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Good lesson, thanks a lot but what about the quiz?


    a very usefull lesson, but where’s the test?

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    I couldn’t agree more with you! Great lesson beyond any doubt.

    Well-designed quiz Adam! Sample sentences illustrated clearly the meaning of these phrasal verbs.

    Have a fantastic day!!!

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    I won’t give up watching Engvid
    sometimes i put the lesson off
    but ialways get along with this web site
    and iam looking 4ward 2 seeing the next lesson

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once again a very useful lesson, well done!!!!

Juan Manuel

Thanks, guys. Keep coming back for more!

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    thank you so much for the effort,it’s a very good lesson,love this lesson,GOD BLESS YOU MORE!!!


    Alex you are great by far!

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    Thanks Alex you make it looks easy

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    thank you great teacher i like your lesson a lot

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    I’m looking forward to my graduation.
    I got along with my last girlfriend.
    He puts up with his work.
    She gives up eating fatty food.
    I put my party off.

    is this ok?

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Thanks, I really enjoy your lessons!!!

norma lara

thnx alex …you are the best !!


Thanks about exiceting lesson :)


Very Usefull,Thanks Alex


Thank you very much for your lesson.


Thanks a lot, Alex.


This is really a very helpful site. Plz tell me the use of “make play”, “make sing” etc & send its link to my e mail address..


Thanks I learnt a lot today. I have to give an english quiz the next week. ^ ^


It was a really good lesson i got from you, Alex. There are still so many Phrasal verb available in English native speakers when they are speaking with others. thanks a lot, take care.


    It is very usefull thank u very much, but it is not so easier to learn them by heart

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      you are right . but to learn we need much practise …greetings from Azerbaijan…


Thank You for really good lesson.
I think that phrasal verbs are really important part of English, but a lot of people don’t know how to learn them.
I would ask You to continue teaching phrasal verbs, because for me this is the only way I can learn.

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Thanks a lot, Alex.

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hi Alex i need to know how to use the words in or into please tell us something about its


    exc : you give a letter into home.
    the mean, you go to home, in the mean you lived then


Hi Alex, thank you very much for the movie, it was very interesting.

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Thank teacher Alex.

I love this lesson.


you are anexcellent teacher
thank you very much


Thanks a lot


Thank teacher Alex.

I love this lesson.


Very interesting this lesson


Hi Alex

How do I know correct use of Phrasal Verb like

“I looked it up in the phone book”
“I looked up it in the phone book”

“You’ll have to back up your car so that I can get out”
“My wife backed me up over my decision to quit my job”

Why shouldn’t we say “You’ll have to back your car up so that I can get out”

By the way thanks for wonderful lesson.


    I guess (I’m not a native speaker) it’s because that when you use a pronoun (it, me) as a direct object it has to follow the verb.

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    You can’t put an object pronoun at the end of a phrasal verb.

    “I looked it up” is okay.
    “I looked up it” is wrong.

    “I pushed him down” is okay.
    “I pushed down him” is wrong.

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You are anexcellent teacher.
Well done!


Thanks u

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wow! we like the way that the funny guys teaching!!!


I enjoyed your lesson.
Thank you so much!


Thanks for the quiz, I had 5 out of 5 :)


sooooo nice ..thank you sooo much for this great website…i scored 5 out of 5 in the quiz :);)


Thank you, Alex.

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I won’t give up learning english, hell no.and I’m looking forward 4 the next lesson. see ya.


thank u it is very useful and easy u are a good teacher but why we use im going to give up instead of im give up please replay byyyyyyyyyyyye


Great Jooooooooooooooooob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maryam Neza

Hello Alex, useful lesson, phrasal verbs aren’t easy to learn by heart, but as long as we have a good explanation of how to use them like yours, it becomes easier to understand. Just one question, give up and drop out are they interchangeable? Thank you.


Thank you Alex this is really good help for who needs it)


Great! Thanks!


Thank u for quiz , the first time i had 2 out of 5, because i didnt understand carefully but now 5 out of 5 :-)

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    hi, you had passed 5/5 quiz after looked the answers. hihii.Anyway congratulation..
    I have just cheat you..

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      now i know these phrasal verbs by heart

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Thank you Alex. I’m trying to use these phrasal verbs.Sir don’t PUT OFF of your lesson because I’m LOOKING FORWARD TO your next video. I have a friend and he always tease me but I do GET ALONG WIHT him. You know I have to PULL UP WITH him.


Congratulations! Excellent teaching. Thank you.

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I needed it.
thank you

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i understood your lesson “way to go”


Hi Alex.Thanks four your useful lessons. I just want to know can we use ( get along with) for the person who you don’t know well I mean you met her or him only few times so you don’t have a strong relationship with her or him?
Thank you.

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    Good question!

    Usually “get along with” used with people how you know them well! like a family and with Friends sometime.IMHO

    Thanks and happy studying!

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      Thanks Bob :)

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      Thanks Bob;)

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Good job sir,
Thank you!

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You and Rebecca have the best lessons.Thanks!


I’m looking forward to learning english with mr. Alex


Thank you! I’ve learnt a new phrasal verb “put up with” and want more :)

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    privet))don’t put off learning English

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      Fakhranda, not “Privet”. We must say “Salam” because we are Azerbaijanian.


      What does privet mean?


        “Privet” means “Hello” in Russian! :)

        Anton Danshin

You have got a great accent. When I listen to you I don’t get headache (it isn’t the same thing when I listen to your collegue James). This lesson has been very useful. Unfortunately english language is plenty of this phrasal verbs.
bye and I’m looking forward your next lesson….
….. Ah I forgot….. other phrasal verbs: “I make up do with…” and ” I make up my mind..”.

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I found it fairly easy. I scored 5 out of 5. I am looking forward to challenging with more advanced quiz. Do you any?


Good little quiz!


thanks alot alex


Thank you sir….


Thanks. Very informative and feel like being in class room. thanks once again.


Thank you Mr.Alex
you are a pretty good teacher
and your accent is good to understand


Dear all,
I am new here and I hope to be more friendly with you.
Thanks Mr.Alex
you are an excellent teacher and your accent is good yo understand……….

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Hi Alex,
Thanks million for your sharing your wisdom.i learned by heart these phrasal verbs because of your good explanation..I am try to use them in my daily chat with my friends as well..Thanks again..

Shing Mang Tun

hi ALex,
I like your lesson and your accent. I can hear clip clearly. Thanks

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this is the first time i learn E on this website and i realize that you, guys are very nice. you give us useful lesson and a clear explanation. thanks alot and hope to get more lesson.


its wonderful i like it. thank you

Sami Ali

Hi teacher Alex, nice lesson, very useful as usually. I have one important question for You. Namely, I’d like to study in USA, my english is not bad at all, and think I could pass TOEFL test very easyly. Currently I live in Serbia, and everything I want is to keep studying in America. I don’t have any family there, so the final question is: Do You know if there is some college I could enroll, to live there, and to work at the same time? Please, if You have any information about this, write to me here, I’d be very thankful to You. Thank You in advance.


Sorry, I made mistake in typing. . . I meant “easily”!


thxs Alex, u r very good teacher. Have a nice day!

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Its a very helpful topic. Thanks a lot

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superb! thank you Alex!


hi Alex.

since I’m new to this website, I didn’t know where to put my questions, so I Do it right here. :D

I’m an English teacher and I’m Preparing my self for TEFL MA examination, I need a Website just as good as yours, that cloud teach me the Methods or issues pertained to Testing area or even Linguistics.

I wonder if you can help me with that.

Sincerely Yours,

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is there frenchVid since you are Canadian?


it is very nice the quiz come’s to brain storming… thanks a lot

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Thank you!

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    hello ,,,may I be one of your friends


thanks alex very useful !!!
i like it ! so now i do get along with english hahaha bye
Uzbekistan !!!!!!!


very good teaching.

zulfiqar aziz

Yay ! I scored 5/5 on the quiz ! Thanks
for the lesson . I really enjoyed it :D

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    thats good keep it up.and make it work for yourself


    wonderful .hi Schanoorain, My name is Bunheng is a student cambodia.now i study at viet nam.How about you. i want make friend with you please


Really great job! Thanks a bunch!

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thx for teaching
I am lookin forward to new lessons

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hi Alex a very interesting lesson, if you don’t mind i want to ask you some questions:
– How many idioms are there in english?
– Do the native english speakers know all of the idioms or they have to learn them too?
– when i see a new idiom i feel that i have never studied english before the same feeling about the pronunciation of a new word, is it normal?
– what’s the difference between “hood”and”ship” at the end of a word for example:neighbourhood OR neighbourship?
thank you very much
see ya

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I’m looking forward to other lessons on such a key topic as phrasal verbs…

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Greetings from Egypt to you sir
good luck :)

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Thanks Alex!

Looking forward to watch your next videos with my best wishes!:D

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Sir,you are just the best :)


It’s really usefull thank you verry much
I’m looking forward to my holiday in 5 days
i will not put off learning english
i get a long with my host family in england
I put up with english people
really thanks

a boy

Dear Alex, thank you so much for this interesting lesson.
Greetings from Peru.


Hi !! Alex,
Thank you very much for all your video lessons.
Could give us a lesson(s) on the rules that govern the maintenance of the tenses and forms of speeches in academic writing. I would be very grateful, if you could go into depth of the details with appropriate examples.

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why you do not reply on the comment


thanks very much , very good lesson it’s helpful.

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thanks a lot!

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Thanks very much Mr. Alex for your help, that was a great lesson.


thank u alex, I interested with u lessons

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hi alex
i am interested with you because your lesson is very important .we need for increasing


I liked a lot your classes. Thanks for everything.


These five phrasal verbs are just phenomenal and awesome its simply supurb.

ravi sankar

I would like to thank for the selfless help . Greetings from the Pole from U.K.


Thanks a lot!Theese phrasal verbs are very useful!


thanks a lot


Excelent! I like it! =)



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Thank you


hi Mr:Alex
first, thank you soooooo much for perfect lessons, they are so useful, your way is very fantastic, i am looking forward to seeing you soon.


It was a good lesson Alex, thank you!!!

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Hey, guys! I am happy to promote these fantastic videos with my students. They are really awesome, but I can’t find the quizzes you talk about. Can anyone help, please?


thank you so much to help us to learn english ..


thanks alot iam intersting for your lessons .


Dear Alex!

Thank you for your help!


Hi you are a great peroson I have seen
thank you I search about pherasal verbs but I didn’t find out it.
thank you very much


your lessons are really useful.thanks a lot.


Loved it!! Thank you!

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Hey Alex, How are you doing?
In the last answer of the test, it says: “They don’t get along”, but it wouldn’t be “They don’t get along with each other” because the form of the phrasal verb is “get along with”, ins’t it?.
Would you please clarify this?

Thanks a lot, m8!!

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Thank you Alex it was very useful, thanks agin


many tnx it was really gooooooooooooooood


please learn about topics

used to be,
have had together for example i have had a food ,something like this sentences


I think it is so nice….

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Hello Alex,
great form of explain this subject. I’m brazilian and I think that for brazilian to learn phrasal verbs is very dificult, because here there aren’t something like it.
I learn a lot your class.

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Hi Alex! thank you for intelligibly explanation.Im looking forward to using my worktime again to explore next video lessons.:-0


I have enjoyed the lesson and the quiz. More power guys! Ranz

Ranz Patriarca

Alex, you are the best teacher!!!!!!

wild boar

thanks a lot, it’s very interesting.


    my listening skill is not good but you say very clearly, the lesson is perfcet, it helps me improve my listening and vocabulary a lot. Thanks again


Thanks a lot

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Thanks, very useful teatcher

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its really helped me… ur way of teaching is really awesome its too simple and great

thank u


hello alex you are such a wonderful teacher


I look forward to the day that I could speak English fluently, which is why I have to get along with my English teacher. Although she got frustrated teaching me and beat me up whenever I got something easy wrong, I have to put up with it. I have thought of giving up many times. But my friend here told me not to put off learning english… Am i using it right?


    Great job!

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goooooodjob sir!


very good lesson :) thanks


very very useful,you are the best teacher among all of you .

sree from singapore

    Thank you for the high compliment, but I think every teacher on this site has something useful and interesting to offer.

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thanx Alex.. :)


Great lesson about phrasal verbs


Hi Alex I would like to know more about phrasal verbs. I find your lessons very interesting and easy to understand.


    Look out for more in the future.

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A wonderful lesson! Thank you!


I never give up learn your english. my teacher tks


I looking forward to the next lesson


good job

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a good one :)

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In the test, in the second question the statement
“I’m give up dessert” sounds bizzare to me.


    That’s because it is grammatically incorrect. :)

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      Hi Alex
      your lesson is really interesting!
      speaking of “the second article, I’m going to give up dessert.” it sounds strange to me!
      could you tell me please, “I’m going to give up eating dessert” is correct or not?


i can open the quiz. why? what should i do?


    It should be available now.

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Thank you so much my best teacher!


I need more quiz

thank you teacher

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thank you teacher Alex

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Thanks Teacher, your lesson is fruitful for me


Thanks, very good!


thanks very much!!!
Is a very clear lesson and easy to understand.

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you’re a great teacher in the world


THANK U, VERY MUCH, I am looking forward to listening yor lessons, thank u again.

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    hey plz send me your e mail


      Hi lucky,

      Unfortunately, I do not give out my email, but you can comment on here or on my Facebook page at “Alex Engvid”.

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i really like this site and i appreciate all teachers who are uploaded many awesome videos and teaching us online and i have a great chance to gape at this site and improve my English.


    That’s great to hear!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thank you. I’ll never give up studying English. XD

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Really thanks .

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thanks Alex for the lesson.
James Manyang
South Sudanese


thanks Alex..

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very good lesson thanks alex, you are a great teacher

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Thanks, Alex, I’m looking forward seeing your new lessons))


such a great job done by you, mr. Alex

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is this right sentence
I put up with the weather


hi alex 1st of all thank you for the well informative illustration i need to ask as you mentioned “looking forward to”has to come with a gerund in case verb’s there…
is it right “i am looking forward to going in a party”i doubt it is not please reply


hi, dear teacher..I’m from Peru… this topic was so terrible for me…when I was studing english … whit your examples..now.. I’m going to keep up practicing more..thanks..hugs..form Lima – Peru ^_^


It’s very useful and I want to learn more Phrasal Verbs and slang =]


very good lesson, thanks Mr Alex!

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Thank you.keep it going.

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It’s very good practice.but need more.

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very important thanks

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very good lesson. thank you very much. but can you show more about phrasal verbs please.


thanks , It’s very useful, I’m looking forward to your next lessons !


Alex, thank you very much for this lesson, I’m not greedy, but I’ll have to beg you to make one more lesson on this in the future, but try to cover all the bases, this is really important part of english grammar, and I want to learn it.


    Look for more lessons like this in the future! Just keep coming back for more. :)

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thanks a lot, it is very useful.

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Thanx Alex….It was a great lesson….


thank you so mutch


hi i always looking forward to seeing your lessons.you are one of my favorite teacher.your way of teaching is awesome.thank you,i really need more….


love to attend this session

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I really like this site !

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thank you very much


I like it !!!!


thanks a lot.it’s wonderful

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thanks a lot I like your videos so much


good one


I love your explains! Very cleans! and very easy to undestand.

Alyne Louise

keep up the good work and I am looking for ward seeing you again on another lesson.


A very useful lesson. I can’t stay away from this website. I thirst for knowledge. Keep up the good work !

You all are amazing !

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Excellent lesson, is my first time that use this web site but i think is very useful is you want to improve your english..


Very usefull


thanks lot Alex


hi alex! I really like your lessons! When I am bored I just open this site and learn English! Thanks very much! (by the way I hat my teacher!)


THANK U SO MUCH for ur lessons , could u give us important vocapulary to talk free well i need to make conversation but i have alot of vocabulary but i dont need it when i want talk about my friends or activety of everday… pleas


Well done!

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5/5 resultat, Thank’s Alex


I learn alot by your lessons ,they are very helpful.
thank you so much Alex

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It is great to review the grammar. Alex is easy to explain and make to understand.


hi alex ,i don’t get along with athers and i can’t put up with this situation i’ll give up staying alone because i’m looking forward being a lovely person so alex don’t put off you judgment and tell me how i did after reading my phrases is it correcte . many thanks


I’m looking for word to you, you are wonderful, , I like the way that you teach us, specially the test under the video and result, if I know where do you go to School, I’ll go to same School, thanks a lot Alex, u have a good one, take care.


Alex sir thank you very much and I think you are my first teacher who impressed more by your way of teaching. Thank you very much engvid.com

vijay chandhar

really i love this way


i want to know where to use “would have been”.


hi Alex i saw in the first phrasal verbs example “i m looking forward to seeing my uncle” i d like to know what is correct:”i m looking forward to seeing my uncle” or “i m looking forward to see my uncle or both”

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fascinating teaching style of you. I’ll keep watching your lessons.


hi alex. is it correct to say,
“I’m going to give up eating dessert”
or not?


Thank you very much!

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good lessons its my first visite and I will added to my favorits great job


Thanks for your lesson,it make my english better and I will keep watching your web every time.


Dear Medam
I have alot of problems in writing i have study alot of books butt still im not able to write some thing correct and im not able to inspire other from my eassy i admit that i have not attend any class of english i just learn from my self regulerly im memorizing alot of words and then im useing in sentenses when im speaking in english pepole apploud me butt im not mishap person i got alot of things from my self and i need you advice because im felling awkwardly and want cover my self from any eventuilaty in the future give me advice what should id im wating for your positve feed back.
Khalid Auobi
From Afghanistan

Khalid Auobi

thankzzzzz…it means alot for us….thankz




Thanks so much Alex, It was amazing and wonderful lesson. really I have given along with your lessons and I am looking forward to watching new lesson soon….
Hemn Merany – UK

Hemn Merany

thanks sir Alex. I love listening in this video. Thanks a lot! God bless and take care too.


hi Alex hope you are doing good anyway i want ask you about put up is it like come to terms with something for instance
i put up with my uncle’s death = i come to terms with my uncle’s death
& thank you for evrything :D


Dear Alex,
I’m a beginner English learner from Hungary. I found this video in site named youtube and I really love it. Thanks for help, this is a great video! Congratulations! I’m sure I’m goint to see all of your videos in this site.

Profile photo of aida26 aida26

    Hi Aida, are you a beginner? I doubt it, your writing skills are quite good.

    Alex’s videos are great, you made an excellent choice.

    Ciao, take care.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

Alex, The Great!

Farah Sarwar

I’m looking forward to my Visa.Is this correct,Sir?


Alex, I am TESL student..doing my Foundation.Your video helped me a lot.Looking forward to watch more of them.Need your help with Language Description.


Hi Alex, I just want to ask you the difference between “I look forward to” and I’m looking forward to.Please correct me if I’m wrong here: “I look forward to talking to you”. “I’m looking forward to talk to you.”


please elaborate some more phrasel verb


Hi Alex
Put off is to push back on time (like you say on video) or to push foward on time?
Thank You


you are the best, thanks for your exciting lessons

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Heya i am for the primary time here. I came across this board and I in finding It really useful & it helped me out much. I hope to provide one thing back and aid others like you aided me.

posicionamiento web en buscadores

thank you alex for your lession i appriciat your teaching method.I hope i will find more new subject to learn from you. please comment me if my writing is wrong because i am your’s student .


This is the best website ever! I’m learing a lot from it!

Vania Castro

Thank you so much Mr. Alex ^^


thank you so much but i need some things for writing


Thank you teacher you really teacher I like you so much .
But I refer you teach me about Modifier or dangling Modifier


I really like your lesson :-)


Hi. I am looking forward to next lesson.

Profile photo of ariunbolor ariunbolor

Hey Alex,

Can you please check out below sentence.
Correct me if I am wrong.

I am looking forward to go to US
I always get along with people. I Love talking to people.
I am put up with xx team.
I want to give up visiting facebook page everyday.
I put off travelling home town next week.


is this correct?
I am putting up with [tolerating] my friends.


Thanks Alex! You are a good teacher.


Very nice explanation… thanks..!!


merhaba hocam (it means hello teacher in turkey lol) Alex , i have got question for you = Is get on well and get along with exacly same?


Hi Alex, Thank You very much for this video, but i need more videos on phrasal verbs

Profile photo of purna purna


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Profile photo of roouim22 roouim22

Hi Alex! got 5 out of 5 this time.
Is the sentence I DON’T GET ALONG WELL

Profile photo of edsideco edsideco

I don’t get along well with my brother… Is this correct? tha

Profile photo of edsideco edsideco

thanks take care

Profile photo of edsideco edsideco

thanks so


hiii Alex, thank you very much and I dont know where were you so far. I am from India and i want to learn the difference between may and might and even want to learn long sentences.

Priti Shah

Teacher Alex, those lessons are great! And I am very excited because I am refreshing everything I learned in the past English courses and I am learning new things at the same time. Thank you very much.

Rafael Ceballos

thank u Mr:Alex

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Thank you teacher for your lesson I’m looking forward to seeing another 5 verbs


Thanks teacher, I get along with you.

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Very good, Alex. Phrasal Verbs are complex, but very important in my opinion. It would be nice to have more and more lessons about them. Please help us.

Profile photo of flaviosimoes flaviosimoes

Thank you teacher Alex :D
I am interesting all your lessons.


I found these phrasal verbs several times.I was able to understand them thanx to you.Thank you Alex keep it up.I’m looking forward for more good lessons

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I loved your explanations!


tahanks it’s very helpful for me!!


thanks very much! I can remember it easier when I watch this.:)


Thanks a lot


4/5 thanks teacher

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Thank you teacher Alex
very useful :)

Profile photo of aldichayo aldichayo

verry good class

Profile photo of melly077 melly077

Finally I can understand what Rebecca Black sing in “Friday” (looking foward to weekend)


Thank you, teacher.
You was a great with teaching style or mode, I am really like your way in deliver of idea.
Accept my greetings and we are looking forward to your next lessons.
Salem from Iraq
WMU University


i’m look forward to your next lesson thanks Alex


Mr Alex please help me with this question by me saying he hasn’t riding the bus is that a wrong grammar

Profile photo of d6334 d6334

hasn’t been riding the bus

Profile photo of d6334 d6334


Profile photo of leobsas2000 leobsas2000

Thank you for your help. It’s a very good lesson…. and you are a great teacher !!!!


Very useful. Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of rolinomix rolinomix

Hi ALex, Is this sentence correct? —- I don’t give up playing the guitar.



    It’s correct in the right context. Other possibilities:

    “I’m not going to give up playing the guitar.”
    “I can’t give up playing the guitar.”
    “I don’t want to give up playing the guitar.”

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Hi Alex, congratulations. Your lessons are very useful and interesting. Could you please make a video with gerunds, because it drives me crazy. If you don´t mind of course. Thanks

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Is possible to have another lesson on phrasal verb?! Thanks :)

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thanks a lot


Why is it possible to say “a good relationship” ?uncountable noun + undefinite article ?
Sorry for my poor grammar…


Hi Adam ,
Why does it miss the word “with” at the end of this quizz response?
5. Every time Maria invites her sister to her house, they fight.
They don’t get along “with”…
Thank for your response.
And, sure, please continue your good job teaching us. With a professor like you
I will never give up studying English and never put off my daily lessons.


Alex. Sorry.


As usual very helpful lesson, awesome explanation…thanks a lot Alex

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Hello, Alex. Thanks for your lessons. I tried to make dialogue with these 5 phrasal verbs:
– Hello. How are you?
– Hello, mom. I’m fine, thanks.
– I am looking forward to know that your relationships with your husband got better.
Do you get along with him now?
– No, there aren’t any changes. I don’t know is it necessary to put up with him? I don’t know. Maybe it will be better if I give up trying to keep our marriage?
– It’s your life, my dear. But I think you should consider about it more. Please, put off making such serious decision.

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Let me tell you about my situation… I’ll do the navy military exam in September and this topic is very important.
You are helping me a lot! I watch your classes every day.
I can imagine that you’re quite busy, many students asking about different matters, possible next classes… everything.

I would like to thank you since now. You have the talent to teach! Believe that!
Muito obrigado (thanks so much in portuguese)and take care!

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How can I explain itso that they will understand the difference, Thank you


Thanks, I really enjoy your lessons!!!
You have the talent to teach!


Thank you very much!I got a little doubt, in the verb “looking forward to” is always following by a gerund verb? like.. she looks forward to getting marry? is that right to say?

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I’m looking forward to next class and I don’t give up to study your lesson;

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Thanks Alex, I love to hear your voice :). I saw your clip in youtube then came here to take the quiz, and I got 5/5, that mean I completly understand what you taught? :D :D. It makes me feel very interested in english :) Please correct my sentences if I do something wrong. Because I’m just a beginner so I’m not sure about my grammar. Thank you very much :)
Quynh My from Vietnam :)
Wish you all the best! :)

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Dear Alex, I can’t express! How much benefit I get from your lession. Thanks a lot!

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Dear Alex.Can you hepl me?”you have to like them,…like them”? what is word? I can’t hear it.Sound like potental.But it is wrong.Please,help me hear it.

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Your lessons are very useful to me. God bless you

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Hi teatcher alex Put up with means that you supprot something although you could don’t like it

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