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Thanks a lot, Mr.James for this
very useful vocabulary when we need to talk about pregnancy


Thank you, James!


James, thank you so much for this lesson. You’ve not only taught us a whole bunch of new useful expressions but reminded about every woman’s feat and blessing to give a new life. As for the quote, it’s so touching. I start collecting quotes from your lessons.
Homework: These expressions can be used with relatives, friends or colleagues in case they are ready to reveal their pregnancy. They can also be met us in books, movies, news, podcasts, etc. And now we’re not going to miss the meaning.

Zhanna Maltseva

Such a wonderful lesson Dear James. I love the way you explain complicated things so simply. You are a boon to those who learn English from all across the world. Please keep going.


thanks for the lesson sir, you not only teach us english but things about life, i loved dis video
(DONT GET ME WRONG!), even though I am a male. It is useful to knows deez words, and once again thanks for all ur vids!


Thank you for this lesson. The vocabulary is useful!

Natalia Uskova

Hey James and Mr.E!! I got 10 of 10, and yeah The baby fills the precious place in the heart. Thanks for new lexicon and wish to everyone that your babies will be planned.
Have a good day!


Thx for the video James! Quite beneficial vocabulary. In my family this topic has never been spoken but I reckon it’s essential for everyone to know such things. I hope no one marries someone like a shotgun wedding




Hi Mr.James!
I’m a 14-year-old Vietnamese boy. I’ve been watching you for a long time. I just received my KET results. Total: 145/150! You’ve supported me a lot. Thanks a lot sir!



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