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Awesome lesson Mr James :)

Profile photo of Danny758 Danny758

    Interesting lesson on demostratives James, although it was not a video specially designed for beginners.

    Relative time, but especially distance are concepts not THAT easy to grasp at early stages of language learning.

    Awesome Video-lesson James.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

    This is awesome, I’m happy to be a part of this group.

    Profile photo of thickmadam thickmadam

Very clear lesson. Thank you James!
And… Mr He is very funny :))
This is simply my opinion, right?
Bye to everyone that follow these useful lessons on EnnVid !

Profile photo of Luke Luke

    Mr He is very funny .why Mr and He are combination ?

    Profile photo of Biswajit12 Biswajit12

      Sorry friend, I have done a mistake :)
      The name of the long worm, that James always drdws on the board is Mr. E not Mr. He
      You are right, my apology
      Bye for now

      Profile photo of Luke Luke

        Hey guys! By the way, “Mr He” sounds very interesting :) It might be a good idea for James to refresh his worm-friend..

        Profile photo of AlexSem AlexSem

          I agree too. It would be double funny.

          Profile photo of hjugoboss hjugoboss

Just a day before travel to Canada I´m learning english with this awesome teacher !Thank you James! Next month in Vancouver to visit my daughter ! See you in August Engvid! A great website!

Profile photo of oscargutierrez502 oscargutierrez502

Hi, Mr James, and all the staff at Engvid.
You did a good job, thank you. However, when you talk about s/t that is over here(close) and I answer you using the pronoun ‘that’,(that is inappropiate), in this case, (you as native), would you feeling it as a BIG MISTAKE, I am asking, thanks, ta ta

Profile photo of moh-avid moh-avid

7/9 well demonstrative adjectives and demonstrative pronouns are not my type. I made the wrong choice in the first ones.

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

thank you for that lesson, in these days we need to speak a good English.

Profile photo of marienba marienba

interesting lesson. thank you james.

Profile photo of yaoqian yaoqian

James. Thank for lesson. I think when you said “a”, You must say “b”. :) It’s time to explain word: “there”, “over there”, “here”, “over here”. In today’s lesson You used word “over there”. Why?

Profile photo of eurokolchoznik eurokolchoznik

Thank you for your online material.

Profile photo of Ukrit Ukrit

Thank you so much.

Profile photo of werawan werawan

    Hi ,would u like to communicate with me?I really like improving english my speaking to foreign people.Looking forward to hearing from u.Greedings!

    Profile photo of Biswajit12 Biswajit12

      yes i want cause we are in same country

      Profile photo of khaledimam6 khaledimam6

    werawan, English language also like u:)

    Profile photo of seem seem

Amazing video. Thank you very much.

Profile photo of silvio14o silvio14o

tHIs Lesson has been fantastic! Your are gREat teacher as always

Profile photo of AlessandroItaly AlessandroItaly

good explanation Mr james thank you

Profile photo of sara janoui sara janoui

I’ve got 100 points :)

Profile photo of sara janoui sara janoui

great lesson!!!

Profile photo of Flavio90 Flavio90

thanks for the explanation james :)

Profile photo of icang icang

Thanks James, very good!

Profile photo of Monique Andrade Monique Andrade

I like this page because I’m studying English so I can find a lot of helping.

Profile photo of karinjimin karinjimin

Big thanks to your video lessons for all. I hope I could communicate English with other people from different nation. However, I would like to request more for update. Thanks!!!

Profile photo of Rama-SHV Rama-SHV

this is a good video :)

Profile photo of Hossam Salem Hossam Salem

That lesson is suit me, unfortunate I’m not close to Canada because I want to study with those professors in engvid.com. Thank you James.

Profile photo of sanosuken sanosuken

great teaching!!

Profile photo of veraparagouteva veraparagouteva

Thank u Mr. James, I think this lesson is so helpful!
so i cant get (close)what mean?

Profile photo of Kaprrishine Kaprrishine

    hello, I want to communicate with you, we might improve our English language

    Profile photo of seem seem

Thanks a lot James. I like the way you explain.

Profile photo of Silvi@ Silvi@

Thanks a lot MR E!!! Great lesson

Profile photo of Zuleika Zuleika

good job

Profile photo of sapactor sapactor

thanks James

Profile photo of mido79997 mido79997

Thanks a lot Mr. James.

Profile photo of hend.m hend.m

Thank You, my english is not that good but that was easy to remember.

Profile photo of prince khalid prince khalid

very usefull

Profile photo of Sandeep Saini Sandeep Saini

That is really an interesting and useful lesson.Thank you James for that.I wish i could speak English as fast as you speak;-).I enjoyed watching that video.

Profile photo of TEJALKK TEJALKK

thanks :)

Profile photo of Aisha Yousef Aisha Yousef

Really i learn much more from that video

Profile photo of Ahemd Samad Khan Ahemd Samad Khan

which is correct “these” or “those” when it comes to referring to things that were already mentioned in another sentence?
e.x: pollution and wars are the biggest issues we’re facing today. “Theses” issues can be overcome by …

Profile photo of Ghassanaltaji Ghassanaltaji

Thank you James for your great lesson as always.
Here is my Skype adress for those who wants to improve speaking skills please don’t hesitate to contact me :yucel143

Profile photo of YucelSv YucelSv

awesome this lesson, thanks James so much ! U’re genius. :)

Profile photo of tranducquanueh tranducquanueh

thanks a lot :) i am very bed in english :( now i want to improve my english .

Profile photo of Biswajit12 Biswajit12

Great lesson!

Profile photo of golman69 golman69

You are fantastic and i’m doing like you during my courses as I’m a trainer of english language

Profile photo of beyond borders beyond borders

I got 100!

you are a very good teacher James!
thanks because your jokes aren’t dirty!

great lesson!
I also learn to give lesson with you because I am an English teacher as well!

Profile photo of tiagoamericoo tiagoamericoo

amazing lesson
thank you james
i enjoyed the lesson with you

Profile photo of reemo9 reemo9

Nice lesson, thanks

Profile photo of adalberto75 adalberto75

Thank you.
It was very helpful lesson and you help me to understand many things.

Profile photo of Topyas Topyas

    Helpful Lesson, Thank U!

    Profile photo of Kaprrishine Kaprrishine

Thank you

Profile photo of borasmus borasmus

it was so nice, thank you

Profile photo of Namidaka Namidaka

7/9 :(

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

Hello James, It’s Jader.

Good lesson.

Profile photo of jaderoliver jaderoliver

thank you for the lesson

Profile photo of saraisabel saraisabel

Teacher James, where is the subtitle? It’s very important for me and so is other people. Please add the subtitle if it’s possible. Thank you teacher.

Profile photo of Mubaraki Mubaraki

Loved the lesson!!!

Profile photo of Marioo Marioo

Hi James! You’re so fun and positive, this fact really help us to learn and to wait next lesson with great expectation. It’s awesome:)

Profile photo of alkarbi alkarbi

Hi Mr.James
What is the use of this/these and that/those in spoken English?I am confused because sometimes people use that in spoken though they are supposed to use this.Please,explain to me.Thanks

Profile photo of mfarooq1981 mfarooq1981

Videos aren’t playing? What should i do ?

Profile photo of Ksara32k Ksara32k

I cannot say thank you enough!!
lately I’ve been taken my time to learn with many of yours on EngVid website.
Before I finish my course, I already can give classes!! you’re always helpfull

Profile photo of anderson-weider anderson-weider


Profile photo of Aleemhayat Aleemhayat

89% :(

Profile photo of Imtithal Saeed Imtithal Saeed

Thank you james.Your explanation was very good!

Profile photo of checho6211 checho6211

Thank a lot for the Lesson Mr; James awesome!! nice

Profile photo of Amzah Amzah

thank you …

Profile photo of cristinaluna cristinaluna

    hı would u lıke to talk wıth me to ımprove our englısh skıll

    Profile photo of bjoy bjoy

hope everything workout for you
i really wanna ask you what is the best way to start teaching english to someone who has not any exprience of it what is the best way to start i mean for example is that good to ask him/her to first memorize some new words or first start with listening by the way consider that he or she doesn’t have time maybe less than 10 session what is your suggestion?
thanks in advance.

Profile photo of 123456mehdi 123456mehdi

Listening is enjoyable dear teacher :)

Profile photo of lily8 lily8

Thanks James, Great lesson!!!!!!

Profile photo of OzzyJ OzzyJ

Great lesson

Profile photo of Rafael12 Rafael12

thanks too much and great lesson

Profile photo of Adel9999 Adel9999

Thank you. Good lesson!

Profile photo of Karito23 Karito23

You really helped me,Mr.James!I like all your lessons!Thank you so much!

Profile photo of Serejka0 Serejka0

Yes i get it

Profile photo of eessaa eessaa

Thank u so much that was so helpfull ,,
i do really like your way how to give lessons : )

Profile photo of Nona Zraki Nona Zraki

Hey eessaa could you plz help me??? Videos aren’t playing in my iphone 5. What can i do to solve it ???? I’m also frm pak

Profile photo of Ksara32k Ksara32k

    That might be the problem — our videos are hosted on Youtube, which may be blocked in Pakistan. Try using a VPN, proxy, or changing your DNS server.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Very good. Thanks

Profile photo of arthurkomiyama arthurkomiyama

That was a nice lesson

Profile photo of AikiAikido AikiAikido

thanks for your explaining. I really had confused about the different , but now you solve it. thanks alot

Profile photo of Maryam Zaky Maryam Zaky

wow…what a lecture …i don’t saw lecture this…it’s really enjoyable and easily understandable ….thank you james…..

Profile photo of Sriram E Sriram E

Great lesson James! I agree with you, black is a good color! ;)

Profile photo of Stanasty Stanasty

thanks a lot

Profile photo of Elbek Elbek

I think you are the best guy… :)

Profile photo of devrimnazlican devrimnazlican

I’m very happy about this site is very good

Profile photo of Yency Yency

Thank you for the wonderful lessons every time. By the way, do you have a plan to feature the difference between “make” and “let”? I often confuse these 2 words to use. :-(

Profile photo of Akihiko Otsu Akihiko Otsu

first Thnx you so much for sharing your experience with us,then I would like to get a lesson about “over”,some other phrasal verbs.

Profile photo of bakhtiyar ali bakhtiyar ali

Thank you Mr. James!

Profile photo of Paulina Paulina

Thank you ..

Profile photo of Han22 Han22

thank you James :)

Profile photo of shinhyemi shinhyemi

Thank you very much, your lessons are helping me so much. I meesed up just the last one.. :(

Profile photo of daniel.leandro daniel.leandro

i really like the lessons and i just watched two of them.

Profile photo of Reo7 Reo7

When I read the title of this lesson I thought, this is not for me, I know a lot about how to use this and that, but I’ve realized is good to review what you have learned some time ago. Brilliant lesson and great job, James!

Profile photo of cristina cristina

Thanks Mr James

Profile photo of Boua Boua

It was very interesting. Thank you for the lesson

Profile photo of Halya.kop Halya.kop

Thank you! James

Profile photo of longloveu longloveu

Thank you James
great lesson :)

Profile photo of Sarahbeiruty Sarahbeiruty

nice lesson.

Profile photo of poo poo


Profile photo of Zafran Ullah Zafran Ullah

Thanks a lot! like always your lesson is perfect.

Profile photo of sashadana sashadana

Awesome teaching…..

Profile photo of Sridhar S I Sridhar S I

Hi Mr James
Thank you very much for (this) lessons. It was very helpful.

Profile photo of Ziaddalati Ziaddalati

I really like that!

Profile photo of Mr Mad Mr Mad

Obrigado James.

Profile photo of @jorgedias @jorgedias

oh thank you so much MR james . your lesson as usually very useful

Profile photo of ichraka ichraka

Thank you very much

Profile photo of maanRhabeeb maanRhabeeb

I’m already in love with your lessons! Great work!

Profile photo of memayen memayen

I’ve just passed a quiz without watching the video :O I like your films, I understand a lot :)

Profile photo of KStef KStef

Thank you James please put up exam questions too!

Profile photo of celine2005 celine2005

thanks james, i like your lessons , i’ve been folowing theme for a while and i think those lessons are interesting ^^

Profile photo of nosair nosair

Hey Professor James i´m brazilian and i´m 12 years old and I´m leaving In U.S!!! You are helping me so much with my lessons and i´m very grateful by finding this site and learning with you! Huge Fan of your Job and Congratulations! your the funniest teacher i ever saw!

Profile photo of JPFlorentinoMattos JPFlorentinoMattos

Thanks James, so clear explanation!

Profile photo of vladimiraguilar vladimiraguilar

Thank you, James. At this time, you teach me a lot.

Profile photo of RedLO RedLO

Thank you James

Profile photo of albalachiara albalachiara

Hi Teacher james!
Thank you, because this is very important and very easy lesson, really you made us understand, i am so glad how you explain the lessons for us…. i wish you best.

Profile photo of abdiwahabSomalo abdiwahabSomalo

Hello Mr. James,
This lesson is very useful, but I’m still confused with the sentence: Now It’s that time to learn something new. “Now” means a present time so why don’t we say that: Now It’s this time to learn something new?

Profile photo of Vananhnguy Vananhnguy

Thank you Mr James!

Profile photo of Sayasat Sayasat

Tks Mr james¡¡

Profile photo of jmanuelsi jmanuelsi

Very helpful lesson James, thank you very much!

Profile photo of Nzr1940 Nzr1940

James, thank you

Profile photo of Taras Kr Taras Kr

Thank you,Mr.James!!!

Profile photo of Syny4ka Syny4ka


Profile photo of jameel17 jameel17

hey James!! that shoe was really smelled bad :D it came from there to here ! D:

Profile photo of mahsungok mahsungok

9/9 Thanks James

Profile photo of SmartNick SmartNick

You’re really entertaining while doing the lesson james. You really have that natural sense of humor. I only got 5 out of 9, it’s a little confusing to me. But anyway, thanks for sharing this lesson james…

Profile photo of Ryan18 Ryan18

9/9 Good work James!

Profile photo of NaughtyDog88 NaughtyDog88

Very good lesson, James. You’re great.

(It has been so hot in Brazil, James.Lots of
tourists are just melting in the streets.
Carnival time. Brazilians go bananas. Nobody works, just singing and dancing in the streets.
In some States it lasts 15 days.
The “escolas de samba” (samba schools??) are
going to parade. It’s something totally
awesome. You have to see it to believe it.
Prince Charles was here many, many years ago
and he (kind of) danced with one of the
“mulatas”. He seemed so happy.
I think you should come to Brazil and see it
with your very own eyes.)

Profile photo of Sonia1234 Sonia1234

This lesson is very useful! Thank you James!

Profile photo of viccowang viccowang

Got 8 out 9. Thanks james for sharing this lesson.

Profile photo of Ryan18 Ryan18

Thanx Mr James , very simple & smart , well i watch you daily ,so please keep up your great work :)

Profile photo of Aya Ayo Aya Ayo

thank you so much for that lesson. I did 9/9, so I believe I’m absorbing a lot of your explanations. You are a great teacher!

Profile photo of abayomi abayomi

hello how are you? i like mestar jams

Profile photo of salehalali salehalali

Thank you for this video. I’ve already studied this subject,but, at those time, i didn’t understand clearly like todays.

If I did any mistake, please, correct me.

Profile photo of carlosengforever carlosengforever

omg this lesson is awesome. thank you man.

Profile photo of kash2 kash2

omg this lessn is awesome. thank you man.

Profile photo of kash2 kash2

Amazing !

Profile photo of claudio.nono14 claudio.nono14

shouldn’t you use ‘this’ in this sentence? now it is that time to learn sth cuz we use ‘that’ when we talk about the complited actions

Profile photo of Gocha Gocha

Hey teacher !!
Forgive me if i write something wrong,Im Brasilian
Do you gave particular class maybe for Skype ????
I hope you answer me :)

Profile photo of Roh Cavalcante Roh Cavalcante

Thank you so much. You are a genius.

Profile photo of Bhuendra Bhuendra


Profile photo of RichardMDC RichardMDC

i got 8 out of 9

Profile photo of k.abed k.abed

Good lesson !!

Profile photo of Osman Faruk Osman Faruk

I ❤ your lessons! Thank you, James

Profile photo of TonyaVashchenko TonyaVashchenko

That quiz was great! Now I’m going to prepare english for my exam and I will use these books over here to make it easier for me :)

Profile photo of Materpel Materpel

I got 100% in that lesson

Profile photo of ALKEBSEE ALKEBSEE

This is awesome lesson.. thanks James.

Profile photo of Doaasam Doaasam

awesome lesson thanks a lot

Profile photo of Gehan Adel Gehan Adel

THAT lesson was very very useful for me. Thank you, James.

Profile photo of katy Mamukashvili katy Mamukashvili

that was awesome…

Profile photo of Nanlags Nanlags

You got 9 correct out of 9.

thanks a lot..

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

Thank you, James!)

Profile photo of Annablk Annablk

Great learning

Profile photo of HK8592 HK8592

You’re funny James, every time I watch the videos I laugh :)

Profile photo of nvdsaa nvdsaa

Thanks so much for all the lessons. U are u funny learning us English.

Profile photo of Iva Albania Iva Albania

First time that I access this website. I`s going to be very useful to me. Thanks a lot and congrats!

Profile photo of gustavohftesteves gustavohftesteves

Much obliged for THAT lesson, sir James!

Profile photo of JadeHarley JadeHarley

Thank you James, I got 100%.

Profile photo of creamymagenta00 creamymagenta00

Thank You for useful lesson!

Profile photo of Lalanana Lalanana

Thank you James, that was great!

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