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I did a great job. xD


    thank’s mr adam but if you can show the vidoes of conjugaison please .

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    I’m glad :)

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      Hello Adam, you’re the best! thank you for your lessons. Adam, my problem is the comprehension,,, it’s really dramatic… i can “say something” and i can “write something” but the comprehension is terrible… and for my job it top important… it’s more tha one year that i’m trying to improve my comprehension but :-(… any suggestions? thanks a lot! ciao. Fabio – Italy

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        Read, read, read, read… and listen to the American radio all day.

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      Hi Adam !! I am new on this site I am facing problem in watching the videos on this site.Please tell me how to see them?

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        bcz youtube is blocked in Pakistan….

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        download hotspot shield then open the lesson you will find it.

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    so do i….

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    So do I

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HI Adam you’re really good teacher thank u very much I’ve got 9 out of 10

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    So do I.;-)


      Me too)

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Well done! Thanks!

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thanks for the lesson Adam . I`v got 4 correct out of 10.veri bad :-( I`l do better job next time i promis .thanks anyway.


Hello, Adam. Do you have a personal email? thanks


very useful! thnx a lot for your lesson. Th etopic seems confusing, but I’ve got 10 of ten, as the manner of explanation was clear and convincing, best regards from Russia!


i got 90% correct!!thank u Sir Adam ,now i know how to use either,neither,too and so hheheh

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a lot of thanks from Tajikistan….keep it up!


    hi lola.. i wanna learn your native language (if you dont mind)

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it’s difficult subjetc but thank you very much teacher adam if you want can to put more about it. a hug!

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    I think so :)

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very useful and to the point.


8 ;o

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Thanks for the help

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    Hey zelicca would you mind if I interested in practice french and english as well with u? If there is any problem about that, just let me know.

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      Sorry *there’s not

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So nice teacher!


Thamk you adem sir, I get 8 out of 10


Thanks for you time teacher!

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thankyou very much




thanks teacher!!!!!


Hii Adam,
I am Sona Sharma from India.I have been a member of this educational site for more than one year.I wanna get my basic concept about English tenses cleared by you.After reading newspaper,watching movies,chatting with people online, I have figured out that an action word known as verb is the most important word in English that I need to know to express an action.Imagine,I feel thirsty.I need to have some water to quench my thirst.Then I perform an action called “drinking”.If I am not familiar with this word ,I can’t express what I want.People simply use this action word in different tenses to refer to different point of time like I drank a glass of water after returning from work yesterday as my throat had dried up.In my previous sentence ,I have used it in the past tense to express that I am not thirsty now but I was..
I am just a begginer.plz help me to learn this language well and also check out my sentences….

Sona Sharma

    Hi Sona,
    I would hardly think you’re a beginner. Your English is very good.
    To be honest though, I’m not sure what your question is. As for mistakes, I’d concentrate for now on adding ‘s’ where needed to match numbers (plurals, etc.)

    Good luck

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      me to. it seems that Sona is advanced she used fascinating way of expressing but me also couldn’t catch what she is asking about.
      maybe she meant to ask about the tense formula as in present, future, past perfect…ect

      Adam if you please could explain to me how does “would” function in your sentence when you say “I would hardly think your’re a beginner”
      how does it differ from “I hardly think your’re a beginner”

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Thanks u a lot to teachers on engvid..


10/10 thank you very much.

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Great job, Thank U so much!


thanks …think i have to study more


Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.To agree, you would say:

I had wrong answer: Me too.
Right answer is: I think so too.

Why is “me too” wrong answer? It is a positive statements. I can use “So do I, I do too or me too”, can´t I?
Thanks for your answer. Petra


    Hi Petra,

    The reason you can’t say ‘me too’ here, is because in the first statement there is no subject ‘I’. That’s why in the agreement you need to add a subject. The first statement is an observation someone made, not necessarily a personal opinion.
    Does that make sense?

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      Aha, thank you very much.


      Hi Adam!
      Your quiz is really great!
      The first question forcing to read it cLosely.
      Thank you!

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This grammar lesson always has been very difficult, but After I had watched four times this video, finally my score was 10/10.

Thank you so much.

Li Ra

thanks teacher Adam… you’re very wonderful teacher… I’ve got 9 out of 10…very interesting lesson

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Hello Sir, i’m Nitin.. its a very useful thing you guys are doing.. I’m new to this site, n i’m already in love wit it.. thank you soo much..
My gramer is very bad, i always failed to use the words in a perfect sentence.. can you guys help me out???


    Sure thing, Nitin. Just keep watching and studying :)

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thnk you a lot teacher adam i’ve got 8 out of 10

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Thank u for your lesson. I did the test 2 times first I have score 4 of 10:( but second time a bit better I have got 9 of 10:)…Yupi


Thank you so much teacher Adan!
My score was 7.


Thank you Adam.
It was a very useful lesson!

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Thank you for this lesson Adam, you’re such a great teacher. I’d only like to point out that when we want to agree something using the answer SO, we have to use the same verb. i.e:
– I’m tired of walking
– So AM I
In this case we cannot answer by saying “So DO I” because we have to use the same verb, which in this case is (be) “am”.
I hope this is clear and helps other students because I had a tough time trying to get this at the beginning.
Regards from Mexico.

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    Actually, this depends on the tense not on the verb. You should use the same tense with both sentences.

    In your example I would use “So, do I.” because you have the simple present tense. Look at the present continuous tense:

    — “I’m always doing the same boring things.”
    — “So, am I.”

    And for the simple past:

    — “I worked yesterday.”
    — “So, did I.”

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      I don’t know why I put a comma after “so”. Of course, there shouldn’t be any comma in this case! :D

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      I agree, I just couldn’t find a better way to explain it first. However, I’m not so sure whether you can use “So do I” in my example. I mean, we can answer using the same tense and the right verb or auxiliary.

      – I bought a jacket
      -So did I

      – I like pizza
      – So do I

      – I could buy a book
      – So could I

      – I’m jealous
      – So am I

      I guess we need a little help here because I’m not so sure about arguments morfik. Of course I might be wrong, I’m just trying to clear this up.


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        I think that people use helping verb with “so” and “too”.

        This remind me question about “either”. We have a sentence: “William doesn’t work there, and John doesn’t work there.”

        We can rewrite it to: “William doesn’t work there, and John doesn’t either.” But can we rewrite it to: “William doesn’t work there, and John doesn’t work there either.” — just add “either” at the end of the original sentence.

        Ok, maybe one more question. This concerns “too”. Do we put a comma before “too” or not? I’m asking because on some other sites I saw that people use the comma before “too”.

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          Good observation Morfik. The reason for the comma before a too is usually when it is used as ‘also’ rather than an agreement.
          e.g., I like apples. I like oranges, too.

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    Excellent point Ezekiel. And you’re right, should have mentioned it in the video. You have to agree to an action verb with ‘do’ and to a be verb with a be verb.

    Good job :)

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      and a could with a could and so on, though to agree with ‘I might go out tonight’ with ‘I might too’ is less common than ‘me too’.

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thanks my teacher you r helpful


I would like to say thanks to the initiative of this website! It is too much knowledge! Thank you all.

(From Brazil – Rio Grande do Sul – Porto Alegre)

Daniel Galbinski


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9/10 not bad.


thanks .Iam newcomer in canada. I have been 4 month toranto.I have problam about speking-writing-reading and listening. can I halpe me


    Hi Kobra,

    All I can tell is to keep working hard and be patient. It takes time to learn a new language.

    You’ll get it. :)

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Thank you So much


Thanks Adam, great lesson!


thank u 4 this free lesson, it was great. I’ll see u again soon.

Efrain Dominguez

100% very well…!!!

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i do not think so

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Great Lesson, thanks !!

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Yeah! Thank you, Adam!

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Thank you Adam.

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Adam is saying at the very beginning:
‘I think I understand why …’
I can’t make out what he is saying further?


    I think I understand why they get a little bit of confusion.
    I’m not sure 100% but think so..


    Hi Vladimir,

    I said “I think I understand why they get a little bit confusing.” My mistake– should be confused, not confusing.

    Thanks for catching that.


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Perfect I’ve got 10/10,
many thanks Adam, the lesson was great!


It was very useful. We all agree!

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Well done Adam you are a great teacher , I want you to make more lessons about the reading in the TOEFL and give me vocabulary , you think it,s important .

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    I’ll see what i can do Asala. :)

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“You got 6 correct out of 10.” :-(

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Thank you very much

I love these lessons.

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Please add the vocabulary lesson about the interview.

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Well done , Sir Adam you are such clear , I really love all your lessons ,especially the way you try explain look very professional teacher and understandable Sir , I have been very confuse on using those words for a long time , but after I finished your lesson I got more confident now, I really appreciated , Thank so much ! Hope you successful with every things you do

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hi adam how can learn english please help me


Hi.I had some problems either and neither when i speak or use these words. but now i learnt rigtig. thanks for tour good teaching.well done



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hi Adam , i still confused about the question no. 3..


    Hi Sastro,

    Maybe you are not familiar with the word ‘actually.’ It means ‘in fact,’ and when someone uses it it, they are often about to give an opposite, or a different opinion or idea. Son in question 3, there is a disagreement using the opposite of ‘it’s not cold.’

    Does that help?

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thank you very much!!(y)

sweet hyacinth

Thank you so much … 8 out of 10


Thx..but i wrong quiz number 3…
could u explaine better?


    Hi Raffaele,

    Maybe you are not familiar with the word ‘actually.’ It means ‘in fact,’ and when someone uses it it, they are often about to give an opposite, or a different opinion or idea. Son in question 3, there is a disagreement using the opposite of ‘it’s not cold.’

    Does that help?

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I got 10 correct out of 10. Thank you, Adam. You are a very good teacher!


i was repit my Quiz for 3 time , but always write that Obama make a Great job…

Good Class Adams , is very importat Know when you can use this words or word expresion . Thanks..


I’ve got 9 correct out of 10 :). I’am not so good at english because isn’t my native language :)


thank you very much for this site, it’s amasingly intersting :)

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Thanks teacher, I liked this class and i can understand you perfect =)

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Thank you Adam for your lesson. I had problems using this words, now I understad the difference! I’ve got 10/10!!!


Hi Adam,
you are really great teacher. You speak very clear and easy for non-native speaker to listen.

Thanks for such a helpful vid!!

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Thanks Adam, I’ve got 9 out of ten! and I agree with everyone who said you’re a good teacher!


doesn’t work


    Hi Hassan,

    What doesn’t work?

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thank you so much


9 from 10, thank you.

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you are agood teacher

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I got 7. I think that your class was very clear. Thank you.


hello everybody ,someone could explain me more easy because I am really confused…. O_o…

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    Hi Santi,

    Which part is confusing?

    The most important thing to remember is that we use too and so to agree with positive statements, and neither and not either to agree with negative statements.

    Does that help?

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Excellent job, everything was so clear, I hope I can use them without any problem from now on.


thanks very much:X

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Thanks, Adam. Your talk is so clear that I easily listen and understand.

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wow, nice lesson, i’ve got 80 of 100 score…interesting


ıt s easy lessen but very confused my mınd..


nice nice really really like it got it perfect …


Thank you for your lessons! You are one of the best teachers here! Why do you have only 5 videos? Will we be able to see new video with you? :) It’s will be great!


    Thank you Nadya,

    I’m pretty new to the site, but yes, more lessons will be coming


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Super! Thank you for your lessons! I dream to communicate with a teacher like you! You are the best, really!

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    hi nadya,
    if you want to practice your english feel free to add me on your skype.
    my skype account is:

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Hi Adam, you’re my favorite teacher from engVid, you explain excellently well and clearly.
I have a doubt on question number 6. Why is “Me too” correct? It is agreeing with the statement, but it was asked to desagree.

(From Brazil – Paraná)


    Hi Daniel,

    Thank you :)

    Actually, the correct answer to number 6 is ‘My grandchild can paint better.’ maybe check again

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

wow.. I did it :D

I love this Site :D Thanks :D


thx alot mr adam


ok, I finished. thank you so much.


Exelente video!


I don’t know what it mean (I think so)it mean agree or disagree so I have problem with spieling could you help me or show me away to I have a good spieling


    Hi Jawad,

    I think so, is used to agree.

    As for your spelling, every time you misspell a word, try writing it 100 times on a sheet of paper. That way you will remember it from habit.

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hi. thank you a lot
you are the best ;)


Thanks you a lot :)


Thanks for the lesson Adam.

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Thank u so much

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Thanks teacher.
It was nice lesson…………


Can anybody please tell me how i can download engvid video…….


10/10. thanks for the lesson


Thank you Adams, but i did not get the break down of Neither or Either very clearly. You did not emphasis much on them. and the two words are giving me problem to use them effectively. could you please do it again or ask Rebecca or Romney to do it. Thanks


    Hi John,

    The most important thing to remember is that neither and not either, are used to AGREE with negative statements.
    e.g., I don’t like beer. Neither do I, or I don’t either.
    I am not hungry. Neither am I. I’m not either.

    Does that help?

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thank you Adam…
you summarized this topic in a short and simple lesson…..thanks Adam…..

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mmm,I’m So happy!
Thank you Mr/Adam & I loved your name.

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I’ve got a 10.
Thnaks Adam, you gave me hand with a amazing explanation.

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yeah,.thank you Adam. I got 10 correct out of 10

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    hi fellow !!!!
    what city in Viet Nam do you come from?

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Hi Adam, you are an excellent teacher. I understand this lesson perfectly. :)


thank so much..!


Very good lesson .
Thanks Adam.
Can anybody please tell me how to download the lessons!!!!!!!!


    you can download all the lessons from Youtube, all the teachers have their channels up there. I use Keepvid website to download them :)


Dear Adam, thank you once again for your helpful lesson. I ‘m very grateful to engvid.com for the given possibility to learn English from native speakers. Your lessons are very funny and learning from you is some kind of relaxing. I feel myself getting more peacefull when I am reaching something new about English speaking.
Thank you so much.

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Thank you for this lesson !!!

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Thank’s a lot I understand your lesson


Thanks everybody :)

Profile photo of Adam Adam

    U know,how much u’r presentation’s marvellous?!!
    Goooodluck with ur life.
    Have a ball!

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It makes fun! Thank you!

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Hi Adam,
It is a very good English lesson. I like it so much and it is helping me to improve my English. I have a question on No.7:
(7. I don’t want to go to school today. It’s raining and cold, and there’s going to be a quiz.

To agree, you would say:

Yeah, me neither.
I don’t too.
So do I.
I love school, especially quizzes.)

My teacher used to tell me that NEITHER doesn’t come after YES but after NO. What do you say?

And can we use “I don’t think so too”? under any circumstances?

Thank you so much!

Profile photo of afomia afomia

    Hi Afornia,

    I see the point your teacher made, but the “yeah” here is a signal for agreement, and is casual. And remember that a negative agreement is still an agreement.

    As for i don’t think so too, remember that ‘too’ is only used for a positive agreement, so you can’t combine it with a negative verb (don’t think).

    Does that help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Thank u Adem. It was helpful. Would you please write me a link where I can learn basic English sentence construction (starting from S-V-O)?

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ㅠ.ㅠ your video is great but my listening skill is not good but i will harder study im so happy because i find this site ^^


thanks you so much

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i made 4 mistakes . but i undersant clearly what you say all in your videos.İ think i have to pay attation.
thank u for all videos that u guys have been making :)


Hello, Adam
in the video you said “I think Romney is going to win” but my English teacher says we use WILL with our thoughts. Or it doesn´t matter?
Thak you :)


    Hi Steven,

    I understand what your teacher is saying. Usually we use ‘will’ when we have made the decision at the time of speaking, and ‘going to’ before the time of speaking. Realistically though, people mix these two all the time. On a grammar test, however, there is a difference.

    Does that help?

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In the quiz, the third question can I use:
Me either.Me neither.I don’t think so too.
as answers.


    Hi Gerardo,

    You can use me neither to agree that Canada isn’t cold. The other two are incorrect.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

by the way thank you the video it helps me


Hi Adam, is it also possible to say: “Neither me?” Or must it ever be “me neither” in this particular order? For example s.o. sais: “I don`t like s.th.!” Can I also answer: “Neiher me!” ? Or is it wrong?
Thank you!

Profile photo of imke imke

    Hi Imke,

    No, you can’t switch the order in this case. For agreement it’s always me neither, or neither do/am I, etc.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks mr Adam very much, after learning this lesson i have 6 correct out of 10. once again thanks my teacher very much!


Really it is a useful lesson thank you

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Hi Mr Adam. I am from mongolia, i am learning english in myself and i firt time watches vedio i liked your lesson.
good luck every people :)


i’ve got 6 out of 10
thank you adam

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It’s very good topic to learn.
Please Adam, put more and more videos. I like the way you teach.

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Thank u very much I’ve got 9 out of 10
I had also trouble with sentence 3

Profile photo of kurtleen kurtleen

Hi Adam,
For the sentence 3, If I agree (I don’t think Canada is very cold…..), Could i say : “I don’t think so either.”

Thanks and Regards

Profile photo of kurtleen kurtleen

    Hi Kurtleen,

    Yes, to agree, you can say I don’t think so either.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

good job , thanks




I’m confused about when we have to use neither and either. I’ll do the toelf but I’m not very good in verb patters and I’m very slow. what can i do?
it doesn’t work :(


    Hi Nadi,

    Like I tell all my students: Practice, practice, practice.

    remember: neither= not either

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

thank you very much for your information


Hello teacher Adam:
This is very good job that you have done, good luck.

To you have a good luck, it is a Benefit for us (your students), to have good course.

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Thanks Adam!

Profile photo of mrkarica86 mrkarica86

Thanks Mr Adam ,I confused difference B/W Neither,Either Please Help me

Eng: keire

    Hi Keire,

    Remember: neither= not either

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Thanks teacher. Very good video, now I know how to agree and disagree.

      Profile photo of rricardolima rricardolima

      Hi Adam,
      Very helpful lesson.
      What about “as well” ?
      Many thanks!

      Profile photo of adrianrusu adrianrusu

Thank you very much

Profile photo of marinella63 marinella63

Hello Adam)
Thanks for great lessons. You r my favourite one =). Could you please explain the differences between TALK TO – TALK WITH and BELONG TO -BELONG WITH. And where we use each of them? Thanks in advance)


    Hi Enesh,

    Talk to is usually one directional (the teacher talked to the students) but talk with is two way (I talked with my girlfriend on the phone for an hour)
    Belong to- possession (this pen belongs to him) Belong with- two things that go well together (he blongs with her; they are soulmates.)

    Does that help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Great Work Adam. Keep it up.

Tamil EElavan

thank you very much Mr adam it was fantasik.


thanks…great job…


Very good! Thanks so much Teacher Adam! :D

Profile photo of drielly drielly

thank you very much. it was so useful for me


only 6/10 :(

Profile photo of mieto1969 mieto1969

Yippie. I got 10 of 10. A little bit confused to answer though.


thx. info super . but not exciting way of presentetion

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I got F in this lesson. What should I do?



mustafa moussa

Hello teacher,
I got 9/10 coool i like this site ;
Imène from Algeria thank you all teachers.

Comotu DZ

Thanks so much, your videos are really good, I always boring when I had tried study by myself but with you guys is so nice and I felt motived.
Finally I can use Neither hahaha..

Profile photo of sandra27 sandra27

10/10! :)

Profile photo of catherinekot catherinekot

9 of 10!!!


Hi Adam,
Thanks for your effort.
I’d like to ask you a question. How about statement “I don’t think so, too”? Is it the same “Me neither”? Thanks.

Quoc Nguyen

Dear Mr Adam,
I am new to this site, I think it will help me a lot.


Very good job, amazing !

Profile photo of Mr. Saenz Mr. Saenz

I’ve got this lesson, you’re a great teacher.

Profile photo of lucasml lucasml

Excellent lesson! It’s so clear now! Thanks! Vive EngVid!



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hello teacher , first I thank you for this lesson . but I’m a little confused about the last question . I answer it as a negative agreement because the word “hate” which is negative ; the opposite of the verb like> so I answered id as me neither ! heh


Hello Sir, I have little confusion in the use of word “Being” and “Been”. can you please give a detail lesson on these two words.



Jehangir Badshah

I thing this lesson was eazy. are you agree students?

Profile photo of blessy blessy

Why the answer of no.10 is me too?
It’s a negative sentence so it supposed to be “me neither.”


Hello again, Adam!
Thanks for the vid! It was very clear and easy to understand. I think the subject was useful for many people.
I was already quite familiar with using those words, but I’ve chatted with a lot of guys who are not. It’s quite common in international chatrooms to hear someone replying something like “I don’t like swimming too.”

So, I just wanted to tell you that you did fantastic job with clearing this up for them! :)

Take care!
– S from Finland


Thank you Mr Adam .

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i got 7 out of 10 it was great!!


Thank you for the gripping lesson!)))


This is my first time I enter this site, Iam so happy to find it , Nice teacher, nice lesson, thank you alot Mr Adam


your web site is really useful and you are very good teacher.It’s my first lesson in your web site, many thanks for all.


    Glad you liked it! Hope you’ll stick around.

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Thank you for your beautiful teaching


3. I don’t think Canada is very cold. Sure, it snows, but snow doesn’t mean it’s so cold.
Thanks teacher Adam i only concentrated on grammatical solution not on Canada’s environment thank you so much .

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you are a good man .

Profile photo of becoca becoca

I did two mistakes :(


hi everybody, hi teacher ADAM, I’m so glad to join you, I’m new in usa and I have a problem in my english, I’m watching your lessons really great and thank you very much.


Ops, I’m sorry. I should say: I made two mistakes.
Your lessons are very good and easy to remember !


i must say u r really a great teacher ,in fact my best in this portal.I belongs to india and i understand much of u r pronounciation


thanks a lot, it is very useful, very well explained!!!

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Hi Adam,
what the different between too and as well. howto use it?

thank you in advance for your help.

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I think so too. Useful and well explained.


Adam is a great teacher , I……Thank …..you


hi teacher i’m from colombia i would like to watch a video of yours about advices to learn how to speak english, please help me with that, thanks

jorge moreno

Can I say (Me either) ?
and dose it have the same meaning as (Me neither) ?
I am getting confused between either and neither :S
please help !

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Adam, your quiz question #3 in EITHER, NEITHER, SO, TOO – How to agree and disagree in English. I think should be “to agree” not “to disagree”?


I got 80 :)

Thank you teacher

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hi teacher, thanks

jorge moreno

AGREE: I think Obama will win the US Elections:
– I think so too
– So I do.
– Me too.
– I do too
– I agree.
– I concur (we both have the same opinon)

*** Agree with negative statement***: I think Romney will not win the US Elections:
– Me neither (Informal)
– I don’t either.
– Neither do I

I Adam, I really like the way you teach. Thanks much for your lesson, I promote EngVid through the Facebook page ”English for Everybody (http://www.facebook.com/Englishlessonsforeverybody). If you could gimme a like I will be more thank glad.

Best, from Argentina!!


Thanks Adam, you’ve done very well. ^^

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thanks a lot.Is it right to say a friend of your or yours,one of them or theirs.would you clarify this.


Thank you


Thank you very much Adam. I’ve got 10 of 10 ))


Thank you Adam Sir . I love engVid

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i would like to know what is the correct way of saying this common words..



please guide me about rather than and what it follows


Thank you so much teacher.

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All english lessons here are so intersting …….. so do i .

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thank you , i have finak exam and its help me

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I got 10 out of 10 .
Thanks Teacher Adam

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Great job Teacher! I don’t have doubts about this subject anymore!



HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i got 70% :( not satisfied. tnx your a good teacher :) Luck for you Adan


Thank you for your lessons. I think English is easy to study by your lesson. Do you agree? :)

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You are a wonderful teacher and besides, I have learnt from you the attitude ,to enjoy every day of my life . Thank you for that ,too.


Thank you for your lesson.May God Bless you.

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Hi, Adam! My name is Natalie. Thank you for your Lesson! Pleas, give me some advice. The question 10: “I hate people who talk on their cell phones during movies.” It is negative statement, isn’t it? “I hate” – it is negative! But in quiz the correct answer on this questions is “me too”. Why does the answer “Me neither” wrong?

Profile photo of marla22 marla22

    Hello Natalie!
    About the question 10: “I hate people who talk on their cell phones during movies.
    The correct answer is:me too
    I hate is a pozitive statement and aswering me too,that means you hate them aswell,you are agree with a personal statement

    If that statement had been negative(i dont hate) your answer would have been:me neither(you dont hate them either)

    only when it s about negative statements as:for example:i dont like playing online games.
    the answers could be:me neither(i dont like playing games aswell) i dont either,neither do i.
    all of them means you dont like playing online games and you are agree with a negative statements.
    the negatives statements are those that comprise a negation:i dont like.i dont want.i dont fishing etc
    for example you and me are talking now
    i am marius and i am saying:I dont want to go outside today.
    you feel the same as me(you dont want either)
    so you will say:me neither.neither do i or.i dont either(you dont want to go outside aswell)

    i hope you ll understand:D

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      Yes, I understand you, thank you a lot! I I appreciate you for your help!:)

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        your welcome my friend:) anytime

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        hi Marla,

        if you want to practice more english feel free to communicate with me on skype:


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100/100. Good lesson Adam.

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Hi Teacher Adam! I wrong the question 10? Could u explain?


”You got 7 correct out of 10.
:)” – Thank you Mr. Adam!

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Ralph Cler

Adam I love to watch all of your videos. Thank you so much. Do u have any speaking video.?

I am Nandasara


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I like your lessons a lot, and I told all my Friends that study English to attend your website
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Thank you for lesson and explain the meaning in right situation ,

I get 6/10 :D

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thanks Adam I love U and I learn new way of these word up to now, I am misanderstanding but now I know where I ues these word is correct thank once agian Adam:

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Hello Mr. Adam I think you are one of the best teacher in this page, well I was wondering if you could


I did very well. I had only one mistake but still it was good . I love this website and my mom do too

Lolo isaf

Hi Adam, I’m from Argentina, and I just took the quiz, I did very well; my result was 100% . Thank you SO much for being a great teacher, your patience makes me learn even more and the way that you explain things is so amazing. Keep like that.

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I have a question….I want to know what the difference are between either and neither and when to use these….Thanks for your reply..

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your website is very perfect…
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Amazing video thanks your video are very helpful to me


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      regards Thomas

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Hi Adam,

I love your videos! your English is very clear, but I couldn’t place your accent,though. New England?


That’s infamy .I hope compensate that

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thanks you Adam your videos are very good,all of which has helped me to discard the idea of playing game when I surf the net.

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It was a amazing lesson, simply and easy.
Many thanks!

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You are amazing teacher I dont have money for pay here and to study English but I love that I hope to learn more and improve my English, Big Hug from to Colombia


can we use “ought to”?


Very helpful lesson!!! Thanks!


I score 100….thank you for the explanation. You are a great teacher.


thank you teacher ,you are great

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Hi mr Adam ur a rlly good teacher thanks so much!:)


If someone said I hate this thing should I say me neither or me too which one is right??


Thank you


Thank you from France :) !

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please let us know the uses of whom, whose, how etc.



Dude, you rock! Thanks for being such a good teacher. When I become a teach, I’ll try to be as good as ya.


Sorry, teacher I meant :D


very nice teacher


Excellent class! Thank you Adam.
I have two question.
1) How do we agree with the negative satatement below?
“Vancouver is not one of the most beautiful cities in the world.”
I know we can say, “I agree”, but what else?

2) Instead of saying “I think so too” in a positive agreement, could I say “I think so” ?

Thank you

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Thank you very much.


Thank you so much Adam

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100 out of 100

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hi sir Adam,,i would like to ask,,
What is the difference between,neither and either?

someone told me that when you use the word either meaning you choose one ,,but when you use the word neither you dont choose any of that… ..is that right?

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Thanks Adam,I like your lessons so much.
can we say in agreement
I think so . without too?
I heear it a lot.
thanks again

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you are so cute ^^
your lesson is useful for me :D

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hi i’ve just joined this site i’m really proud of being here i did the quiz i got 7 out of 10 it’s too bad i want to tell if i could downloud these helpful videoes to repeat it again and again to get them in mind thank you so for all your lesson i would love if you anwser

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Thank you , i agree with you teacher.

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I only got 8. )-; So disappionted!

By the way, sometimes I see a comma before the word ‘too’, for example, I miss you, too.
So I was wondering if it is correct and necessary?
Thank you for your reply in advance.

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Hello Adam I’ve been asking for too long and nobody respond me ! perhaps you guys are super busy ; No problep any way I have one question ! You said that ” maybe I don’t like pizza’ Do you like pizza ?? don’t u ..?

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Hi Sir Adam. I go over the quiz and got 9/10. I am puzzled why question number one choice “Me too” is wrong in terms of agreeing to the statement.

1. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

To agree, you would say:
Me too.
I do too.
I think so too.
I so too.

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Thx a lot Adam! You are my favorite teacher . Would. You mind explaining me about the different between “too” and “as well ” in sentence please ? Because I so confuse anyway I prefer “as well” than “too” but not know how to use it . Thank you in advance teacher.

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Hi Adam,
It would be of great help, if a session on “how to do an effective presentation” (both on effective slides preparation and ways to present them confidently). I personally have the habit of using ahhh’s and hmmmm’s between sentences. Pl help me out on these.


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Hi, Adam
How to use so bad and too bad?
What’s difference ? Please give me an example


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thanks I got 40% only very poor.

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Hi Adam! Although I have studied English for many years I have always had a big problem with this topic. Fortunately, you made it easy and finally I could learn it! I also wanted to tell you that you make me laugh with some options in the quizes such as “I love you” or “I love everybody” Hhaha. I find very funny learning English here and I’m glad to have found you. Thank you very much!

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Very, very useful lesson class!!

Thank you Teacher Adam

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I got confused when i seeing the negative statement with the positive agree list…..i have seen many examples with the books and internet..Adam forgots to say the tense the -ve statement agrees with

A “negative statement” is any sentence that uses a negative auxiliary verb:

don’t / doesn’t / didn’t
haven’t / hasn’t / hadn’t
won’t / wouldn’t
isn’t / aren’t / am not

neither do i- =present
neither did i-past tense
neither will i-future
neither am i- present continuos

THANKS A LOT ADAM..u have given basic idea…i hope i can develop ur lessons better…

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Hi Adam! I’m new in this page and I really like it. It’s very useful and I learn a lot. I have questions about this lesson, when we are talking about 3d person, what is the answer? For example if I say: “I like watching videos, and Fabiola too”, we can use another awnser? And another question is if we can use with “CAN”??
I hope that you can help me..

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I think it is very interesting your curse. For some reason I understand you almost all, that maybe because you are Canadian. It is hardest to me hear American, usually hard to understand them. Thank you.

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Dear teacher
May i have a brief lesson about “whether and if”?
When do we use one or the other?
Thanks for everything.

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You do great explanation.
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Thank you Adam so much! It’s the first time i got 10/10 scores. And may i request u a lesson about “NEAR, NEARBY, CLOSE, CLOSE BY, CLOSE UP..” Those “short distance” make me and many guys confuse too much. Thanks.

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It’s difficult the use of these two words (Neither and Either),especially in long sentences. Ty

¿Are you from EUA or Canada?

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It’s interesting, how to disagree with negative statement.

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Hello teacher, Would you please make a lesson about how to use ‘not to’ or ‘to not’ Like this example: I told you not to smoke. Or should it be like this: I told you to not smoke, it’s a bit confused, waiting for your response.
Thank you.

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Hello, Adam! Thank you very much for lessons! Could you help with my complication. Then we speak the next sentence – I’ll inform you … we can say “about” or “on” or “of” ets . Which case we should use one
of them.
Thank you in advance,


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Your lessons help me a lot !!! ^^

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I don’t think swimming is a real sport
-me neither

why I can’t say: I don’t think so too?

Great lesson:)

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MY grand paarents like football.
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Are the above sentences corect???

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thnks sir….1 more awsm lectr :)
sir can u please help me in use of
could, would and might…???

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Hello, Adam!
Can you answer my question, please?
If someone says “I think Romney won’t win”, how can I agree or disagree with him? Like with positive or negative statement?

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thank you so much Mr.Adam for your effort.
Mr.Adam i have a question please.we can say me too for a negative agreement like.i don’t like banana we can say me too or i don’t too

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Thanks to you Adam and your helpful lesson I got 10 out of 10.

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Adam, it’s me again. A question: how do I agree
with some verbs like: can, hate, dislike…sometimes I get confused.

(Still waiting for my comment to be approved.)

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After watching the video few times 40 out of 100!!!))))In conversations I will rather say I agree/I disagree. Adam is an awesome teacher. However, the mystery of this topic was not opened for me)))I think it will come)))

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HI Adam.
If I want to say something will be nice how can I say.

1 that would be nice
2 it would be nice

Thanks. Yeah I know that is the other topic

Hope for your answer

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Hello Adam,
can you give me some more examples or sentences on
->me neither
->I don’t either
->neither do I

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I didn’t get any answer….

Profile photo of K Nagasree K Nagasree

Hi Adam, so you can’t use the expression “I agree” if your friend is talking about what he or she likes, right?; and if the expression “me neither is informal, “I do either” and “neither do I”, are formal?

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PD.sorry for my English i’m still learning :)

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I got 9 correct.

I got wrong No.10

“I hate people who talk on their cell phones during movies”

I chose “Me neither” ,but right answer is “Me too” I knew me neither does’t make sense.

In this case the right answer is “Me too” because it’s an observation someone made, right?
,but why you use positve agreement with negative question? or because “Me neither” there is no”I”? so we need to add subject,right?

T______________T help me,please.

Thank you.

Profile photo of milkkamalaporn milkkamalaporn

    “I hate people who talk on their cell phones during movies”
    This sentence is not question at all.
    I’m sorry. It’s my mistake.

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oooh I did a nice job

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I mean the right answer on it ))) “My grandchild can paint better”
Adam, thanks a lot

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. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

To agree, you would say:
Me too.
I do too.
I think so too.
I so too.

Why “me too” is not correct answer ?

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To agree..
i think so too..

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Adam, I thought the two first SO mean the same, referring to “the think we are talking about”. But you said not to mix them up, so what do the second SO mean? You didn’t talk about the second one.

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And, in the answer SO DO I, (in this case) after de auxiliary it always goes a SUBJECT?

For instance, if I say I LIKE PIZZA and I want to say that my mother likes too. Besides SO DOES MY MOTHER, the answer could also be SO DOES SHE ? or SO DOES HER? (Assuming that she’s next to me while speaking).

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I’m starting here today.
Sorry, but I didn’t understand why I have to use ” So, am I, Do I and not ” I am or I do”.

Can you explain for me, please?

Thanks a lot.

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I’m improving my English after attend your lectures you way of teaching is excellent.
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Sir can you do i favor for me please give a lecture on correct usage of “on” and “at”.
Thanks sir.

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Hi Sir. I have a group and the members are from all over the world, of course we use english there. Sometimes when a member agree of a statement or opinion they just say “i think so” not “i think so too” which is the right one? I’m confused.

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Quiz No.1~No.7, you said: “you would say”
No8, No.9, No10, you said: “you could say”.

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Your videos are full of learnings. So do the videos of rest of the Teachers. You all are a success combination.

Agreeing…. I do too, me too, so do I, I think so too, I concur with your opinion
Disagreeing… I don’t think so, Neither do I, Me neither, I don’t agree with you, I think differently,

1. I don’t like sports. Neither do my friends.
2. My husband is crazy about football but I think differently
3. Shifa likes to chat a lot. So do I.
4. Grandmaa wanted to eat chocolate. So did I.
5. Engvid teachers are working hard. So am I.
6. I don’t think any other language will replace English. So do Arabic.
7. I hate coffee. So does my husband.
8. He likes her very much. Me too.

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You are a best teacher forever!. If any one interested to improve in speaking English, please shoot message to inbox on Facebook, that link is given below.

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I hardly think about how I can agree or disagree with negative sentences;
– I don’t like coffee. ???? what should I say if I agree or disagree?????
would you explain me more?

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Im Shofiyyah, im a new here, i just join this website, please help me to increase my english, im beginner learner. Thanks

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