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Good for me.thank you:)


    not easy but good o learn i.
    thnkz a lot

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      hey there thats creative byez


    I need watching Engvid

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It’s a very good lesson !!

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Hi, james you are a nice teacher. Let me ask you something, last day i said to someone you have to get pregnant, now i not sure about it if I was correct. It is benefits for her therefore would be Need”?….


If there is no choice and no past tense you MUST use:
didn’t understand this


Now it’s much more clear for me. Thanks.


Excelent class James!! Thanks!!

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love it ,,thank you


Yeah… I was asking about this lesson in Emma’s Class but Finally I got it. Thanks a lot.
Best Wishes
East Timor


thank u bro

Dr Mohanad

what about “must” ?



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Hi every body!
Do you see that it exciting?
I am interested with this lesson.
Thank teacher, indeed.


Thank you. It was so fun to study.
I could know the difference between “have to ” and “need to” from your sensible gesture.


I have to watch engvid jejeje thanks a lot !!!!

leo lizard

Thanks for the effort EngVid. God Bless you all

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Tank u James. Now i uderstand proper use of have to and need to

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    james sorry i put you on alot of work i did the wrong videos so yeah umm email me at abbyvanorden@gmail.com and ill write back to you


hello james your lesson is very benefical so i need to learn english from you and also i like the way you teach.plz give lesson how to use talk to polite way .


Thanks for the lesson and I think you missed the “must” modal! Must is in the quiz and title but no info in the video lesson.


    Yah! I saw the video again but i didn’t see the explanation…

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where is must in your explanation?

azza ramzy

Is have 2 the same as should??!

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    ***Happy Valentine!***
    The Best 2 all!

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thank you

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thanks 4 a interesting lesson…
If there is no choice and no past tense you MUST use:
1. must
2. have to
3. need to
ans=must…..howz it???i don’t get it..may u explain it?

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    engstud, If you don’t mind, allow me to give my opinion. If we have no choice, we can say “must” or “have to”. But,of the two words, only “have to” has a past form, that is “had to”.
    I hope that Mr.James will correct me if I’m wrong.

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      the correct answer is MUST.

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        Both answers are correct.However, here the question is what generally (not formally) should use. Must is formal.

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thanks for your concern, it is very benificial.


I am very happy to know about have to and need to. But I have 1 question, what different between must not and don’t have to?

vong dararith

James;you are amazing.Shaza from Jordan


    Shaza, If you don’t mind, allow me to give my opinion. If we have no choice, we can say “must” or “have to”. But,of the two words, only “have to” has a past form, that is “had to”.
    I hope that Mr.James will correct me if I’m wrong.

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      I’m really sorry for commenting on a wrong person. I meant to comment on engstud.

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My studends love your lessons, thank you!)))

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Hello James,
Thank you for this lesson, but I need to ask you about MUST. I can’t see the difference between ‘Must and have to’ or ‘must and need to’.
Could you be so kind to explain that? Thank you!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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ups) I mean – students))))

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If I’m doing a favor for example :
I went there because my Aunc _______ to took some medicine!
Which should I use have to or need to ??

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hi. iam from azerbaijan. happy valentines day. i am teacher but it is pleasure for me to learn more from your lecture. thank you for everything. u are good at your profession.
please teac


hi. iam from AZERBAIJAN. iam teacher in but it is pleasure for me to listen to your good lecture & to learn more from u. thanks for teaching.


I fail the quiz, damn I can not believe it. have a good day James.


i have to say it is easy and smooth lesson
thanks indeed


your videos have helped me a lot in my classes. thanks to you, i know the differences between figurative speech and actually meaning it.




just one fail :)

carlos ramalho

I got two out of four …hmm not bad.. hope you can also discuss to us about “must”..Thanks


Thank you very much I learn from you.


I like this web site, its very educational


ya, i need to improve my english


Nice teacher! Thank you!

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Hi James. I have watched your lessons many times. They brought many benefits for me. there is one thing that I want to share with EngVid : We should got more lessons in comparing and contrasting how diffirent they are when we learn some similar words, like: immigrate vs emigrate, delay vs postpone, so on…

Minh Tâm - From VietNam

why doesn’t anybody respond to our comments?

azza ramzy

I would like to know something, which one do we “need”/ “have” to use in a question? for instance something that is not a benefit for me neither an urgency because I will have a consequence… Ex: Do I need/have to fill the application form up twicr? Do I need/have to buy the uniform? …
and now: you have/need to answer me? :)
many thanks, you are always really useful


I am also a teacher in English. I was surfing the internet looking for some motivating strategies to enable my students understand clearly and deeply what I’m talking in front of them.I saw this cite and I need to say “awesome”. I have to admire your style James because that is my style too, only, I am a Filipino.

Praise Franklin

thank you,it help me so much


thank you very much,this video help me so much


so yaeh sorry james


Thank you, James!!!! very helpful lesson. I like the way you express yourself!!! Thank you!!!!

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thank u all of my teacher next to God
keep it up


And must, When do we use? When we have to obey the laws or rules?


Hello Mr James! In my opinion you are usually even often explain your lesson in orally but its good but I think it will be better to have more examples in written form its just my opinion… so cause a lot of students can`t understand your quick speech….thanks!

Toty Kazakhstan

thanks for you.i watch engvid very often.


Thank you but I need to know alot about using must . please james .

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thanks so much m.r James

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this is excellent class james now is easy for remember this thank you so much



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Hi James,
Could you explain the difference between “within” and “inside”? I know this isn’t part of this topic but I don’t know where to post my doubts.


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It’s kind of emergency situations! You have to update your lecture more frequently! That’s because many viewers are dying to watch your lecture and learn something good from you. Of course, I’m a big fan of you, too! I need to study English from you becauswe I can get a wide range of beneficial information from you!

Hi, I’m a korea student, and I’ve been wathcing your videoclips since last year. I think all of your lectures are very beneficial for me to enhance my English. I hope that your lecture will keep coming up. By the way, I just wonder how can I improve my writing skills in English. What’s the best way to advance my English writing skills!!!I’m quite freaking out because of my poor writing skills! Whenever I took a written examination in English, I just got a very low score and I’ve been very unsatisfied with my bad grades! Please help me out~! Could you tell me how to fix this problem? I’d appreciate it if you could tell me the specific way to enhance my writing skills. Thanks again. All the best to you, John!


I’m an EOT and your lessons are very helpful for me. Thanks!

Ayanna Rhea

thanks for explanation..)))


Friends help me. I wanna learn english please help me friends. From Any country please im from INDIA

Ranjeet parmar facebook

Good lesson Mr.James.



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pls explain briefly,with more examples,thank u.


thank you so much, I need to see the engvid again


I like the way that you use it to teach us the lessons

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nice lesson sir but teach in slow motion please sir. I listen your video again and again to understand you but being an Asian it is difficult for me to understand your strong accent. dont mind sir. sorry


Question number 2 +3 are confusing for me?

Would you please give me more details

Thank you


thank you


he is good teacher, from mongolia :D


It’s very hard , can’t get it :( , i need to know more

Happy Girl

ur awsome james


You are the best James.

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Thank you sir.

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thanks fella (y)

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thanks fella (y)
God bless you

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u forgot Philippines James:P

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awww i got it perfect,i need to watch more videos:)

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Nice explanation,i got it clearly.

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James you’re the best,i got it clearly,thank you so much.


Dear professor:
I want to know when we must use the auxiliary do-does in the interrogative form, with the verbs to have and to be.

María Celina Rusca

i have require is salary certificate (is it correct)


I never Seen Mr. James has replied to any one, but where as other teacher did. Anyway you are awesome. The way you teach is really understandable.

Thank You.

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Hi James:

Could you please explain the difference between Might have and Might. Both are past tense of May, for example They were not at home, they might have gone to park.we used here have plus P.P. what if I say in simple past for example they were not at home they might go to the park? Notice verb is in base form? What would be differnce between these two sentence. Why we used Have plus P.P in first one?

Kindly help



Is must not the same as don’t have to?
I’ve chosen NO =D (I need to look up somewhere the difference)
In sum, thanks for wonderful and useful video!
Wish you all the best and every happiness =)


sorry for mess, to be precise i replyed YES it’s the same. But it turned out different =)


Thank you James, you are a good teacher.


Dear James, thanks a lot for your patience. I do appreciate you helping us with learning English. I hope I used “gerundium” correctly :-)

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James, I need to be your student! You have to be my teacher please! hahaha
Thank you, I love the way you teach, It’s funny and confortable!
Grettings from Colombia :)

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and what about the correct use of “must”? you haven’t spoken about it. Bye, Maria


James, you didn’t tell anything about “must”, could you please explain the correct usage of it? Thank you for your amazing lessons!!! Best regards!!!!!!


I’ve already found your lesson on the usage of “must”! Thanks!!!!!!!!:)


I think this very very important website for the foreign English learners who have no time to study at school and I’m very thankful to the creators of this website who spend time doing this useful job.

sok ly

thank you :)

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You are rocking!!! :D
Nice video…….. :)


thank for your good idea


Thank a lot.I always enjoy your lesson

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good lesson..:)


Cool lesson :d . Wouldn’t like to have a wife with a shotgun when I’m older.
In every case your lesson are good. They help me very much.
Keep going on like that. you’re good.

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I need to watch this lessons.
But when I do, I have to pay attention.

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Thank you it was very usefull

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Hi teacher, could you tell me more about question number3 and question number 4? what difference between Have to and must?

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thank you jamse You are wonderful

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Hi james, than you for lesson. i ve question for you. i have an exam in one month. it gona be writing a project in english. i want to increase my English, especially, writing very well. how is the best way ?

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well, it’s nice, but could you make the questions little harder?, thnx:).

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thank you i got 4/4 :)

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Thank you James

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hi james,,,,thanks n Gb

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100% Great!! thank you so much for the explanations

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He doesn’t talk about must!!=(

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Hi,James you give agood lesson for you student that English is second language for them , but you do not reply to their question when asks you some tips to light their way for improving English , that is not complain just flash back ,to let all get benefit- thanks

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so useful

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I need to learn modal verbs because they are used in English grammar very often. Thanks for great lesson now I have to go.

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thanks it so useful for me……………….

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Thank you teacher, but there were some Questions which we didn’t see in this video.

Like must & mustn’t

I need to watch you because of the really benefit we gain from you.


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Thanks got 50%.

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thanks a lot)

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Thank you very much!

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Thank you. It is a good lesson for me.

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Thank you! I watch your videos with great pleasure!

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thank you. what about must

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There’s no MUST explanation here. No wonder I just got 50 :( but thanks James, you’re still my best!.

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Thank James

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thanks sir james.

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Great, James. Thanks,again.

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What’s this “log out” thing?

It’s the second time I see this when I leave a comment and I simply don’t know what it means.


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I have to study hard!!

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I got 3 out of 4 correct. Thanks James.

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Repetition is the mother of learning.
I’ve repeated it twice, at first, the glance of an eye, it may look like an easy thing, but when you’ve dive in, its not anymore easy as it seems..
that’s why I HAVE to repeat it, in order for me to learn. and I NEED to learn it because I NEED to become a GOOD ENGLISH SPEAKER :)

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Not bad

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:( Question #3: why is “must not” not the same as “don’t have to”? Thanks!

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Modal verbs isn’t a simple grammar issue for me. Tnanx a lot. I’ve got 100%!

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thank you, seem me what I need learn more

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Wonderful. ..thanks

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Very good.

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James, so how would you explain the main title of the movie: “We need to talk about Kevin” ? Where is the benefit of “need”? Generally the whole situation in that family was bad and it should be discussed before Kevin had killed half of his class. It was rather urgency than benefit…. Best wishes from Poland.

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fun manner

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Thats’a fun class

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It seemed easy but I have had to watch the lesson twice because the test wasn’t guessed with the right answers. It was a pity that I haven’t understood this lesson at all but anyway, thanks a lot, teacher James from EngVid.

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    Three times to understand the lesson, specially the second question with “must”, it’s clear that the obligation is stronger than “have to”, but I thought that the past of “must” was “should”, but I don’t know why “must” doesn’t have past.

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Thank U..

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try to understand.

Profile photo of karunrox karunrox

i dont understand this quiz.

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got it, thanks

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Thank you!

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Thank you James, once again :)

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You got 3 correct out of 4.


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thanks .Can you retell more deeper about must

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2. If there is no choice and no past tense you MUST use:
-have to
-need to

I answered “have to” but the correct answer ” must”

Must- in the present and past the same! “must” and have to both means
“Rule and you have no other choices”
Your test is not correct :(

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    ‘Have to’ always have choice/opition, opinion/ adviced.
    I recommend Ronnie’s class maybe it help you. >youtube.com – English Grammar: Must & Have to engvid with Roonie.

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Easy to understand!! Thank you very much :)

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Mr. James always has great lessons. Thank you.

Profile photo of Camila.cas Camila.cas

So clear! I loved it!

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