The English verbs do and make are frequently confused, so pay particular attention to the expressions below. It is best to learn the expressions by heart. Some guidelines do exist to help you determine which word to use when, but in general you will not have time to think through the rules before choosing a word. The best approach is to practise, and then practise some more! When you think you have learned them, try the free quiz that appears after the lists to test yourself.

    To Do

  • to do a favour
  • to do a project
  • to do a test
  • to do an assignment
  • to do an exam
  • to do badly
  • to do business
  • to do damage
  • to do exercise
  • to do good
  • to do harm
  • to do homework
  • to do housework
  • to do nothing
  • to do research
  • to do something
  • to do some letter-writing
  • to do some reading
  • to do some studying
  • to do some writing
  • to do the accounts
  • to do the cleaning
  • to do the dishes
  • to do the ironing
  • to do the laundry
  • to do the math
  • to do the maximum
  • to do the minimum
  • to do the paperwork
  • to do the shopping
  • to do the vacuuming
  • to do time
  • to do work
  • to do your best
  • to do your duty
  • to do your hair
  • to do your nails
  • to do your job
  • to do your makeup
  • to do 50 miles per hour

    To Make

  • to make a booking
  • to make a bundle
  • to make a call
  • to make a cake
  • to make a choice
  • to make a comment
  • to make a complaint
  • to make a compromise
  • to make a deal
  • to make a decision
  • to make a difference
  • to make a fire
  • to make a fool of yourself
  • to make a fortune
  • to make a fuss
  • to make a habit
  • to make a move
  • to make a phone call
  • to make a point
  • to make a presentation
  • to make a profit
  • to make a promise
  • to make a remark
  • to make a reservation
  • to make a sales call
  • to make a sound
  • to make a speech
  • to make a suggestion
  • to make a threat
  • to make a visit
  • to make amends
  • to make an appearance
  • to make an appointment
  • to make an attempt
  • to make an enquiry
  • to make an exception
  • to make an excuse
  • to make an offer
  • to make arrangements
  • to make believe
  • to make friends
  • to make fun
  • to make changes
  • to make corrections
  • to make do
  • to make love
  • to make money
  • to make noise
  • to make peace
  • to make plans
  • to make a profit
  • to make progress
  • to make sense
  • to make someone angry
  • to make someone happy
  • to make (someone) mad
  • To make someone sad
  • to make someone’s day
  • to make sure
  • to make time
  • to make trouble
  • to make dinner
  • to make lunch
  • to make breakfast
  • to make a snack
  • to make tea / coffee
  • to make a mess
  • to make a mistake
  • to make the bed
  • to make time
  • to make war
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Test your understanding of the English lesson by answering these questions. You will get the answers and your score at the end of the quiz.
Have you _______ your homework?

Did we _______ a profit this year?

Oh no! I think I _______ a mistake on my exam!

Excuse me. I need to _______ a call to my mother.

When are you going to _______ the dishes? The kitchen looks so messy!

I'm so tired of _______ the housework. I need a holiday!

Have you _______ any coffee? I could really use a cup.

They _______ an excuse about why they couldn’t come to the party.

After this, I need to _______ the laundry.

To _______ business in another country, you need to be aware of local customs.

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