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thank you

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I’m waiting!!!

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    Waiting for what? :)

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      The video wasn’t ready when I came here!!

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        Aha, I see. Sometimes youtube won’t load correctly.

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Hi Ben.

The link of this video is not working here on EngVid. I was able to see it only in your YouTube channel.
Maybe it could be fixed.
Thank you.

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    I was able to WATCH it…

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Thanks, Benjamin, for this great lesson!

Yes, you are very eloquent.

I don’t believe horoscope, but I think this traits are correct, only the positive one, in my case :-) My sign is capricorn.

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    these… ones…

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    Man benjamin was born at taurus (persistant and inflexible) not gemini( eloquent and superficial)

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the video is not working

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My sign is Aries :) I’m not so adventurous ^^; But about Leo (my child’s sign)…I think so too.

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I still confuse about “tolerant” and “intolerant”
I got 83 points, that means I achieved 10/12 questions.
Very useful lesson! Thanks to Benjamin

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hi,i need to know how can I save your videos to watch them later (offline)

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Got 75 without watching the video !

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100% My learning experience here is great. Thank you teacher Ben.

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Thank you

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thanks… :)

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You are hilarious teacher.. Benjamin love it

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very intersting and very helpful. thank you ben.

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Great lesson Benjamin!! You are one of the most eloquent teachers I’ve ever seen. Congratulations!! I got 100% correct.

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Great lesson , Thank you I got 100% Correct your method of teaching is eloquent …Thank again

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12/12 I’m the first of all the Aries.
Virgos are “meticulous and funny”?? where is the good adjective? Because being meticulous is normally described as a bad connotation. Am I wrong?

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Thank you for the wonderful lesson! ^o^)/

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I didn’t think that I can find right answers for all these questions.
Benjamin, thanks for your descriptions :)
Learning becomes easier when you are using certain associations.

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Thank you Benjamine.It was amazing

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Excellent teacher, excellent class

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hlw ,Everyone, i am very confused for English sentence contrastion . this is right or wring :( any one help me ?

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Very useful and funny lesson! Thank you!

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Thank you ben, 12/12. I’m a good student that you’re talking about ;D im writing down all of them.

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Thank you very much Benjamin!!!
I really love your lessons. Useful and fun at the same time

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Excelent lesson!!! Thanks!!!

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in my case the video run out as normal!
…. many thanks teacher and yes you are eloquent

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100% I’m obstinate Scorpio :-)

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… Benjamin tends to have fun and have enjoyment in teaching. So, he is the most eloquent teacher, I’ve ever had. :-)
Thank you, Benjamin. All the best.

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Hi Benjamin
although I got 92 out of 12, it s a lot of vocabulary to memorize and having good pronunciation as well.
To be good at English, is a long journey… huff

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You are really eloquent. i undestood all of what you said. Thanks

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was so clear and very simple. you’re very good. i’ve 12/12

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great lesson, teacher!
Congratulations, you`re the best, tks for all

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My score was 100, haha, thank u Benjamin, my most eloquent english teacher ever :D

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Respected sir, I am highly obliged to have a connoisseur like you. Looking forward to learn great lessons from you.

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enjoyable lesson ..

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Hello Benjamin! once again,
I do not how far is missing to be eloquent in English, but as a proverb says> practice makes perfect, I will write down letter, composition etc. And now, I compromise myself to abandon impulsive and intolerant spirit and start being curious and meticulous. Maybe because I belong to trail leo…

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wow 100%, thanks Ben

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Omg!,,, I got 4

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Thanks!,,, I think I’m improved

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Great lesson and as it was said before, you are very eloquent. Thank you, Benjamin!

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Thanks Ben!

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This is excellent opportunity, Excellent teachers!!

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Thank you Benjamin.

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you are crazy. I enjoyed your class.

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Thank you! You’re so hilarious!

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Hi everybody, guys who can write an essay about “express your remorse for buying a product”? actually I have no idea about it & I must do it for my English teacher, if you can, help me, please.

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Thank you Benjamin, great lesson

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thank you for this great lesson!

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Great lesson, Aries is best of the best.

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Yes 100 thanks!!!

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got 100… had a nice learning. Thanks

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Great lesson, Benjamin! Thanks a lot! By the way, you are not eloquent, but ‘hypereloquent’! See you…

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Captivating lesson Benjamin.I enjoyed learning completely unique vocabulary in this video.Thank you very much indeed.

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thank you very much.

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I like to remember all characteristic of horoscope. I got 100% correct. Thanks Ben. Nice job.

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this is my first leson

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Thank you so much Mr. Benjamin .. really great.

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Good teacher.

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hello! could you please make the video about anyone(someone,anybody etc) and any one (some one, any body etc)? i hardly understand the difference! thank youx

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Thanks for this great video. 12/12

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Thanks a lot) This vocabulary is essential for every English learner

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thanks,this video is little bit difficult for me in beginning

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Thank you Teacher!!!

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Thank you. I think it would be better to have all lessons in text version.

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Benjamin,All the way, out of the way, go out of (someone) way, (someone) way out of. and other expressions using “way” Thank you

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Dear Benjamin, Thank you so much!
I have visit the website : http://www.exquisiteenglish.com
But I can register to learn.
Could you please help me?

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Thank you man! I have got 10 scores :)

Profile photo of Azizjan Azizjan

is there any clauses in adjectives unlike nouns
and adverbs?

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thank you ben best eloquant teacher :p 12/12 :D

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yes , i did ^^

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The lesson I did not like, for the following reasons: 1) too fast pronunciation. (Eng. Eng. I like beginer, I can’t understand everything so quickly); 2) Explaining NOT QUITE DETAILED. My opinion is that it is not for beginer level and for the more advanced.

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Hi Mr ben ,,, what a nice lesson
I was just doing a mbti personality test. And when analyzing my personality type
There is something that i could’nt quiet undrestand which says
“may see some signs of disarray in an otherwise orderly tendency”
Could u please help me undrestanding what does this exactly means ,,, thanks

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Thank you very much, Benjamin. The lesson is so useful and entertaining. I love both your accent and the way you teach. I absolutely got 12 out 12 hehehe. Wish you all the best in life, my wonderful teacher :))

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thank you very much

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I am unpredictable ( and I love that adj)
The lesson is helpful and interesting
Thank you Ben

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Thank you.

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Thank you, Benjamin . In my case the traits are wrong. I like to make plans, but I usually do not remember the details . His class was amazing , it is very useful

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9/12 not bad

Profile photo of criztinavalledo criztinavalledo

thank you for this video)i have learnt many interesting and new words )))

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I got 11 to 12 but I do feel very bad about your presentation that makes me not understandable that’s okay for me However just because English is not my first but your speech that must reachable to everybody This is what my wish from your side..
Nice lesson and I got Nice vocabulary from it.

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Very easy to learn! I enjoyed a lot this lesson. Thank you!

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Thanks for this class!!!!

Profile photo of mariodelacruz mariodelacruz

Thanks :)

Profile photo of eng.Ranya eng.Ranya

Thank you again. I Continue learning.

Profile photo of Alvaro Martin Soto Alvaro Martin Soto

I also do not believe in horoscope, cause it doesn´t make sense for me, but the lesson is good and the way how the teacher speak to us is funny, great, and holds my attention. Thanks for your willingness!

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    Is true!!! I agree!!

    Profile photo of Fernando Mateus Fernando Mateus

Great lesson! Thank you Benjamnin!

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Thanks Benjamin. You are eloquent.

Profile photo of channk channk

That was too many new words. Thank you very much sir.

Profile photo of Abb Abb

Sir, A couple of minutes ago I googled the word “trait” & I got a word, i.e. self-denigration. Sir, Could you please explain the meaning of the aforementioned word to me?

Profile photo of Abb Abb

10/10 yey! ;)

Profile photo of Jem Jem

definitely, you are the most eloquent teacher of the world:)

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100 % I did not expect )))

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Benjamin you are really the funniest and the most eloquent teacher I have ever seen.

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There are said that Benjamin organizes tours to England. Is that right?

Profile photo of RenSS RenSS

Thanks for your class

Profile photo of Ptovar30 Ptovar30

thank you Mr. Ben :)

that’s really worthwhile..

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Profile photo of Fernando Mateus Fernando Mateus

i got 12/12 without watching the video ,thanks ben

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great lesson
i got 12 of 12.

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was a funny lesson thanks !

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I love the way you teach us!!

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You are such a great teacher Benjamin

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thank you teacher!

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Hello everyone, I am new here. And i want to no that is there no sequence of lecture ? I mean to say that for beginner is there any special lesson like first noun second verb and third adjective some thing like that. Will you please tell me about this.
Thank you have a great day.

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An excellent lesson, I appreciate.

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I have answered all questions correctly and gave me only ten responses.

Profile photo of jutty jutty

Thanks you for the lesson . You are a good teacher.

Profile photo of chouchou1 chouchou1

Wow! I got another PERFECT score again! Thanks Benjamin for making this great lesson for us. Your way of teaching is very zippy, nice and cool. I can’t wait to see your other informative lessons here in engvid.

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Many new useful words.Thanks.

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Thank you very much!

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wonderful leson,really enjoy

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you are enormouly eloquent:D

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It’s a funny lesson! Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of Vivimi Vivimi

thanks Benjamin! love it, horoscope :)! 3in 1

Profile photo of Nguyen Van Hau Nguyen Van Hau

Thanks alır for lesson.it is really funny lesson:-)by the way
I think ,you should change your pen, because it’s sound is awfull

Profile photo of Cennggiz Cennggiz

Thank you so much, you have done very easy to understand it, thanks

Profile photo of Marta Lopez Marta Lopez

Thanks, was easy to understand

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I got a perfect score, and I haven’t watched the video yet. Aww. Now, I am playing it. Hehe.

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Hi Benjamin,
I like your teaching style. Can you please explain all tenses at one go in a simple way. Also, an easy tip which we can remember.

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Thanks you for this lessons !

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Thank you for this lesson!

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This one was really useful for me.thanks a lot

Profile photo of Atenajoon Atenajoon

thank you very much!

Profile photo of alan zhang alan zhang

I got a 100%
Thank you for awesome lesson!

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Thanks :)

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thanks benj. this works… yes it improves my ability.

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Thanks very much Benjamin

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Hello Benjamín, thank you so much for the English lesson.

Profile photo of bellatimor bellatimor

Thank U Benjamin. You are funny as usual, and I like your lessons for that.

Profile photo of Ramiro. Ramiro.

Hi Benjamin, thank you!

Profile photo of bellatimor bellatimor

I have liked this lesson the teacher is the best. I liked so much the Britsh accent

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12 out of 12 thank u Benjamin.

Profile photo of Tatiana Tatiana

Thank you Benjamin.

Profile photo of Ilugoc Ilugoc

Thanks Benjamin for the lesson. I got 9 out of 12. Not bad :D

Profile photo of Dani01 Dani01

Thank you Ben!!!I like your style to teach…

Profile photo of claudiaoncioiu claudiaoncioiu

Great class,Ben! I like the way you teach and your
accent is just wonderful.

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thanks for your lesson

Profile photo of sporah sporah

This Lesson was really amazing, I loved it! Congrats Ben! Ps. I’m a Taurine too :D

Profile photo of sganzella sganzella

Thank you Benjamin! Useful adjectives!

Profile photo of SarahL SarahL

thanks Mr Benjamin. you are so eloquent. I am really passionate to your lessons

Profile photo of ygke ygke

I got 10/12. Thanks very much for the lesson!

Profile photo of robi75 robi75

THANK you a lot Benjamin you are the most eloquent teacher that I’ve ever seen,Thank you very much it was very useful lesson with a lot of vocabulary wish you all the best and Btw I got 12/12 wish this lighten up your day my best wishes to you.

Profile photo of sarah fausi sarah fausi

YES, I am pisces and wasn´t vague . 10 / 10 point.
thanks Benjamin, you´re good teacher for us.

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Yehay! I got 12/12. You are such a good teacher. I love the way you teach my friend. Thanks for this new vocabulary.

Profile photo of Freeman1968 Freeman1968

thank you :)

Profile photo of Yveslove Yveslove

Thank you! I really like the way you explain each word vividly! :)

Profile photo of Chris.Kim2017 Chris.Kim2017

A brilliant “cancer” 12/12. Thank you!

Profile photo of dodik dodik

i got 11 correct out of 12.thanks!

Profile photo of linlin zhou linlin zhou

Thank you Ben!

Profile photo of Attila Attila

All of me

Profile photo of Ola132003 Ola132003

Ben, thank you very much!! I love you!! You’re really wonderful!!

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Profile photo of Ichavarria Ichavarria

very helpful and interesting the way that he explained. Great!

Profile photo of deimar deimar

I guess you forgot “miserly”: not generous with money.

Profile photo of tpaolo tpaolo

very useful thank you!

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Very nice lesson. Thank you Benjamin.

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The lesson was useful.

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Thanks great knowledge

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