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Thank you for your lessons, Adam. They’re always useful. I’m a newcomer here, I’ve been just registered on your site and I’m a bit surprised to have this avatar picture. I didn’t expect it to appear. Is it politically correct? Can it be changed to a flower, perhaps?

Larissa V.

    Welcome Larissa :)

    I’m pretty sure you can choose your avatar. Go to your profile settings and look for an edit button. In any case, it is not politically incorrect, just maybe not to your taste ;)


John was married to Susan, and they had three children. John was working as a salesman. One-day John got a big promotion meaning a huge raise in his salary. He was very happy, but he had to move to Kansas for this reason. Moving to a new city was a familial hot potato because he felt his wife and children would nix this idea. After dinner that night, he brought up that topic and expressed how advantageous living in Kansas is to convince his family. Susan tried to pass the buck first by saying “I think the children will not be happy with this idea”. The children yelled together “You are full of hot air. We will not go anywhere”. Then, when she started to get on her soap box, John realised he would go there alone. After beginning his new job, he needed to press the flesh. Since he knew very well how to cut through red tape, he become very successful and rich at his job. However, one of his co-workers was jealous of him. He created some photos depicting him with many women at the beach to drag his name through the mud, and he put them on the internet. When Susan saw them, she went crazy. Now, she immediately wanted to move to Kansas to protect her marriage. When one of the children stood up to her, she said “You also need to toe to line honey”. Finally, the family was reunited. Although John did not betray his wife, he exactly realized a carrot and stick approach could work very well.
Thanks Adam!


    Great, you are trully well and total understand the lesson

    nguyen van long

    Well done

    Msgdy Alhaddad

    A bit heavy on the idioms, Hd, but good effort :)


I like Adam’s lesson because I feel relatively less difficult to understand his lesson than lessons from other teachers. Today I learned 10 useful political idioms. Though it’s difficult to use them in real speaking, I think I understand them and I believe I can remember them later when I find them in reading because I took the quiz and luckily I got 10 out of 10. If I watch this lesson more than twice, I believe I can get those idioms for a longer time. And I’ve always thought that concentration is more difficult than anything else. If I can concentrate more while watching the lesson, I guess my English will improve more quickly.

Insoo Yeo

    Glad I can help Insoo:)


I have 6/10, i fell the lesson is quite hard,the topic almost about politic and suite nowaday it is the time the election in US, anyway thank Adam so much, I will try better next time

nguyen van long

New vocabulary for me thanks


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Thank you.


Thank you Adam . As always ; it’s an intersting lesson .

Msgdy Alhaddad

My ex was full of hot air. Thank God we broke up.






Hi Adam,
I saw a sentence but I can’t understand the sentence structure, such as the main verb. Could you please explain a bit? The sentence is as below:

“That mushrooms and other fungi thrive in humidity became abundantly clear to me starting in autumn 2019, when the Netherlands received an exceptional amount of precipitation.”


    Hi Sophie,

    Subject using a noun clause: That mushrooms and other fungi thrive in humidity

    main verb: became

    subject complement: abundantly clear to me

    starting in autumn 2019,

    adjective clause to 2019: when the Netherlands received an exceptional amount of precipitation.

    Does this help?


Thank you : very interesting lesson especially today :)


Hi Adam,
thank you a billion. it was so useful.


hi guys


    Hi Eren :)


Donkey=animal that looks like a horse but it´s not.
You´re so funny Adam!!
Thanks a lot for your lesson, full of interesting vocabulary and expressions ;)


thank you Adam i have learn some new word

musa latjor

thanks very nice

Alves 12345

“all we have to do is find an apartment”
Dear teacher, describe this sentence.
like, what is the subject,verb and object of this sentence

atal shinwari

    Hi Atal,

    Subject: all
    adjective clause: (that) we have to do
    subject complement: (to)find an apartment

    Does this help?


      yes,it sure does.
      every single lesson of yours is very important .
      thanks alot

      atal shinwari

Why can’t I see any lesson? There are just comments


Thank you for this lesson!
I have a question, I thought it would be better to ask a native speaker :)
What does “oilier aspects” mean in this sentence?
In addition to the way it operates, a museum is distinct from any operator in the entertainment industry in some oilier aspects.


    Hi Parya,

    Based only on this sentence, I have to assume that they are talking about dirty tricks in the industry.

    I would need to see more to clarify, but I think they are using oily in a negative way to describe behaviour.


Adam, thanks for the lesson!


thanks a lot

nahimana gordien

Thanks everyone :)


Now I need to get off my soapbox and learn English because I have all that it takes, even if it means me using a carrot and stick approach.


Thank you Adam, well explained as always and very useful to better understand articles in newspapers.
I might disagree on the first question’s answer though. Shouldn’t the sign of a good leader rather be his reluctance to fill the room with hot air? :)
Looking forward to watching to your next lesson


I finally found lesson which teach me about politic idioms. Thanks for the video.

Brian Ruan

7/10! I can’t understand all idioms. It’s difficult for me.

Jerry Gu

Thanks a lot Adam for such a great lesson. I enjoyed it fully and got ? for the quiz. I guess the lesson is meant to address the advanced English learners. My English level is B2+ and I keep studying English everyday for reaching the C1 level of English. Greetings from an Indonesian living in the Netherlands.

Mikael M. Soge
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