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The women ___________ in the class already.

Ethics __________ a branch of philosophy.

The chickens ___________ in the barn.

A million dollars ________ enough for me!

Every day ___________ a chance to live a new life.

There ____________ only three students in the class when the teacher arrived.

Turkey and cranberry sauce ___________ popular Thanksgiving  foods in North America.

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very nice

Thursday, November 24th 2011

    thanks a lot for your lessons. they are really useful. I hope to receive your help. I confuse about “already” in present perfect and in simple present tense. can you explain ? thanks you !

    Friday, June 22nd 2012

    By the name of Allah. At the first i like it so much because i am afghani and i can’t know about the english that how to learn the english lunguage now when i follow this site so i feel so and so good becaue i lenrn the english lunguage and it is so imoportant for the people those people that do not know about the english lunguage and at the end i like the every one lesson but at the most lesson that i like and know about the lesson of him and the name of this person is mrs Rebecca this is the so and so good teacher of english lunguage thank you so muvh and have a nice time every on if some person want to send me email like about the english lunguage for me so it is so and so better for them and also for me
    thanks > my email address is m.muhammadi41@yahoo.com thank you so mmuch thanks

    Thursday, July 26th 2012

    thank you

    Monday, April 14th 2014

    Thaks lot

    Monday, April 27th 2020

Hi, Rebecca, your explanation was very good! Congratulations!

Thursday, November 24th 2011

    hi, Rebecca u r the best Teacher! of mine

    Thursday, March 8th 2012

      HI, Rebecca mam, u made me speechless!!!!!!!!

      Thursday, March 8th 2012

hello all staff thank you fo your efforts. can you please add videos about parts of speech, ambiguity and noun phrase prepositional phrase and other also tell us how canwe use

Thursday, November 24th 2011

hello all staff thank you fo your efforts. can you please add videos about parts of speech, ambiguity and noun phrase prepositional phrase and other also tell us how can we use and know it easily? thnak you again.

Thursday, November 24th 2011

8 out of 8
thank you

Thursday, November 24th 2011

    Where did you get the other one?

    Thursday, November 24th 2011

      sure you are rigth.

      Friday, November 25th 2011

      Hi.. what do you mean about the quiz?

      Saturday, November 26th 2011

    there were only 7 items test

    Sunday, June 17th 2012

hello , thank you very much of your efforts , i wish all the best for all staff

Thursday, November 24th 2011

Hello Rebeca,
Thanks for teaching. Could you please teach about subject/verb agreement when we use pronuons such: NOBODY, ANYBODY, SOMEONE, ONE, NEITHER, SEVERAL, FEW, etc etc.
Thank you so much!

Thursday, November 24th 2011

    Hello,I like your request,I also want to know that

    Thursday, November 24th 2011

all quiz well done…thx

Thursday, November 24th 2011

This is my first comment.
Thank you for your clarification.
Khalid from KSA.

Thursday, November 24th 2011

Thank you for this class!

Thursday, November 24th 2011

veriy nicelession.thanks alot .you are really good teacher.best regards

Thursday, November 24th 2011

sorry.I ment nice lession.I wrote it rung firsttime.

Thursday, November 24th 2011

thank u 4 your time brunette teacher, u made my day. there was a smart,lovely,cool teacher 2day- hell yeah. I hope to watch u next thursday, bye.

Thursday, November 24th 2011

I’m mehdi.It’s very good test.


Thursday, November 24th 2011

Thank you.:)

Thursday, November 24th 2011

Deeply thanks

Thursday, November 24th 2011

Thank you, very nice lesson.

Friday, November 25th 2011

love it thank you very much. it nakr me clear.

Friday, November 25th 2011

thank Rebecca for the Subject singular and plural-verb agreement
James Manyang

Friday, November 25th 2011

wuaa.. thanks a lot for this grammar lesson miss Rebecca..

Friday, November 25th 2011

Thanks for your lesson, Rebecca.

Friday, November 25th 2011

very simple and easy to understand.
I’ve learn’ t a lot and still learning
thanks a million
good luck

Friday, November 25th 2011

excellent as usual

Friday, November 25th 2011

this is a fabulous lecture as usual .thank you Rabecca

Friday, November 25th 2011

Dear Rebecca. My question is out of the topic but i need your help. Can you explain why we use “it’s windy”, but not “winding”. It’s raining”, but not “rainy”. Please help me.

Friday, November 25th 2011

    Alas, the English language is not logical!!

    So we can say, “It’s a windy day”, “It’s a rainy day” , or “It’s raining” but not “It’s winding”, because there is no verb to wind, referring to the weather.

    Sorry, sometimes English is just like that. I assure you there are many such examples that will make you wonder what’s going on!

    My best wishes to you all the same.

    Friday, February 24th 2012

very nice.. please make video of tenses .. all type of tenses.. thanks

Friday, November 25th 2011

Thank you rebecca.

Friday, November 25th 2011

Thank you for your class.

Friday, November 25th 2011

thank you so much and we need more and more lessons to be fluent :)

Friday, November 25th 2011

Thanks Rebecca.

Friday, November 25th 2011

Great explaintion thank u Rebecca

Friday, November 25th 2011

Yipe! I got a perfect score. tnx Ms Rebecca for good teaching. :D

Friday, November 25th 2011

preseeent maam,,,and my score is seven,,,,hiihaaaa…thanks a lot maam….God bless you(:

Saturday, November 26th 2011

This is really Good

Saturday, November 26th 2011

A Very clearly and helpful explanation. Thank you very much…..

Saturday, November 26th 2011

good job..:)

Saturday, November 26th 2011

Let me thank you for teaching us English Language I have no word how to thank you.

Saturday, November 26th 2011

Rebecca you are a good teacher for me : )

Saturday, November 26th 2011

thanks a lot

Saturday, November 26th 2011


Saturday, November 26th 2011

i am learning so much things from this site,
thankyou ! :)

Saturday, November 26th 2011

thank you

Saturday, November 26th 2011

Hei Rebecca
Every lessons is good, when you are the teacher.
Is that correct English? Ask Lene from Denmark.

Saturday, November 26th 2011

Thanks alot Rebeca…

Saturday, November 26th 2011

Thank you, Teacher.

Saturday, November 26th 2011

Thanks Rebecca for your time ,you’re so good teacher .

Saturday, November 26th 2011

thank you

Saturday, November 26th 2011

Dear teacher Rebecca,
recently a day I saw there were two hundred& forty words that most comonly mistake unfortunately I coudn’t take all them down so if there is possibility would you mind forwading me thank you teacher…Chandana.C

Sunday, November 27th 2011

you are the best Rebecca.Thank you i am anew student.

Sunday, November 27th 2011

    Welcome to engvid, hussa. We’re happy to have you.

    Friday, February 24th 2012

Thank you, Rebecca! I have two questions.

One of them is about the “There” pattern–There are a gift and some flowers on the table. Is a plural verb should be used in this sentence as there are two nouns, connected by “and” here? I’m asking, because S
some people say that a singular verb should be used as the fist noun in the sentence (“gift”) is singular.
And the second question is about the following sentence–Our target audience is/are (?) English teachers. I’d choose “is”, because “audience” is a singular subject. Am I right or not? :)

Thank you in advance!

Sunday, November 27th 2011

    Tricky examples you provided there.
    As far as I am concerned in the first example the “and” word does not work as a conjunction but more like separator, therefore it takes on only one subject, that is the first one “a gift”.

    In the 2nd one I’d also pick singular as target “audience” is a collective noun. And depending on which kind of English we are talking about, whether it is an academic/British English or American English the subject verb will vary from singular to plural. That is my thought on this issue. Evaluation highly encouraged here Rebecca. :)

    Monday, November 28th 2011

      Thank you for your comment :) and the info!

      Tuesday, November 29th 2011

      Seems to me you guys don’t need me here ’cause you figured it all out by yourselves. Good work! You are right, crashbandicoot! My best to both of you for your keen interest.

      Friday, February 24th 2012

Superb teaching Rebacca.

Sunday, November 27th 2011

Hi rebecca,excellent.but I want to ask you:Can I use this rule with other verbs or only with the verb to be? Excuse me by writing,I don’t speak English.I’m from Colombia,a hug.

Sunday, November 27th 2011

dear teacher.it is a very good lesson thanks so much

Sunday, November 27th 2011

Wow in one day I learn loT’ thanks teacher, I hope this is one of the most valueble thing which we can get FREE of cost in this world..God bless you All

Sunday, November 27th 2011


Sunday, November 27th 2011

Testing. I am a new comer. Would you mind telling me how to into the quiz,please. Thank you.

Sunday, November 27th 2011

how to get into*

Sunday, November 27th 2011

hi rebeca u show us something essential thanks

Sunday, November 27th 2011

Hi, i don’t understand 6. section (each/every);

Ok, now if i say “every student”, i will use singular verb but if i say “every student(s)”, what will i do? Singular verb again or Plural verb?

Please solve this problem for me :) Thanks.

Sunday, November 27th 2011

    thank you a lot

    Tuesday, November 20th 2012

thank u so much u are a very good teatcher

Sunday, November 27th 2011

Thank you so much you are really helpful,
I hope the best wishes

Sunday, November 27th 2011

Mutcho bom, 0-8. Estoy a improvare mio englishii

Monday, November 28th 2011

i was tentando impravore myu inglese, buti i couldont dois it. vo killala

Monday, November 28th 2011

Thank you so much,that was my first lesson and i really enjoyed it.

Monday, November 28th 2011

On my view , Rebecca is the best teacher , thank you so much for all your explanations

Monday, November 28th 2011


Monday, November 28th 2011

thanku rebeca…

Tuesday, November 29th 2011

thank you for teach about this

Tuesday, November 29th 2011

how i can change my picture? hehehe look like I’m very sad

Tuesday, November 29th 2011

    If you sign up for a free engVid account, you can change your picture and put in your country information. You can also get an email when teachers respond to your questions and comments.

    Wednesday, November 30th 2011

      Dear Rebecca,
      Thank you so much for this lesson! I learn a lot from it. Do you mind checking this sentence for me? I am a bit confused by it.

      Sentence: There are some chairs, a table and a mobile phone on the desk. Is this sentence correct?

      Friday, May 31st 2013

good teatch

Tuesday, November 29th 2011

hi,mam nice lesson
could you tell me about the adj ‘interesting’.we use it with ‘an’in singular and what about plulars? plz make a sentence for plurals.

Wednesday, November 30th 2011

i love your lessons thanks a lot!!!

Wednesday, November 30th 2011

dear teacher,it is a very good lesson thanks so much .

Wednesday, November 30th 2011

woot, thankyou! I finally came to a site where the webmaster knows what they’re talking about. Do you know how many results are in Google when I search.. too many! It’s so annoying having to go from page after page after page, wasting my day away with thousands of people just copying eachother’s articles… bah. Anyway, thankyou very much for the info anyway, much appreciated.

Wednesday, November 30th 2011

Hi n tx,
Would u mind 2 answer me?!
What’s d part of speach of “that” plz!?
4instance:that boy.
Is it an adj??

Thursday, December 1st 2011

    By d way…….
    Ive got it by myself.
    Up me!

    Friday, December 16th 2011

I want to know that “end in s” and “don’t end in s” are meaning.
And what is “chickens” of “The chickens ___________ in the barn.”
Sorry my english is too bad lol..

Thursday, December 1st 2011

    she has explained that but I will tell you she means that there’re some words that end in (s) such as (news)but it’s not plural it is singular,so we have to use (is).

    Sunday, December 4th 2011

Hello Rebecca! It is nice to pay attention to your lessons. It was clear and very easy because the lesson is about the singular and plural using the verb To Be. Thanks a lot. Bye

Friday, December 2nd 2011

Hi dear
thanks alot for your hard work ,I need to listen to you every day ,when I listen to your lesson I felling realy comfortabl,again thanks &god bless yor heart.

Friday, December 2nd 2011

Thank you

Saturday, December 3rd 2011


Saturday, December 3rd 2011

Excellent teaching!

Sunday, December 4th 2011

Hello Mam,it sounds very nice when you teach us.
listening and focusing to your lessons seems to be easy .its a very good opportunity for the persons who were passion to English .Thankyou very much mam

Sunday, December 4th 2011

you are really awesome teacher,you have ability to explain everything even if it’s difficult

Sunday, December 4th 2011

I thing it is very nice method

Sunday, December 4th 2011

goooooooooooooooooooood work

Monday, December 5th 2011

Thank you Rebecca. You are born to be a teacher!!!

Monday, December 5th 2011

thank you mam

Tuesday, December 6th 2011

thanks a lot it was a beautiful lesson I hope all the lessons are clearly like this
((please correct my grammar if there ant wrong in this comment))

Tuesday, December 6th 2011

Hi Rebecca, your all explanation was so good. Thank you so mach.

Wednesday, December 7th 2011

Hi Rebecca, your explanation was so good. Thank you so much

Wednesday, December 7th 2011

6 out of 7 i am realy good in english

Thursday, December 8th 2011

I have learning English so please you guide me

Thursday, December 8th 2011

that great.

Thursday, December 8th 2011

clearly understood

Thursday, December 8th 2011

good work, thank you :)

Friday, December 9th 2011

All right

Saturday, December 10th 2011

very good

Saturday, December 10th 2011

it was really so nice like you.

Saturday, December 10th 2011

dear madam !kindly answer my 1 question.
(what is the difference between ‘like’ and ‘as’?)
I will be thankful to you if you explain it for me..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Sunday, December 11th 2011

great…. thank you

Monday, December 12th 2011

I love the way you teach, i comprehend you very easily.

Monday, December 12th 2011

Hi, Sir! I;m very pleased. I want to practice more and more .So please help me. I want to be a super English man in one day…..

Monday, December 12th 2011

Hi, Sir! I am very pleased …I want to practice more and more. Now I am going to participate in IELTS examination. I am not good at English.Please help me , Sir…..Thanks….

Monday, December 12th 2011

    Please get hold of the necessary IELTS books and try to join an exam preparation class so you can do well on this challenging exam. You could also refer to my website,
    goodluckielts.com, for help.

    I wish you the best.

    Friday, February 24th 2012

Thank you rebeca for this lesson, I would like to understand when I use “there” in singular or plural, this the part I can’t understand very well, Can you explian me agian, please? Thank you.

Tuesday, December 13th 2011

thanks alot teacher

Tuesday, December 13th 2011

its nice i got all of then right thanks miss

Tuesday, December 13th 2011

u r the best mam

Wednesday, December 14th 2011

Thanks teacher for your explaining , it was very simple and fun :)

Thursday, December 15th 2011

I feel very happy.

Friday, December 16th 2011

very good….

Friday, December 16th 2011

thank for you we need more

Monday, December 19th 2011

When Rebecca speaks, everybody listens. XD

Tuesday, December 20th 2011

    You’re flattering me now but thanks a lot anyway. My best wishes to you. Reo.

    Friday, February 24th 2012

Thank you !!! :)

I scored 7 out of 7 :D

Tuesday, December 20th 2011

thnk u mam <3

Wednesday, December 21st 2011

thnku alot but can u add more vidoes on prepositions etc’s

Wednesday, December 21st 2011

7 out of 7

Thursday, December 22nd 2011

Now I get it. Thank you a lot. Your explanation is very clear. @}-;-‘—

Friday, December 23rd 2011

Hello Rebecca! the way you explain is very clear and easy to understand.. thanks a lot for you help.. :)

Saturday, December 24th 2011


Saturday, December 24th 2011

Hi Rebecca,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

It’s very too late i’m writing comment in this section anyway forget it. After learning this lesson by your video i din’t get any doubts because you made this lesson as crystal clear. Keep it up and good luck!!!

Mohammed Shahid

Sunday, December 25th 2011

    Thanks Mohammed. It’s never too late to say a kind word so thanks for your feedback. I wish you all the best.

    Friday, February 24th 2012

      Hello Rebecca,

      Thank you for your response.By saying waiting for reply is worst thing and when replying to the concerned person is good thing than not replying.

      Now i feel like much and more joyous becoz of your reply.

      Always please make happy to others like how you did for me.

      Warm Regards,
      Mohammed Shahith

      Tuesday, February 28th 2012


Monday, December 26th 2011

This lesson was great. I was having trouble understanding when to use is and are. Now I know. Thanks

Monday, December 26th 2011

excellent way of teaching.
I am learning well with your lectures.
keep it up.

Tuesday, December 27th 2011

I love it!It really helps me a lot.Thanks♥

Friday, December 30th 2011

vry happy new Year …may this year brings happiness to every one’s life !1

Sunday, January 1st 2012

thank you very much.

Sunday, January 1st 2012

thank you ^^

Tuesday, January 3rd 2012

thanks a lot,you help me understand about use verb.but i think you shoud have write out example for all people underatand.i hope i will speak english well one day.nice a good day.thanks

Wednesday, January 4th 2012

I am recently moved from Germany ,your,s lessons helps me a lot thanks a lot for your help.

Wednesday, January 4th 2012

Thanks very much, Rebecca. Your lesson was very useful for my. Thanks a lot

Thursday, January 5th 2012

Very good lesson, I got 7 points out of 7

Saturday, January 7th 2012

superb explanation

Saturday, January 7th 2012

thank you.

Monday, January 9th 2012

Thank you, very nice lesson.

Tuesday, January 10th 2012

Examples are more important for me than rules. I don’t want to be english teacher. I going to remember examples not rules. Then write examples to the desk. fill it to the end. don’t be so lazy.
Such ____ exercises is most stupid teaching thing i ever sow. Dont use ___ such exercises ___ PLZ.

Tuesday, January 10th 2012

I got 7 out of 7.
The way you explain
very easy to understand.
Thank you.

Tuesday, January 10th 2012

I like this lesson, but you are teaching so general , it used in grammar but it is not enough for somebody learning. In my opinion you need improve more about minute and give more example and every student is understand that is what I mean

Monday, January 16th 2012

Happy New Year Robecca!I am so pleased that you have new lessons in your Tube. Thank you:)could you please tell me what the subjust and verb agreement on 2/3? e.g. 2/3 students are or is Chinese? or 2/3 is/are not enough?

Tuesday, January 17th 2012

Thank You !

Friday, January 20th 2012

this is nice. ms rebecca

Tuesday, January 24th 2012

Thank you, very nice lesson.

Sunday, February 5th 2012

THANK YOU TEACHER, and good luck for all

Monday, February 6th 2012

Thanks a lot .
it was useful lesson ^^

Thursday, February 9th 2012

first of all thank you very very much for this lesson it’s really helpful.

Friday, February 10th 2012

Hi,Rebecca!I really like listening to your teachings. Could you please help me with punctuation marks? I really don’t know how to use them. Thank you.

Thursday, February 16th 2012

I got my quiz score 7 out of 7

Thursday, February 16th 2012

Hello Mrs. Rebecca thaks you’r learning to make Me understand about Verb Agreement. I got 7 out of 7 hehehe. but I always improve in English. GOD Bless

Monday, February 20th 2012

Thanks to all of you for your useful feedback. i wish you all the best.

Friday, February 24th 2012

Rebecca, thanks. This is very very good.

Tuesday, February 28th 2012

Rebecca, thank you!

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

hi.all..someone to teach me
end in “s‘ and don’t end in “s’because i’m still confuse.thank you

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

thank you, nice!! why I can’t sign up for free? help me please!

Friday, March 9th 2012

thank you very much teacher ,,,
one word is always confusing me when to use n where to use,, teacher plzzzz explain,, the word is ” seems ” ..
i am very much confused how to use this word. plzz explain it with some exampls… Thanx

Tuesday, March 13th 2012

thanks mam………..

Saturday, March 24th 2012

thanks mam iam new student,,,,,,,,,,

Monday, April 9th 2012

Thank you Rebecca,
for every Lessons you made I like you when you teach

I got 100 in this quiz


Wednesday, April 11th 2012

Well explained! :) I think There are more than 20 rules about Subject-Verb Agreement. I just want to ask, what is the different between “A number” and “The Number”. It’s quite confusing. Thank you Ma’am :)

Thursday, April 12th 2012

    a number of is plural while the number of is singulat xD thnx

    Saturday, May 5th 2012

thanks you for this class .it was useful lesson

Saturday, April 21st 2012

Hi Rebecca Thanks for the lesson.
You are rather looked like my MOM.I love her so much than anything in the world.
I don’t have faith in god but if he was there I Want him to give you a awesome life for u and your family.

Wednesday, May 2nd 2012

Hi Rebecca,

Which sentence is correct as given below?

I and John is working on it?
I and John are working on it?

Thursday, May 3rd 2012

Hi Rebecca,
It is a amazing explanation because very easy to understand. Thank you so much!
Tashi deleck!

Thursday, May 3rd 2012

Thanks a lot…

Friday, May 4th 2012

This was very helpful… Thank you so much for making this video. Deeply appreciated.

Sunday, May 6th 2012

rebecca thanks for your help i think im gonna pass with very good grades in my exams

Tuesday, May 8th 2012

Thank you Rebecca,you explain very good.I think i understood this lesson very good.

Monday, May 14th 2012

thank you for assistance…

Friday, May 18th 2012

Thank you for all your lessons!Could you answer my question, please? “I like reading, but being on-line on Facebook and surfing the Net IS/ARE more interestin. What should I put here?

Sunday, May 20th 2012

She is best teacher for everyone. For whole YouTube users.

Tuesday, May 22nd 2012

Rebecca i understand you very easy you are good teacher

Saturday, May 26th 2012

I scored 7 out of 7. Thanks a lot Rebecca!!!

Saturday, May 26th 2012

thank you so much.

Monday, June 4th 2012

Thank you for your valuable time.

Tuesday, June 5th 2012

Thank so much Mrs. Rebecca for your time :)

Thursday, June 14th 2012

Hello Rebecca,

I have learned English that you taught by http://WWW.Engvid.com I think your teaching is very good and easy to understand.

Thank you so much,

Thursday, June 14th 2012

Turkey and cranberry sauce ___________ popular Thanksgiving foods in North America. I read that weshould write is not are as it is considerd one kind of meet not two.

Tuesday, July 3rd 2012

    But look at what comes after! Thanksgiving foods is plural, which hints that you should be using are. If the sentence was Turkey and cranberry sauce ______ a popular Thanksgiving dish, using is would be right.

    Wednesday, July 4th 2012

thank u very much it was very nice

Tuesday, July 3rd 2012

thanks alot rebecca i want to learn english online tell me how

Wednesday, July 11th 2012

thank you!

Tuesday, July 17th 2012

thank you.

Monday, July 23rd 2012

good day! thanks you so much Ms. Rebecca and company.

Wednesday, July 25th 2012

You scored 7 out of 7 .. haha ..

I’m Good ..! thank u Teacher :) :)

Tuesday, July 31st 2012

Which is the correct verb for this sentence?

The loss of his two jobs was/were big effect on his finances.
If my sentence is correct or not please correct me.
Thanks in advance

Friday, August 3rd 2012

this is very helpful for me,thank u.:)
i have another confuse word is dollar/dollars…how much i need to use “s”

Tuesday, August 7th 2012

Hello, Rebecca! Thank you for the lesson. I have one question: how can I use the word “hair”? Is it singular or plural noun? Thank you one more time!

Monday, August 13th 2012

Thanks Rebecca ,your’re allways great teacher and teaching .thanks again for your time and effort .have a lovely day .I love your way of explanations

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

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Friday, August 17th 2012

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Sunday, August 26th 2012

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Sunday, October 7th 2012

Great! I completely understand now. :)

Tuesday, October 9th 2012

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Wednesday, October 10th 2012

this site is very good

Saturday, October 27th 2012

thank you so much rebecca. i am a new student.i got 7 out of 7 in the quiz.

Saturday, October 27th 2012

I would like to improve my english …so i am looking for a english converstin partnr…if u want my frdship ,plz plz…add and call me ……. skype: anu.james70

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Friday, November 23rd 2012

Thanks, Rebecca!
7/7 – and I am satisfied)))

Wednesday, November 28th 2012

Thanks a lot for this wonderfull lesson, my son catched the ideas from you very quickly
Much appreciated !

Monday, December 3rd 2012

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I am very like your lessons

Wednesday, December 12th 2012

7/7!! Thank you Rebecca!! Your explanations are very very good!!

Friday, December 28th 2012

7/7!! Thank you Rebecca!! Your explanations are very very good!!

Friday, December 28th 2012

helo mam rebecca. i just want to thank you for teaching us such information in grammar rules and all other lessn. those lessons
are very big help to a foreign student like me wanting to learn more in english. i’m an student here in philippines that has difficulty with my english subject.

Thursday, January 3rd 2013

thank you also to this very helpful site.

Thursday, January 3rd 2013

Thank ma’am, it’s very useful.

Monday, January 7th 2013

Hi Ms,Rabecca how r u? how’z ur health and life?
GOD bless u alwaysw dear. i leson ur teaching is very very good.
I wish you all the best..thank u so much

Monday, February 11th 2013

I hope all Toefl test if be lik this easy and I can pass the test.

Friday, February 22nd 2013

thnx so much because of this i perfect the 4th grading test in this i love it so nice

Wednesday, March 6th 2013

hi madam Rabecca im glad to be your student here in this website,,ive learned a lot here,,thank you,,im new here ..

Thursday, March 7th 2013

Hello Rebecca~ I’d like to say you are such a nice teacher~ I like your lessons best among others! Your lessons is clear and easy to understand! Thanks! And I appreciate for all your effort!

Wednesday, March 13th 2013

Dear Ms. Rebecca,
May ask you a question, but isn`t related with the subject?

Which one is the correct statement between “kind of hobbies or kinds of hobbies”

Thanks a lot for your answer Ms.

Sunday, March 24th 2013

Dear Rubecca, you make me study English easier and more effective than whenever before. Thank you very much . How lucky I am ,having such a chance being your student.

Monday, March 25th 2013

I don’t understand the 3 question of the quiz…??
I really confused??
Why is the children ARE…
and not IS ????

Is a pleasure to learn english in ENGVID

Thursday, March 28th 2013

If I am talking about nationalities I should say: They are Americans or they are American…
They are Italians or they are Italian…

Friday, May 3rd 2013


Monday, May 6th 2013

Thanks :)

Wednesday, May 8th 2013

Hi Rebecca! You really make grammar sound much easier. On this topic, here’s something bothering me: The majority of the population (speak/speaks)English. Is is the subject in such cases to be taken plural or singular?

Monday, May 13th 2013

Hi Rebecca! You really make grammar sound much easier. On this topic, here’s something bothering me: The majority of the population (speak/speaks)English. Is the subject in such cases to be taken plural or singular?

Monday, May 13th 2013

Hi Rebecca, I love your classes, Could you help me with a lesson how to use “figure out” ?

Monday, May 13th 2013

Thank you Mam Rebecca.

Wednesday, May 15th 2013

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There is a cat and a dog in the garden.
There are cats and a dog in the garden
There is a dog and cats in the garden.
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