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Thank you James

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    Understanding the rational behind the use of do/make will help us to become more proficient at English. There’s no doubt about it.

    Now let’s do the quiz and see if we all do well.

    Well, it’s time for meal James. Oh gosh! I just have to make do with a sandwich today. I had no time to cash my check.

    Excellent lesson James! Take care.

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I love your teaching James

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Ohhh that’s very useful guys Keep it going

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thank u james

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Thank youuu so much

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Hi, James. Let me make a comment on the video that you have made. It often makes me wonder what to use MAKE or DO? Thanx for making this video lesson.Do the best. ) Eric

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that was really beneficial and helpful.
thank you james.

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Thanks James! This lesson was really helpful and it just cleared my mind about this topic. Peace ✌

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Thanks James, this lesson was great..

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Great lesson, James! Thank you so much.

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I think I will do wonders in English,God be with you

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I wish you nice preparation of next lesson

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Thank you James :)
it’s great :)

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Thank you so much.

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Thanks James!!Nice lesson!

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Thanks James! Great Lesson

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    Hello I would like practice English with you. I am from Colombia this is my WhatsApp 3104113274

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      There is only one way to become proficient at anything: Practice.

      Have a nice day!

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    That’s just what I was thinking; I agree with you entirely Elisrpm.

    If we want to become fluent in English, we all need to MAKE an extra effort; practice MAKES the difference.

    Good luck with your English.

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Such a helpful lesson! Thanks James, your are a great teacher!

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Great lesson!

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Thank u James!

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Thanks James)

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Easy to understand to our teacher and it has been a clear and carefully explanation of the ambiguity of these two verbs, “to do” and “to make”, but when you listen to other conversations and contexts and change this pedagogic situation then maybe generate the doubt about what verb we should use. It depends on your memory to remember the exceptions like “make the bed”. I remember teacher Rebecca was explaining this concept although I haven’t seen teacher Ronnie’s explanation yet, I suppose I will have to make a view with Ronnie’s Engvid background to the inquiry of this topic. Thank a lot, teacher James, it has been a very interesting lesson as always.

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Yes, James, I’ve got 10 correct! Thank you for another informative lesson.
Can I say that students are doing their lessons, but you are making them?

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Great lesson, thanks James!

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Thanks James. It`s a great lesson.

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Thank you very much

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I loved your class about the difference between “make” and “do”! Thanks a lot!

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Thank you so much for your teaching me, and gave me the lesson of English this morning, so cool 😎

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Thanks teacher. Excellent lesson. “Make” and “do” are expressions very useful to improve the language.
Thanks again.

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So great! Thanks James!

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i love your class james. thanks a lot…

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Thanks James. I never seen a explanation as you did… It was very clear.

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Great video! Thanks

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Thank you James. if somebody wants to practice english we can communicate on “what’s app” 8777 189 03 40. See you there.

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Thank you! This is a excellent lesson. Congratulations.

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Thank you! This is a excellent lesson. Congratulations

Best regard


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Hi James!

Congratulate me I’ve got 100% yahooooo…..

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I do want to make a phone call whit everyone that who can talk whit me when you guys free..However i do want, It’s useful for English speaking practice. I hope and support you guys join this cooperate to make our English fluently. Thanks you for

Email: Sophan.dareth01@gmail.com

Contact: +(855)87352120

Facebook: Dareth Charles

Location: Cambodia

please contact me as soon as you guys free.

Best Regard and Thanks you very much

Dareth Sophan

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Hi, James thanks for your great videos.
I had a request on a video about punctuation specifically about colon and semicolon

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A very good and useful lesson

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thanku james sir



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Teacher: Do you have trouble making decisions?
Student: Well…yes and no.

What is the difference between “Make” and “Do” a joke? :))

Thanks, ciao

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10 over 10
tks so much
do/make the new lesson please

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thank you Mr james

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Good initiative from engvid. Thank you

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I did good job.

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Thanks a lot .Great effort .

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thanks a lot, James. It’s a nice lesson to clarify my confusion.

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The action and the result part made it all crystal clear…thanks james

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Thank You. You “made” it easy for me to understand.

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thanks James

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I certainly confirm I love this program

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oh james thank you!

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yay i got 90 score on it:)

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Thank you for the interesting lesson, James.

Dear EngVid visitors, maybe some of you wanna practice your English? I really wanna to talk with you. Please, answer, if tou like.

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    *wanna talk

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      I just join EngVid

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    Me :D

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    Me Plzzz ;)

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Thanks a lot for share your knowledge!

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Thanks a lot dude!

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great teaching

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Hi James! Great lesson. Until now I tried to memorize when to use do and when to use make, but you taught us that there are rules that can be applied. Thanks!

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Pretty Good For Your Quize james I Got out 9 i Made it , it’s was So interesting Lesson i Like

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Thanks a lot.Very interesting lesson. I like😉

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acually, it’s a bit difficult to differenciate between make and do, even I can’t explain it to if I knew how to differentiate them. sometimes I just guess it and it’s true, sometimes I don’t know why I choose make but it’s tru

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great. Thanks!

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Thank you so much.you are great teacher

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I got 10 out of 10
Thank you James

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Thank You James, I realy understand diference between do and make.

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Thank you James, I am clear right now about these two verbs.

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Thank you !! It was an amazing lesson to Many people could got confuse

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thank you so much!

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Thanks James

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Thank you Teacher james

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Thank you James

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this help me a lot, thank you james

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Thanks a lot dear teacher

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Thank you James I am enjoying learning from this site

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thanks james 😊

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Thanks James! Great lesson. It is little confused but I will do more practise.

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Very Good!!!!

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Thanks James.

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Thank you.

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Thank you very much!

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100% correct!
Thanks or you explanation, Mr. James!!!!

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Thx James for all your lessons.
For the next one, could you teach us how to create title nouns/names like: Should I say “Technical Quality Manager” or “Quality Technical Manager” so on

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thank Teatcher

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Very Nice!thanks :3

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I look forward to a lot of lessons from you. Good work.
Thanks James

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Hey Teacher You made me happy with your style of teaching. Thank you very much

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Great lesson!Thank you very much!

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Very good. thank you.

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Thank you, i learn new ideas

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You’re awesome. Now I understand better

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Good teaching

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I have learned to the differenciate the use of MAKE and DO.
Thank a lot for your help.

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Thank you James . I really like Engvid :)



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Thank you so much.

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This is really awesome!

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Thank you James .:) you’re very good teacher .


Thank you ))

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excellent, thanks, Mr. James

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I like your style!

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Thank You Mr.James,This session is yery usefuul for me

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You are a great teacher, Thank you a lot.☺

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it was really a usufull lesson i got 10 n the quiz , it would be pleasure if practice english with some one on engvid family , who is interested , he coul dbe in touch with on skype (lifworld4)

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    Hello my friend!

    I’ve tried to send you an invitation on Skype but I couldn’t. Is your ID right?

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      sorry i missed something lifeworld4

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thanks. my result 8/10.

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many many thanks to you for this concept.

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thank james. My score is 10/10

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thank you for usefull lesson. my result is 10/10

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Thanks!! James, you made my day nice with it! I do know the difference!!

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Thanks a lot James! This lesson was awesome. After watching the video, I finally understood it. Those words always confused me. I have to make many sentences in order to improve my skills.

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Thanks James :) Finally I learned that difference between make and do

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Dear James,

Firstly, I would like to say thank you so much, this video is very useful.

I would like to ask you a question, How to find whole TRANSCRIPT?

It will be nice if I can find the transcript. I will try to practice reading it out loud for making more my understanding and to improve my speaking also.

Thank in advance.

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Good explanation, thank you James

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Thany U sir…

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Hello James, I like the way you explaing the difference between do and make. It’s clear and easy to understand for me. Thank you. I did the quiz and got ten out of the ten.:)

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thank you james

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How to download these vidio

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    Sorry, our videos are only available on YouTube. Our teachers make money from YouTube ads, which lets us offer all these lessons for free. We hope you understand!

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The quiz is fun…Thanks James

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thank you teacher James. It helps me a lot! keep it up

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Excellent lesson James, Always I have doubt about it. Thanks!!!

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Thank you very much!

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First of all, thank you!

I’ve got 10/10.

If someone want to write/talk with me, leave me a message on Skype, more information in my profile.

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What is the difference between assesment and evaluation and between factor and condiion?

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Thank you so much james

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Wonderful, Thanks a lot

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Thank you James. Excellent lesson.

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Thank you James

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Hello James, really nice video!

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wuaw is increible

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thanks James it was very useful

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Wow.. It was So Easy To Understand Just Because Of you

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thank you, we’re looking for more lessons you are the best in the website this is my opinon

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Thank you James

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Thank you James,l like this lesson.

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It was a very good class, thank you so much!

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Thank you!!!

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thanks james,great lesson!!!!


you r the best Lebron:)

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Thank you, a very simplified and clear lesson.

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Thanks, I really enjoy the class and it was clear

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Thanks a lot

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Thank you a lot James,it was a wonderful lesson .

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me too

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Thank you james

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Thanks from your teaching.

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Thanks you James

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I love ur courses

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Thank you so much . . . :D

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Thank u!

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9\10…thank you alot you’r my favourite teacher♥

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Thanks.it’s very good for me

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How do they set the Italian subtitles?

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Really, Thanks a lot ^_^

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Thank you so much

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Thanks a lot. It’s perfectly :)

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Nice explanation, you are the best!!

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James your class is amazing!!!! I loved it! Thanks you!!!

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Thank you teacher James

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Thanks, Mr. James you made me happy

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thank you Mr James i got 7 to your quiz. I’ll do everything to learn and become fluent to speak English.

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thanks <3

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Thank you

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Fully satisfied. Thank you a lot

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Thanks a lot Mr.James for making this video lesson, am your fan now :)

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Thank you James I made it. I go 100% well said Mr.E!

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thaaaanks ^^

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thankyou. the quiz its very well

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😊 80. It’s not too bad for a beginner… ☺
Thank you Mr. James.

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Thank you James from the Czech rep.

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you are best teacher in the world

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Thank you so much teacher, I got 10 out of 10

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Thank you for explaining the difference between make and do.

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finally I got the perfect grade, this video is going to help to my second chance at school and I will not fail again

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Really thanks for what you always teach.

You impressed me.

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Hi James!

Thanks for this great lesson! “Do” and “make” are very confusing for an English student like me. Your tips will help us to use them in the correct way.

Regards from Rio de Janeiro!: )

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great lesson …he made me imporove my english

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James you are the best !!!

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yeeaah i got 100 ^_^ love you my favourite teacher

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Good lesson .. ! you make the difference

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Learning English makes me happy.I’ll do it every day.

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goood prof

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Thanks you rock. I really want to make this website better, I am a web developer and this site can be as best as you imagine. Just tell me and contact me geovaq19@gmail.com is going to be a pleasure to help this great community. All of you are great teachers.

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I think there is a mistake on the board in the sentence: “you can see it but you can`t touch it”. It should have a comma as the following sentece: “you can see it, but you can`t touch it” because they are two sentences. Am I right?

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THANKS Teacher james

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Hey, Dude! Great Lesson. I’m going to do a English test tomorrow and It’ll help me a lot. Thanks!

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I’m terribly enjoying those quizzes..thanks for ur great job nd efforts

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why did you write ( I make a bed every morning) Though the action is Repeated?

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James, thanks for all your lesson. Are you American, right?

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James – outstanding teacher! Thanks for your dedication.

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Thank you. James :)

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wow only 1 mistake thank you

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Thank you,teacher.Very good lesson.I learned a lot.

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excellent teacher
i think that you can do personnal developpement


nice explanation

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thank you it was very clear and easy to understand.

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thank you so much! you make it easier ;) am i right ? lol

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Thanks a lot James, you are amaizing teacher!

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Thanks James! I’ve got 100.

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I am finally learning through, sight, hearing and doing. Thanks, Mr. James!

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Great Lesson!

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you re amazing thank you and ı am sorry maybe ı am wrong you told that us you can not use to with modal but ı saw your mistake on make and do lesson and last question there is you wrote can to ı hope you understand me what ı said ….you had written that sentence … ı do everything ı can to make you happy can you tell me whats that?

Profile photo of selim12efe selim12efe

    It’s not a mistake, there are two parts in this sentence. The first is: I do everything I can (it means – I do everything that I can do). The second part: to make you happy (an intention).

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Thank you teacher! very helpful!

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Thanks a lot James, you are amaizing teacher!

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I would like to say thank you for that on DO and Make explanation. most of time it mixs up my mind, but after listening the video got cristal clear.

Many thanks!

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Thanks James,you are a wonderful teacher.

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You are the best! Thank you!I am very happy with your work!

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Your way of explaining makes the lesson easier, thanks.

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Thank you James, for your lessons,10/10

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Very, very good!!! Thanks James

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Thanks a lot it was very helpful

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tank you teacher james it was an amazing lesson

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thank you james you are a great teacher

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Thanks a lot

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i just wanna make a comment that: “You are brilliant”

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Thanks dude,you give me a lot of point for making very senteces.

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Thank You James!!!

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Thank you very much, James!

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thank you man you are my best teacher in engvid

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I got 10 correct out of 10.
Thank you James.

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It was a good lesson. Thank you for teaching!

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Excellent Lesson! Thanks a lot

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Good lesson! Tanks James,

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Hey James! Thanks a lot for made this video to explain us when and how to use ”do” and ”make”
It helps me a lot.

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thanks for the lesson

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You got 10 correct out of 10.

thank you so much.

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Perfect! it helped me to clear doubts out about using these verbs.
Thanks a lot!

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thank you so much.
It was agood lesson

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Thanks James !

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I am Doing my hair! It was my mistake , I chose Making!! Thank you teacher.

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thanks so much, you and MS Rony are the best teachers

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after this video i am not confused about the use of make and do anymore! thank u !

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thanks jamse and ya you are goodlooking man

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Thanks James you are an amazing teacher ! It’s really a pleasure to learn English with Engvib !

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it’s easy to learn..

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James I watch your lessons every day. Thank you my english is better

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thank you for teaching us

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Simeon, you do the dishes for Mon. I’ll make the fire ok.
Thanks lecturer .

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Thanks for this lesson

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yehoo i got nine🤟

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i love the way of Quiz…..Thanks sir

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thank you

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Thank you very much for this class Mr. James and Mr. E hahaha

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I get 100 , thank you james

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Vey helpful. Thanks

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i’m done 10/10. i did the quiz and i got a good mark. Now i’m going to do my chores and then make a popcorn for showing football matches. Thank you very much James.

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Love you make me happy when you teaching becuse I understand evry thing you teach🌹👌🏻💜

Profile photo of Tanaz86 Tanaz86

Thanks for best teacher ever! I have 90. I did mistake in a hair question. DO hair and not MAKE.
Try to remember that lesson!

Profile photo of Ezaky Ezaky

Hello James ….. I have a question for you

Would it be correct to say that: a Student does the homework while teachers makes the homework ?

Profile photo of jimwick jimwick

I got 80% only.I made a mistake twice.Im a lil bit hesitant about the hair thingy hehe.Well,only then I realized that doing a hair is right bcoz its part of your daily routine.Also do a quiz is right though its still confuses me because after the lesson you can have a result by “making a quiz” isnt it?Hence the “do a quiz” is right bcoz its a kind of total package if having a lesson right after will be a quiz.So for me kind of obligation which repeats after lesson classes.

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very helpful thanks

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Thanks i have got it

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thank you james.your lesson is amazing!

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Thanks Mr. James! Just simple and strong lesson.

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got 100 Mr James yessssss, good lesson

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Got 60 😔

Profile photo of Marina da Gloria Santos Marina da Gloria Santos

I have done the quiz. yeah, I’m a good student.

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james ı love you man :)

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Thenk you♥
I got 100/100. So happy :)

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I did my quiz very well. Thank you very much! I understand the lesson very good. Kudos!

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thanks James…You are a very good teacher…

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Hi James.What can we do without you???!
you are so helpful .thanks a lot

Profile photo of fanch fanch

i got a question,
why in the last test, we need to choose to do the squeeze instead of make?
10) After you watch a lesson on engVid, it’s time to ______ the quiz!

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My students loved this lesson. Thanks.

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thank for your help

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Hey James, Thanks a lot for those wonderful lesions :) and I really love the way you explain things!

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good luck mr.James keep going

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Hi everyone! I have a question, why do you say “do a report” and not “make a report” as you write, you produce smth, youi create, it’s like a plan, sort of…

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Why do we say “do a drawing/painting” and not “make a drawing/painting”???

Profile photo of Valerush78 Valerush78

Thank you for this lesson!!!!
I make my bed every morning, I do my morning exercises.

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thank you

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I like it! Thanks❤️

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Please sir, is there any differences between Smell and SMELLING, another one is Feeling and Feel. thanks sir

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Tip so useful

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yeah broo I got 100 !

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Thank you teacher, i got 9 out of 10. I keep learning from your videos to learn more and improve my speaking/ vocabulary. It helps me a lot.

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Thank you teacher for being so kind and helpful,I highly appreciate your lessons :)

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