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    Definitely a smart idea, Moderator!

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      agreed ;)

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        thanks alot Adam

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Thank you Adam for this lesson . It was very helpful lesson. I’ve got 10 out of 10 . I wish you could continue to make lesson related to politics.

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    Will keep it in mind Asmaa :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Nice lesson I got 8 correct out of 10, look forward to hearing another one.

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Thanks teachers

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Brave and soft, perhaps the best strategy treating controversial topics like this.
My sincere congratulations and thanks.

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I got 8. ☺It helped me out. Thanks Adam.

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    sorry for the other two points

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    I got ten out of ten.

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10/10 :) Thanks Adam.
It was really useful. :)

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Thanks Adam, that was very useful

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Hi Adam,
You told us very clear lesson as your other all lessons .
thank you :)

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10/10 thanks Adam!

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Thanks Adam for the lesson (Y) (Y) (Y)!

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Thanks, Adam! I got 10 out of 10!

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thank you very much teacher

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thanks very much teacher I got 7 out of10

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I got 10 point. Very much appreciate Adam

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In Russian we have a word that means- the power of oligarchs- oligocracy. I don’t know if there is a similar notion in English.

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    The term “oligarchy” also exists in English. This is likely what you are referring to. :)

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      Thank you. We use the word “oligarhy” for indication of social group- people who are oligarchs, but when such peolple get the authority in the country, such political order we name as “oligocracy”. We also use the word “cleptocracy”- the rule of thieves.

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Thank you Adam. I love to read political articles and that would help me to understand more. Thanks a lot ❤️

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    I wanna talk with you

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new words that i tought them for me thankyou adam

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Thank Adam. Lesson has been presented as perfect. 9/10

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It was my first lesson here
I got 10/10
Thank you Adam

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    Welcome Mhdadolph :)

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Hi Adam, my husband is a landscaper and I’m the one who’s supposed to answer the phone calls but when people ask me if he does certain kind of job I don’t know what to say because I don’t know what they talking about. Can you please make a lesson teaching us about landscaping work and tools and shalalaLA shalala

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    It’s a bit niche, Lori, but I’ll see what I can do ;)

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I read the acient book by Aristotel and he wrote about it otherwise.

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    Times do change Svetashev :)

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Thank you Adam for a lesson which can be useful for all your students who live in differents systems. It helps to open the minds.

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Good lesson, now I learnt some English politics!

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Thanks for this useful lesson, Adam. :)

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Thank you Adam good lesson about politic. I got 10/10 :)

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Thank you Adam your lesson was very interesting .

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Excelent lesson. Thank you. Please deaper one more.

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    I’ll work on it L@tif.

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Good! 10/10

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Very good.Thank you..

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Good lesson..thanks a lot.

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I got 6 out of 10:( ,il’s Difficult lesson,Thank you

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Thanks a lot Adam (and Alex). I got 10 out of 10.

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Thank you so much Adam. I like your lessons because they will help growing my english knowledge.

best regards.

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Thanks a lot!

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thanks Adam…

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That is a very useful vocabulary. Thank you so much, Adam.

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Great lesson Adam. Tx a lot!

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Hello, Adam.
Democracy and dictatorship: can they be used as countable nouns?
“In a democracy, leaders are chosen by the citizens” (point 6 of the quiz)
Hello, Adam.
Democracy and dictatorship: can they be used as countable nouns?
“In a democracy, leaders are chosen by the citizens” (point 6 of the quiz)
Can I say “democracies” or “dictatorships”?

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    I wanted to ask a similar question : “Can I say “What a wonderful rain!” ?

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      Not sure what you mean, Proverbial Horse, but if we’re talking politics, then maybe you mean reign (which is countable). If you mean the wet stuff, it’s not common, but you can actually use rain as a countable to talk about the different rain sessions.
      Anyway, hope either one helps ;)

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    Hi Lili,

    Yes, they are countable. We can discuss the different systems in different places. For example, country A and B are democracies, while countries C and D are dictatorships. In other words, it’s the same as saying governments.

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i’m sorry that i have to say someting that in china we can’t play all of your video and can’t use twiter and facebook and so on.but much of chinese that just like me want to watch your video to help us improve our’s english.

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    Hi Chongyang. You can use a VPN, but otherwise, not much that can be done. Weibo is Chinese only so difficult to get on for those who can’t read the characters.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

    Hi, I would like to recommend shadowsocks. It’s not a VPN but works very well. The block to Youtube and Google is really annoying = =

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we use weibo

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i got 10!
impossible! ))
thanks Adam for this useful info!

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I don’t like politics but it was intresting

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Thanks Adam, for all this new vocabulary!!

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Adam how is called the system where there is an election and many parties but the same guy by some miracle always on top though most people don’t want him.

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    Hi Katrin,

    Well, technically, it’s a rigged system, meaning he cheats. But, he is probably a dictator, or an authoritarian. It’s more than simple corruption.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Thank you Adam 8-)

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HI Adam… Nice lesson, I enjoyed the explanation about spin doctors but I wanna ask can extremist be referred to as Hobson Choice?? Clarify me please

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    Actually had to look that up Victory :)

    An extremist, by definition, made a choice (between extremism and moderation), whereas a Hobson choice is a take it or leave it choice, a or a lesser of two evils kind of choice.

    Not sure if this clarifies it, but extremism is a complicated matter.

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Although a few vocabulary about this topic have just been learnt,I got 10 correct out of 10.Your determination is appreciated.

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Adam is saying “I will be not …” correct or I must only say: “I will not be ….”? Thank you.

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    I’ve never seen “I will be not”. Saying it this way presents an oxymoron (contradiction where one word opposes the other).

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      Thank you Adam.

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greetings to you dear Adam

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    And to you Juan :)

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thank you Adam

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thanks Adam i’ve got 7 of 10 it was really helpefull
pleaase could you make more politics vocabulary lessons

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    I’ll see what I can do Megdi :)

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9/10. Let’s do more difficult words next time :-)

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Excelent Lesson!

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thank you adam

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I sometimes like to discuss about politics with foreign friends on FB but not enough vocabulary words about it to do. This lession is useful . Thanks

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thanks alot

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Very nice Adam! thank you a lot.

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Hi Adam!Thank you so much you are a great teacher!I was surprised when you replied on my comment!I’m a huge fan of yours sir!~.~By the way if it’s convevient for you could you please teach a lesson on the word “of”.(I don’t know the proper noun for this kind of pronunciation issue that I’ve got in my mind,maybe it’s considered spoken contraction I’m not sure)I’m really a English enthusiast,watching n listening English all day long,really want to be an idiomatic english speaker.Here is my question:phraes like “full of”and”call it”.For example the phrase”full of”in their mouths sound like “ful/le/v”,there is “le” in the middle instead of “e”,and”call it” sounds like “cal/li/t”.Other examples are”all in all”(sounds like”al/lin/all),”In it”(sounds like”in/ni/t)

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      Thank you sir I appreciate it!Yes I have watched that video before.
      Now I know how to call it academically~I can start to do some searching first~

      Profile photo of Erik1774 Erik1774

phrases like”What the hell”(sorry I know this is the bad language but I want to understand why I heard”wha/de/hell”).
“One of us”(One/ne/ve/us) “some of them”(som/ne/v/them) “all of them”(al/le/v/them)

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    That’s a good idea!

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    Hi Erik,

    A lesson on the ‘of’ sound is in the works ;)

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Nice to meet you again, dears but i only got 8 from ten !!

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wow! i can to do well in the second times for the test. Thanks!

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Hi Adam! Thanks for this lesson!

Politicians with true intentions and capacity to conduct the country to a welfare state in a long-term aim, without involvement with corruption, without thinking only in particular and party issues first, is what I desire.

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    As do we all Fabio :)

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Hi.thanks for this lesson, Adam.I have a question.where can I speak english with tee people from all over the world?online and free😼

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    Hi Izow,

    To be honest, I haven’t used any, but if you do a search for Free online English chatrooms you might find something. I can’t say which are good and which aren’t; it’s a matter of experimenting. I heard once of Livemocha, but not sure if they’re good or not.

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    Hello IzOw!

    If you have webcam and microphone, you can create an account on Skype and talk with Engvid students face to face for free. I do it very often. That’s cool!


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Thank you very much! Very good explanation! I got 10/10 :)

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Thanks Adam for the lesson! <3

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This was my fisrt lesson here and I like so much! Thank you teacher Adam!

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Thanks, Adam.
I want to ask “…down to timing” what does it mean?
“down to” what does it mean?

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    Hi Sophie,

    It basically means the final condition. I.e., it depends on many things, but after we resolve all the others, it comes down to just one–timing.

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Thx a lot adam Mother Russia loves you

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    Sorry Adam for downcase my shift button is soo bad

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thank you for the lesson

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I´m not good at politics, that´s why no comments!

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    You’re a professional politician already Cart ;)

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Thanks everyone :)

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Anyone please help
in the last question in the TOEFL reading there was a chart with 7 empty boxes that needed to be answered it was worth 4 points i got 6 correct out of the 7 will the whole question be incorrect and get 0 or will i get some points ?????

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    Hi Zaidem,

    In some cases you will get 0, in some cases you might get 2 points. Usually they tell you at the start of the question.

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thank You Adam for thi lesson and it’s my firt time that i understand well and i got 10 out of 10…. can you give en idea to improve my pronunciation and callect some vocabularies ………..

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9 out of 10
thank you

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Thank you very much Adam for this awesome lesson. I like reading politic article and after learning these words,it helps me a lot to understand politic issues.

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I love teaching ESl,English as a second language, and since I am attending college next year I am still confused on what to major in. Do I major in English or linguistics best?

Profile photo of maruita maruita

    Hi Maruita,

    I’d say major in what is more interesting. Having said that, I think English will be more useful and more interesting and you can later take a course in TESOL. Linguistics is a little too involved for what you want to do. Better do some research on each.

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I Am get 9 score thank you teacher

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Thank you!!! 8/10

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hi Adam can you help me with is please
temperature _____ on bimetallic thermometer by the amount that the bimetallic ship bends.

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    Hi Sara,

    To be honest, this is an incomplete sentence (not including the blanks). For now I would say ‘indicated’ because ‘on the thermometer’.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam


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Thanks a lot for very useful lesson. After watching this video, I got 100% on the quiz )))). But I still want to read the full transcript and memorise them to learn the way a native speaker speaks/talks. So could you please upload the full transcript, cause I already follow your youtube channel, there is transcript but it isn’t full, it just for firsts 4 or 5 minutes. Thanks a gain!

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i misunderstand the point (left-wing/right-wing)
so iam going to studu it again
i express my appreciation

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I got 9. It’s interesting and important lesson. Thank’s.

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Hi Adam!

Thank you for this interesting lesson. The military dictatorship in Brazil lasted 20 years and fortunately ended in 1985, and we have been a democracy since. Nowadays, the main Brazilian parties lean to left-wing. But, as you know, our democracy is passing through a dark period… But I am hopeful that we shall overcome!

Good bye!

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i got 6 but i was very happy to learn this notions
with you. thank you

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Thanks for your lesson.
I chose wrong in NO.9
what’s the difference between dictatorship and authoritarianism?

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10!!! I’m so happy to reach that mark :D

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I got ten out of ten,thanks.

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very nice I’ve learned a lot of things thank you very much

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8 is not so bad!Thank you very much!

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Thanks for giving us the useful lesson!

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Dear sir. Can you create the video clip related to Financial Skills for using in Banking field. Thank

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9/10. Not bad.Big thanks for you, Mr Adam.

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Thanks a lot, Adam!

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Thank u Adam) Ur lessons really good and helpful, keep it up!

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Thank you Adam . It is a very useful lesson

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I loved this class.
I love your videos.
Sorry for my english because I’m still learning

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I got 90%

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Appreciate that Adam. i got 10 of 10

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hey Adam,I want you to take a lesson on embedded clauses.I am finding difficulties to pick out clauses from a sentence.I hope you will sort out this problem at the earliest.

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Hi Adam, I am Cris from Brasil and I’ve been whatchin your videos for some time and I want to follow you on facebook, can I please?thank you very much

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Thank you, Adam!!

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Thanks for making lesson on politics.

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Thanks Adam !!!!!

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I got 8 out of 10. I thought this lesson was advanced. Thank you Mr. Adam!

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It’s really useful vocabulary to help us get what politicians say. Thanks.

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please give more a word in political. thanks you. it is very useful in learning English.

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thank you

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Thank you Mr. Adam.

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i wish every quiz u made..we can download ..thx..very helpful

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I got 10, yes!!

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thank you for this lesson, teacher!

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