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It is very helpful .thanks teacher 👍

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    If you want to communicate with me in the talgram
    The bearded 💡🔨🐭👟🖕🏿 this is my name

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Hi Adam! =)
I was wondering if these expressions can be used in IELTS essays, or maybe writing letters.
Thanks for your contribution to the learning community!

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    Hi Naacho,

    These are mostly slang uses presented here. Better not use them on the IELTS.

    Good luck ;)

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hi adam
i think when we want to tell someone a secret,we say:mum’s the word;and his or her response will be:my lips are sealed.

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    Indeed, Shmkke :)

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Hi Adam !I appreciated your lesson. Thank you.

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Thanks for the lesson, Adam!
Would also like to ask about the pronouciation of the word “et cetera” which I hear as “ex cetera”. Probably my hearing is poor?
Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Ellen,

    No, your ears are fine. It’s more like eksetra or eksetera

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      I’ve also heard this pronunciation of “et cetera” lots of times. But I haven’t found it in any dictionary yet. Why is that? Is it just spoken English or typical for some areas?

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thanks. i repeated the quiz till i got 10 correct. i’m gonna check these expressions in some movies. it will be

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Thank you Mr.Adam .It is is very helpful lesson.

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Very helpful idioms, Thanks a lot

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I got 100%, Thank Adam!!!

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I love your classes, Adam. Thank you very much for the explanation!

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It’s my first video here!
Thanks Adam
I want to prepare for IELTS but I’m afraid 😭 It’s seem so hard!

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    Welcome Fairy,

    Don’t worry, just work hard and good results will come. :)

    If you need hep with the writing section, see my other channel: youtube.com/writetotop

    good luck

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Thanks helped me a lot. Can you explain about subject verb agreement relating it with singular and plural .

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i sow a lesson with adam when he said we can ask any question. but i cannot see where.

could somebody help me, to leave a question ?

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    Hi Ezequiellora,

    You are in the right place. You can ask questions here.

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Got 09/10. Thank you Adam! <3

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Thank you for your help

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I have 10/10, thatis useful lesson, thank Adam

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Fruitful Lesson,I liked it.Adam,I want to ask a question from you but is not relevant to this lesson.
“That Max likes cucumbers surprises his mother” Is it a simple sentence or some or type of sentence?Waiting for your kind reply…….

Profile photo of Muhammad Usman Haider Muhammad Usman Haider

    Hi Muhammad,

    This is a complex sentence using a noun clause as subject (That Max likes cucumbers — subject, noun clause)

    Hope this helps.

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very helpful teacher thnx alot teacher adam,,, Can you be in touch with on a social media?

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    Hi Bokan,

    I generally just answer questions here. Feel free to ask anything.

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It is realy fruitful!! I like your vocabulary because it helps me to progress my english. Thank u very much.

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Adam, thanks for incredible lesson! I’m glad to return back to you from SMEAG

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Thank you Adam

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please can you explain about pronoun mr

Profile photo of Humaid shams Humaid shams

    Also a search topic as there are several videos and many pronouns :)

    Look for the search box on this site.

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Adam, could you do a lesson about phrasal verb about “STAND” plz ,thank you

Profile photo of aliziaei aliziaei

    I’ll see what I can do Aliziael ;)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks a lot Adam!!

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it very useful lesson .

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sir could you please explain about pronoun and possesive

Profile photo of Humaid shams Humaid shams

Thank you Mr. Adam, it’s amazing and helpful to spend time with your videos.. I’m actually following you and looking all the time forward your news even I know it”s not easy to make a single video. Thank you for your efforts :)

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Thank you:)
Mr.Adam, it’s very helpful to know that some words in uncommon use. I hope your lesson would be progress my English.

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hi, Adam, u are just amazing I appreciate your and your whole team efforts thankyou so much as I m not a native speaker I am from India. Thank you there is one request can u please make a video on that vs which

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Thank you Adam it is very helpful.

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thank you very much for your lesson

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we need more lessons ..

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    There are new lessons every 2-3 days Ghadan. Check out the other teachers too ;)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Its my first time in this chat. Hi every one.
I like it. I’m learning a lot.

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    Welcome Jmendoza :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you very much. ;)

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Hello Adam
Thank you very much for you lessons. Please help. When writing and its at the end of a line and a word does not fit is it good to join it with a-? For example wo-

Profile photo of Sindiso Ncube Sindiso Ncube

    Hi Sindiso,

    Ideally, try not to break up words. But, if necessary, make sure you cut between syllables and add the hyphen there.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Dear Adam
Thanks so much for your videos on YouTube
I have 2 questions
1) Can you introduce one forum for finding speaking coworkers in English? because I need to speak with native speakers for better and better my speak skill

2) I have searched your videos on YouTube but I could not one special video about physics units terminology and would you like presenting one video in that subject?
best regards

Profile photo of Mojtaba Mojtaba

    Hi Mojtaba,

    As far as speaking partners, you will need to do a search for that. I’m afraid I don’t know which ones are very good.

    As for the physics vocab, I’ll see what i can do.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

thank you

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Thanks Adam, you are awesome

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Thank you Adam.

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Hi! I am Sindiso.
I have a question in writting. Is it correct to join a word with -. For example at the end of a line where the space is small for the word.

Profile photo of Sindiso Ncube Sindiso Ncube

interesting words 🙏🏻

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Thanks everyone :)

Profile photo of Adam Adam

It is very helpful .thanks teacher 👍

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Thank you Adam! We love you

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A very useful lesson.
Thank you Adam.We all love you!!

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In Indonesia, when someone is having a birthday, usually their friends would ask them to foot the bill.

Profile photo of Astri Astri

.thanks teacher 👍

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9/10. My son often foot it to the park in the kodomoen (kindergarten).

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Good evening, Adam. Firstly, congratulations because your lessons are always cool! In this lesson I just missed some examples, some phrases with the expressions “break the bank” and “own up to”, I didn’t get that clearly…

Profile photo of Murilo Martins Murilo Martins

I joined this site only recently, and like the videos of Sir Adam very much. Interesting lessons, not boring.

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Sir, somewhere in this video you say “The companies, they”. In India we have a tendency to use pronouns indiscriminately, and in competitive exams we have to strike out the superfluous pronouns to get the right answer. I m sure in writing you would not have used this style. May I get this clarified? I like your style of teaching very much.

Profile photo of Prakasan PP Prakasan PP

I just wanna thank you for the excellent job. That’s very inspiring.

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Got 9/10.very effective teaching,keep it up Adam!

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