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Thanks Ronnie . I found the quiz a little bit difficult, but I tried my best and got 09 astonishingly ! Also, You explained the lesson so well . <3 you :)

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Thank you so much

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Thanks you. Best leson

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Many thanks, Ronnie. Excellent class!

Profile photo of Timoni Timoni

thanks teacher

Profile photo of khalifa hanout khalifa hanout

Thanks Ronnie for these really useful phrases.

Profile photo of S Chit Chit Win S Chit Chit Win

4/10. Unfortunately.

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    Don’t worry, just keep trying! Have a cat gif.

    Nick Fury petting an orange cat

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Thank you, Miss!!….

Profile photo of Jakub Alvarez Jakub Alvarez

very well

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I loved your class!

Profile photo of alinebuzioli alinebuzioli

Thanks a lot Ronnie!!

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

7/10 yeah🤘🙌

Profile photo of Yousser Yousser

Finally I understood this ‘check it out’!
Thank you Ronnie!

Profile photo of Roberto Roberto

Thank you so much!I really like the way you teach. Everything seems easier.
If it’s possible I would like to watch more phrasal verbs videos.

Greetings from Colombia :)

Profile photo of @LorenaSanchez @LorenaSanchez

Really love it. Tks Ronnie.

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Wow .. i just love it.. thank you..

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thanks you are so nice

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I watched and did the exam while looking after my baby!

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Phrasal verbs, rats!
Thanks Ronnie.

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OMG ronnie. Fantastic

Profile photo of ramupokharel ramupokharel

Ronnie, many thanks for your lesson. I’ve cheked out and …… I’ve got 8 correct out of 10. Thats pity.
I’ll try else later.

Profile photo of joe921 joe921

Mingalar par.
Thanks, Ronnie.

Profile photo of yinaungaye yinaungaye

it was hard lesson

Profile photo of ali.simsek87 ali.simsek87

    Yes..I feel that

    Profile photo of Dania1998 Dania1998

thank you. #8 and #5 i missed. i’m thinking why.

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Good Teacher

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Hi, everyone Great teacher.

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Hi Ronni, thanks for the great lesson ;-)

Profile photo of Wilhelm Wilhelm

6/10 confusing..

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Ronnie y’re a fantastic!

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I’m your fan Ronnie, you are wonderful!

thank you!

Profile photo of Lidia Quezada Lidia Quezada

coolest teacher ever :D :*

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Woww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are teaching better than my real teacher at school

Profile photo of Amir.kheyri Amir.kheyri

Thank you ronnie, you are a good teacher

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Thank you, Ronnie. I appreciate your kindness and the funny way to teach English.

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Ronnie you are the best English teacher in the world.
Thanks for your classes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Profile photo of Ramses55 Ramses55

I am checking you out:)

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I really appreciate what you teach us dear Ronnie ..by the way better late than never very happy new year 2019 greetings from surco

Profile photo of marc anthony marc anthony

I can not enter to the videos.why?

Profile photo of Umidjon Irmatov 1 Umidjon Irmatov 1

    All our videos are on YouTube. Can you see any other YouTube videos? If you can’t, YouTube may be blocked in your country.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Having fun with learning English, Mistakes will happen.

Profile photo of Yeswanth Akhil Yeswanth Akhil

Finally! It’s Ronnie mam made a fun way of learning English, Thank you, Ronnie.

Profile photo of Yeswanth Akhil Yeswanth Akhil

bless you …

Profile photo of wilkertavares wilkertavares

1-Can someone explain to me the meaning of “Check through”
2-In which case exactly can we use it?

Profile photo of Tanaroz Tanaroz

Thank u.

Profile photo of Isaevich1 Isaevich1

I hope to meet you one day

Profile photo of Amr Almazzahy Amr Almazzahy

very bed . I made 3 mistakes.

Profile photo of Kriscia77 Kriscia77

Thank you so much, this is so helpfuland I like your way in explaining.

Profile photo of Smasem85 Smasem85

Thank you so much, this is so helpfuland, and I like your way in explaining. :)

Profile photo of Smasem85 Smasem85

Thank you Ronnie, i got 09, it is a little bit confusing, but it is good and useful too.
Thank you again <3

Profile photo of Omnia Adel Hassan Omnia Adel Hassan

good lesson,thank you

Profile photo of Robert Lien Robert Lien

A big thank again you Ronnie. all this quiz are sorta jaw breaking. although i got six outta 10. it shoulda little more easy.

Profile photo of Ripan Das Ripan Das

Is there a significant difference between check on vs check up on? 🤔

Profile photo of DaZun DaZun

    Not really!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

8/10 … Need to revise this again! Last q helped me to clear some other problem I had :D thanks for the great lesson!

Profile photo of DaZun DaZun

Okay Ronnie, That’s was a good lesson. I will check for your next lesson. Lol.

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I hate phrasal verbs.

Profile photo of al willis al willis

7/10 my less score in phrasal verbs quiz :(

Profile photo of louperez2010 louperez2010

It was a little bit hard to me 5/10

Profile photo of revmaxgama revmaxgama

Very good lesson!!
Only 80% on the test :( I will keep practicing, though.
Thank you, Ronnie

Profile photo of rosemarie rosemarie

Phrasal verb make me crazy 🤪 any away l did well thanks great teacher

Profile photo of Ahmed Franco Ahmed Franco

tks Ronnie, Some os this item I didn’t understand like item 5

Profile photo of seligman seligman

i woulda try again and again so hope will be easy

Profile photo of awil wade awil wade

Thanks, Ronnie! The lesson is really useful and funny as always. You are rock! But can you please explain why in Sentence 5 the answer is ‘check through the seat pocket’?
Isn’t ‘check through’supposed to be used for talking about sending luggage to the final destination?

Profile photo of Anya Anya

I had three errors :(

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