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Hi Alex,
Thanks for this fantastic lesson. I enjoyed a lot.

All the Best

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    My pleasure! Thanks for checking it out.

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Alex I got 100 :). It is one of the most useful lesson. Thanks for bringing that for us! All the best to you! <3

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    My pleasure! Thanks for your kind feedback!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Hi Alex, it is very, very useful.
All the best :)

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Hi Alex,
It’s very useful lessont.


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What a so usefull lesson . Thank you very much Alex.
Keep on teach us !!!
Best regards

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    “Keep on teaching us!”

    I’m glad it was useful for you! :)

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      Yes was it Thanks again Alex

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Dear teacher Alex,
I hope you are fine.
Thanks for give us this an excellent useful advices about how to write effective emails. I’ll use in a practical.

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    I’m glad it was practical and that you can use the information in your daily life!

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Hey Alex,

Good news! I got 9. Thanks for your help in writing emails.

All the best

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    Nice job on the quiz! I’m glad you enjoyed the lesson!

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Hi Alex.
I didn’t know hello is more formal than hi. I thought it is the other way round. Thanks for the info. Please let me know if my tenses using is ok or I should be sticking with the sequence of tenses rule in the sentences above?

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    Hi Tomek, if you’re referring to your first two sentences, your tense usage was perfect. :)

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Hi Alex,
Good news ,I Have got 100 .This is great.
I would like to inform you that this is the first time to watch a video for you but it wont be the last because you are wonderful instructor and your lesson is very useful.

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    Welcome to my section of the internet, wafaa! :D I’m glad you enjoyed the lesson, and I hope to see you again in the comments sections of my videos. Have a great day!

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Hey, Alex,

Thanks for sharing these type of lessons I appreciate it.

All the best.

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Hi, Alex.

To be honest,this lesson is very rich and speak to my daily task at work.
Thank you very much.



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Hello Alex!
Thank for this lesson, it is useful. Now, I can write a professional email to my colleagues or my boss or other companies.
Thank you for the update.
All the best,


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Hi Alex,
Thank you for this video.I benefited a lot.

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Hi Alex!
Thank you for important lesson.
All the best.

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Thanks for your help!!

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Thanks Alex for your fantastic class.

It’s very useful to write a cover letter to get a job.


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Hi Alex, thanks for all your videos that are very useful for me. Thank you

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for the information you provided on writing professional emails, this helps me gain a lot of confidence to write emails. Please keep teaching us this way, I shall contribute to the support as soon as I can.

Thanks & Regards

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Hello Alex,

This is to inform you that your lesson was the best.

I’d like to know when will you post another lesson like that.

Thanks for the info.

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Hello Alex,
Thanks for your lessons,it is super useful for me.
After i work at a foreign company,i found no one use Dear as a start,sincerely yours as a ending,Those were i learned from school.


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Hi Alex,
This is to inform that these instructions help me a lot.
Thank you!

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Hi Alex, Thank you!

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Hey Alex,
Thanks for your suggesting this lesson.

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Hei Alex, Thank you I really enjoy the lesson.

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Hi ALex, I send you this mail because you invited us to E-mail you. I frequently do lessons of Engvid and you are one of my favorite teachers.
I hope you will go on and have a lot of succes.
Regards Tiny

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Hello Alex,

Achieved 10/10 just because you trained me on this topic so well.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Alex

I owe you a lot. I have been learning from you over about four or five years. You are awesome.

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Thanks for your lessons Alex. I´m involving in a new job where I need to write every day emails to many people. This video becomes a very useful tool to consult.

All the best.

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Superb!! hopefully it can improve my english.and thanks for this quiz..

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Thank you for this lessons, its really a big help for me in my daily works.

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Thanks for your comprehensive lesson Alex.

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Hi Alex,
This lesson is very informative, thanks for the great job you are doing.


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Hi Alex,
I just let you know that you and all the others teachers from Engvid are very important for those who want to improve their english skills, in addition to that, every time you guys post a new lession I tell my friends that I’ve got good news because Alex is back with another great lession for all of us.
Please, could you let me know if I made a mistake in this e-mail because I’m not used to writing emails on my daily life.Thanks for your help with my English. All the best!

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great i got 100 thank for the info

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Thanks for your extraordinary video.please do a video about interpreting and translating

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Hey Alex,
Thanks for the material you provided here for us. We are really lucky that we have the chance to watch your English learning videos. These are awesome and I’m really enjoy watching them. Please keep us updated and also motivated by your videos.

sincerely yours,

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as far as i know you are a great teacher. your lesson is very useful. Could you give our a new lesson in next week? thank for update, keep me posted.

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Thanks Alex, this is really practical in my daily working. Plus, your pronunciation is very clear and easy to catch up

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Hi ALex
Thank for your information, I enjoy your lesson.
You are the best teacher.
Thanks & best regards.

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Hello Alex,

To follow up on your previous lesson, I would like to inform you it was really useful to me. I would appreciate if you could keep me posted on any new tips you have regarding business emails written in English.

Thank you so much for being so supportive in your video classes.

Best regards,


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Hi Alex, thank you for the lesson! When we need to send email to other country, what is the correct if we dont know the time zone. Can we use “Good day”?

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    Best regards

    Profile photo of Cheldon Cheldon

Hi Alex, I got in the professional writing email letter out of 100. I got 90 I need to learn about the email etiquette in business. Currently, I am a professional at Cisco. Please give me some suggestions in email writing.

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    Hi, Alex this email topic is very interesting can you give me the guidance in sending the emails in a professional way.

    Profile photo of pranav.kumar pranav.kumar

Thanks for the explanation, sometimes these tips are very useful for me

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Thanks for such a important lecture.Do you have a tutor for speaking.I want to improve my English speaking

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Thanks sir

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Thank you very much Alex for your lessons

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Hi Alex,
Thank you for this info.


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This lesson Is very,very interesting.
Thanks Alex! A smile:)

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Hello Alex, i would like to inform you this lesson was really useful for me.



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Thanks, I appreciate your lesson.

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awesome, awesome and just awesome lesson. I just got 100. Yayyyyyyyyyy

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for your explanation, I’ll get back to you for more topics.
Could you prepare a video class about presentations or how can people do a conference?

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Read somewhere that ‘in regards to,’ although very common, is not correct.

Profile photo of AS0202 AS0202

Hello Alex, In regards to your previous lesson, I found it very helpful because it gives me an idea on how to write a professional and casual email. I am looking forward for new lessons from you guys. Thank you and all the best to everyone.

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Hi Alex,
thanks for informative lesson.

Profile photo of OLeksandr Cherepanov OLeksandr Cherepanov

Hi Alex,

Wonderful video as always!

I have a question: is there any difference between “In regards to” and “With regards to”? Which one is more common/formal?

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Hello Alex,
This message is to inform you that your lesson was helpful to raise my understanding of how to write emails. Thanks a lot for this.
Regarding your lesson, it structures the thoughts now upon writing emails.
Could you be so kind as to give some idea about how one might express apologize for one’s delay with anything in email, posting, arriving somewhere, and etc.? Maybe, you have already a lesson about this topic, don’t you?
With best regards,

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Hello Alex,

In this test, i got IT 100

Profile photo of MAHENDRA1962 MAHENDRA1962

Many thanks, Alex
I will keep you posted about improving my English :)

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Marvelous lesson dear Alex each day, we learn so much English, thanks for that…….. by the way could you make a video about Canadian cities pronunciations like Toronto, Ottawa, Alberta,Quebec and so on please do it as soon as you can…….. Anyway…..greetings from Surco…

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Sir this learning was awesome and very informational for me.

Profile photo of Syed Mazhar Abbas Zaidi Syed Mazhar Abbas Zaidi

Hi Alex,
Just to let you know it was very nice and useful lesson.
As you know, these are some very important words and expressions we all use in the work in a daily basis.
Thanks for these precious info.
Best Regards.

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Hi Alex, first of all I would like to say thank you for all English great tips on this video. In regards of these tips, which were shared with us, I’m sure that will be very usual, as well as will help me a lot during my professional life. Once again, many thanks and all the best.

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“This is to inform you”, is in passive voice. I think “I would like to inform you”, would sound better?

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Very nice lesson.
I learning a lot.


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Hi Alex,
just to let you know I like your way of teaching, it is very interesting, content is very useful as well.
Again, thank you very much

Best regards

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Thanks Adam. It is very useful to me. Your are the best teacher.

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i’m very thankful for this course, it’s very magical

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Hi Alex,

Bunch of thanks for this useful info.


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Hi Alex,
Thank for your course, It is great, I have already following your facebook
best for you

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Hello! Alex,

This is inform you that i got 100 out of 100 on this lesson’s quiz and also to thank you for the great work you guys from engvig do. I myself can tell that if it weren’t for engvid i wouldnt be able to speak engligh strongly, smoothly and fluently as I do now.

All the best

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Thx! Really great lesson and quiz

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Hi! Alex
This is inform you that information in this lesson was great, and I want to tell you, you are the best!
Best Regards.

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This is to thank you for your ability to advice us on what we can do each day.

I would like to send you a prive mail to know how improve my learning.

Thank you for getting back to me ASAP.

All best

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Thank you.

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Hi Ales thanks for your wonderful lesson

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Hello Alex,
This is Dan from Vietnam. To follow up your previous lectures, this is inform that all your lessons are helpful to me. Today, I got 9/10 correct answers in the quiz.
I really appreciate it if you are back to me.
Thank you for your help.
Have a nice day!

Best regards,

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Hi Alex.
This is to confirm you that the updated i’ve had received in base the new video (how to write a formal email) has been checked and putted on practice. In regads to the use of this phrase ( AS far as the—-goes) i have some questions: i’d like to know When do i have to use this phrase or in which kind sittuattion would be useful?.well, i would be grateful if you could keep me posted about similar topics. You can send me an email if there is new infromation. All the best.

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I got 9 :( The next time will listen more carefully :)

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    Hello, can we discuss on topics to improve?
    Thank you.

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hey Alex
just to let you know that I have got 100 out of 100
All the best

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Alex may Allah guide you and me to the straight path

Profile photo of Muaadh18201@ Muaadh18201@

Hello Alex,
This is to inform you that i inspired this lesson and learned a lot of new things beneficial to my future careers.
Thanks for your time and support.


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Hello Alex.

This is to let you know that I admire you as my teacher.
To follow up on the last lesson you taught, this lesson was fantastic!
Thanks for all the effort you put into making videos.
I will keep you posted.
Until the next class, stay healthy.
All the best.

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I got 10 correct out of 10!

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Thank you so much, Alex. I write emails to my internation colleagues everyday and to me, this video helps me to improve my business english level.
Best wishes,

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Hi Alex

Thanks for this lesson, it’s really useful for me.

All the best

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Hello Alex

Thanks for this lesson,its very helpful for me.

Best wishes.

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Hey Alex thanks for the lesson. It helped me a lot in writing a professional emails.

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Hello Alex.

Thanks for your help with the business email lesson, it is very useful in my daily life.

Please let me know if you decide to bring us an episode II of this topic.

Thanks again

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we appreciate your efforts,Thanks Alex

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Hey Alex,

I am Brazilian, but currently living in US. Thank you and all english teacher from Engvid.com for all supportive videos!
They are amazing!

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Awesome! I got a perfect score!
Thanks, Alex. More power!

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Hi Alex

Thanks for you help, I am starting with this languaje, but I can understan really well.

I would like if you could explain about the uses Would, could and should, perhaps some exercices please.


Gabriel Aguilar

Profile photo of Gabriel Aguilar Gabriel Aguilar

Hello, Alex
Thank you for this lesson



Hello Alex,
Thank you so much for your help and support.

All the best,

Sandra Viviana

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Thank you Alex, great lesson!

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Good morning Alex, it’s useful for my job.
All the best

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Thanks for teaching us how to write email, I will use it in the future.

Profile photo of Hardy2019 Hardy2019

Hi Alex Thank you for teaching me how to write a email I make sure I will go to send the email to the hiring company I will going to email the hiring company and once again thank you for taking the time to read the comments .
William Holm

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Hi Alex,

As discussed yesterday, I’ll make sure I take off my shoe when I get to your office. I hope you mindless about walking around bare feet in your office?

I’d like to know if you care about the pizza we also talked about? I recall you prefer pizza, Napolitano!

Good News! I’ve learnt a new recipe, different from all other Newyork styled pizza, my friend Mario flew in from Campania yesternight. Thanks so much for following up with the email, I’ll keep you posted.

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    it’s fictional. please

    Profile photo of Obum Obum

this is wanderfull quiz

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thank you for teaching me how to write the email.

Profile photo of Siraje Hussein Abdi Siraje Hussein Abdi

Hey Alex,

I have got good news!
I have enjoyed the lesson very much.

I would like to have more lessons like that.

Thank you for the information
Keep me posted, please.


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Hi Alex,

this is to inform you that i enjoy your lesson.
Thanks, Keep me posted of any new lesson please.

Best regards.


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This was so helpful
I would kindly like to inform you that i have been able to make it, i got 9/10

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Hello Alex,

I would like to inform you that you did a great job. Thanks for the knowledge that you have shared with us.

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hi alex
i would like to know if yoo have another lesson in english?
thanks a lot for this one
best regards

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Hello teacher Alex,

I would like to express my thanks to all of you.
You guys, really make a great job, teaching us how to improve our communication skills. Since I discovered this website, I say all my friends to follow you and share this information with all their friends as well. You, Emma, Rebecca, James, Ronnie, Gill, Jade, and Benjamin have helped me a lot, to expand my vocabulary and be more confident in speaking English. God bless you all of you!

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hello teacher,

Please correct me:

I’ll not be able to make it on the 24/7 due to final payroll processing but anyhow I’ll my best to attend the meeting next.

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Hi Alex,
Thank you for the lesson, I’ve a comment on this topic that the lesson as described in the title is about the professional email, but it is almost about the informal writing. Would you please produce a lesson only for the formal emails.

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Hi Alex!

Following the video here is my business email to you. Please continue your good works as we need it to improve our English level.
I look forward to seeing your next one.
Thanks for all!!

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Hi Alex
I got 100% thanks.

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Hi Alex,
Thanks for the video

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Thanks for your lessons! Please, keep me updated on your latest videos!
Regards, Nataliia

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Hello Alex,
i would like to know how to write an e-mail to my professors on uni?
keep me posted.

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Hello sir,
thank you for your teaching so much useful knowledge to us.

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Hi Steve,
Thank you for this video.

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Hey Alex!!!

Thanks for the vídeo!!! Its very useful.


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Thanks for the lesson. That was very useful

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Quite useful

Profile photo of versprochen versprochen

Thanks for the lesson,the exercise help me a lot.

Profile photo of onorioma onorioma

This is to let you know that I have understood well how to write Emails.
thanks for your support and encouragement.
regards Abdiweli Legend

Profile photo of walalabdiweli walalabdiweli

Thank you so much Alex, it is really very useful and simple.

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Thanks Alex, its was great… Can you share some tips to develop writing skills as well…?

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your lesson is different with TOEIC of IELTS tip, it is real in our work.

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got 9! thanks for this lesson, teacher Alex.

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Hi Alex!
I really appreciate this lesson and it will be so useful for my daily communication with colleagues and other stakeholders.
Hope learning so many topics from you.


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Hi ALex.
this is to inform you that your lesson was really helpful for me
kindly keep Up the good work

best regrades from Egypt

PS:100 in the Quiz :D

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for your lesson. If I send an email to a project team about the progress and request one of the project member to follow up a task.
Hi All,
I would like to inform you that ……
Hi Stephen / @Stephen (should I use Hi or @?).



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Hello Alex!
This is to inform you that I am very satisfied with this new lesson.
As far as your performance goes, I am more proficient in English writing now.
Thanks for keeping me update with the rules of writing and let me know if there are more.
all the best,

Profile photo of sea.gull sea.gull

    There are some small writing mistakes, like writing English, updated, All.
    Thanks again!

    Profile photo of sea.gull sea.gull

Hi Alex,

Thanks for this useful video.


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hey Alex
thank i have enjoy the lession.

Profile photo of musa latjor musa latjor

Hi Alex
Thank you ,really this lessens make me understand more things about writing e-mail ,because sometimes write email without attention by details
thank’s a lot

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Thanks Alex. For helping us.
Good lessons. i learned a lot

you and all are the best God bless.

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Thanks Alex for your nice teaching. It helps me more to learn new things.

This is Farzana Fahim from Afghanistan.✋

Profile photo of F.Fahim69 F.Fahim69

Hi Alex, i hope that you are fine!
This is to inform you that I’ve got 100% in the quiz
Regarding the video, let me confirm you that it was wonderful, your explanation was fantastic, i understood it very well.
i’d like to inform you that i can write a professional email without practically so much mistakes. now i have to thank you again and again and again for you effort to make those kind of classes.
Please keep us update.
All the best.

Profile photo of LounesMath LounesMath

Hello Alex!
Thank you for the informative lesson. Could you please explain when it will be pertinent to change “Dear Alex” on “Hello Alex” in the usual external correspondence?

Profile photo of OAV1 OAV1

Thanks a lot, dear Alex it is a very useful lesson.
may please you to add in your page more like as this lesson “write email “

Profile photo of Bassam852 Bassam852

Very clear and concise. Thoroughly enjoyed the lesson. Thanks a ton.

Profile photo of Arieh Dorjee Arieh Dorjee

Thank you very much Alex!

Profile photo of Fedouaki Faycal Fedouaki Faycal

Thanks alot

Profile photo of Ayed@1408 Ayed@1408

I got 9 out of 10. Thank you for this lesson.

Profile photo of Chan Bae Sung Chan Bae Sung

Hi Alex!

Thank you for your lesson. I got 9 from 10.

Best regards,

Profile photo of SignorD SignorD

Hello Alex,
I would like to inform you that, I really enjoyed watching the video. Please keep us posted on your new videos. Looking forward to seeing you in new videos soon. God bless you and stay safe.

Profile photo of rahmat2019 rahmat2019

Thanks ALex it it interesting lesson and timely for me.

Profile photo of Bache Bache

Hi, Alex,

It’s a very useful lesson. Great to join your class.

Profile photo of Terry Tien Terry Tien

Hi Alex
Really I do appreciate this lesson of writting official formal e-mails.


Profile photo of Mohammed Halaseh Mohammed Halaseh

Hi Alex,

Good news!
Just to let you know that i got 100.

Thanks for the sharing. I really appreciate it

All the best

Profile photo of ardita oktaviana ardita oktaviana

Hello Alex.
This is to inform you that I still learn English.
I got 10/10 in this quiz. I’m jubilant. I do like Engvid.
I look forward to next lesson. I have to keep in the loop.
Take care.

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Hi Alex,

I hope you are doing well.

I would like to thank you for the grate English vedios, I am learning alot from them.

Khulood omar

Profile photo of Khulood omar8 Khulood omar8

Hi Alex,

Thanks for this great lesson! It was very practical and useful. I’d like to know is it possible for a vedio about how to write email in english about student issues? Such like emails write to professors, schools, and advisor?

Enyu Cai.

Profile photo of Enyu Enyu

Hi Alex,
Thanks for introducing new lesson to me.

Profile photo of burhannahid burhannahid

Really nice lesson, up to date information.Thank you!

Profile photo of Saint Saint

Exactly what I need to improve and write better!

Profile photo of Anderson37 Anderson37

Nice lesson Alex.Appreciated. Ohhhhhh.Speaking of donate,the PayPal thing has been banned in my lovely country and I dunno about cripto moneys. Don’t you have any other working solutions? By the way , I already advised to my colleagues about your web site.I hope , at least you may get money from Turkish followers for YouTube traffics…

Profile photo of Murat Kirgiz Murat Kirgiz

Thank you!!!

Profile photo of snbiatly snbiatly

Hello Alex,

I hope you stay healthy!

Just let you know that I got 10/10 this quiz.


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This is so useful. Thanks for lesson.

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Thanks alot for your class, was so useful.

Profile photo of Antonio Saballos Antonio Saballos

Hi Alex,
I really love your videos! They are very helpful. I am really looking forward to improve my English and I know these videos will help me with that. Thank you so much for what you’re doing! You’re a great teacher.

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Hello Alex,
Thanks for sharing your great experience in business with us.
Actually the lesson was productive for me.

All the best.

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Hello Alex,
Thanks for your videos,it will be ver helpful.

Profile photo of Anil Kumar Mishra Anil Kumar Mishra

Thank you, for the video, master. I got 10/10!!

Profile photo of Ruby2 Ruby2

Thank you, Alex.

Profile photo of Global Traveler Global Traveler

Hi Alex,
Thanks for the video you shared.
Please let me updated when you will post new videos.
All the best

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Hi Alex,
This is to inform you that i have Learned lot of things from your great lesson. Thank you so much.

Profile photo of Qaiyum Qaiyum

Hello Alex.
This is just to let you know that this lesson was extremely useful, at least for me.
Regarding your suggestion, I am trying to use your patterns from this lesson.
I’d like to know your opinion if my example correct and if it have a good style or not.
Also I’d like to say thanks to you and to the other teachers for your precious help in improving our language level.

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Good lesson ALEX!

Profile photo of SandraVillavicencio SandraVillavicencio

Thanks Alex.
Good lesson!

Profile photo of SandraVillavicencio SandraVillavicencio

Alex, it is nice to listen and understand the nuances of good emailing tips from you. Thanks once again!

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Hi Alex, Thanks for the lesson.I´ll use your advice in my mail to progress in my English level.

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Thanks a lother for teaching

Profile photo of Mohru Mohru

A lot

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Hi Alex,

The Lesson was awesome.

Thank you

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Hi Alex,
This video is very useful.
Looking forward to learn more regarding how to make formal emails in your lessons.
Best regards,

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Thank you for your lecture. It is interesting!

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Hi Alex
Thanks for this informations about preparing an email.
Best regards

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Thank you Alex! That was very useful.

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Thank you Alex.
You make it very simple and very clear.
Thank you again.

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the greeting are very informal..

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Dear Alex,

Good news! I got 10 in quiz. Thanks for your help in writing emails.


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Hi Alex

Thank’s for your lesson
I got 6/10

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very useful lesson for me.
Btw, I got 10 points in quizz.

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Hi, Alex

I’d like to know, how can you teach English so easily?

I really appreciate all information provided.

Many thanks

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