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It’s fantastic video lesson.
Thank you very much dear sir Jameas.

Well, i’m little confused weather it is ‘James sir’ or ‘Sir james’, i mean which one is correct.


Well, Engvid is such a worthfuLl site for improving English and i believe, someone who wants to take his or her English to the next level then these videos are definitely going to help them to get that.



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    James sir
    Sir James

    Both same. You can use it whenever you want

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Hello my friend in France you have hospital wich works with national system but there is also “la clinique” which is a private establishment.

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    You’re right, but even the clinic welcomes all people. And the costs are reimbursed by the social system. Surely we have a good system for all, but that is expensive.

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      Hi Fredojo and Beernaard!

      I really admire the French system of Civil Services (I think you call it Social Democratic). In my opinion, everyone has the right to the same level of basic services, like education and health. I know it is a reality in France.

      On the other hand, in Brazil there is a huge discrepancy between public and private systems, unfortunately. It is not fair, at least for a democracy.


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Hi James.

It was fantastic seeing another new lesson. In recent years, the Spanish Public Education System has commited lots of mistakes with the English Subject.
Is the case of Spanish youngsters, who can’t understand some expressions and also they can’t communicate fluently with english people. Starting with our teachers, They don’t have been well prepared for teaching students. I’m not refering that They aren’t knowledgeable about the English Language, but I’m focusing on the fact that they hadn’t receive pedagogical formation, in order to identify the student’s need. For instance, they just read the student’s book, and they don’t care about if students learn something or not. Unfortunatelly, that is in which consists being a teacher in my country. The only option for having a good english level is going to some english academies, and not everybody can assume the higher prices that they offer in different courses and terms.

That’ why I defend this kind of web sites, that offer english lessons for free, and also, it makes you trust on it beause of the great teachers that are part of it.

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    Spanish teacher teaching English are awful !!!! I like this web site, the lessons are very useful and entertaining !!!

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Hello girls! If you want to practise English with handsome boy you should add me in Skype (zahar_turutya). I need you too)

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    Please change your profile picture to a photo of yourself so we can tell whether you are actually handsome or not. Thank you!

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      It was a joke. I wanted to be more creative.

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      rapid fire :)

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I’ve got 5/9.
I need more practice.
Thank you, James for the lesson.

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waaw it’s a nice video ….
i likes to watch vedios that has this teacher thnks for all

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Hi James, great lesson, thank you. Could you clarify a bit the concept of liberal, are there any relation between liberal and liberalism, seems they are opposite, right?

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Great information! You made my day! Thank you so much, James. :)

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Very informative lecture i got 9 out of 6 i need more practice

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great lesson pal, you are rock !!!

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Thank you James,

One question. Can you explain what is the position OF Liberalism?

What are the differences between Kapitalism and Liberalism?

I heard before Canada is a Liberal Country.
(Justin foreveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer:)

See you.

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    My score: 7/9

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Hi James! This was a very good video. Learning about politics is really important beacause some times when talking with people from other countries I´ve been asked about the political system of my country and I was not sure about what to say until now.
But as you said we must take care when talking about politics. My grand father used to say: you must keep from talking about politics, sports and religion because people tend to be sensitive and become irritated.

Thanks!! I really appreciate what you all guys are doing for the Engvid community.

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Thanks James!!!
Nice lesson!

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Hi James. This lesson was really beneficial but actually it was not interesting to me. By the way thank you for your perfect method.

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Nice explanation. Thank you, James.

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What’s the difference between real and really

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Thank you James, you the best! haha. I like these breaks on the quick quiz

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Just a little correction connected with history (see 4:29 on the video).
The USSR (i.e/ the Union of Soviet Sotialist Republics) was found in 1922, when the first four soviet republics (Russian, Beloeussian, Ukrainian and Transcaucasus) joint togeher, not in 1918.
To speak about the VERY beginning of the communism construction, it was in 1917, when so called the Great October socialist revolution happened in those times Russia.

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    Sorry for misprints.
    Belorussian, of course.
    And socialist.

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Thank you James it is amazing lesson. I got 9 of 9 for this lesson

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out of the lesson
hateful man he is OR he is a hateful man
which is gramatically correct ?
cuz I have heard :hateful man he is
it’s correct way to say or just colloquial

Thanks in advance

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8/9, great lesson for me.
Thank you, James.

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Thank you teacher James. It’s such a great video which explained at high level the polical systems around the world. Thanks again!

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Nice lecture according to different economics system. I got 6 out of 9.

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Thanks James!!!!! Good lesson!!!

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Thanks James, very good.

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Excelent lesson James. You rock 👊

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Thanks Jame.

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Wrong. In USSR we had been having Socialism, not Communism. You totally do not understand what is a Communism. In Communist society individuum is absolutely liberty from government, and freedom for creation. It is the best politician form but it is utopia or dream, like anarchism, because suggest saints people :)
You almost wrong about Conservatism. Socialists countries could be conservative or liberal as well as a fascists. Heights form of liberation of economy is a Fascism (capitalists, nation, groups), but of policy is a Communism (individuums).
One common definition of a Fascism focuses on three concepts: the fascist negations of anti-liberalism, anti-communism and anti-conservatism.
This linear model is not good, because you lose Liberalism. Better to use matrix.

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    Heck of a grammar man:) You should be watching EngVid more often.

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It was very interesting exposition, it seems like a political meeting from left, centre and right wing. Thanks a lot teacher James from engvid, now I have listening with a little more precision. Regards.

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Not bad for my test, Thank you dear James for more details about the Left wing_center_Right wing in political.

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it’s interesting lesson

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9/9, thanks James!

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I got 8/9
Thank you James :)

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that’s so amazing , he’re always talking about the good subject ,I’d like to see more videos him

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Thank you, James! Very nice lesson.

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well done, simple language.

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Great lesson. I got 9/9. Thank you, James.

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i dont even understand what question is asking

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Thank you James , I have got 8/9

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Thanks James for this lesson!

This is a complex subject to present and I think you put it down in a clear way!

According to my knowledge, we can break a nation organization, as you’ve said, in political, social and economic aspects. Political forms, or government forms, ranges from tirany to democracy; social forms, from conservatism to liberalism; and economic forms, from communism to capitalism. Interesting that the conservative and liberal terms, as you explained, are associated to capitalism and communism, nowadays, respectively, but in the French Revolution Era, they were associated to aristocracy and bourgeoisie (little capitalists), respectively. The meanings changed over the time. Here, in Brazil, we use the conservative and liberal terms in this latter sense.

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thank you my score is 75/100

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It has been a great lesson… thank you Mr James and keep you in this way. I am learning every day with your lessons and i wish to improve my english leve as soon as I may do it.

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Perfect class, thank you for this lesson Mr. James.

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It´s a very good class

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James you are awesome, thank you SO MUCH for all of your lessons.

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Amazing lesson!!

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Hi James!

That’s a cool lesson, thanks! It must have been difficult to make it, since it is a hard subject to deal with. But you have done it well, as usual.

Relating to the expressions “left-wing” and “right-wing”, there is also an explanation liking these names with the positions of the parties during the French Revolution when they assembled.

All the best to you!

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It was interesting lesson. Thank you, James. I got 8 out 9 in the quiz.

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Fascinaiting & compelling lesson. I learned a lot. Thanks James.

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thanks . I liked it !

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Thanks a lot. Great Lesson!!

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Thanks for enlightening me! I really needed this a long time ago. Your way of explaining is simple and easy to understand especially when it comes to this kind of topics.

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thanks. one question is it right liberal countries prefer higher taxes and fewer rights for private business? I thought in opposite way. is n’t USA one of those liberal countries?

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    It’s complicated, but I would say that the US is an exception to the rule.

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This is a very tough topic and you have done it easy to swallow using wise examples. And … yes, I have heard that Canada have a great and tidy system of live.
One question: how EngVid has been able to gather that excellent sort of teachers.
Unbeatable team.

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Thank you, James!!!

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Thank you James !
The French health system was created in 1945. I’d call that a social policy, not socialism…to me.

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Thank you James

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I am pleased as Punch!

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I’m afraid you made some inappropriate definitions.
First USSR was not communist. Their vision was to be communist inthe future, when their socialist programme succeeded (turned out succesfully). This is because in the communism the state (government is not supposed to run the economics affair), but in the socialism phase the state (by means of the government) runs all businesses.
Second, France is a social democracy. It means that all social affairs (public interest, such as education, health, public transport, etc.) are run by the state. But is not forbidden to have complementary private business in that areas. Germany, England, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden etc are social democracies in different levels.
Fascism is related to countries where the private interests are protected by the state (generally by use of military force) in order to keep the ordinary people in their social places (under satisfaction of their basic needs and amusements – bread and circus politics).

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You got 7 correct out of 9.

thank you so much.

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    Achualy its /10 not /9

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I got 44% because I didn’t know the meaning of the new terms I should to memorize them!!! Thanks mr. Jeams

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Thx James, great lesson, I’ll study English to get the scholarship and travel to America and work at Nasa! :) I want to explore the universe! :D

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Hi James . Thanks for this awesome lesson 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😄

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This was amazing I got 8/9.
Thank you so much.

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you r the best dude

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I didn’t understand the question 9.

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