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Great lesson Adam, It was good to see you again.
Thank you.


John was a bad teacher. He always tried to throw the students a curve ball by teaching them simple and easy things in lessons but asking them difficult questions in examinations. When Adam, a great English teacher, heard about this, he got angry. He told himself “This is unfair. I cannot watch this picture on the side-lines. I have to step up to the plate”. Then, he began a full-court press in the school. He used every opportunity to convince the other teachers and the principal as a quarterback about how wrong John’s attitude was. Even if John’s best friends went against him, they struck out because he finally covered all the bases by reporting the situation to the city council. It worked out. Adam hit it out of the park. When John was fired, all the students become happy. Although John made an obligatory pit stop, he would have a lot of time to think of his carrier now. The students decided to celebrate Adam’s home run. When they invited him to their big party, Adam asked for them “May I take a rain check? Because there is my favourite baseball team’s match on TV tonight.”

Thanks Adam!


    Good job HD :)


Thanks a lot Adam, great lessson!!


In my opinion this is a course for advanced students but I enjoyed doing it.
Thank you Adam.


It’s very useful Adam , thanks a lot.


this is great benjamin my score is 10/10 awesome crazy great thanks so much


thank you so much adam

muhammad ery

I am on the ropes, good job Adam , 10/10.


I greet you very much, Mr. Adam. All the honorable teachers you met while I was studying on the web engvid. Thank you all. Now, let me ask you a question.certificate when to give thanks very much my best teacher adam


Thank you , all interesting Expressions that I can use in my job or with my team.


Great lesson!


Thank you so much as always Adam!


Thank you Mr. Adam for a useful lesson.


THANK YOU the way of presentation through the mind of students and explain clearly and given more useful lesson


Hi, could you please make a video on

1. as/since/because when used at a sentence beginning. “As I wasn’t home at that time, I couldn’t sign the delivery” – would “since” and “because” suit any better here? What is the most common pattern?

2. There is also “granted,” – but this is more of a contradiction scheme between two sentences, correct? What should begin the sentence that follows “granted/however”, “granted/but”, “granted/nonetheless”?


    Hi Nutondev,

    I’ll see what I can do about a video, but for now:

    1. All three can work in this sentence. That said, ‘as’ is the most common for this context.

    2. It’s not a contradiction, it’s a concession. In other words, you accept something to be true (concession), and then present the contrast:
    Granted, the car is slow, but it is very economical.– accept the negative but in contrast to its positive.

    Does this help?


Thanks Adam. 9/10


I like your class.
My name is Dora

dora medrano

    Hi Dora. Welcome :)


thank you too much


Thanks so much Adam 10/10 will like to have more of this to practice


Great lesson. Should watch it again!




excellent presentation

Dr sawsan alchallah

Thanks everyone :)


I would enjoy a lesson with 20 expressions about money: to cost the earth, be splashed out, etc. Thank you.


    Good idea Nutondev :)


Adam, thank you for the good lesson! Thanks to your information I got interested in Baseball and American football! )


Thank you sir, your classes are always helpful.


Thanks a lot. I love sports and I agree with you when you say that if you want to learn a language you have to learn the culture language. Portuguese is exactly the same. Thanks for everything. :)


9/10! Good! Incredible! I got a good mark on Adam’s quiz. Let’s keep going!

Jerry Gu
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