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Good video Jon!! Very useful, Lots of words that I didn’t know. Thank you

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thanks engvid.com I got a perfect score for this quiz, honest, promise! It means to me that my listening comprehension really improved, of course by the help of http://www.ENGVID.com! more power to you!





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Great lesson! thank you!!!


4 out of 4…


Very useful and inspiring me to learn more
Thanks to engvid.com


pretty, freaking, good lesson Jon. hell yeah. what is hang over dude} see ya next week, hopefully.


    It’s the feeling you get the next day after you have consumed an (often) large amount of alcohol. Usually you have a headache, and are tired.

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      Jon! Thank you for your lesson! I’m beginner and understood the meaning of the story (2 times watched :-))) n got 100!
      P.S. Please, not consume an often large amount of alcohol! We are all need you! Take care of yourslef!

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Nice outfit, John! Are you going to / or coming from a little jog in the year 1985?

Professor Love

    That’s funny! It is sort of vintage clothing, which appears circa 1985

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Hi John,

Really an useful about the vocabulary english,
thanks a lot.

sunder babu

Hi, who can me say if i use I guess and I think? What´s the difference?

Thank you ;-)

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    I have the same doubt …

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    I think means that you have an opinion to share, I guess shows that you aren’t sure in your point of view or that you just suggest!


HI Jon!! This lesson is great. I’ll be thankfull if you can add a text of this story. I think it could be very helpfull for instance to check comprehension.

By the way: This website is AWESOME ! :)


Thanks for good web site


thank u


Thank you Jon for this course.
it’s very meaningful.


Hi Sir, thx a lot for your efforts, I waana do the quiz but I couldn’t find the related page of questions , how could i find it?


Thank you for the lesson


Great way to get your English skills back together


well done John, good information

Zubir, Ahmed

thank you teacher

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hi. thank you very much for your excellent teaching.


I gotta perfect score, thank you for the wonderful and very helpful video. hope to see more videos.


I’m student Law in my country (my last year) and this video helped me a lot of about the legal words in english.

Luiz Fernando Pereira

A great lesson. I liked it and the one you did before. So many useful words I didn’t know. Thank you and keep it up!


wow,,, what enjoyable story you have! thanks also for the vocabulary….

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thank jhon is a good video, many words that i dont know… thank..

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sir its a powerful way of listening…….ur efforts r amazing….gmme some tips plz


Thx Jon, I like the story, also have learnt some things such as citing, appeal and arson. You’re awsome teacher!

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Thank you for the lesson


Great lesson, I like these kind of “story lessons” ‘cos It’s a great way to learn new words and understand their meaning.

Thanx ;)

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very good video


Thank you, I got 2 out of 4 I just ask one time. I think that helpful to impure our English. Gayan


great video from a great site

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Excellent story, Thanks

Faig Kerimov

Excellent story,THANKS

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very good video and great lesson


Jon, it’s just great!!!!

indira bassaria

Thanks you,for the reponse of QUIZhas fund one to five question I am not descourage I will continous to listen another”

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Hi.. which English teaching centers are the best in US or Canada that offer Business English with internship?..mohamed.elshennawy@gmail.com

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It’s really good to help me to improve my listening ability.

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its a good video I learn a lot, thanks…


l like the sound of that ,thanks a lot

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sir i learn english so plzzzzz help me


This story is good.but the man translates some words which is not clear, that why I can not understand too much. I hope next time you can explain more clear. Thanks


very rare story. i love it!


thanks mr: jon


Hey Jon, Did you teach in Lima, where exactly?…[just curious]

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Thank you Jhon for this informetive vedio, and it will be more useful if there is a text.


thanks so much for all the teacher really im iistning with intersting

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thx man, good story

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Sorry my score! But it was the first.


I really liked your lessons , especially your manner ( your disposition).. thank you so much for helping my with my listening skills … I hope there are more lessons


Good video, i hope that we can look more.


thank you very much Mr Jon & we need more videos like this wonderful video


Thankyou Jon


thanks sir

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All videos are very nice………

Mangesh Chavan


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very nice story, really intriguing :)


I gotta. I did my Quiz 90%. Tks a lot


waw I did 100% in the quiz


Oh… I like this class!

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    yes ,you are right.

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i love your classes! :)


thanks jon.i like you’r way in teaching

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Amazing thanks


it great i like all your videos


You scored 4 out of 4

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Hi, don’t feel sir
b4 u I have listened many lessons of Ms Valen and Ms Rebecca, which r very clear and understandable, but ur lesson is not so clear as a a a ha ha.
Need to be improve.

Abdul Qayum

You are so cute ^^ thanks.I got it all!


thanks you, a lot. You are excellent teacher. the video is very good.


Yay! I got 4 out of 4!
I could learn some new useful words, but I need to replay the video to understand crystal clear.

BTW, why doesn’t your name have “h”, Jon?

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it`s difficult text but thanks john


tres bon video great vid


Great job! i do enjoy your video lessons! great jokes, stories etc. thank a lot for the things you teach us))))


Hi Jon!:)My name is Aida.16 yrs old.I really love your lessons.I’ve been studying english for 8 years..but still sometimes i feel like my knowledges are not good enough though i can read english books,watch movies with subtitles …I was so glad when i found this web site by accident!!I really wanna thank you and other teachers for teaching us!:)2 years ago i finished ” ENGLISH FIRST ” school.Probably you’ve heard about it.2 years ago i began studying german so sometimes i find it a little bit hard to combine two languages together…Today i’ve bought EDGARD ALAN’S novels in english to read:D and i can say that literary language is not easy…My native language is Russian and even in russian when i read literature sometimes it’s hard to understand some words..:) But his novels are OK though while reading i’m with my dictionary..I have a question for you.Could you tell me the difference betweet ” PROBABLY & MAYBE” these words are very similiar.But whats the difference between them?I hope you’ll answer.BEST WISHES FOR YOU!


Mr.Jom I love your lessons…..your all videos are very different and I am gladly:*:*:*::*


    Thanks engvid.com


thank you


2 2 thanks Joe

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Thanks john

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great story

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great story but i don’t understand :D

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My thank and respect to EngVid. You really,really know how to teach English. I am pretty sure that there are many people, that have improved a lot, their knowledge of the languge. ¡Good job, CONGRATULATIONS!



Thanks Jon !


very useful vocabulary and story. thanx alot we’r waiting for more

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can someone tell me what the first 5 words of that story are? i really don’t get it.

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Thank you

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I’ve got 100% thank you ))


Thank you!!!!

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Thanks John , you r perfect


Best video EVER ,

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Thanks very god.

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It was good Jon!


Hi sir
i love your leccons so much but
can you give any video

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A strange story indeed !
Thanks for this one and for the associated vocabulary.

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I didn’t get the difference between warranted and garantee

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Thanks! 4/4

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Thanks so much Jon, you’re good teacher, until next lesson…

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    I’m from Gyn…

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Very interesting topic jon thank you,this is a big help for my incoming exam. I hope you post some more.

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very useful vocabluray i have learned.
just one thing,i didn’t undrestand the mean of the word ‘arson’
could you make it clear for me ? please

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    “Arson” is setting something on fire illegally, like burning down a building.

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Great !

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Thanks a lot, Jon.

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I like to learn English with “engVid”. I am beginner so i can’t leave any comment hear but i enjoy and learn English.

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All teachers teach English very well. Thank you very much for these all videos. i have learnt very much from {by} them.

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Good story Jon:-)Nice lesson with good vocabulary.

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What are variations for “premium”?

Well, I spent almost 12 years studying/ learning EL with non-native teachers, leadinghe to poor EL skills. Much appreciation for all of you here, such pro. trainers. Kindly retify my statements if they are incorrect

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Such a shocking story.
If I were that man, I would be fainted.

Thank you, teacher Jon for a wonderful lesson.

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I’m very sorry to say this I don’t understand you at all please When you give description about a word say clearly and give more example as much as possible and you can give examples more like Ronnie,Rebecca,Emma and Alex.. .
This is my heartfelt request What I expect from you is I should be comfortable with your accent This is what I want from your side.. .
Really Sorry for If I had text bad you above.

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Great video! I’m loving to improve my English here! Congracts and keep the great job! :D

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thank u, teacher


Thank you Jon

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Thanks Jon ¿Are you Spanish?, you have a difficult accent for me but it’s the best way for learning english.

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Thanks for useful teaching.

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Thanks Jon! A good lesson!

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Very nice video, Jon. Thanks for teaching and good story:-)

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