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hi MS Ronie x ive a question may u answer it?what is the difference between to fall off and to fall from .e.g:an apple fell off/from the tree


This class was very good.
With just three phrasal verbs you can explain a lot of things.

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Hello it is great for your explanation

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OOOOO!!! Thank you!!!! Is a good lesson))))so i hope I will not haven’t an accident like zipper is open(fly down))))))

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Is it correct Ronnie, If I say” I’m doing up my shoes. or undoing up?

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I always have a lot of fun with Ronnie videos and of course, I get it! Thanks Ronnie i’ll colaborate with engvid! :)

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ronnie you’re an auntentic teacher, congratulations for the best lessons

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    Aunt Ronnie?

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thanks for your teaching.

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god job ronny

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It’s ok

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when we say wear and dress?

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Hhahahaha my animal

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It’s very nice, can you help me with a class of the phonetic alphabet please

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Like, Thanks Ronnie!

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Hi, thank you very much.

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i love your teaching!

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thanks dear teacher a very good lesson

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Thank you Ronnie

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Thank you
It’s fantastic lesson. But do you have more examples about this lesson. we need more ……

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Interesting lesson thank u

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Interesting lesson thank u

Profile photo of Gdo1 Gdo1

100% correct !!!! yeahhh

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Hi ronnie
Do you have any lesson about in on at
If not could you plz make a video about?

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Awesome, amazing lesson.
Thank you, Ronnie.

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hi roonie
i want know what different betwen clothes and dressed
can we say ; geting dressed or geting clothes

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Ronnie,Ronnie :) You are a very good teacher :) Thanks a lot :)
100% correct :)

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Best teacher

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