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Bravo, Alex! Btw, I got promoted a few months ago)

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    That’s great! Congrats!

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      Thanx a lot!

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    Btw, nice comment. Cograts.

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Got 18 correct out of 20 . Alex, It was such a useful and valuable lesson. I have a question , Can we use this passive get verb in formal situation like for giving an interview etc or in formal writing, will it consider okay? Apart from it, I am angry with you, because you don’t correct my English. Alex ,you don’t want that I will become alex one day ☺

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    If I don’t correct your English, it’s probably because I don’t see mistakes. :)

    I would avoid using this structure in formal contexts. Stick with the verb to be for passive constructions in formal situations. It depends on how comfortable you are with the person you’re commmunicating with, though.

    Some corrections…

    “Will it be considered okay? Apart from this, I’m angry with you…you don’t want me to become Alex one day, do you?” :p

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      Hahaha alex very funny . ☺

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Very very useful lesson. English is easier with GET:)
Thanks Alex, a smile!

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    My pleasure! Thanks for watching, byte.

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Nice class!

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Perfect job to explain other ways of PASSIVE.Thank you so much!

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Great lesson. But the answer for the first question wouldn’t be “tired”, as well?

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    For this to work, you would have to say “we got tired of helping…” :)

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      Thanks. By the way, is there any lesson about the use about “ing” and “to” already on engvid?

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Thanks Alex!…^^

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    You’re very welcome!

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Hi Alex, good job. I learnt a lot thanks to your explanation.

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    That’s great! Thanks for studying with me.

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I got 20 correct out of 20! Thank you Alex.

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It was usefull for my. Very good lecon. Thank you very much!!

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    Sorry, “lesson”

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18 correct answers. Not bad i think, it is very good that nobody get told me about engvid.com, and on that accaunt i m gonna say about this site only to my best friends)) Thank you Alex!

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Thank you Alex, was a very nice lesson.

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Thanks Alex

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Have not seen the video, but I got 20))

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thanks, for your class.

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Very cool! 20/20

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Thank you so much, Alex!

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Hi Alex. I got 20 correct out of 20.

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Thank you!!! I got 20 corret out of 20!!!

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thanks Alex, this lesson id very useful for me

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I simply love theses videos, I always learn more with them and I got 19 correct answers, is it a good thing, right? Thank for teaching us.

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Thank you Alex !

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Me too 20/20.
Thank you, Alex. I’ll try to use these Get expressions.

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    Nice work! Keep it up!

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Hi Alex, thanks for this video, I am sure this lesson will help us to master our conversation skills.

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thanks Alex, you are amazing as always .by the way i got 20 out of 20

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he got forget to tell about “get lost”.

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thanks for your great lessons.

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Thank you very much, teacher…!!

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Thank you Alex.

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19 out of 20 not bad.

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Great teacher, great exercise. Thank you very much,

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thank you Alex, for doing such a great job,
as a sec language learner, I think passives are the most important thing to learn because they are so practical throughout daily conversation so plz do more on them, especially with more complicated tenses.

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thank you Alex

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Thanks a lot Alex, and sorry for being late in the feedback.
Now it´s time to watch Ronnie´s new video ;)

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Thank you Alex for this lesson!! :)

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Ive gotten the perfect score!thank you very much!

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I was confused about that topic and often used “to be” in such cases,but now it’s clear.Thank you

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thanks alot…

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Thanks Alex!!! Your lessons are userful

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wonderful Alex!

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Wow, 20 questions, I’ve got 18 of 20.
But I have a question. In the sentence from the quiz, “I hope she’s careful and that she doesn’t get hurt,” what does ‘get hurt’ mean?
Does it mean physical injuries?

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I got 100 😄😄 yoohoooo!

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thank you Alex

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thanks Alex,would you correct the following and which better:the happiest human whom being reason of human happiness. or, the happiest human who has reason for human happiness.

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    Thanks a lot Alex

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thnx u alex nd I got learned new things….

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i got 19 out of 20.

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Hello, Im new in this site and happy cause I find it very good and the teacher explain very clearly.
Im beginner and Id like to chat via Skype with someone to practice a bit english. Rrgards, love English.

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I got 19 out of 20
Thank you Alex

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hello! useful, thanks,

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very useful lesson . thank you master Alex

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I got tired of putting inconsistent efforts.form now i am gonna make it consistent.

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Thanks for your lesson!

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hello dear teacher-thank you for your lessons- today 14/03/2018 the greatest professor of cosmology, “Stephen Hawking” passed away. could you please teach us some vocabularies about cosmology, black holes and …?

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Mir: Alex
Your YouTube channel has always fascinated me. Thank you 🙏🏻

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    That’s great to hear. Thanks for studying with me, m.salah97.

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Mister Alex ! This lesson video is pretty good! Thank you!

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I’ve got 18 out of 20, I’m a little bit frustrated,usually I obtain for a higher mark than this one,anyway Thank you brother Alex for this polished and gratifying lesson,Thumbs up for as always… ;)

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    Thanks, perkyboy. Try again!

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As always a good video Thank you!

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19 / 20 … thanks I love it 😍😍😍😍

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Omg.thanks for such a good lesson!!
You got 20 correct out of 20.

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very great

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I got 19

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Thanks. I got 18/20.

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hello teacher Alex and thanks for your lessons.
Is “I was getting dressed ” passive ?

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Hi. First of All, thank you so much for your Lessons. I’ve learned a lot! Thanks. So, I have a doubt about the sentence: “She always gets blamed for everything” Could It be: “She always gets blaming for everything” ?

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Hello Alex, Please include in the next topic about “I HAVE HAD “

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Thank you! It was very useful lesson.

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This is a wonderful course with “get”. I got lost each time I tried to understand how to use it in the past.

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Thank you alex .

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I got 95 /100

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For the first time, i’ve gotten taught the sense of get. Thanks.

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Hi Alex, You’re an amazing instructor. Where can I find more videos of your teachings?

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Yours all lessons are perfect. Thanks for everything Alex!

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very useful expressions

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great lessons

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Thank you! I got more interested in learning about that after your lesson!

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I got 18 out of 20.

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Hi! I got ninety percent in this second time, the quiz is not very difficult but I got watch more times. If I get study hard I got improve my english! Thank you Alex!

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Cool, I liked this lesson!!!! 20 of 20… Thanks Alex

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I got 20 of 20. Thanks a lot.BUT in question 4, should not we say (on time) instead of (in time). I hope you will answer my question.

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I appreciate your help and hope to be healthy all the time.
you are amazing such a real tutor.
I love the way you teach English.

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I love your class. thank you!

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I got 19 out of 20 😍yuppie
Thanks sir for teaching this lesson

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I just got 20 of 20!!! Awesome

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Thanks a lot! I’ve filled in some gaps about the verb ‘get’ in my knowledge. Other words, my knowledge got filled out.
Would you mind to correct my probable mistakes off cause if they are in the text above?

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I got praised by my supervisor as a teacher

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I got 20 out of 20
Thank you. It is because your speed of your speech is normal for foreigners.
And you make students to repeat. It is great.

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Thank you so much Alex, your lessons are always a come in handy. :)

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very useful lessons. Mr. Alex to be appreciated.

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18 correct out of 20 – Thanks!!!

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You got 15 correct out of 20.
:) it is very bad

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Can I used this example, get call

Profile photo of Temirzhan Temirzhan

You got 19 correct out of 20.
:) with second time

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Thank you

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Thanks sir

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I got 16 out of 20. Thank you for this lesson, prof. Alex. I should keep practice to get a higher score next time. 🙂

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I’ve got 16 out of 20 in your quiz. Keep teaching on us and we keep learning from you, Sir.

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Thank you Mr. Alex.

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thank alex so much usefull

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thanx alex,i have learned many things through you.i am grateful to you

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I got 18 out of 20! Tks!!!

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thanks a lot

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Thank u for teaching me on Internet.

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thank you teache, your class help me much. I got 19 corrects,I feel o.k for my test results

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Thanks for your video class. It’s great!
I’m glad for your classes, so, thanks a lot, again.
See you soon!

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Tanks a lot Alex you make it easy
i got 19 /20

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Thanks a lot

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Hi, How are you?
I hope you are having a good day.
I have a very important question and I think it’s a video suggestion.
What would be the best Cronogram to Study English?
Ex To be, simple present pronouns.

If you do have this video already, could you send me the link?
Thank you for all your hard work.

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thank you so much Mr Alex my English is developing with you you are a very good and nice teacher

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