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I come from Portugal.

He's a teacher.

They party on Saturday night.

I visit her once a month.

She teaches piano.

I go to bed at 11.

Class starts at 8:45.

Milla speaks French and Spanish.

I go shopping or see my friends.

I want to go to Venice.

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I want to congratulate all teachers and professionals involved in this site.
I am very learning and improving my conversation with you. Thanks!

Monday, August 1st 2011

    I like learn english who ca help me ?

    Tuesday, August 16th 2011

    Where does he come from ?

    Monday, March 27th 2017

Alex, just keep making new lessons, it is very useful for everybody who learns english language. . . You are the best :)))

Monday, August 1st 2011

    Thanks, Linda! As long as people keep watching, we’ll keep making them!

    Wednesday, August 3rd 2011

      The only thing is sure: “As long as I live, I’ll be watching your lessons”, so keep making them :D

      Thursday, August 4th 2011

      The good answer Alex! Now I can’t learn English without your help! Seriously! Thank you a lot!

      Wednesday, April 4th 2012

    Totally agree with you!

    Monday, April 1st 2013

Thanks for posting this videos, they are very helpful, I´m learning english and the videos help me a lot.

Monday, August 1st 2011

great lecture sir alex i got 9 out of 10 :)
i like the way you teach

Monday, August 1st 2011

good one alex

Monday, August 1st 2011

Sorry Alex but I know when we talk about the wheater it says. “what’s the weather like?” Why it uses the “to be” verb in this question? Thanks for answer. Bye

Monday, August 1st 2011

    Because “Like” in this sentence is an adjective not a verb.

    Wednesday, August 3rd 2011

    We answer with “the weather is cold/hot/bad,” which are adjectives. The be verb can be followed by an adjective, -ing verb, noun, preposition, or location. If one of those things follows the be verb in the answer, the be verb will be in the question too.

    Wednesday, August 3rd 2011

He’s a teacher = he IS a teacher. Than why the question is “what does he do?” not “what is he?” Thank you

Monday, August 1st 2011

    Thank you . Iwanna ask about this question he is a teacher & not used

    Sunday, November 27th 2011

sir alex, in your quiz… he’s a teacher.
why the question is “what does he do???”

Monday, August 1st 2011

Hi Alex

Great lesson on question Thanks

Could you explain diff. between Whom vs Who

Thanks again bye

Monday, August 1st 2011

    The basic difference is that “who” is active, and “whom” is passive. For example:

    I saw a guy who was riding a pink bike this morning. (the guy is doing the action, so we use who)

    The woman whom he married is named Joanne. (someone married the woman, so she received the action)

    I hope this helps! To be honest, most native speakers are not even aware of these rules when they speak, and generally use “who” for everything.

    Wednesday, August 3rd 2011

      It’s my pleasure to have a teacher like you.


      Wednesday, August 3rd 2011

      I was also confused.

      Sunday, September 25th 2011


      Tuesday, November 15th 2011

      Sir Alex! I don’t understand of active and passive voice. Can you please elaborate this for me. Thanks

      Saturday, December 10th 2011

Hi Alex,
Thanks for the lesson.
I have a question,
I can’t understand the different between “I worked” and “I was work”
Hope you will help me.

Monday, August 1st 2011

HI alex Great lesson, it is very useful for everybody.thank you so much.

Tuesday, August 2nd 2011

good day sir alex,it is a great lesson for everybody,could you please give us example of verb to be,i’m confused,thank you soooooo much,and God bless

Tuesday, August 2nd 2011


    I will be doing a lesson in the future on the verb “to be.” Here are the basics:

    The verb “to be” can be followed by…
    -an adjective (happy, sad, terrible…)
    -a noun (a doctor, a teacher, a ghost)
    -a continuous verb (swimming, eating…)
    -a preposition/usually a location (at home, by the pool, with my friends…)

    Wednesday, August 3rd 2011

is it a v-veb or b-verb ‘coz i always hear from you,

Tuesday, August 2nd 2011

    It’s “be verb.” I will be doing a lesson on it in the future. :)

    Wednesday, August 3rd 2011

Hi Alex
I scored 10/10 . Isnt cool babe !

Tuesday, August 2nd 2011

wow !understanable

Tuesday, August 2nd 2011

Thanks a lot for your explanation, It´s very useful

Tuesday, August 2nd 2011

thank you sir alex somuch Ive learn more things how to speak

Tuesday, August 2nd 2011

v GOOd!

Tuesday, August 2nd 2011

what do you mean by v-verb or b-verb?could you please kindly explain.thanks alot.

Wednesday, August 3rd 2011

…..thank you….. wish you all the best…

Wednesday, August 3rd 2011

i understand well you explain,teacher.thanks a lot for your teaching.

Wednesday, August 3rd 2011

    Not a problem!

    Wednesday, August 3rd 2011

      thank you very much. You are the English teacher.

      Wednesday, November 16th 2011

thanks to evereybody,especially To the Teacher,this is perfect Coaching}}Ahmad From azerbaijan, Baku

Wednesday, August 3rd 2011

Hi Alex! Thanks for the class!
Why this phrase isn’t correct: What do you shop on the weekend?


Wednesday, August 3rd 2011

    The sentence seems strange. I think you are trying to ask one of the following questions…

    “Where do you shop on the weekend?”
    “What do you shop for on the weekend?”

    Even the second question is strange, because it means you always shop for something on the weekend.

    Wednesday, August 3rd 2011

      hi alex..
      “What do you shop for on the weekend?” instead of this can we say
      “What do you shop for on this weekend?”

      Monday, September 19th 2011

Is laudable
The service is great

Wednesday, August 3rd 2011

Morning Sir, :)
how do i download your all video? i want save to my own hardisk.

Thank you before :)

Wednesday, August 3rd 2011


Thursday, August 4th 2011

tnx alex,its awesome.

Thursday, August 4th 2011

thank for the class, mr. alex

Thursday, August 4th 2011

Thank you very much

Thursday, August 4th 2011

Outstanding free English teacher. Thank you to all the teachers and co-founder of this website.

Friday, August 5th 2011

My apologies, in my previous comment I meant Outstanding free English teaching, not teacher.

Friday, August 5th 2011

Very cool lesson
thank u soooooooooooooooooo much.
And have a good Ramadan both of u.
My regards.

Friday, August 5th 2011

sir i have not understand how setting of sentence plz help me :(

Friday, August 5th 2011

thanks :)

Friday, August 5th 2011

Mr Alex,
You are a great teacher! Thank you!

Saturday, August 6th 2011

Hi Alex,

A great lesson! Alex, could you please explain for me why we use the question “Why do he do?” for the answer “He’s a teach.” I chosen “Why does he do?” and it is wrong :(.


Saturday, August 6th 2011

i am gonna learn from this site see whats happen

Saturday, August 6th 2011

Hi Mr Alex,
it is a very nice lesson.I have a question did u do a communication lesson cause I want to improve my talking.
thank you

Saturday, August 6th 2011

Thanks a lot for this lesson .. i have benefited too much .. am from Saudi Arabia .. keep on

Sunday, August 7th 2011

hi my name is alex this is my first time in engvid tankyou for your help

Sunday, August 7th 2011

Thanks mr. Alex really it,s very uesful.
I want from you to do a leeson about (a)when i use it in a sentense.And what the differnce between b-verb and v-verb bec. I don,t understand percently in the lesson.

Sunday, August 7th 2011

Thank you very much mr Alex. Was my first lesson…..but not the last.

Sunday, August 7th 2011

Thanks a lot for posibility to see this lesson. is a big help for all studing english.

Sunday, August 7th 2011

Thanks engvid.Its very easy way to learn english.

Monday, August 8th 2011

Thanks Alex i’m it,s very uesful.

Monday, August 8th 2011

it’s very usefull

Monday, August 8th 2011

thanks, i really enjoy style your taught us. you’re professional.

Tuesday, August 9th 2011

thanks alex
u help me alot

Wednesday, August 10th 2011

thanks alot sir.. i want to speak english but i didnt try before because i hadn’t any source.. please dont laugh guys i am a beginner and please point out if i made any mistake.. thanku :)

Wednesday, August 10th 2011

He’s a teacher = he IS a teacher. Than why the question is “what does he do?” not “what is he?” Thank you

Friday, August 12th 2011

Hi Alex, Thank you so much. good job

Friday, August 12th 2011

thanks, this helps me alot to understand the question format of simple present tense.

Monday, August 15th 2011

hi Alex its good lesson you teach us thank you.

Monday, August 15th 2011

Thanks for lessons ! :)

Monday, August 15th 2011

hi teacher . my name ia khulan, iam from mongolia. i want learning english but i can`t .Alex teacher help me , please

Monday, August 15th 2011

Thank yuo so much Alexs

Monday, August 15th 2011

i am very thanks to all teacher for your great w+ork . really by this site i improve my english speaking and grammer

thanks you

Wednesday, August 17th 2011

Hello,I’m learn more with your lesson.

Wednesday, August 17th 2011

thank a lot”sir Alex:
the job is good

Thursday, August 18th 2011

Hi Alex
For the sentence “I Come from portugal”
why the question “Where are you came from?”is wrong?
I always say that for question about the provenance.
I wrong so often :-(

Sorry for bad english

Thursday, August 18th 2011

Hiiiii, Alx
Thank you for this lesson but I want to ask you why the lesson is very short we need more example and this question I cann’t understand it. He’s a teacher.the answer is What does he do.
in the answer of the question use he is , but in the answer he use does please explain why …thank you.

Friday, August 19th 2011

    thank you for this usefull lesson.

    Sunday, July 3rd 2016

hi alex I have been learning english for two years.I was looking for websites which may help to learn english for my brother.And I found this website.You speak very clear and explain remarkable.Take good care of yourelf bye

Saturday, August 20th 2011

im a little bit confused,i got 6 out of 10…but it’s ok…i will study again the wh question.thanks Sir.Alex…

Sunday, August 21st 2011

yeahh..i got 10 out of 10… :))

Tuesday, August 23rd 2011

thanks sir you are my favorite teacher in this site plz reply me on my email address.

Saturday, August 27th 2011

    Teachers cannot send you personal email.

    Sunday, August 28th 2011

10/10. For me yay!!! thanks alex, you are amazing.

Sunday, August 28th 2011

10/10 – You’re a great teacher Alex! Can I ask you something? What means the verb “party” in the quiz? I only know the noun “party” (festa)

Wednesday, August 31st 2011


Friday, September 2nd 2011

thanks alex the best teacher of the word

Friday, September 2nd 2011

Thanks for this lesson, Sir. It’s very useful for me.I will always wait for a lesson from you.
good job!

Wednesday, September 7th 2011

thank you Mr;Alex for all :clear explaination ,pure sound and repitition to make sure all got it. So thank you

Saturday, September 10th 2011

hi alex…..thanks very much for this useful lesson….. actually i’m good at English….
but sometimes i need help at some lessons ….
i wanna be a good speaker….can you help me….

Sunday, September 11th 2011

hello Alex..
I have a query..
7th question in the quiz says -“Class starts at 8:45” and the ans. is “When does class start?”
is it also correct if we say “When does the class start?”

Monday, September 19th 2011

I love you I wish you loved me.

Thursday, September 22nd 2011

hi,Alex, hi,everybody who lean English like me!I like these pictures instead of photos))so funny and original!

Friday, September 23rd 2011

thanks Alex.it’s very useful for me.

Friday, September 23rd 2011

hi.. alex sir
its very nice your class sir and i m enjoying it .thank you sir ..

Monday, September 26th 2011

yeah i got it 6/10 ..thank you alex sir..

Monday, September 26th 2011

Thanks Alex ^.^

Monday, September 26th 2011

Could you lecture us on the distinction between who and whom, like, WHO did you see or WHOM did you see? etc? Thanks Alex.

Tuesday, September 27th 2011

I found this lesson very intriguing, I learn alot from it.

Wednesday, September 28th 2011

Hi Teacher ( Alex)
You are such a great teacher!!!
easy to be understand and flexible in sending your message to your students

Sunday, October 2nd 2011

thank you Alex

Sunday, October 2nd 2011

thank you Mir alex

Sunday, October 2nd 2011

Thanks a lot Sir, I like the way you teach. I got 10 out of 10. It is very useful lesson for me.

Thanks & Regards

Tuesday, October 4th 2011

Alex I really love your lessons, I’m learning alot, thank you ;)

Wednesday, October 5th 2011


    yes i am same to you.

    Saturday, November 5th 2011

i am learning a lot from your lessons and i would like to thanks to entire engvid teachers

Sunday, October 9th 2011

tank you mr Alex

Monday, October 10th 2011

whet is the difrence betwen Iwake up at –and
I get up at–

Tuesday, October 11th 2011

Thank Alex so much!but i don’t understant for about the answer is [He’s a teacher] .Why doesn’t the question what is he do?

Tuesday, October 18th 2011

i am learning alot with your lesson thanks, greats from Nicaragua

Wednesday, October 19th 2011

Thanks Alex!

Saturday, October 22nd 2011

thank youuuuuuuuu

Monday, October 24th 2011

Hi! Alex,sir

Wednesday, October 26th 2011

Hi, Alex.
Hi, Alex
I have a big question for you. When people ask me (Why)
Grammatically the whole time we must first answer (Because) or simply ignore as the example you showed us. thanks

Thursday, October 27th 2011

i donot know how to use do and does??????????????????????????????????????????????howwwwwwwwwwwwww

Sunday, October 30th 2011

thanks so much sir
i enjoy it and very useful for me

Wednesday, November 2nd 2011

Hi Sir Alex :)
Could I ask?Which is correct or what’s the difference between,

What do you do?
what did you do?
What have you done?

Please answer.
Thank you very much! :)

I love your Lessons so much! :))

Thursday, November 3rd 2011

i am happy with you.Now days i am speak litter bit good english .

Saturday, November 5th 2011

i think this is very helpful for me.cab i find step by step these lessons?

Sunday, November 6th 2011

hi alex,i hv a problem. “who do them give food” is this sentence is right or wrong?

Tuesday, November 8th 2011

thanks Alex…

Thursday, November 10th 2011

Hi, Alex! I’m English teacher at Russian school. Some of my pupils know grammar rule very well. But they speak English slowly. What should I do?

Friday, November 11th 2011

Thanks sir

Friday, November 11th 2011

Thank you very much!

Saturday, November 12th 2011

Alex :)

Friday, November 18th 2011

thak you sir for this nice,useful topioc

Friday, November 18th 2011

Why in the 10th question quiz says that the correct answer is “Where do you want to goes on vacation?”? This isn’t right…

Thursday, November 24th 2011

    Is anyone else having this problem? I just tried it, Tony, and the correct answer was shown.

    Wednesday, November 30th 2011

great ,what you are doing , thank you !!

Friday, November 25th 2011

i want to thank to you,alex coz before i lost my confident i cant speak any english,even to talk to my friends i cant but now little bit i speak but still i need more to learn english,please teach me more thank you sir

Sunday, November 27th 2011

    Practice is the key.

    Sunday, December 4th 2011

thanks alex
its realy help

Monday, November 28th 2011

I like learn english who can help me

Thursday, December 1st 2011

thanx Alex,
your way of teaching is fantastic.

Thursday, December 1st 2011

when do we use some words before do/does?


Thursday, December 1st 2011

    Hi Js,

    You can use question words like in this video, or you can use it like any other simple verb.

    “He does his laundry on Saturday.”
    “I do my homework every night.”

    Sunday, December 4th 2011

Hi Alex…Iam mardan and Iam kurish..I want to you to continue with this teaching… can you send me any video for my facebook…thank you

Tuesday, December 6th 2011

    Im kurdish…sorry not kurish

    Tuesday, December 6th 2011

thnx sir i am learning…..

Wednesday, December 14th 2011

Hi Alex, thank’s a lot, I made progress with your lessons and I diden’t make any mistakes on quiz, GRAZIE MILLE ALEX

Friday, December 16th 2011

Thank you Alex,
I’m learning English only fourth days only by myself,
Thank your help, your lessons is very important for me
I talk you other day

Sunday, December 18th 2011

Mr.Alex thank you so much youer lectures are really helpful, could you please give lectures with more depth and defficulty in the near futre?

Wednesday, December 21st 2011

The lessons are easy to follow.The topics are up to date. Thank you for your enjoyable teaching of English

Thursday, December 22nd 2011

hello sir alex goog morning
sir i have one question about this lesson as u taught that “when” shows time so if we say when do you wake up? answer is i wake up in the morning.
is that correct? correct me if i am wrong

Friday, December 23rd 2011

hello sir alex goog morning
sir i have one question about this lesson as u taught that “when” shows time so if we say when do you wake up? answer is i wake up in the morning.
is that correct? correct me if i am wrong

Friday, December 23rd 2011

thank you sir ALIX
really i like your teaching way

Tuesday, December 27th 2011


1. Why don’t you use the verb be.
2. Does we use Where does she want to go on vacation or Where does she wants to go on vacation.
Please reply me Thank you

Sunday, January 1st 2012

thanks for this amazing vedio i like it so much and i like your way in teaching :)

Tuesday, January 3rd 2012

hi alex,i have one question about this lesson,,can i say : when does the class start??
thank you :)

Wednesday, January 4th 2012

Hello Sir
you good teacher

Friday, January 6th 2012

u are my fav teacher here alex..all your explanation are easy to understand

Saturday, January 7th 2012

Thanks alot for your good lesson… i wish i have a chance to go to school and learn a good lesson like this

Wednesday, January 11th 2012

Hi alex.
thank you for good teching. I hava littlie problom. Iam sure you can help me. Idon,t understand prasant perfact. you can help me?
thank you very much Mr. alex.

Thursday, January 19th 2012

Hi alex.
you can give me same advice for learning english and how answer exsam or test aese…
thank you very much techer :)

Monday, January 23rd 2012

Nice, excellent! Je vous aime!!!

Monday, January 23rd 2012

Hi Alex thank you soo much for this lesson you are a good teacher by this way now I can speelk with my friend English, thank you very much Alex

Monday, February 6th 2012

Great I got 9/10 ,,, Good keep it up………

Monday, February 6th 2012

I think it’s really a very nice tactic to learn asking question.

Tuesday, February 7th 2012

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Tuesday, February 7th 2012

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Wednesday, February 8th 2012

YES, I got 10 for the quiz, thanks Alex

Saturday, February 11th 2012

I got 9/10. Thank you for this lesson.

Wednesday, February 15th 2012

Sir Alex, if I want to teach word sequence then how to teach it to the students please advice will wait for your quick reply?

Saturday, February 18th 2012

hello teaching method is very good,easy,simple and understandable.

Wednesday, February 22nd 2012

Sir ,Am new to u’r site and am really impressed ..
I also have a doubt…
“where is this picture taken from?Is this question right?

Tuesday, February 28th 2012

your cool alex you are usefull to me

Wednesday, March 14th 2012

and you are soo usefull so many people like you becuse you teach as new things

Wednesday, March 14th 2012

Alex … this is very helpful….

Thursday, March 15th 2012

Alex…. Just want to say THANK YOU. It is very very important in someone’s life to have good teacher/professor. We all are very lucky to have you and engvid.com

Saturday, March 24th 2012

thanks sir i relly injoy this lesson,but i have problem with’s’ when I use or not, in this qustion milla speaks freanch and spanish i choose which languages does milla speaks?can u help me pls

Thursday, March 29th 2012

I thank all members of the staff for this very important support! I am sure that with your lessons and advices my english will be better.

Thank you

Monday, April 23rd 2012

Alex … this is very helpful….

Saturday, April 28th 2012

YeY…i got perfect score 10/10
thank you Alex

Saturday, April 28th 2012

there is a question at the test , what do you do in the weekend or similar to this question ? , can I say what are you doing in the weekend.

Sunday, April 29th 2012

Hi Alex i like it but i need more quiz question that be good for me.

Tuesday, May 1st 2012

thank you my teacher realy you are the best english teacher i have seen in my life

Saturday, May 5th 2012


Saturday, May 5th 2012

Thank you very much …….
Have a nice day…..

Tuesday, May 8th 2012

first my dear teacher thank you alot i have a broblem so can you tell me how i can learn simpel present. thank you very much to help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Friday, May 25th 2012

thank you soooooo much….)))

Monday, May 28th 2012

NO!!!! Three mistakes I’m disaster :(

Wednesday, May 30th 2012

The formula of answer is it
subject+base verb+answer??
good luck!!
. .

Sunday, June 3rd 2012

10 out of 10 ;)
you’re the best

Sunday, June 3rd 2012

I happy this lesson. Thank you

Monday, June 25th 2012

you’r the best

thank you

Friday, June 29th 2012

Dear Alex,
kindly I wanted to know the differences or uses between the following conditions:
1) present perfect continuous and present perfect simple
2) past perfect and past perfect continuous
3) future perfect and future perfect continuous

Saturday, June 30th 2012

i mostly waste my time to read the comment.

Friday, July 13th 2012


Friday, July 13th 2012

Thank you for your video!)

Thursday, July 19th 2012

it was great for me thank u

Monday, August 6th 2012

thank sir,i like your teaching method .i got 9 of 10

Tuesday, August 7th 2012

Simple Present is used in wh-question must wear an answer?
thank you ..

Friday, August 17th 2012

J i did’nt understand in the third question why the answer is When does they partying? … Why did you add ING?

Monday, August 20th 2012

7/10 but is very nice lesson,thanks.

Saturday, August 25th 2012

i like your lesson,and i willkeep watching

Tuesday, August 28th 2012

good lesson

Thursday, September 6th 2012

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Monday, September 24th 2012

Hi Alex i want to know how I do to use WH at the end of a preposition. thanks.:)

Tuesday, September 25th 2012

Thanx ^^ alex

Tuesday, October 9th 2012

We study this today

Tuesday, October 9th 2012

no entiendo

Tuesday, October 16th 2012

no mentiras nisiquiera lo vi jajaj

Tuesday, October 16th 2012

Teacher Alex thanks a lot,I have two private students and your classes are really useful for me,Dear could you please let me know if ‘Where do they party’ in quiz is right or not,I think where does your party is better?
Again thank you

Sunday, October 21st 2012

thanks alex

Tuesday, October 23rd 2012

thanks alot you are amazing man

Monday, November 5th 2012

Hi, Thank you for the good class.
For example in the next question
Who speaks the best English in your class?

Do not use the auxiliary verb do
When using the auxiliary verb?
I find it hard to understand in which cases the questions using the auxiliary verb and when not to use.

Wednesday, November 14th 2012

really , your perfect , i start to fix my mistakes , thank you

Monday, November 26th 2012

thank you very much, from turkey:)

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

Does it means that “Where are you from?” is wrong?

Friday, December 7th 2012

    Nope! “Where are you from?” is perfectly fine. It just uses the verb “to be,” which is a special case.

    Monday, December 10th 2012

hi Alex if i say “When i will get it?” instead of “When will i get it?” will be any problem ?

Monday, December 17th 2012

    Sat, the correct question form is “When will I get it?” The other form is incorrect.

    Monday, December 17th 2012


Thursday, January 17th 2013

Thank you for lesson

Tuesday, January 29th 2013

i am improving..this credit is yours,alex:)

Saturday, February 2nd 2013

i need situation of using this two type of sentence

where do you go?

where are you going?

Monday, February 4th 2013

hi alex,
i am a bit confused with this “to be’………can u please explain this

Saturday, February 9th 2013

Alex is Great

Wednesday, February 13th 2013

thanku so much…this site is god gift for me ..ALex sir u are too good :D

Friday, March 8th 2013

thanks teacher . for your excellent class

I learn more today, thanks to you

sososososoososoososso thanks…. continue with this project please :)

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Thursday, March 14th 2013

I really like all your videos since I learn a lot day by day…thanks a lot..

Friday, April 19th 2013

Hi, Alex
your lesson is very useful and your are great teacher
Alex please can you tell me when I make question when I use veb b and when I use veb. do?

Wednesday, April 24th 2013

Is it correct to say ” he was here 10 minutes back” instead of ” he was here 10 minutes ago”

Saturday, May 18th 2013

The formula works. 10/10. Thank you!

Wednesday, June 12th 2013

sir alex please i am not uderstand when we use do or does :/ ?

Wednesday, July 10th 2013


Friday, August 9th 2013

Hi! I am confussing. “What do you doing?” / “What are you doing?” Which one is correct?

Tuesday, August 20th 2013

Thank you very much

Tuesday, August 27th 2013

Hi, Alex. What do you mean by ” Take the highway.”

Tuesday, September 3rd 2013

thank you so much you help me alot and iam greatful to you this site help me so much and iam watching this daily

Friday, October 4th 2013

Wohoo, 9 out of 10!
Thanks Alex :)

Wednesday, October 9th 2013

Wow! i got 10 out of 10. I took the quiz before watching the video but still i will watch the video because Alex’s teaching method is good. It helps me to remember the information easily. :)

Saturday, November 9th 2013


Tuesday, December 31st 2013

i have a final test and this lesson helped me so thank you alex

Friday, January 3rd 2014

Thanks Alex , I had trouble with -Wh questions and do/does which this lesson helped me

Tuesday, January 28th 2014

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Wednesday, January 29th 2014

Thnaks form your teaching

Monday, February 3rd 2014

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Tuesday, March 11th 2014

Thanks Alex, for great explanation
take care

Friday, March 21st 2014

Hey Alex
Thank you for these useful lessons
I appreciate these lessons.
Please, I wanna to ask about question in the quiz.
You have said in the explanation as a formula whenever there is no verb to be in the response then there is no verb to be in the question.
But in the second question the respond is ‘He’s is a teacher ” and the question is ” what does he do”
I couldn’t understand the formula how the response with be verb and the question without be verb?

Monday, March 24th 2014

Thank you very much.

Thursday, July 10th 2014

thank you very much Alix

Wednesday, July 16th 2014

thanks a lot for course so you teach well

Wednesday, July 16th 2014


Friday, July 18th 2014

THANK YOU for lesson.
I think that quiz N°2 is a trap.
The contract verb is: “does” and not “is”.
So, really: “He does a teacher” and not: “He is a teacher.

Saturday, July 26th 2014


Wednesday, August 20th 2014

thank you very very very much my bet teacher :)

Friday, September 19th 2014

Thanks Sir,
I want to ask that, how do we use “a, an and the” in these sentences?

Sunday, November 30th 2014

thanks Alex.i understand every thing

Monday, January 12th 2015

mr Alex i am going to know when do we use passive?

Monday, January 12th 2015

Ok! Alex

Monday, January 19th 2015

Very good! Thank You Alex.

Tuesday, February 10th 2015

Thank you Alex

Thursday, March 12th 2015

What is the first question’s answer of test?
where do you come from?
Where are you come from?

I think truth choose is B.


Sunday, March 29th 2015

Thanks !!!

Sunday, April 5th 2015

Thank you so much Alex

Tuesday, April 7th 2015

“Where are you going to visit?”
“What are you going to visit?”
Could you please tell me which one is the most correct question for the answer “I’m going to visit New York?”?
Thanks in advance!

Monday, April 20th 2015

    the second one

    Thursday, August 6th 2015

      Thank you a lot, ammar abd elrahim.

      Saturday, August 8th 2015

Hi Alex,
Thanks a lot for all of your vedios relly I’m interesting,
Thanks again

Saturday, May 2nd 2015

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Wednesday, July 8th 2015

Thank you Alex, great job, this is very important.

Monday, July 13th 2015

Which preposition should we use before ( the weekend ) ” on ” or ” at “?

Thursday, August 6th 2015

Hello, Alex! Congratulations! You are an excellent teacher. I am learning a lot with your lessons, thank you. Júlio César from Fortaleza CE, Brazil.

Saturday, September 5th 2015

Hey Alex is what’s the difference between “on vacation” and “for vacation” ?
Where do you want to go on vacation/ for vacation?

Please help.

Friday, September 25th 2015

Hi Teacher,
Thank you so much. You are doing a wonderful job.

Kind regards,

Monday, November 16th 2015

Hi, Alex, thank you on this lesson. But I would like to know something about subject questions. Why do we make such kind of questions, in which tense and what question words do we use? Please, be so kind to explain to me as soon as possible.
Kind regard

Wednesday, November 25th 2015

What music do you like?
why here in the question above the (Do) came after the Wh question not as you told us
Wh+do+sub+base verb !!!
I want to know is it an exception ??
please advice
thank you

Tuesday, December 15th 2015

Thank you ALEX for the lesson it was great

Saturday, January 16th 2016

thanks alex you are the best ^_^

Sunday, January 24th 2016

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Thursday, January 28th 2016

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Saturday, February 6th 2016

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Tuesday, April 5th 2016

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Sunday, April 10th 2016

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Monday, April 11th 2016

just only said. you an excellent teacher

Saturday, May 14th 2016

Many thanks dear Teachers Love u all.

Wednesday, May 18th 2016

Thanks you, I think you help a lot, I usually watch your class and the collegues’ class. I think your site is the best on Internet. Congratulation,!!!

Saturday, October 1st 2016

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Sunday, October 23rd 2016

Thank you Teacher Alex!
God bless you!

Friday, February 3rd 2017

why the sentece is not correct? Which does Milla speak languages?

Thursday, April 6th 2017

I got 10/10!! Thanks very much for the lesson!

Wednesday, April 26th 2017


Friday, April 28th 2017

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Sunday, November 19th 2017

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Monday, September 3rd 2018

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Thursday, September 13th 2018

I really enjoyed the lesson Sir.

Wednesday, October 24th 2018

Thank you so much Ms, Alex. His class was great. Now, I understand a little most about simple present.

Thursday, November 22nd 2018

Thanks a lot for your class.

Wednesday, February 6th 2019

Hi Alex. Can you explain why formula is diffrent?
8. Milla speaks French and Spanish.
Which does Milla speak languages? not correct
Which languages does Milla speak? correct

Monday, March 4th 2019

thank you for this lesson, i want leave a question here:
why do people live in safely?

Monday, March 18th 2019

He’s a teacher.
What is he do?
What does he do?
What he does?
What do he do? i click 1 but wrong why

Friday, June 14th 2019

Thank you, I got 7 out of ten.

Thursday, July 11th 2019

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Thursday, August 8th 2019

Hello Alex. Thanks for your brilliant job. It is fantastic. I just wonder how can we cite this information. I am trying to cite it (APA STYLE) in text and in the reference list of my work; however I do not have the necessary information.

Friday, August 30th 2019

Thank you Alex!

Sunday, June 21st 2020

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