Hello sir! thank you for this wonderful video.
I am Angela and I am a college student taking up the course of Bachelor of Arts in English Language. Most of the time I cringe and doubt myself of how I write an essay, or to talk orally using English Language because still, I am not confident the way how I talk. But when I discover this engVid, it helps me to improve and understand more. So thank you sooooo much! :))


    I feel exactly the same than you with my English language, I have not confidence when I speak the language and I could not to improve it to the next level. I got low intermediate level long time ago with First Cambridge Exam and I have studied a lot after that and my brain didn’t get higher level, but I agree about your idea about Engvid, superb website for us with wonderful teachers.


Thank you James for your advice, and I now know in which category I belong. And what to do to improve my skills

Emmanuel MANDEBI

    keep saying English ever days and mimic James speaking skills,it would be great!


Thanks, James.


Thank you James in advance, it was a significant way for me to understand what should I do for the next :)


I really like this. Thank you James. And I want to turn on “the thumb up” here but this possibility disappeared. Joke (40:11) about ‘спик рашин, Да?’ fell me down on the floor :) Sarcasm and understanding between lines are difficult for me yet. But here I had second chance to understand these. Okey okey, I had third one and subtitles:)


Thank you James!


Thank you for this interesting video, looking for more to learn from you.
I have a question for you,how can i obtain a professsional English?

Loubna zraih

James, you’re just splendid


well-done, james. thanks for your never ending support .

Seif Eldawla

King james ! :)


I liked these tips for knowing which is my LEVEL of English and I hope learning a lot .


Thanks for the video, it helps me understand in which level I am and what to do to become better each and every day




I enjoyed this video. I watch engvid videos and study in another site to learn english but writing and speaking is still difficult for me. Thank you


This video is really helpful.I really enjoyed it.It explains alot and now I know what position am in

Kingsford Toa

Well done

Kingsford Toa

Thanks for the video. I hope I will be better after rewatch it in like 3-4months.


Thanks James. Now I really know where I am.


    where are you right now, mate?
    I can listening only that’s sad! I have to learning day by day for Gama and vocabulary…


U are the best


My journey in improving my english has begun with me learning by my own through the videos of an american ytber who speaks portuguese. And, after I realized I was capable of understanding a native speaking in a normal speed, I started watching videos on engvid and learning from it. I also have learnt a lot by memorization through tv shows with subs in pt or music. But it wasn’t until last year that my english moved to a higher level, when I forced myself to watch a documentary about the holocaust in eng and w/o subs (which I had a hard time understanding the whole meaning, since I barely had the war vocabulary in portuguese, let alone in english). The documentary was a 6ep-lenght and at the first, I thought my mind would explode. Later that year, in mid-quarentine, I started reading books in english. I mean, I had read a book in english b4, but it was a book I had read multiple times b4 in portuguese, so even if i didn’t understand the english in some parts, i would remember the context. So… it was a challenge since it was then my first, TRULY first, reading in english. At first was a difficult since I didn’t know how the literature worked in eng and the vocabulary. It’s like my dad says about some musicians who have played alongside with him: “They know how to play the hard but not the easy”; and then I could see how I was exactly like those guys… I could do more on the hard side of english, but not on the easy one. After that, i’ve read at least 30 books in english already. And, in middle of august I had the opportunity to videochat with native speakers, wether they were from north america or not. And also, that helped to improve a lot my listening and gave me the chance to be able to listen and note the differences among the accents, even the ones from a same country. Btw, the aussie one was by far the worst. But I still have the rest of my path to go through since I’m still stuck at the intermediate-advanced level, and I don’t have confidence enough to speak freely, or at least, as James said “Truly express myself”


U must be the heir of Morgan Freeman


Hi James! I’m a peruvian history teacher, learning english. I am excited because a couple of weeks ago I could bring a webinar in both languages (English and spanish) explaining how to make differentiation in a classroom. I was completely delighted for the comments (90% of my coworkers speaks only English). I usually listen to podcasts and movies with English subtitles, before COVID starts, I used to go on “mundolingo” (an exchange of culture and languages in a bar! How fun was that,) This lesson made me understand how hard I worked and how much my English has improved.


Thank you for this lesson. It was really beneficial and interesting. You’re the funniest teacher I’ve ever seen!





Thanks for the video!


hey James,
actually watching this video really gave me a hope that my struggling to learn English eventually could be a fun journey after i reached the last stage of disappointing, frustrating and giving up.
according to your quiz i am the beginners level although i thought i’d do better, but you know what? that didn’t made me sad at all, on the opposite site you really made me excited to improve my level because i know that i can do it, my English is not that bad though, i can watch a full movie without the subtitle , i can understand sarcasm, also i am an active listener , when i’m a part of conversation i don’t need the speaker to slow down to catch what’s have been said, but when it cames to me to replay i just start to face moments of stuttering and my tongue is numb.


    *at the beginner level


wow thank you

Toxic icon

Thank’s, for your advices. I’m studied english for a long time however nowadays, I feel I need so much more, because when you establish a conversation with a native speaker or when you watch TV or movies in english, natives speakers talk so fast or use a lot of idioms or expression that you sometimes caught but others not. I feel I’m on the path, but I need some more to became fluently and confidence.


ripping my underwear(lol)!


Thank u for video.you are loook like Morgan Friman :)


Thank you James for the video.
I understand which is my level now
At the intermediate level.

Ion Petrescu



Thank you. that was verry useful to me


Thanks for the tips!


i want to work with you to improve grammer

cheick berete

and my biggest problem is the pronunciation

cheick berete

Thanksfor the advice James… sometimes i thought i stuck in between beginner and intermediate level, and i just need to be more confident, cuz when i drunk i could speak english fluently

Jania Suwadji

Amazing class

Carlos bouie

Thank u fot the lesson, I’m a beginner english student but I had big progress with the language, just playing some videogames with the main language in english, so a lot of times I had to translate new words and sentences to understand, and that’s my tip! Can be weird but still is a nice way to improve your english while enjoy your entertainment.


Hi James, many thanks for your sharing. very useful ideas and meathods.


Hi James. Thank you very much for the lesson. I am an intermediate. When I was a beginner I used to put post-its all over my house naming the objects in English. It helped me to improve my vocabulary.


Thank u very much ,that lesson was useful also there’s some funny,my respect to u

Talky molky

I’m a bigener in English. I have learned English listening to a short story, after I can understand almost of it, I write down it listening again and again. I finish writing, I check it.


Thank you so much fot this video, it helps me a lot – now I now which level I am.


Thank you Mr. James. I like the way you speak, and I enjoy watching your lessons as well as watching “Friends”.


it was great to let us know where we are stand up on the english language after a long time I been reading english with subtitles when you explain the class, Ill keep doing i wont to improve my speaking english skills also as a fluent speaker gracias Mr.Jaime


I am an intermediate. When I was a teenager, I used to listen to music, english songs. I kept them on repeat and listen to them over and over again. I followed the lyrics, first I just read them to teach my tongue to say them better, then I repeated them, then I started to sing with the artist until I was able to say the words exactly as he/she was saying. And finally, I just sang the song alone with the same pronunciation as the artist and without lyrics.


Thank you so much James! Now I know how fluent I am in speaking English. I’m still in a beginner level. So I need to spend more effort to improve my English.


beginner fovrever!!!!


Wonderful Class. Thanks one more time James!!!


thank you for this video. This video really help me to understand my difficulties in english. I am start come back to learn english after a while and now I feel motivated to come back!!

eduardo costa 13

Thank you James you are the best teacher and so funny.


Thank you very much for this video.
It was my first time watching one of your videos, and I intend to finish them all. As for the homework, I believe my level is between intermediate and advanced.
reading has been quite beneficial to me in my English learning journey.
I always had pronunciation problems no matter how many books I read, and I read a lot, but I discovered that I don’t know how to pronounce words even when I’m ready them and that when I decided to read the books that I enjoy and listen to them at the same time, so basically I would listen to each sentence and repeat it afterword.
My pronunciation has greatly improved as a result of this practice, and I am always learning new vocabulary and having fun.
I hope this tip is as useful to you as it was to me.


Just watch and read a lot in english and you’ll get quickly better.


with a small steps going into the high.


All your explanation are really amazing!!!
You are Brilliant Mr. James.
Thank you!!!

Denise Pimenta

good lesson

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