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Hello Adam.
I made 9 out of 10 . I mistook question about company’s fiscal strenght .
In French we talk about company’s health . May we say ” company’s fiscal health ” or ” company’s financial health ” .
Thanks .

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    hey, I’m from vietnam. so nice if we can learn English together, my skype is: lehaianh94@hotmail.com

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      good idea

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      This is a good start to understand the complexity of our country’s economy and its financial situation.

      But let me tell you something Adam, it’s not that easy for a layman like us to comprehend what’s really occurring in our domestic economy when there is no a real link between the official discourse –what the mass media says in this respect – and reality.

      For instance, there have been a number of economic, financial, and even educational reforms in Mexico that claim that our economic growth and development are imminent since considerable foreign investment is pouring into the country.

      However, the fact is that all this does not reflect on people’s purchasing power –i.e. better wages – and much less on the quality of goods and services provided, better standards of living.

      How do you account for all this Mr. Benn?

      Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge on this subject.


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        Hi Regino,

        Hmmm… where to begin? Firstly, the word imminent–this is a subjective word. To investors, this might mean in the next 5-10 years. To the man on the street, it would be preferable if it meant next week.

        Secondly, if you want to really know what’s going on, the mainstream media is probably not the place to go looking for answers. Look for respected bloggers who are not constrained by affiliations to political parties. Mostly it’s a judgment call on your part whether to believe what this person has to say, but that’s the case with just about everything in this information age. :)

        Mostly, though, from hat I hear and read about the conditions in Mexico, it’s hard to say who’s in control there and therefore what is actually happening.

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      Great it’s mine if u like to

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      Profile photo of abdelrahman atia abdelrahman atia

      hello ! I am nice to meeting you ! May I know
      where do you live? how long have you learning an English?

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    Hi Tsamp,

    Yes, fiscal health is also a common term in English.

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Tough topic even in our mother tongue. Anyway, you have given us some useful tools to cope with this stuff. Thanks Adam

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Very good lesson as usual. Thanks a lot!

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Hello, thank you for the lesson! There is a question, that nobody have given an answer to me and I couldn’t find it in dictionaries. My specialization by education is “Taxation”, there is a subject, that is named as “Fiscality”, in my Diploma (or Certificate). Would you tell me please what is the difference between Taxation and Fiscality?

Profile photo of Roman06 Roman06

    I’ll be honest Roman, I’m not a specialist in this. What I can gather from looking online is that taxation is part of fiscality in that fiscality is the creation of fiscal policy, or making fiscal considerations, which include taxation.

    I assume, though, that your library would have books that deal with this topic in more detail. I’m sure, as well, that your teachers will be glad to help you out if you ask them.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Thank you for your answer, Adam. But I got my education in Russian language( I am Russian-speaking) in Moldavian institute. My teachers of this topic spoke Russian and Moldavian( Roumanian) That time I didn’t know English. Maybe for Fiscality and Taxation we use the same Russian word- налогообложение(nalogooblozhenie). As I can see Fiscality probably means the idea, the system;but taxation – the mechanism.

      Profile photo of Roman06 Roman06

        It could be that Roman. I’m not an economics major, so I can’t say for sure.

        Profile photo of Adam Adam

        There are fiscal issues such as expenditures budget surplus revenues as taxes fees etc. İt is also called finanse. Public finanse or financial management of an enterprise deal with profiits priceses costs . İtis a subject of or a field in economy. Public economy or enterprise economy known micoeconomy.

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Economy is a very complicated field but fortunatly your lesson was clear. Thanks.

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Thank you Adam.

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Adam always doing a great job!!
Nice work. Thank you Adam!!

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Adam, I cannot thank you enough for the video, that is so comprehensive. Could you please make videous about phrasal verbs!

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    Hi Dmytro,

    We already have plenty on the site. Type phrasal verbs into the search box at the top of the page and you’ll see a whole list :)

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Hi, The Secret Adversary is a Agatha Christie´s book where Tommy says this phrase to Albert: “Can you report this in the proper quarter?” Considering it is not related with financial matters, could you clearing up what it is suppose to mean? It is a free book easily searchable on Google. Tks in advanced. Adauto

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    Based on context I’m going to guess that it means something like area or district?

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

    Hi Adautobank,

    I also believe, based on context, that it means place. In this case, probably an official place such as a district office, or something like that.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Hi Adam, It makes full sense now. Thanks a lot.

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Great lesson Adam. Thanks a lot

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thank’s a lot Adam for this lesson

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thank’s a lot Adam.
Please, can you give us a lesson on :
– meeting,
– public service,
– how to read statistic
Thank you Adam

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    I’ll see what I can do Lotfi :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Always thanks a lot!!

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Adam, you are a good teacer. What happend with your shirt ?

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Hi James.

As usual very usefull lesson.

Actually the real problem of deflation is the decrease of the consumption. It could seem strange, but there’s an explanation. Consumers see prices going down and down, so the expectation is let’s wait for the better price. In this meantime companys don’t sell their products and services. Profits go down and inevitably unemployment tend to goes up.


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    I think you made a mistake of his name… He is Adam, not James!

    Profile photo of Valderí Andrade Valderí Andrade

    Thanks for the explanation Angel. :)

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Hi Mr Adam! This class was awesome and i say it because it’s a subject which everybody affect and are few people that enjoy to talk about it. Here one! In my country, unfortunately the economic is bust for a long, i mean every quarter the inflation attacks our pockets, even when our government has excelente economists and they give excellent budgets, they don’t listen at all… our currency is the one most down in the world. Of course we don’t produce because the few companies has left the country and we always have a deficit for everything sometimes we wish at least a stagnation.


Profile photo of JGeorge JGeorge

    Hi JGeorge,

    Yes, it’s very tough down there. I hope things get better there soon :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

By the way… I know about “Mr” goes with name and last name or just last name…. I think you have never said your last name. I guess it’s in orden to personal security.

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Great lesson as aways, Adam! Thank you!

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Thank you, Adam !

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Thank you very much Adam. However, I don´t agree with you in the explanation of inflation/deflation. These terms are not related to wages, but only to the price of goods and services. What you mean relating prices and wages is called purchase power as you said. It can be inflation with high wages (that is the most common situation), and also with low.
I´m sorry for being a bit fussy, but I do love Economy :)

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    No worries Knopfler. It’s good to get more ideas and knowledge here. Thanks for that :)

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Thank you again Adam.

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Very good lesson. Can I say crisis instead depression? These two words mean this same?

Profile photo of Christian Bartosz Christian Bartosz

    Hi Witcher,

    No, a crisis is a particularly bad situation that has immediate effects. A depression can be a crisis, but an earthquake, a famine, war… all these can be crises as well.

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Hi Adam, thanks for this new vocabulary!!!

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Thank you Adam, it was a handy class,it was very clear to me your explanation, clear as a bell, but when I went to the quiz my score wasn’t so good, maybe because this area is huge related with a subject that in my country is named accounting,which is not rare for you…But it´s not my favorite,In any case I could learn much more than I knew it about this topic, thanks. A big hug

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This lesson is important for us to have a basic of understanding of economics. Thank you so much, Adam :)

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Thanks for helping us! You’re so great!

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    Hello dear,

    I’m deeply interested in improving English and i would like to speak it as native.If you have the same determination we could help each other.Here is my skype id :hamid.abdi90 , you can add me.Hope you get back soon to me.

    Best Regards

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      T3naaab everywhere why a 3NIba mchwhna whereever we go why?!

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        hi i think you are harik you can speek turkish too
        helal olsun sana :)

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        Hope you are doing well.Why did you say that words?
        I’m here to improve my English and if you read all my comments on this website you will find that i’m deeply interested in exhanging with people around the world.Not only with girls but with everyone who is interested…You can also add me ton skype.

        Hope you will get back soon to me there to talk more about that.

        Best Regards

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Thank you Adam, your lesson is very useful for everyone who want to learn english and business.

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Hi Adam,
Thank you very much for this great lesson. I always learn and enjoy your fantastic lessons.
May I give you some suggestions?
In this lesson the definition of each word was effortless. However, In my opinion, it will be better if you give the definition, one example in a sentence and a few collocations of each word.
Could you please prepare more advanced, interested vocabulary lesson. For instance, lessons about society, pollution, environmental, education or technology.
Thank you
Thiago from Brasil

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    I’ll see what I can do Learner :)

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Adam ,
Something that has nothing to do with you lesson but that can help me .
I am always confused when to use “to” or “for” . Example :
– thank you to help me
– Thank you for helping me
What is the correct sentence ?
Thank in advance

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Great job,Adam.You made these complicated concepts easy to understand.I was quite confused with some of these concepts but now it is all clear.I loved your fantastic explanation.I think it has been an interesting lesson as always.Thanks a lot for all your outstanding efforts :-)

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thanks for your job!)

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It is very useful for me!
Thanks a lot!

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    Cute baby!

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    Hi Anna. Would you please let me ask you a question ?

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      Hello soei!
      of course, please.

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        Is this nice chid your own child?

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          Anyway , if she is, say my personal hello to her and kiss her forehead.

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great as usual

outside the lesson …. can i ask about your tattoo ?
What are the words??

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    Hi Reemabousaid,

    It says littera scripta manet (the written word remains)

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the difHello Teacher,
What is the difference betHellos ween speed and rapidi
ference between speed and rapidity?

Profile photo of gag gag

    Hi Fahdbensalman,

    For the most part, they can be used interchangeably in many cases. The main difference is that speed is abstract, while rapidity is definite (speed can be slow or fast, while rapidity is quickness only). Rapidity, a a noun, is also less common than speed, while rapid (adj.) is more common than fast when talking about an action.

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Adam You are one of the intellectual teachers i have ever come across. your way of teaching is commendable.you really cleared my mind with some of the technical economic terms i was unfamiliar with and i hope more of your lessons come soon….keep on doing good work

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Hi, Adam! It was a very useful lesson! Thank you!

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Good! Good class. Thanks Adam.

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Thanks, Adam.
But I’ve got one question:
‘In 2008-2011, …’ or ‘Between 2008-2011,…’
which one is correct?

Profile photo of Sophie Sophie

    Sorry, one more question.
    ‘The news says….’ or ‘the news said…’
    which one is correct?
    Thanks in advance.

    Profile photo of Sophie Sophie

      Sorry, I get one more question. :(
      ‘at both sides’, ‘on both sides’ or ‘in both sides’
      which preposition is correct? at, on or in?
      If they are all correct, what is the difference?

      So total 3 questions. :(
      I would appreciate your help.
      Thanks in advance.

      Profile photo of Sophie Sophie

        on both sides is most correct if we are talking about position. (the grass is green on both sides of the fence)

        Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Technically, the news can’t speak, so the newspaper (today’s) says…. Yesterday, it said ;)

      Profile photo of Adam Adam

        or… “they said on the news that…”

        Profile photo of Adam Adam

          But what does ‘they’ refer to?

          Profile photo of Sophie Sophie

          they = anonymous people, or the prevailing idea. It doesn’t actually refer to anyone.

          They say it’s going to rain = I think it’s going to rain.

          Profile photo of Adam Adam

    Hi Sophie,

    Between 2008 and 2011
    From 2008 to 2011
    From 2008 – 2011.

    In 2008 only.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Hi Adam, you are my favorite teacher…and i have a question…Please explain how to use the phrase ”IN FAVOUR OF” in many occasions also with the several meanings…. I saw this in a letter…i really don’t understand that how to use this.. i would be grateful….

Profile photo of Amanda De Silva Amanda De Silva

    Hi Amanda,

    The committee voted in favour of the proposal. (voted for the proposal)

    My dad got rid of his jet-ski in favour of a motorcycle (to be replaced by a motorcycle)

    The vote was 110 to 75 in favour of Bill (110 voted for Bill)

    Does this help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      yes ADAM, this is fair enough… really understood greatly this time.. thank you very much…. thousand thanks…. ( and nice tatoo :)

      Profile photo of Amanda De Silva Amanda De Silva

thank you man. You explained more than our economic teachers

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thanks Adam

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The last question was tricky, Adam :-D It rhymed so nicely with another word.
The usual sneaky and humorous teacher, he he he…

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Thank you Adam, always a great and interesting lesson.

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Hi Mr Adam. I am a new member of you’re website from Iran. I saw some videos of you and I love you’re intonation very much. I heard that for improve our speaking we should speak like a person that I love its intonation and I love speak same as you. Do you can say to me that could I have free download of your videos in this site? I should say my listening is fragile but with listening to stories of BBC software I feel that it improved a little bit.
Best Regards

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    Welcome Reza :)

    I’m afraid these videos aren’t downloadable, but I will get more information to you if anything changes.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

    Hi Mr. Reza,
    Would you please tell me what you mean when you say: I heard that for improving our……… ” I think this is weired ! we should speak right and we should be oureslves if we try to imitate , we will lose our goal ,I think . Best regards: soei

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Great lesson.
Thank You

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It’s an amazing lesson. Congratulations Adam



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Thanks Adam!!

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Hello, Adam!
Thank you for your work and the useful material that you share with us.
Many times I’ve visited engvid just to check if there’s a new video about phrasal verbs with BRING came out… I remember the same lesson from you about TAKE phrasal verbs. It hass come in handy!

Can I make my contribution in the pile of requests you already have and ask you to create a video about BRING phrasal verbs?

P.S. I apologise for the poor English of mine.
With respect,
Anastasia from Russia.

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    I will get on that Anastasia :0

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      Profile photo of Adam Adam

Hi, I’ve just signed in can i have any contact with you or the website, it’s really important.tnx

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    Hi Z,

    You can send an email to langvid dot com if you have any questions.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you

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    Thank you Katrin. To you as well :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam


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Hello good morning ladies and gentlemen,wishing you have a nice sunday,i ‘m new here to start learning

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    Welcome Tanimharunaibrahim :)

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Hi sir,

I’m Naga Kumar. I need your help on improving my English skills

Profile photo of Naga Kumar Naga Kumar

    That’s why we’re all here Naga :) Feel free to ask questions.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

thank you sir

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your way of teaching are very interesting ,also your quizes ! thank you very much.

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    Profile photo of Soei Soei

This lesson is so useful, because when we go to the bank or when we read an business article, we hear those words always. Thanks.

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Hi. Adam. I m beginner of English. And right now I m going to learn English through your website but I m confused where I start. Which lessons I do First and what thereafter.plz reply me ASAP. I need help???


    Hi Neeraj,

    Start with all the beginner lessons. There is no set plan here, so do as much as you can and as often as you can.

    Good luck :)

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hi Adam thank you for your amazing lessons

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Good Lesson, thanks!

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Hi dear Adam , actually I’m very happy to your lessons and it will increase my language , i get 5 of 10 from this quiz but i will try to develop my self to speak with people very well ,

thanks in advice

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Hi,Adam.Thank you for your lesson,but I have one question that I try to figure out is “What is the difference between boom and surplus??”, I think both of them mean the economy is good and in growth.

Profile photo of Ariel Yen Ariel Yen

    Hi Ariel,

    Boom means a fast and big increase ( in the economy, in a particular market, etc.). Surplus means you made more money than you spend and have extra at the end of the year. Both are generally good (though can be bad for some people).

    Does this help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Thank you,Adam!!I get it, surplus is about money,right?which means if I earn more than I expend that is surplus.

      Profile photo of Ariel Yen Ariel Yen

        Not only money. It can be about things as well. Think of wheat. If I harvest more than I pre-sold, then I have a surplus that I can sell again or use myself.

        If an oil well contains more oil than was expected, then the extra is surplus.

        Profile photo of Adam Adam

you are a good teacher. I am enjoying it. Thank u.

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Thanks Adam for this lesson. I should have watched your video before I watch “The Big Short”. That movie was quite a challenge with all the economics words !

Profile photo of Florence MFL Florence MFL

    Yes, Florence, but a good movie no less :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you everyone. Happy New Year :)

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Hello Adam ,

Thank you for the link you’ve sent to me about using “to” or “for”
As you asked me I let you know that it has really helped me . However I must work it out because my mind has never used to it correctly.
One thing that is not explained in the video , is that we must use the ing form after “for” .
Am I right?
Thank again

Profile photo of tsamp tsamp

    Hi Tsamp,

    Not necessaily. You need to use a noun, which could be an -ing form (gerund)

    I asked her for help.
    I thanked her for helping me.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you very much Adam. I hang on everywords you said to me. This is the best site I ever saw in my life to learn English. And again thanks for your support. 😊


hi, Adam, i left you comments yesterday but there is no reply. i do not understand, are you doing private online tutoring or not? i was enquiring the price for the oral practice. if you do , let me know. my skype is : chenhongfeifei

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    Hi Feifei99,

    I’m sorry, but I do not do online tutoring.

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Hello, Adam.
I want to know if we use ‘already’, do we have to use present perfect? Can we use other tense?
e.g. Long time ago, the process of globalisation already exists.
Use present tense here, is it correct?
Thanks in advance.

Profile photo of Sophie Sophie

    Hi Sophie,

    The process of globalisation had already existed a long time ago.

    You can use ‘already’ with all the tenses.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Hi Adam,
I speak English continuously and very fast. I don’t able to control the flow of speaking.Some times I may not control the speed, Then automatically some of words may get pronounced wrongly and very fast.
so what can I do for that?
How can I control the speed while talking in English?
can I have some tips?

Profile photo of Naga Kumar Naga Kumar

    Hi Naga,

    How about just slowing down? Take a breath, clam yourself and try to think of each word as you say it. I don’t think this is an English issue, to be honest.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks Adam!

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Excellent Lesson, Thanks alot

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hi, I’m from korean. so nice if we can learn English together, my skype is: jerodis10@naver.com

Profile photo of TaeHyun No TaeHyun No

Hi Adam,
Can you make a series about how to write different kinds of essays such as argumentative, compare and contrast, etc?

Profile photo of Bassam1010 Bassam1010

    I’ll see what I can do Bassam :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

I have 100por 100 thank you i am very confident hhhhhh

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I love studying the Economy! It’s great to learn new words and expressions in order to understand it better while reading and article or watching the news! :D

Profile photo of Andrey Rosa Andrey Rosa

Thank you, Adam! I got 100 % in the quiz only because of your perfect explanation. The economy isn’t my strongest suit.

Profile photo of Elena Elena

Hi, Adam.
First of all, I wanna say thank you, because of all your efforts.
Second, in my opinion, I think you should teach vocabulary as well, not only grammar or IELTS.
All of your lessons are either about grammar or IELTS.
There is a tutor on youtube named “Niharika”, she is teaching a lot of vocabulary in a way that we don’t forget. but unfortunately, she is not native English speaker.
It would be great if at least one of you great native teachers teaches us that things in that way.
Best regards.
Mohsen Barati.

Profile photo of Mohsen Barati Mohsen Barati

    Thanks for sharing

    Profile photo of Fianna-law Fianna-law

Thanks alot , very useful to know the vocabulary and the economic meaning of each word

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Love your lessons. like your accent and i understand it.

Profile photo of Loly Ahmed Loly Ahmed

    i agree with you Loly, Adam’s accent is very clear

    Profile photo of Mohamed Sedky Mohamed Sedky

Thank you Adam.

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thank you for this lesson!!!

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Great lesson Adam.
Thank you very much!

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Hi Adam! Can you make a second part? Please!!

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Good course.

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Thank you very much ….. good matter

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Thank you, Adam. Your lesson is very helpful for me.

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Hi guys! Hello Adam.

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I am really learn new expressions from this lesson thank u so much mr adam

Profile photo of mustafa. elmekawy @yahoo.com mustafa. elmekawy @yahoo.com

Hi Adam,
Thanks a lot your efforts to give more active expression and I benefits a lot from you. In fact, your english is very clear and more active and stay in our mind to use it when you talking or reading magazine or watching television. God bless you

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It’s very effective to study new vocabulary through your video.
Thank you very much.
PS 10/10

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hey adam,

i want to know how will we get to know which letter is silent in a particular word like “b” debt. it really confuses me at times.

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thank you adam you are very good

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Hello Adam! Thanks for your lesson. I really like of the way you teach. Please keep teaching more topics abou economy and business at all.

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Thanks Adam,this lesson is awesome.

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Thank you Mr Adam
This Lesson was very useful.

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Hi Adam you are great person to learn English I have tried many of different videos but I could not like them. All of them was boring…again thank you for all

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Adam, thank you so much for your lessons! I’ve been studying English for 6 or 7 years already, but I’ve never seen such an amazing teacher like you! Although you are in Canada, you can explain everything just through videos being a supertutor for us (supertutor means more than superman btw!). Thanks from Russiaaaa!

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Thank you Adam!!! 9/10, getting better but need more practice om vocabulary.

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Thanks a lot😀

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Hi Adam,

It is a good learning from your tutorials. I need to know much more about vocabulary used in accounts. Thanks

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Great lesson as usual, cheers

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my first 100…!!!

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Good lesson, I am intrested in learning english specially writing and speaking… can speake my skype id is shoaib_qau

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my first 100…!!!

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hello Mr Adam
can you upload a lesson about applying for a job and talking about finding a job,salary ,benefits and …

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Thanks Adam , I must tell you that Brazil is in Depression whit na amazing increase in the Budget/GDP relation!!!!

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Whoaaaaaaa…. I got 10 on 10 correct..100!! :)
Hi Adam..Your lectures are very good and helpful… keep up the good work!!

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thank you Adam

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thank you teacher

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a useful lesson

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Dear teacher Adam,

Thank you for helping me. Could you please explain again what is “bubble” and “depression” by word cause i can’t hear clearcly. I’m very sorry.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you.

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hello adam how can i comprehend tough english sentences?


i have a misunderstanding between stagnation,recession and depression .
if the economy declined for 2 quarters it’s called a recession , if it’s declined for 2 years we called it depression , When we called it stagnation??

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Thanks Adam!Very intresting subject!

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Thank you Adam, you teach me many business words that I benefit from them very much.

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Adam, can you please upload video which would contain information regarding how to deal with any type of essay in IELTS.
Hoping for positive reply.
Thank you Adam

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thankyou so much Adam, it’s really help.

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Thanks @dam, a great master;-)

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hello adam I’m student in economics so I’d like to downlaod more economic video from your site, so how can I get it?

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Great lesson!

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thanks Adam for your amazing business lessons.

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It was a great lesson! Thank you, Adam!

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Thank you

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I would like a native speaker english techer who can correct my writing grammar once a week. How much could be ? can you send me an email or a private message please ?

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    you can try italki.com

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I got 70 of 10..

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Hello Adam,
Greeting to all teachers and learners from difference countries/places.
I am totally agree that EngVid is one of the best online Eng Studying website and i love all the teachers from EngVid community.
Is there anyone can explain me about youtube subscribe process and ways to do?
Sorry for my English.

Kind Regard,
Hein Thu Htet

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We are supposed to understand what is economy actually. Otherwise, we are living in this world blindly. We can’t manage our income properly and we live in stressful. In conclusion, everyone should study the subject of economy.

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Hi Adam
It is so useful

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Thanks so much for this video!

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Thank you Adam! Great video and I really like the way you teach economics.

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I planned to get 100% but there was inflation so i lost 10% due to depreciation currency.

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Thanks Adam! you always give boom lessons 3>

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Thank you very much,Adam!

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Hi Adam,
Thanks for your lessons.
Your lessons are very helpful, interesting and well informing.
Your lessons are multi-disciplinary so one can learn vocabulary and phrasal verbs in any field.

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Hi Adam, I am requesting you to please share the knowledge of “as well as”. I am very confused by this word.

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Thank you Adam

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thank you
very useful

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Sir, I am actually a Filipino CPA, so familiarity with these terms is not a problem, thus, I got 10 but I want to develop my business writing skills, spelling, and grammar.

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Thank you Adam

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thanks teacher
What means:recession

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Very interesting. Thanks a lot!

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Hi Adam, first of all, I would like to thank for all your useful lessons, I really like them.
Now I have a very important question to find out. Could you please help me as soon as possible?
Is it right to say – Not depending on the field of activity and the area of business all owners being the subject of tax attitudes, has to pay tax by registering at the calculation in the defined form? Mainly to use here “not depending” right?

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And is there any special difference between saying “not depending on” and “regardless of”?
Thank you beforehand

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thanks Adam

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thanks for economy lesson! many peoples from many places don’t have knowledge about these important subject;

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Thanks Adam

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Thanks Adam, Excellent lesson.

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Hi guys! Can you help.. In your on opinion how can you explain taxation?

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Hi Mr. Adam… Can you help me… How to explain taxation? Thank you.

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10/10 Thanks, Adam.

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hi Adam
thank to you very much for nice video.

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Thank you, Adam

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Hello Adam, I am glad that I can learn many things from you, you are a good teacher. My native language is Spanish and I’m improving my skills of English with your explanations, as well as I want to thank you for being here.

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Thanks, Adam for your lecture. I made 8 out 10 for the quiz. But I did not get the term of deflation?

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You’re good at explaining but I didn’t understand 100%.

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Thanks bro, I’m now better in English and I’m willing to meet you and want to thank you and engvid

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Hi, Alex-1952 can you say to me how to make symbols on
the comment section?

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Great Class!


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Great thank you

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Hi Adam, you are the best, thanx for the video. I m a MBA so if I had to give you a grade I’d give you an “A”.

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Hello teacher, how are you?
In the beginning i’d like to thank you so much for this great lesson, in which you gave us new vocabulary words and definition about economy, trade and money, etc.
From this lesson i learned some useful word in economy such as: stagnation,surplus, currency, budget, etc, i can use them in my speaking speaking.

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10/10, Adam, thank you very much for such useful lesson!

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Thank you Adam ! I was a student at a Skyline College. I have learned a lot from your lesson . I think you are good teaching high quality of English . Once again, thanks .

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It’s a 10/10, thank you Adam !

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