Pretty cool video
10 of 10


Excellent video. An English and life lesson. Congratulations! You are the best!


you are the best from tomorow i will practicing how to pronouce words


i’m a member on engvid for a long time, this is my first comment on the website, what a wonderful lesson James i can see that you put a lot of effort on it, thank you


amazing lesson how yo should live your life!! 3 targers one goal


i just finished this video and i will trying to put 3 hours a day for this




Thank you James!

Here is what I do;
-Reading English novels; especially, the crime books to improve my vocabulary and understanding on the language.
-I listen to music or ted talk while I am drawing something.
-I am currently employed as a full time so when I am working, I watch Engvid videos and test my skills on grammar books ( Cambridge).
-On my days off I study English language about 4-5 hours per day, including reading, listening.
-Also I have been studying Japanese almost a year now and I use English to learn this language as well.
-Also I’ve been living in the UK ,since 2018. So I talk to people around me everyday.

My 3 months goals are;
-Read 7 novels in English
-On my day of Study English around 6-7 hours.
-I am going to keep mistake journal.
-I am starting right now.
-I will test myself weekly.
-And lastly, I am going to teach my brother what I learned.


I listen for english evrytime and I understadn the whole episode but once when I want to speak I feel like ohh no you cant, others will laughing on you. that’s my concern about.


I guess that just watching stuff in english is really efficient


I am Abdulaziz

i want to learn English and i will

thank you James


    Hey Abdul Aziz,
    It’s awesome of we would learn together by talking with phone


Thank you James for these advices


    Yeah! See you in the future.


my current study shedule 0 min(s).
my 10x goal for next 3 months 2 hours daily.
3 small goals, first i will read 2 pages of motivational myth book daily and i will also take notes from it,
second goal i will watch one 15 minute garryVee podcast ,
and last third goal i will talk in English as often possible.
I will start tommorow morning 11 nov 2021


Thank you teacher!


Hi, Mr. James Thank you for superb lesson.

so my current study schedule is 30 mins(s).
my 10x goals for the next 3 months 1-2 hours a day.
my 3 small goals are reading novel books watching?listen musing and english video and i will take notes my mistake and never been heard word.
take test on engVid every end of my lesson.
and for podcast i would like to search interesting person talking or speaking in english.
and talk to my online friend or often use english.
watching movies for better understanding for 2-3 hours.
i will start tomorrow 07 Dec. 2021.


Excellent life lesson. Thank you James.

My current study schedule is 20 mins per day.

10X goal for the next 3 months is 1 hour per day.

3 small goals; read min. 5 pages book, watch 10 minutes youtube video, write a blog min. 8 line, listen 2 songs or a poadcast per day.

I will take care of a grammer test per month, keep my mistakes journal, retest again.


Thank you very much Mr. James very interesting. You support your students that’s great thanks a lot.


Thank you James!


1. 1 hour.
2. 3 to 4 hours a day.
3. 1) Improve my conversational skills.
2) Improve my listening.
3) Improve my pronunciation.
4. 1) I’ll take notes from the BBC podcast.
2) Friends and music in English will be my principal background/ favorite TV Show to watch.

Thanks for giving me back the motivation James!


So, I listen to you every day 2-3 houres, read newspapers, watch a movie maybe every 3th day, talk to myself for a half of a houre per day. I appreciate your topics for video clips, I didn’t evan think how it could help me. I realy don’t have more time for studying, don’t you think? My issue is that I’m better spaker then writter, how can I help mysef to better my writting?


    I missed so many letters?, that’s what I’m talking about…


James, mi goals are:
Be more fluent in conversations skills.
Improve grammar, and vocabulay by reading english books and try to improve my listening skills using poadcast, tv movies, music ( S A S).
I have 3 months to get it, so, I have prepared this schedule:
3 hours a day from Monday to Friday living in English ( reading books, watching videos, learning class).
Once a month I will take a test from youtube, and Ill correct the mistakes.
Listen every day english music; I d like to organice some meeting with english people, to have a drink, a coffee, in order live to live in English always I can.
Thanks for your advices James; you are incredible


Hi James!, Thank you for your advice, It’s always a good reason to come here and learn something new.

1. Now I’m studying English by myself for 1 hour a
day, but now I think I could add 1 more hour
using the S.A.S method.

2. My 3-month goals are the following:

– Improve my conversational skills.
– Speak with native people.
– Being able to watch an entire movie without
subtitles and comprehend at least 80%.
– Learn something new about my career in English.

My small goals can be:

– Add a podcast to my schedule while I do some easy
– Write about my day.
– Read some articles in English too.


Thank you, James, so much!


James, thx a lot!


Thanks James, it was a very motivating lesson.

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