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Very good lesson, new expressions for me I’m glad to learn something new day after day, this is English and that’s why I’m trying to study as much as posssible to enhance my level. “gracias Rebecca” god bless you.

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Got 100 :). What a well- motivated lesson rebecca. It has ignited my enthusiastic spark . Thanking you is a very little thing! :)

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    Agreed all the way.

    Profile photo of Mohd Asad Mohd Asad

i got 100 …thanks

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I like your simple,easy way of teaching.Thank you so much for this good lesson and for your nice smile!

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Rebecca, what’s the difference between lets vs let’s ?

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Many thanks Ms Rebeca ….i got 100…jubilant

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Great lesson ! Thank you.

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thank you, Ms Rebbeca

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    Good for you my dear 😘😘😘

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Really thanks

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Always amazing

Profile photo of Aboodpetra Aboodpetra

thanks a lot, Ms. Rebbeca

I got 10 of 10

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i got 100 thank you Rebbeca

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can i use idioms in speaking academic test?

Profile photo of maureen dulay maureen dulay

thank you teacher rebecca

Profile photo of soufiane geek soufiane geek

Thank you for this great lesson.
I got all of them. You explained them easily.
it would be very kind of you if you said to me the expressions that we use in dining hall. Like when you go somewhere and see that some eating something or maybe you go to dining hall and sit next to you friend.

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I got 100 😍💃🏻

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thank you mam I always watch your videos you are my good teacher next time please make a video about anxiety and depression it would be good for us

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Thank you Rebecca for this wonderful lesson. Learning daily expressions is fundamental for those who want to be able to express themselves properly and understand spoken language. Very interesting and useful material.

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wow! In life,i will never say never.I never thought i would be in a forum like this. It was a dream but now seems a reality. Thanks Aunty Rebe…

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Rebecca is always adorable! Makes me remind my teachers from fundamental school.
Thank you so much for your lessons!

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Thank you very much….!!!

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I got 70%…Thanks

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This lesson was again very useful. It seems so simple, but these expressions are used a lot. So it is good that you understand them well.
Thanks rebecca.

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Thanks for this lesson! It reminds me “We don’t have the power but we never say never”…

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Thanks, I got 90. I really found this lecture help full. I’m in a university and I really need these type of word to be little bit advance.

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Thank you so much !!

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This expressions like Turkish expressions.

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So inspiring and innovative.9/10 was my score.
Thank you Rebecca

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Me too…. I got 100…Thanks Rebeca.. Good for me..

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Thanks Rebeca,is amazing you teach,

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I like too much the class Rebeca….Thank you

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Thank you

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Great lesson, thank you.

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these expressings are really matter so we can use them in different way when we are with someone or when we have not seen to anyone for a long time

Profile photo of Luis Alberto Mateo Luis Alberto Mateo

Hi dear Rebecca,

First of all I want to thank all of you for providing this help to world.

I really find useful and helpful your website. I have been focusing on English for over three years but I have never ssen that useful material to study. I started to study tour all grammar lessons.

With all that I don’t know whether I am allowed to or not I want to give you an advice to make EngVid.com even better.

Maybe you can add an feature that provides us ‘I have watched this video before’

For example there could be a mini box next to the video and we can be able to click that and that could mean that we have watched this video.

thank you sooo much. I really don’t know how to thank all of you. I am a med student from Turkey. And I really want to visit and thank all of you with presents from Turkey.

I will stay in touch!! <3

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Thank you, Rebecca, for your gorgeous lessons, which are very usefull for all of us!!! You really help us not to forget the most of vocabulary and improve our language skills!!! I would like to keep in touch with you in my future!!!

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Thank you!!great lesson!

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I got 100, tnx Rebbece it’s very usefull lesson.

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thanks 100/100

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Such nic world,thanks so much I’m happy to get this lesson

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Thanks dear teaceher Rebeca.I reply all of question true.

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Thank you Rebecca, you are very clear in the exposition and pronunciation. you are Great!

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i got 100 … thanks .

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Very nice Rebecca

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Got 10 out of 10
Thanks Ms. Rebecca, i’m inspired!

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Thanks for this practical lesson teacher!

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This lession very helpful for me! thans you so much

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thanks alot

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I got 90 in my first trial. I think this is good web to learn and improved my english

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Thank you so much Rebecca!!!

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

Excellent lesson,Rebecca. Got 10/10. You’re a great
teacher.Whenever you have time to prepare another
lesson on expressions, all of us will be very
grateful. Thank you very much.

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Thanks for your lesson.

Profile photo of Sbikza Sbikza

Thank you Rebecca.

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Thanks! I got 100!

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That was superb lesson and I can’t thank you anymore. I GOT 100/100.

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This an easy lesson or video class but we have to make a little effort to remember all the expressions and then we have to deserve our good results in the quiz, obviously. Our teacher Rebecca has explained very well all the meanings of the different expressions, and as always, the feedback with her is very important to understand all the concepts. She teaches us with her clear and clever manner, with pedagogy. Thanks a lot, teacher Rebecca, we learn a lot with you.

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    Sorry, “This is an easy lesson…”, it would be right…

    Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

Thank you. Great lesson!

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Hey teacher😊😍
Could you explain how can we understand “to be” in a sentence like:
For examaple: “you must “to be born…..” and others that use it too…”
But first of all
I would like to introduce my self
I am Laziu Freitas
I’m timorese and now i want to improve my english through your videos without taking any courses outside in my country because it’s too expensive😔

Sorry about my english if i wrote something wrong

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Thanks for the useful lessons

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Are “Stay in touch” and ” keep in touch” same?

Profile photo of ViLam ViLam

Thank you

Profile photo of Christina.mulia Christina.mulia

Hi Madam I’m a new student but I really understand ur explanations of this lesson. thank u so much. may God bless u.

Profile photo of dolka dolka

I was impressive the phrase ” count your blessings”. so everytime i have something is not hit my expectation, i always remember again this it. Thank you so much

Profile photo of nguyen van long nguyen van long

Yeah 10/10. Thanks Rebecca.

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It’s a nice video and better the explanation for the common phrases with the examples that you give.

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Thank you

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Very nice shirt! Very nice lesson!! Thank you Rebecca!

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Thanks! I got 100

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How can I contact goodluck IELTS? and what about correction service academic IELTS?

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got 10/10 Thank you so much <3

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Very nice lesson!! Thank you Rebecca!

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I got 10 out of 10! Thank you very much Rebecca for teaching me lesson, you’re the best teacher I ever learn!
It is my first time of these words are Sleep on it, Let it go, All is well, Never say never, Count your blessing, No big deal and Stay in touch.

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What an awesome lesson! Thank you so much, Rebecca.
You’re made me turn on my time machine and, with that, you’ve make me remember my school times and my english classes (2007 to 2013 – 5th grade of elementary to 3rd grade of high school).
But, these words (Good for you, No big deal, Keep me posted, Stay in touch, All is Well, Let it go, Take it easy, Sleep on it, Never say never and Count your blessings) I’ve never known and heard in my school times, honestly speaking. It’s the first time I’ve heard about these words and… I’ve got 10 out of 10 or 100 points!!!
Woo hoo! This is amazing!
Muito obrigado por essa aula! Você é uma excelente professora! (That means: Thank you so much for this class! You are a great teacher!)
I’m super happy to learn english with you. But, I can’t forget that I have a team of teachers waiting for me.
If I have any doubt, I’m stayin’ in touch with you.
Greetings from Brazil.

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Very nice lesson.Thank you :)

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I got 50/50

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Thank you so much! I got 100! :)

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thank you

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I want to improve my speaking skill. That’s why i need a partner and i wanna do it with a foreigner. If somebody interested, please send me a email, raihan.kp97@gmail.com.

Let’s be friend

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I did it. 100/100

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Thanks a lot Rebecca!

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thanks alot ^^

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I got 💯 points, thanks Rebecca!

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Thanks a lot Rebeca!!!

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i got 100….NOw i have some idea

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thanks a lot

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thanks rebecca you’re amazing, i send you a “big thanks” from algeria hhhhh

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Thank you Rebecca!

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hanks rebecca

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thanks !!

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10/10 Thank you teacher

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yeahh,, i got it..

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Thanks.. I liked your way of explaining

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Hi rebacca ,, this vidz is very useful for me, i got 7 out of 10 becoz i want some vocabulary knowledge . never say never.I though-ted that i will do mybest .thank you very much

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Thank you for this lesson Rebecca. It reminded me to never say never especially when life seemed so difficult.

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I Got 100 for this quiz.. Good Job

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Excuse me, where can I download the TRANSCRIPT?

Profile photo of mm88612001 mm88612001

    Right now, there isn’t a way to download the whole thing, but we might add transcript downloads in the future.

    However, you can view the whole transcript this way:

    – open the video on YouTube (click the white “Youtube” logo in the bottom right corner of the video)
    – click the “…” menu under the bottom right corner and select “Open transcript”
    – a box with the transcript will appear beside the video

    Here’s a picture, click to open it full size in a new window:

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Really very good lesson.

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I could learn new phrases. Thank you

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i got 100 yeay.. Thanks Ms. rebecca Thanks a lot Engvid😀

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Thanks Rebecca

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Thank you

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Rebecca this is really a good lesson. I am trying to learn English. I think this is the better place where I can learn it easily and speak English fluently. These ten expressions words are really helpful me. I used to speak All is well, Let it go, Take it easy, Good for you, keep me posted, Stay in touch but never used expressions, no big deal like Sleep on it, Count your blessings, Never say never.
Thank you Rebecca.

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Thank you Mrs Rebecca for this lesson!

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Thank you for the lesson!

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thanks this lesson make me more understand i how speak in english well


thanks, you are a very good teacher, continue

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very helpfull.

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I did 9 of 10 correct.

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thank u so kindelly i got 10/10
good bless u

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I’m pleasure to listen to you .
get 100%

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What a good lesson is am so exciting when i got 100 marks for what i have learnt in this lesson.
good for you

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Thank you Rebecca

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Excellent! Rebecca I like your lessons. It’s so pleasure to listent to you. Thanks a lot!

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thank u MSS REBECCA ; really is a great lesson

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Very good lesson.

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Always I would like to say thanks 🙏 for the best site to teach English in the world really

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Woow I’m so happy about my score. I had fun.

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100 happy! Good for me :D

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keep us posted with new videos)))thanks a lot

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☺i got 100

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100 yeah…

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I have had 100% for those amezing expressions
Thank you Rebecca

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Wonderful Rebecca…
Thank you very much

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I got 100

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you are wonderful Rebecca thank you

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thank you very much

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thank i am very happy

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I got 💯 0ut of 💯 .Iam really thanks to Mrs rabecca madam.Its an amazing class that I have ever seen and full of new lessons. Thank you madam.Iam really greatful to you.

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Thanks a lot teacher, got 100. But how can I learn writing step by step ?

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Thanks a lot Rebecca.It’s a good lesson for me.I’ve got 100.

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Thanks a lot

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Thankyou Ms Rebecca

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Adven and I don’t stay in touch anymore since December 2017.

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Thank you, Rebecca! I love your lessons, I learn a lot! S2

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Thanks! 10/10. Stay in touch!

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thank you so much for this lesson. I need more of this.

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Thank you so much.

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Thank you for lesson, Rebecca.

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thanx a lot, my favourite teacher

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Ms. Rebecca, thanks for your lesson.
I wish you lots of success for your teaching.

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Very good explanation!!!

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Ms. Rebeca thanks for the lesson.

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Your voice gave me a positive energy and I felt relaxed myself after this lesson. Thanks!

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thank you Rebbeca, it’s very useful !

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Thanks teacher Rebecca loved the lessons Am called David from Istanbul Turkey but Ugandan

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I’m so happy because I’ve got 9 out of 10 on your quiz. It’s GOOD FOR ME!

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Respected Rebecca, Thank you

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I got 100.
Thank you Rebecca

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Teacher Rebecca, I got 100, I’m very happy with your explanation,Thanks a lot.

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Thank you very much teacher I Got 100%I‘m very happy!!!God bless you

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you are the best teacher, I always follow.

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many thanks, I’m glad to learn every day a new expression we , we need more and more expression

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I got 100!!! Thak you Rebecca for the detailed explanation!

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Thank you Rebecca for kindly to explaining these expressions

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Thanks Rebecca. I got 100%

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I have a supervisor named Rebecca, she is so nice and she loves me a lot. She laughs all the time. Rebecca works at EBASCC
I go to after school care and see her.
Early before and after school care centre

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