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The video was perfect! Thanks:)


    i like your video james it helps m a lot Godbles!!

    rea sedano

James, your videos are very useful! But I wonder if you could do the vido dedicated to synonyms. For instance: what is the difference between- include, embody, and incorporate, or- unite, amalgamate, and merge? It would be great if you did one)


Thank You Teacher…!!!!
After this class I need to clean my screen of my computer :D But now I konw the different of the sounds….!

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    ahaha,, good, yeah so do i.. :D

    best regard, ur friend in Engvid

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Wow a very good lesson.. =) well I’ve done the quiz and I made 1 mistake… Is it good.. or I have to practise more?


Hello, approximately one years ago I had this problem, but not now. Five of five :) English is my life. Now it was just a jive :)


Thank you James. You´re a great teacher. I liked this lesson.

Juan Carlos

Another great lesson especially for English starters.
I remember when I was a child, how our English teacher tried to learn us how to pronounce TH. He had very special method. He told us to put hot potato into the mouth and try to speak :D
Anyway, your method is much much better. Thank you very much ;)

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I think James speak very fast. Could you speak a little bit slower. Some lesson I am not able to understan him.


    I’m agree with you! It’d be better more slowly


holycows I didn’t know that, great lesson, n’ better teacher.see ya buddy,take care. what is butt I guess is the asshole right. byeeee.


“Gas coming from your bottom”:))))Good explanation)


hello, you really help me a lot,. i hope you give more example like how to use the present tense, past tense,future tense. and how to use the word a and the when you used it in a sentence. thank you! im really not good in eng. hope you help me.

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Thank you a lot! One more usefull lesson.


It really helps, Thank you. It would be nice If you could upload new lessons frequently. I am trying to study English language and I am very much eager to know the tricks. God bless.


Thank you! ‘TH’ is my weakness. Also I get confused with ‘W’, especially pronuncing ‘were’. It’ll be great to have such lesson on the EnVid.

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this was really a boring lesson , james why you always make snakes and teach ?? do reply all are waiting to see your reply


I am confused about this question in the quiz:

Which type of ‘s’ sound do we use for the ‘s’ at the end of plurals?
– regular
– vibratory (voiced)

I think both answers are correct. The type of ‘s’ at the end of plurals depends on the last letter at the end of singular form.
– If it voices, ‘s’ is voiced too
– If not, it is voiceless


    Sorry, I meant
    – If the last letter at the end of the singular form is voiced, ‘s’ at the end of plural from is voiced too
    – If not, ‘s’ is voiceless too.


The quality of audio tape is not qality enough.


James, I can’t thank you enough for this lesson !

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I can’t wait till your lesson on

” vowels VS. consonant “

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I bet you’ll master it, just like what you did here … !

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this lesson is for beginner not for advenced level …. i wonder why advenced people look at this video ???? please talk slowly to understand you …thank you


    Maybe because they are just enjoying the style of this teacher:)

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The video was very very great! I have never heard like teaching pronunciation.
Thank you very much.


Thank you for the lesson. I enjoyed it

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Hello, James. I really enjoy your lessons. Thanks a lot.

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hi james i´m an ESL public school teacher in Uruguay,you helped me visualise how i can make my self more clear with my students.
My situation is weird i speak english as a second language,but I´m teaching native students,,so they end up teaching me ,I didn´t know you could use if i were you i ill,instead of the subjunctive …..bye

maria zinnia hoffmann

Great lesson James!!!!!!

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James, please, please tell me is this sentence quite correct, or it’s not? “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I loved you when I knew I did. Most of all, I’m sorry that I gave up on us and you never did” And If you could write it correctly, I’d be very thankful to you :)


Very useful and funny

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really really funny doctor . thanx for your effort

Mr. jano

Thanks very much for this lesson…


Good …

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wow! thank you very much


James you are a morvelous .thank you so much and we need more about how to use a complicated word in a correct way.



please teatcher how can I pronounce TH like THE and TH like think if you can


I mean is there any grammatical rules of pronuoncing TH like think the please my teacher.


Good! I enjoyed it :)

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Thank you Teacher Im Good on the Prononciation now :D

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That was very useful many thanks to you


thank you t.james


Thanks a lot .


I was very enjoyed the lesson, thank you.

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Hi James i saw your th, s & f vibrate sounds video & it’s so nice but please tell me, can i use these vibrate sounds in speaking
i already learnt much english but my teachers didn’t tell me these vibrate sounds. so i’m not getting understand.
please please reply must…thanks


Hi James,
thank you but for me this lesson of yours become very difficult for me to understand it any way what i will do i have to repeated so many!!!!!

one point you are too fast in speaking can you speak slowly enough or check the your microphone its’s so high make it to be little a bit flexible.


Best way of explining th sound.

thanks a trillion!!!


it hepls me :-0 thats nice


My name is Silvia. I saw here your videos, I have studied English for 12 years by now. The kind of videos you have done are the most inspiring I have seen. I wish my own teacher would have the same kind of power to inpire us too. You really make me listen to you.


It is excellent lesson. Thank Teacher James.


I like it thank you


Thanks a real good video :)


Oh, no.. I can’t make myself pronounce ‘th’ sounds correctly :(

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James, Thank you!
Your lessons are funny and useful very much!


I love the way you teach how to pronounce fart Off .. ehehe

Joko sucipto

I’m a brazilian, and because this is hard for me speak the diferents sonds of “th”. This lesson is helping me. Thank very much for you by the very good website.


i like this lesson :)


It was very useful for me, thank you, especially you try to explain with your acts.I like it much.


It’s great teaching method. i like it very much.


I enjoyed this classes, they are very good, James would change my english school here in brazil, he’s funny and knows how to get the student’s atention, i like his classes on you tube, besides I can learn some hints to teach my co-workers.. thanks


thank you so much for your teachng because you are agood tacher

basher adam

What a singular example! It’s SeemS to be THat’S hiS THought is Still So…

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thank you

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Thanks James
Great lesson!


Thank you for your explanation. I like this lesson too much……


man may god bless you.. it was soooo funny and understable lesson.. one love!!!

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Freaking good!


Thank you, I love this website ;)


thank u mr james ir was useful lesson but i wonder way u didnot the stracature of sounds it was well be better thank again

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Pronunciation is difficult !!!
thank you ~~

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Thx Thx!!


thank you very much


Mr. James is a droll educator.

Abdul Qayum

Your explanation is good but your actions are some extraordinary.


Well done James, i like the way you teach..thanks a lot!

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pronunce “Th” is very difficult :(

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The accrual process of memorizing takes wary long time and even then I am unable to recall exact words the way it was said. I have tried your method, I had these recordings transcribed and it is faster, however, 3minutes recording equals to sometimes 5 pages and that takes approximately 15hours to memories. The aim is to get to know something like 25 hours of recording and being able to speak to my client exactly the same way. The reason I think it is good idea for me to memorise these lines is because English isn’t my first language, I am a comfortable speaker and have no problems communicating, having said that the language that’s used in on upbeat business executive level with some of the vocabulary I had no exposure to in the past.
Also there are tones of material on the market with I am required familiarise myself with, not necessarily memorise but to be able to summarize, havening read the text.
Perhaps you know some other ways that would be beneficial to me, with regards to that as well
It would be greatly appreciated if you take few minutes of your time and reply to my email.
Best Regards

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good job !






Hello teacher. You are very good. The lesson so help me! I’m beginner in english. Thank you!

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i love this lesson.. it’s too useful for me and for everyone


awesome video! it helped me a lot :) thanks!


Hi James,
I think you are a GREAT teacher.
“The brother of my wife”.
Isn’t it better to say “My wife’s brother?”
I’m asking because I’ve learned that we use “of” for the an-animated things and not for people. Could you PLEASE explain it to me.
Thank you.


I have learned a lot from the lessons, I never knew that there were plenty of pronunciations I was ignorant of

Essien Ifiok


Just another addicted in your videos.


Claudio Santos

You got 5 correct out of 5.

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very helpful…

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Thanks alot, it helped me alot :D

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Thanks for very useful video. I have once question regarding to this one. How can I recognize the words which sounds regular or vibration like silly sounds regularly as you denoted?


thank you a lot D.

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Oh, I have just known that there is difference between regular s/f and vibrated s/f. Thank you for lessons teacher James.

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For pronunciation, Emma is the best. You shouldnt teach this lesson.


Now I get the differences for those sounds.


How great!

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why you pronounce the with different way “thee” and “tha”

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it is very good lesson,thanks JAMES

Profile photo of legendary legendary

thank a lot appreciate


JAMES…you do very hard work…i bemused about your effort :)…

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Great lesson!

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Many thanks,this lesson is my weakness

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I have difficulties with pronunciation :( … thanks it is really useful lesson :)

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I have a big problem of pronounce: thought, though, through in differents way! it’s quite the same to me…

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hi teacher james,
I really like the way you teach. I am from Philippines. I’ve been in Canada for almost 10 yrs but I could still use help to improve my english. Pronouncing is one of my biggest problem especially now that I am in Newfoundland their english is totally slang and different. My co-worker is making fun of me when i say words starting with s following with consonant. For example slender, speaking and also words with th like three or tree. Do you do a one on one teaching? My second problem is vocabulary. Anyways I dont want to overwhelm you. I am hoping to hear from you

Profile photo of jiroisey jiroisey

    If it makes you feel any better, everyone else in Canada makes fun of how people in Newfoundland talk! :P

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator


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i got 100 =D ,i realy like your lessons thanks alot

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Thank you so much for teaching the way how to pronounce the th (vibrate on)! I have suffered the difficulty for such a long time! Fantastic James!!!

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You’re so cool… keep going… you speak really fast but that’s a huge help for us since you force us to listen carefuly and repeat listening… I think that’s a plus for not native speakers like me… the person who thinks that only needs listening your videos ONCE to get the whole idea, in my opinion, is totally wrong!!

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james its really productive apt style of explanation is the key in your lectures!

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very interesting

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Hi, James, I was wondering which kind of words are vibrated sound and which are not, are there rules? because you have used a few word, please help me. Thanks for this lesson, it is really useful :D

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hi some of my friends told me that I have problem pronouncing the letter S and it bothers me because I wan to make it right. Could you please help me? some people don’t notice it. hope you can hear me. But do you have more tips for pronouncing the letter s.

Profile photo of lorenze lory lorenze lory

sank you Jamez

Profile photo of Andahazy Andahazy

Hey James!

And what about the words like: cats, plates, hats and etc.?))
It sounds like the regular ‘s’.
Anyway, thanks for this lesson!

Profile photo of Insomnia195 Insomnia195

    Same here..
    Is there any one could explain it for those who don’t understand the “s” as plurals should be pronounced regular one or vibrated one ?

    Profile photo of MustChuck MustChuck

A little difficult lesson because you have to get used to this type of sounds, but we can improve if we listen to this lesson continuously. Thanks a lot, teacher James from EngVid.

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You got 3 correct out of 5.

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