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thank you, it is really very usefull to know “bad” words, its meanings and situations to use them.

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Hi again
if i say “What a freaking beauty?” is that correct expression ?

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    yes, that expression is good!

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      hi. you’ve a great way for learning english. could you plaese put a lesson on “just” and its uses. thanks


    Hi Constantin could u explain me, what’s the mean that expression “what a freaking beauty” or when can i say that?


      “What a freaking beauty” means that thing/person is really really beautiful!

      Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thank you. Now I Know why a “friend” of my son called him “freaky”, though I´m totally sure he didn´t know its meaning because He´s a complete ass. He have never read a word. He just quote other people say.


And also can you make a lesson about “as” and “like”


Roses for you

Profile photo of constantin145 constantin145

    i will try to do that for you!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      plz……… condiationals.. from one to 3 and… unreal past. and wishes is so confuse sometimes….

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GREAT LESSON thank u very much teacher . i was leve u msg befor that i want contact with u for privet lessons in skype i still want that i realy need it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hope to till me ur opinion?? and thanks again

Profile photo of Amro Al-fadil Amro Al-fadil

    sorry I dont offer skype lessons anymore! Just keep watching the site!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      i just wanted to ask you about my situation…..ok i understand every single word in the inglish language but when i speak it people be like uh? i need to improve my speaking

      Profile photo of gorican gorican

Hi Ronnie,

it was Rick James who did the song “Superfreak,” it must have been in the late 70s.
Mc Hammer sampled the famous bassline from “Superfreak” and turned it into his “Can’ touch this” in 1992 or 1993, if I remember it correctly.
Not that this is superimportant, I just thought I’d share that info.

Grettings from Germany


hi how r u teacher i’m new student……plz tell me your skype id i’ll add you…..


Profile photo of verdafi verdafi

hi… Ronnie
I come from thailand. I like to learn english with you from youtube. But sometime I don’t understand when you said. I know I have to leran english more than this. I’m try. I hopr that, one day I can speak english like you. Take care yourself. See you soon.

guy from Thailand

hi everybody in engVid, I’am a new student , I’d like to hear the song ” Super Freak” Thanks for yours lessons ;

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tha was freaking cool. thank u

Profile photo of FERLEON FERLEON

hello Ronnie
I like your way to teache english so i wish if you can do more lessens and videos

Thank you

Profile photo of de.abdou de.abdou

Hello everybody. I’m new student on this site.Now I know another ..bad word.. and will use it instead of .. f**king.. and vers versa.Thanks for lesson. BR.

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I would like to thank you for the effort u put in this lessong.
I’ve learnt something in a fun way.
Would like to join your lesson on Skyp.
Have a good day.


    sorry I don’t offer skype classes anymore!! just keep on watching the site!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Dear Ronnie,

      Could you please enlighten us if there are other teachers who offer this service to practice with them , and what would be the cost for each hour of online practice, also are there any interactive classes for more than one candidate at the same time so that we benefit from brainstorming and different ideas and inquiries raised by others?


      Profile photo of AshrafAdel AshrafAdel

        I’m sorry, but I don’t know of any other teachers who offer such a service.

        Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

          Thank you for your kind and prompt response.

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OK I’m an ESL teacher…love your stuff…freakin’ great. Don’t agree with the word ‘slang”. This word & derivations has been in wide usage since the 60s. And what about “clothes freak” pizza freak” for a positive, enthusiastic fan of something…?


Hola a todos desde España

Me encanta esta página web de curso de inglés. Felicidades po la manera de presentar las clases. La próxima vez, intentaré escribir en Inglés.

See you next time

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engvid teachers are the best :)

Profile photo of AshrafAdel AshrafAdel

sorry, I meant to say does anyone knows

Profile photo of AshrafAdel AshrafAdel

hi i ieked


Dear. Teacher Lonney
Hi, are you happy today? I hope so.
and thanks for teaching me.

I have a question about your behavior on this video.

What is your gesture mean?
I can describe like below sentence.
you made a “V” by using your finger.
like photo pose.
If you face Digital Camera, you may make a smiling and make a V finger and also you say “cheese.”

What is your V mean?
even sometimes you bended your finger.
like rabbit ear.

Can you tell me that your V gesture mean?

Your truly,
From Korea.

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Profile photo of snigdha snigdha



Hi Ronnie!!!! I have watched your videos, and I liked all of them!! you are a really good teacher… !! please put more videos to learn more and more and more! jijiji… You know…I`m peruvian, and I`m studying for being an English Teacher!!!! It`s a really nice language, and teaching it is fantastic, so I wanna learn more! thanks for this videos!!

PD. Please!! videos about prepositions!! thanks!!!!!!!! and good luck!!

Profile photo of Candela Candela

Thank you very much for u teaching me. but can’t get the meaning Super freak yet. What does mean ? Please RSVP

Thank you.

php Laossssssssss


english yang baik guru yang baik


wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thanks teacher


you receive the best teacher because you teach me once again thank you please respond to comments I l ya teachers


Hi teacher.
I’m a new student in this engvid .
nice to be your student.
bye bye :)

Profile photo of anu2010 anu2010

hi! .. teacher
I am overwhelmed with the lessons that you’ve made.
it makes me more smoothly with the English that I have learned ?!!…
thank you teacher ..!


I’d like to know more about phrasal verbs. May you explain more about that, for example phrasal verbs with “get”.
I’ve been watching the most of your videos and let me tell ya you’re a good teacher, there are so many teachers but not all them know how to explain like you; same as teacher James.


Thanks for the lesson

Profile photo of hassanson hassanson

i like the way you tolk with your self and blame it i wish if
you r my teacher i like you as ( a teacher )

driss hafed morocco

Thank you You are very, very good teacher you are used to the best way in education

maher elhelw

GREAT LESSON thank u very much teacher

بائع الياسمين

hi again .iam so hopfully and enjoyable for your lesson.and iwould like to contnue with u by your email? how?


hi. dear teacher.. ispeak eng fluently,write corectly and better.but my problem is that when english person speak to me ,icouldnt understand to him at the first time ? also the translation to the arabic language also is the problem .how can you advise me to be perfect in my loveable language thanku alot


hi there.


hye teacher how are you??


Thanks for the lessons

Profile photo of tonyd tonyd

Thank you for your effort to make English much easier for us.

Profile photo of modaway modaway


you are realy an extraordinary teacher.

thanks a lot :)

Profile photo of alqurashy alqurashy

Thanks so much Ms Ronnie. I could learn a lot from your lessons. I have a good background in English but i have some pronunciation problems. Your lessons are very helpful.
Thanks one more time for the trouble you take to help non native Americans.
Have a nice weekend.

Profile photo of brahimjr brahimjr

I ♡ it………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


hi teacher ronnie.. c0uld u please teach us how to use do did and does? thank u so much =)

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Profile photo of ALEXPERU1 ALEXPERU1

Excuse me, If I say a Sentence like this “Do you want know a Freak thing” is that correct. Or I should say “Do you want know a Freaking thing”

Can you tell me if that is correct, to see if I understood the lesson?



thank you . my dream is learning English languge .


thank you alot


I need people to work the smile that conversation to help me develop my being a novice


let’s f**k/ing out = let’s freak/ing out?
both of sentences are an invitation for jumping around and acting like a crazy ?

anyway thank for your lesson

Profile photo of khairy khairy

firstly i would like to present hello to miss ronnie from the core and deepest senses of my heart secondly i would like to appreciate ronnie for her hard work.me by self is astudent in afghanistan kabul in my part time i am always listening this program .I wish i had ateacher like u in afghanistan .I really like ur t eaching method one thing if put my feet on the ground u found aplace in my heart

have abal miss ronnie miss ronnie .



Profile photo of anly anly

Ronnie in my job usually use this word “Freaking Friday” so what´s mean that?

Profile photo of Kiren Kiren

Iam learning english as asecond language
so this is anew word for me
thank u alot teacher

Profile photo of mahmoud omar mahmoud omar

This is an interesting… :)… thanks…

Profile photo of fabiolakarolinecouto fabiolakarolinecouto

Good Evening Maam ,
I really like the way u teach .I would like to give exam of Ielts can u give tips for writing task and reading
Thanking you


thanks teacher. i had problem with this world. i love you.

Profile photo of samatar samatar

when i writing a letter it’s so complicating why we use like (it will be done) in when we are talking about something in presentanse


It’s so complicating me why should peoples are using like (It will be done) as long as they are talking in present tense


all lessons are good


how do we use the want and won’t?


Hello Teacher, your teaching style is too good!
I like it very much and I would also be happy if you send me your skype address so that I can discuss with you on some matters.
Thank you a lot!

Ketema Sileshi

You are a great teacher Ronnie. I have learned a lot from your videos. By the way, I am from Karachi, Pakistan. Cheers!


i have listen this lang inno few movies and now i know what means, thank you my pretty blonde lady!


if i say like “she is freaking crazy” , then its correct or not???

Profile photo of maha khan maha khan

    Yes, that is correct!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

    yeah that’s right

    Emraan khan

thank you very much
but sometime your lesspn freaking out me.
thanks again Respected Teacher

bilal Shumail

Thank you very much for your lesson. Your accent is very good so very very easy to understand; Please would you train us with strong accents: Scotich, American,Australian etc Thank you very much

Profile photo of vilainpetitcrapaud vilainpetitcrapaud

    I’m sorry, I cannot train you in different accents! I only have my accent! You will have to listen to native Scottish, American and Australian speakers to learn!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I love you very much


Hey Ronnie ¡ Thanks a lot¡ you’re a very good teacher, I’ve learned a lot from you and I love your accent ¡

love from Chile ¡


u r great teacher !!! i hope to learn more…thank you so much..^_^


Hi ,Thank`s for this lesson, Slang is complicated and difficult to understand ,It needs to live in the place used it because I know slang present in all countries as in Egypt my country the slang differ from place to place but in Arabic .

suzy farg

Good Lesson

Profile photo of houssin123 houssin123

can u teach me “gone & went” and “suppose & if”..
ur teaching is gud, thank u:)

Profile photo of mahinnew mahinnew

    Sure… “gone” is the past participle of go. “Went” is the simple past. So you say “I have gone” (present perfect), or “I went” (simple past)!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thank you
I like thus lesson
I hope some one be my friend


Dear Ronnie… thanks for teaching. Please confirm if I say “What a freaking video” or “Suddenly he has been freaking out of controls” or “They have freak style”. Kindly confirm these tenses are correct?? Thanks

Profile photo of hanifshell hanifshell

    You have to say “He has been freaking out of control” (not controls) The other two are okay, but I have never heard “They have freak style”!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I really like this song!!!!

Profile photo of awos awos

I just wanna say that this is freaking good!!
(is this right?;; I’m not quite sure;;)
Thank u so much!!

Profile photo of scottjeung scottjeung

All respect and appreciation
Summary explanation of how the manual and easy to deliver information

Thank you very much my teacher


nice ^^
thank you 4 the lesson
cAN u plz give us a lesson about when we use this kind of sintens “I’ve heard” the subjecut + have + the v in p.p

Profile photo of JoJO JoJO

Ronnie, tell me what is better way of learning english… by listening, or reading ??? Thanks in advance


    It depends… if you want to to learn grammar, reading is best. Speaking is best to learn by listening!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Ok! I will try!
We use that in the present perfect tense to talk about a past action!
We use this when there is no time marker, eg; yesterday,last week… If there is a time marker we use simple past! No time marker — use present perfect!

Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

    thank you 4 afast replay
    thank you very much
    is that right if i say
    I saw my sister yestarday .
    I’vent seen her ronnie :p .
    thank you again :)

    Profile photo of JoJO JoJO

wow, you are so great! i really liked the funny way you teach us everything! keep doing more videos, ok? I’m brazilian and i entered here today for the first time! congrats!



Profile photo of wessam284 wessam284

Pls teach us on presentation skills…………


Its a very good way to teach English, and i was looking for it from many days now ive found this engvid thanks to Engvid’s admin and teachers.


thanks Ronnie, U R gr8!

Profile photo of francine31 francine31

I just wanted to let you know that i like your classes alot…you are very funny and funn to watch to


Ask me questions here!

Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

    if there is no query its mean u tought very good lesson.u improve my skills and motivate me very much ….thank you …..


    hin ronnie i have question plzz
    when we can Pronounce the c latter k and when we can Pronounce clatter cccc
    plzz ronnie help me
    thank you
    you very extrem helpful and your video very useful its funny and helpful and you speake slowly and clear and simple words soo any beginners can understand what you try learn them .

    Profile photo of yusuf88 yusuf88

      It is difficult when to know if the letter is said “K” (hard k sound) or C (like s). The only thing I can tell you is that
      If there is one of “a,o,u” after “c” , “c” is pronunced as the sound “k” in cat-cow-cut. If there is one of “e,i” after “c” , “c” is pronunced as the sound “s” in celtic-cinema. However, not all words follow this rule. This is just a general rule!

      Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

i want to improve my English langauge

Profile photo of xormal xormal

hi dear teacher i like your teaching it is very very interesting for me


hi roonie .can i know when can i say i have been and when can i say i had been? plzzzzz waiting ur answer eagerly. with my best wishes for u lovely roonie

Profile photo of alnahdy alnahdy

    Have been (or have + past participle) is present perfect. Present perfect we use to talk about the past. Eg.. I have been to London. I haven’t been to India.
    Had been (or had + past participle) is PAST perfect. We use past perfect to talk about 2 (or more) events that happened in the past. Eg….. I had eaten an apple, then I saw the elephant. The event that happened first, we put into past perfect, the 2nd event, we use simple past!
    Hope that helps! Thanks for watching!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thaks roonie for ur suffecient answer.i would like to know what is the difference between used to and accustomed. with my best regards my smart teacher.

Profile photo of alnahdy alnahdy

    Used to means you did this in the past and quit doing it. When I was a child I used to play with dolls. (I don’t play with dolls now)
    Accustomed to means that you are doing/have done something that is unusual or uncomfortable, but with time you became comfortable with. I grew accustomed to taking my shoes off at the door. Accustomed also means familiar!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I think this is freak lesson!!! can I say that if I wanna say that this lesson is verry good? please answer it. And thanks a million for you Ronnie :)

Profile photo of cholidah cholidah

    You can say I think this is a freaking good lesson!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hello, I´m from Brazil and it´s been great to watch your lessons!!!


hello,I’ve found your program recently ,your methods are great,I dont know where is your school?I wish i could talk english as a native.I like you and i follow your lesson.


thank you for your lessons

zamime omar

Hello! Iam from Malaysia! And yes your videos are really helpful!!:)


I’m 8 years old .I fun with this lesson and i like the song in eng vid. I like teaching me. I am a stdent in thai land but I like to learn english that why, I learn english. I like engish.


I like super freak


Hi Ronnie i embarrassing when i ask my question but really i seroius for learning engilsh & if i shy ask something miss understand not learn. So,i search as you told us in googel search to know “Super Freak” but not know i get this meaning or no.when i was married from girlfriend going to bed to get “Super Freak”. Correct me if i wrong & tell me true if i right


    First NEVER be embarrassed to ask something!
    “Freak” in the song “Super Freak” talks about how a girl is “kinky” or super sexy (in bed).
    Freak in English has many different meanings as I said in the video. It can replace the “bad” word F$ck, but we use the “f-word” to talk about how great something is. English slang can be confusing but you have to understand that one word can have many different meanings!
    Hope that helps! Good luck.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

super freak= verey sexy is not ???
& you make me confusing coz i was understand “freak” is bad word this meaning same meaning this word “fucking” but when someone had been aske you in commant [You can say I think this is a freaking good lesson!
] i gett diffrent meaning for same word once in veido is bad & once in commant is good . maybe i’m stupied student but need to learning & serious for that


thanks for everythings.

Profile photo of ahmetcanada1 ahmetcanada1

Thank you for explaining these. Teenagers know more slang than their teachers. Your lessons are very useful because they are easily understood.


thank you soooooooo much


Thanks for your lessons,but i have one question for you-“super freak” What does it mean?


hi miss hoe are you…?
your lessons are very usefull for me and not only me i recommrnded my friends also.and you doing good job…
ok now i ask you doubt for me
how can diffrenciate this past participle, simple past, present perfect,..?


    Unfortunately, The only way to know the differences between the past participle (p.p) and simple past is to memorize the verbs!
    Present perfect is always either I, They, We, You (have + p.p) or He, She, It (has + p.p.)!
    Hope that helps!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

hi ronnie i’m a new in this site and i am not good in english.. i am a pilipina and hard to speak english can you help me

Profile photo of pamella pamella

This is a new meaning word for me,I like your method of teaching Ronni.


I´d like to know if all teachers who have in this site work in the same English school.I intend to study in Canada and I would love to class with you.


    NO, we all work at different English schools! The school I work at is very $$$ and there is no guarantee that if you come to my school that you will get me as your teacher. If you are interested, I offer private lessons if you are in Toronto!!!!! Let me know if you are interested!!!!!!!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      even i wud luv to join u


Really i like ur lessons much. it gives more interest to watch and learn easily. keep up your great work. Thanks!


Merci beaucoup pour les cours d’anglais.
on a besoin de tes cours
thank you very much


    De rien!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hey im new here.

Nice to meet everyone!
Hope you all have a good day


thank u ronnie……:)

Profile photo of sakraj sakraj

hello ms Ronnie .how are you?
I think this is a freaking good lesson!

Profile photo of mcrahim2000 mcrahim2000

hi there,
would you mind to tell the meaning of superfreak?
thanks in advance

Profile photo of hapkido hapkido

    Superfreak is slang and means very very freaky!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I love you, you’re a really good teacher! Thank you for sharing your knowleges!


thk u


thanks teacher ronnie..


Hello Ronnie. I have a quetion concerning your lesson. Can we use ‘freak sb out’ meaning ‘scare sb to death’ or something close to it?

Profile photo of antosia91 antosia91

    Yes freak someone out means to make someone scared! Good work!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi, Ronnie! Thanks for the lesson! Can I say “What a freaking mess have you done here?”; is that correct? Thakn you again!

Profile photo of lisblaz lisblaz


    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie


      Profile photo of DRENI DRENI

I am a new student from south korea.
your lesson is amazing!! thanks a lot!

Profile photo of dewrainy dewrainy

hi deat RONNI,,,i love the way you teach . it was nice to learn about {freak} good lesson ..can we talk online if it is possible ..

sameer ahemd

thank you my teacher now i could understand it


hai! Ronni, hope u r fine and pray for it.
it was a presious one for me
i misunderstood this word meaning like ” freak or freak guy” is nice to call somebody


Can you help me, please?
I want more example of freak.


Thank your for the lesson. I know the meaning

Profile photo of Geminis3505 Geminis3505

I’ve got 4 out of 4. and it’s freaking me out!!!

Profile photo of pearljam pearljam

Hello Ronnie,i want to ask one question which is,
What the difference and use between these two word 1)RIGHT NOW and 2)RIGHT AWAY

Thanks | Samuel Sam

Profile photo of samuelsam samuelsam


    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks Ronnie mam 4 replying but where i can use these two word.


ronnie,there is a word which mostly people used for slang,and itz Vile,what does it mean?

Profile photo of simran96 simran96

    Vile means disgusting. It is not slang….it is just an old word.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thanks Ronnie, i like watching yr all lessons that you teach.it’s interesting.i don’t feel get broad. good job!


Hey dear,cant we use freaking as disgusting,he was reall y a freaking guy!iz it right to say?

Profile photo of simran96 simran96

    feak and disgust have different meanings,i’m also from pak, and love to learn eng

    Emraan khan

the baby is craying is not he or she please answer me quicckly ronnie

ali hassan

HI ronnie! the mosquitos are freaking me out, here in my house, BRB got to aply something against them!!!!!!
Tnx 2 U…. jajajajaja I like it


Hi Ronnie,

You are cool. I like your teaching style.


not having a girl is freakig me out, 4 real. thanks Ronnie 4 the lesson.


thanks Ronnie for the lesson.


Can i say: don´t freaking me!!!
meaning: don´t bother me ?
Thank you

paulo roberto

that’s great i have learnt so many new things thanx to Engvid

Emraan khan

this lesson is very deep and exciting!!!

Profile photo of billgateneu billgateneu

hi Ronnie! i want to know how i can prounce this word, “i’d” ?

Emraan khan


    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      thank u miss Ronnie, 1 more thing Eyed is short form of i would?

      Profile photo of emraan143 emraan143

yes because English is very important in communicating with other countries and can explore what the meaning of the English language


This video helps me lot, Thanks Ronnie, Since I have gone through all your videos here.




Hello Ms. Ronnie,
You are an amazing teacher. I appreciate.

Profile photo of virgoadnan virgoadnan

Hi Ms Ronnie!a million thank you for your exellent lessons they are really helpful. i have problem with these alphabets in reading, i dont know if you already have any lessons on these alphabets? a,when to pronounce it as (e)./ i as (ai),sometime (i)./ and e sound as isometime it’s sound like an (er) as presentation .is there any roules for there? thanks in advance.

Profile photo of mans123ist mans123ist

    Unfortunately, there are so many differences with vowel sounds that I cannot begin to tell you an easy way to learn them! I would suggest learning vocabulary and how to say each word! In the meantime, I will try to find a resource for you! Also, you can search on the internet – “vowel sounds in English”.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Cool job!


You are super. I was really having difficulty in understanding the difference. between them,
your TEACHING is amazing.. Thanks..


oohhh,,u are the best teacher ever.. I watches ur video everyday…before I met u, it was hard to learning english..and now, all about english is really fun ..i’m enjoy because of you..thx…


    Great! Thanks for watching!~

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I loved this lesso as other all. This site is very good. I am Brazilian and want to know people from other coutries. Plese, send me an e-mail: tiago_queiroz18@hotmail.com

Profile photo of queiroz queiroz

The students that you teach in your classes are lucky to have you, thank you!

Profile photo of hussain22alex hussain22alex

i nid to speck engliche plyse help my


nice lesson….

Profile photo of imtiaz12 imtiaz12

bestest teacher love you ronnie

Profile photo of imtiaz12 imtiaz12

Dear, EngVid!
Why do use “eating borscht” here in such meaning. Borsch (without t) is a national dish in Ukraine. That’s offensive for my country.


    Hello ivan:

    I don’t think that they’ve used that phrase to offend your country. It could have been an alternative that came up out of the blue :) Let me tell you that I’m interested in getting to know about your culture, because I’m interested in a Ukrainian girl :)
    Just chill out man!

    Profile photo of davidpen davidpen

hi ronnie u r a grt teacher ..plz can do a lesson when we use “would”,”could”,”ain’t”


thank you very much to help me for learn english


when to use word different and word difference
thank you so much


    The word “different” is an adjective and it is used to describe a noun.
    The word “difference” is a noun.
    Ex.. I have a different dog than she does.
    What’s the difference between an ape and a monkey?

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

how to prnounce word “ain’t”
thank you so much.


hi ronnie you are really wonderful teacher and i like your style of teaching and i wanna ask you about the something is that right if i say i have no or wrong


i like this …teacher ronnie …. good
Ronnie very very clown teacher …. I liked your style of teaching tnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx teacher … merci ma prof


thank u mam take care to teach like this for more time

Profile photo of ali945 ali945

I’ve been searching for blogs about english slang and I stumble upon this blog. Very useful though, thanks for creating such a useful website. For people who are searching for more try visiting http://englishslang.streettalksavvy.com


    Nice page!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

what is the meaning of ‘computer freak’?


    A persons who LOVES computers.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

good explanation


Is it possible I am at a new language and I want to learn the language I know May Be Btgah start a place Is there anyone capable of learning language, and be thoughtful to him all my life just needed someone to talk to me at mic and thank you.this is my mail yaoo


Profile photo of ahmedloveiraq ahmedloveiraq

Hi, you are actually a great teacher so do you recommend taking the lessons of the above-mentioned Advertisement “speak English Fast” as an advanced English course? thank you in advance…


    Sorry, I do not know that course!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I have heard somewhere that focusing on too much grammar will slow down your communication skills.what do you think Mam?My primary focus is to learn to communicate properly.Do I need to focus on grammar?Am not too strong in grammar(I knew the basics).I have studied all my life in English Medium school and College.But I can’t properly communicate just because We don’t have given training in talking.Do u have any tips?


    I agree that too much focus on grammar will impede your communication ability. I learned Japanese by talking/listening. I did not learn any grammar but I could communicate with people!!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

oh my god !!!this lesson was freaking excellent!!!!

Profile photo of tombest22 tombest22

Hi Ronny
Thanks for your good lessons.
When we can use the word ?
Is it formal word or casual ?

Profile photo of arman39 arman39

    It is formal and causal! I pulled a prank on you = played a joke/trick.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

sorry ,the word is prank

Profile photo of arman39 arman39

Ronnie, I freaking love u! U r the best teacher, ever :)


please gave a lesson about if and being

jiwan maan

hi teacher beace be upon you
can I say ‘What a freaking beauty ‘
I meant by that ‘a lesson’

Profile photo of nino31 nino31

i name u ronnie as a funny teacher u knw with out googling i got 4 out of 4 yahoo


hello , just wanna ask about the meaning of this phrase “” I’ll knock you out “” or “” knock out “” ? and thanx ,useful lesson :)

Profile photo of sorosy sorosy

i enjoy the music ronnie!

Profile photo of maeangelyn maeangelyn

gosh ronnie… i don’t know who sung that song… (do i really have to google it before i get the quiz?) :)

Profile photo of maeangelyn maeangelyn

Hey Rony even thought im pretty advanced,i still have a lot to learn. this lesson was so freaking helpful to me lol


nice !!!


such agreat site with agreat teachers.and you’r the best
thank you

Profile photo of mb662 mb662

he is freaking me out
i thouth means : he is scaring me
ami wrogn?


I love this lesson!!!

Profile photo of dya1026 dya1026

hey ronnie i just like the way you speak your english and you kind of funny when you teach, you know i like it so keep it up

prompt guy

It is said that when you want good lessons you have to pay a lot, here it’s for free, that’s weird, THANK YOU SO MUCH


You´re my favorite teacher. Freaking good! thanks for my improvement lately. my regards and a hug.

jorge luiz

I remember I read another application: ” a freak of nature”. by the way, I am from Brazil and at disposal for interchange with people from all over the world. jorgeluizpsilva2008@hotmail.com
lately my e-mail got blocked and i am fixing, meanwhile i am at the FACEBBOOK

jorge luiz

Hi Ronnie,how u doin ?
i just want to know if my sentence is correct or no,can u give me a hand ?
” I can’t imagine how much we were freakin’ out ”
is it right ?

Profile photo of postikaz postikaz

    so can i use freakin out insted of scared ?..or ” going crazy ” only ?

    Profile photo of postikaz postikaz

Hi Ronnie,
you are the great teacher i’ve ever seen.
you can teach any topic very simply.i really really like your lessons,great work……..


thanks teacher Ronnie. really exciting lesson.

but please would you explain more about slang words.for example(ya kinda gotta gonna)

and more.would explain it in lesson


Profile photo of hussein syd hussein syd

Hi Ronnie!
How about saying ” I like those shoes so freaking bad “?
By the way, I’ve heard a song sang by Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song, and he did mention this word ” Cause in my castle I’m the FREAKING MAN “, I kinda don’t get this. I think that’s bad meaning, right?
And thanks a million for your lessons too, I’m very interested in videos that you’ve made about ” Slang “, they are really cool :) Hope you’ll make more about it ^^ And your voice is slow and clear enough for me to follow, i love it :)

Profile photo of vogue vogue

You can say I freaking love those shoes!
I’m the freaking man is not negative, it means that he’s really cool!

Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

i love your entrance it freak me out lol. JK.


wow u came from above. nice entrance. it’s freaking good… :D ijust love it.


Hi Ronnie!
I confused with the prounonciation of the words “automatic” or “automatically” I heart a “r sound” in America pronounciation.
thanks 4U.


What a freakin useful lesson ! Thank-you!

Profile photo of riliupocha riliupocha

Your lessons are awesome. I really enjoy learning new vocabulary, slang and other skills of learning English by your teaching.
Thank you so much.


Hi, Ronnie Did you know ? you are awesome, Good luck

Profile photo of benjamin207 benjamin207

hii ronnie….thanx for teaching the lesson about freak……u knw this word was really confused for me but now its o…kk.. n one more thing i want to sae…..its really fun to learn from you

Profile photo of inshubansal24 inshubansal24

hi ronnie i like your teaching very good

Profile photo of musthu musthu

Hi Ronnie in some music I hear that word (goer) and some artist say it what’s the meaning (goer) ?

Profile photo of chris76 chris76

HI Ronny is that correct say you freak me out ?

Profile photo of jessichini jessichini

Thanks Ronny by Lesson Now I can “say” somethings otherwise. Hugs

Profile photo of carlos1971jackal carlos1971jackal

Thanks alort Ronnie.A friend once told me that i were a freaking idiot :(

Profile photo of huenhanp102 huenhanp102

hello Ronnie you’re such a wonderful teacher i like your lessons a lot, i wanna ask you about the meaning of ( Technicolor) cause i cant find the meaning of that word in my dictionary

Profile photo of wanna be better wanna be better

    It’s a kind of colour film — for filming movies. Technicolor films have really bright, rich colours, and so “Technicolor” can also be used to describe anything that is really colourful.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      thank you very much engvid you are awesome

      Profile photo of wanna be better wanna be better

It is interesting.

Profile photo of Yuriy Karpenko Yuriy Karpenko

you freak me out does it mean that you make me crazy or can we say that could mean you scared me also ?

Profile photo of wanna be better wanna be better

i love the way you teach :)

Profile photo of will i am will i am

Is there a web siete like this, to learn french?

Profile photo of GUSTON GUSTON

    Sorry, I don’t know!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator


Profile photo of jesussuero jesussuero

Superfreak is a very kinky girl, Is that right? RONNIE

Profile photo of hoomenion hoomenion

Wow Ronnie!

You are amazing, incredible, awesome, mindblowing, a killer…

And a helluva teacher also…

Profile photo of av8r av8r

it’s freaking interesting lesson =)

Profile photo of Anastasia1123581321 Anastasia1123581321

Very good lesson teacher i really need to learn listening and speaking and get better my communication ability. With your lessons i’m learning that. Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of Briceno9 Briceno9

thanks Ronnie for your help!
I’ve been hearing these words in TV shows/movies: “hell”, “bet”. Just want to use it properly. So i hope you could help. THANKS.

Profile photo of zyandeep zyandeep

Hi, Ronnie!

What about freakish or freakishly?

Could you tell us about that?

Sorry if you have already talked about.

Profile photo of Estevao76 Estevao76

if someone says ‘something(movie,bug etc) freaks him/her out ‘ . what does that mean?

Profile photo of knowledge seeker knowledge seeker

Love this lesson! Thank you Ronnie <3 <3 <3 Lots of love from Malaysia!

Profile photo of Mathi Mathi

i didn’t do the assignment, i don’t who sung super freak…..ahh.. it’s freaking me out mow !

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

I didn’t get the question, who sung the super freak. But it’s okay for me because i got the rest. The you ma’am Ronnie you’re the best.

Profile photo of saaduddin saaduddin

Thank you. Very useful lesson.

Profile photo of Abhi Abhi

Rick James, 1981 (Super Freak), I used to love this song…makes me dance

Profile photo of Virginia Paes Virginia Paes

Thank you.

Profile photo of Abhi Abhi

Thanks ronnie, you are so crazy, but the best!

Profile photo of cesar leal cesar leal

Hello.Thanks for your great teaching.

Profile photo of mohammad hossein mohammad hossein

thanks ronnie

Profile photo of SKIKDA SKIKDA

So, what does “superfreak” means? Worse than a freak or what?

Profile photo of Astri Astri


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

Hi Ronnie I like your teaching very much

Profile photo of Ratan kumar das Ratan kumar das

You got 1 correct out of 4.

I told you I am not good at freaking thinks.

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

I made a mistake. I chose MC Hammer :(

Profile photo of Edgar Leite Edgar Leite
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