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Thank you very much Adam
Now I understand better the passive voice.



    Thank you very much. It was really great. But can you do me a favor, please? What shall I do if I want to perfectly pass the TOEFL Test?


      Excellent quiz Mr. Benn, it really made me think and reflect on the uses of the passive pattern.

      It’s not that easy to master this grammar structture,to tell the truth.

      Thanks for this great lesson.


Hi Adam. Very innteresting & useful lesson. Just one thing to mention. Why don’t you use “IT” or “THAT SODA” instead of “COCA-COLA” in the last sentence?. I mean, to repeat the name, even when it’s important it’s also repetitive. My opinion, sorry.

Bye & greets from Mendoza, Argentina.


    Hi Bazanmarcelo,

    You make an interesting point here. You are right that I can use ‘it’ in the last sentence, but sometimes repetition has a purpose too. In this case, i want to stress the value of the name, as a brand, and so by repeating it, I draw attention to the name’s importance.

    Does that make sense?


      i want to stress the value of the name. wow


      Hi you mean ‘it was delivered Saturday’ is ok? By the way. I learn a lot from your lessons you’re very accurate and put it all very clear.


Why The computer delivered on Saturday is incorrect. Why not “ON” is required in the sentance


    Hi Sunil,

    The computer delivered on Saturday isn’t correct because the computer is the subject and it can’t do the delivering. One of the main things to be careful about with passives (with any sentence actually) is to make sure that the subject CAN DO the verb. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense.

    As for not using ‘on’ in the sentence, that is ok. It doesn’t change the meaning and is grammatically acceptable.

    Hope that helps.


I’ve made the quiz but I thing something’s wrong. In question 10 it marks as correct the phrase: It was delivered Saturday, but,”ON” is missing. Is that correct? because it sounds like “Tarzan” speaking (we use that phrase in Argentina when somebody speaks very rudimentary”.



    Hi Marcelo! I live in Magdalena, near La Plata.
    I had the same doubt about 10 question, and I have the same problem that you, I can´t practice enough English because no one in my family to speak English.


    Hi again :)

    Actually, I find that one of the problems English learners have is that they are taught rules and then expect these rules to always hold. The sentence without ‘on’ is quite acceptable and not ‘tarzan-ish.’ But, you can add the ‘on’ for now. (just in case: if we plan to meet next week on Tuesday, I can easily say “See you Tuesday, or See you on Tuesday.”)





      I’m not sure about Passive ?


One of the best explanation I’ve ever heard about when, why and how to use the Passive Voice. I’m very impressed with the test as wel,of course I didn’t get all the answers right; however, now it’s clear to me why, when and how to use the Passive Voice.Thanks Adam!


I thought the same bazanmarcelo, but I think as we are talking about passive voice, the only thing that really matters is the S V O. So it(subject) was (to be) delivered(verb) Saturday(object).Even though I think ‘on’ wouldn’t be replaced …


    Thanks a bunch Adam. Regarding to Bazanmarcelo and Renan’s comments, I believe you’re wrong guys,”on” can be omitted in this case, and it’s perfect English. This surely cannot be done in Spanish, though.


you are such an amazing teachers please keep it up!!! and you Adam thank you so much and enjoyable lesson !!! i use to sleep in class with this lessons but now….!! c ya soon !! by!!


10 correct out of 10 Awww yeah!


Adam, you’re the greatest great!
Splendid! I’ve got flash of inspiration how sentences in English make the chain in writing.
Thanks a lot for your effort!


    Dear Friends please stop thanking to teacher through the comments, we are looking forward the questions related to the lesson.
    Also praising a person in his presence really not nice, never do it.
    To just thanks him you can sent private email or you can follow her lessons, that is the relevant way to thanks someone online.


      ahh, come on. Don’t be a horrible person, Mucadele, if you are not a happy and grateful person, let us be.


I like these lessons. There are fun.

lin siew ong

It’s so helpful. Thank-you very much.


Great lesson, I finally understood!
Maybe you can record a video about the pasive like this:
I had my hair cut yesterday.
It’s confusing the meaning.


    Hi Georgejolema,

    Thank you. Actually, my colleague Alex has a video lesson about that. It’s the passive causative. Look at the Related Lessons to this one. But if you’re still not sure, let me know and I’ll help you out.


Thank you, Adam!
The video is interesting.


scored 9 out of 10, i made a mistake in q7. thanks Adam.
please answer my previous questions:
OK Adams, Thanks for your response. I would be grateful of you explain to me the 2 following parts of questions:
1- Vocabulary:
What are the differences between:
a- Adjourned | deferred | postpone | delay | late.
b- Dissatisfied | unsatisfied.
c- Debar | prevent | prohibit | forbid | ban | impose
d- in spite of | despite | regardless | although
2- Grammers or word formations:
What are those additives on the followings:
a- operate | operation | operative
b- victory | victorious
c- opportunity | opportunism
d- nation | national | nationality | nationalism
e- access | accessory
f- continue | continuous | continuity
g- subject | subjective |
h- ally | alliance
i- competitive | competitiveness

and so on


    Hi Majed,

    To be honest, this looks like it would take up the entire comment page :) Besides, there’s not much I can tell that a good dictionary can’t. The main thing to keep in mind is context, that is, where and when are these words used.
    One other thing I will mention (and try to make a video about) is suffixes (-tion, -ness, -ive, etc) and prefixes (re-, un- dis-, etc.). Study these to really improve your vocab.

    Does that help?


      Dear Adam,
      Thanks for your reply. So ignore the vocab question and advise about the second part: can I find a book listing the words alphabetically and shows the formations of each. etc :
      A – access|accessory|accessible
      C – continue|continuous|continuity
      M – moment|momentum
      N – nation|national|nationality|nationalism


        Hi, anyone who is interested in the etymology of English words should visit: http://www.etymonline.com
        Much information about the words mentioned before can be found there.
        Thank you Adam for your excellent lesson!


Thank you very much! Your lessons are very easy to understand.


Thank you very much for this very useful lesson.


Thank you very much. I’ve never studied the passive form in a so very ineresting and useful way.


Thank you very much Adam for yuor lesson.
I got 70/100 so, for sure, I need further clarifications.
Infact I got some difficulty with the test,but mainly on Q7, to find out how many passive forms there were.
In your lesson you said the passive form is done by “to be + pp” but I can’t see, in to the paragraph, the 4 forms like that.Can you point them out?
Thank you!!!


    You have one past — “was proposed”
    two perfects — “has been studied”, “has been provided”
    and one modal — “can both be found”


      Hello morfik. You are an old member with a lot of knowledge. Were are you now? I don’t see your comments.I will be happy if you inform me.
      Best wishes


    Hi Attyla,

    First, be careful about the structure. It is not the verb ‘to be’ + pp. Just ‘be’+pp.

    The four are:
    has been studied for many years
    new theory was proposed by
    no concrete proof has been provided
    can both be found in the paint.


thanks Adam…..it was useful…..


Hi Adam,
Thank you for your interesting and useful lesson. Now, I can use the passive voice more often, because I understtod when, why and how to use it.
Great lesson.


Hi Adam,

Thanks for your support!

Lopes – Brazil


many thanks. hope too much fro you

hi Adam

many thanks. hope too much from you

hi Adam

thanks to engvid.com – just by watching two videos, i learned useful knowledge that i should have known.

Bal K Niraula

thank you it was useful lesson :)


Hi Adam could you teach us a little bit more about Passive, for example; how is used it with modals or how can i change it into a question? like when were music CDs first sold?


    Hi Karem95,

    I’ll see what I can do. Perhaps I’ll make a part 2.



That’s exactly what I want from here.Thanks Adam.Hope to see more videos like this.


I mean”when,why and how to use it”


Interesting!!! I love it.
Thanks Adam.


Thanks Adam, great lesson.


it was a wonderful lesson, i enjoyed and corrected the quiz too…


Thanks Adam


Hi Adams, I always follow your lessons but there is a problem. I download all the lessons from this site by copying them from the temporary files of windows and I can find all of then as a single file but yours. Could you please upload your lessons as a single file you too?


    Use firefox and ByTubeD addon.


Hi,I’m a newcomer.
Glad 2 c u.


    Hi there,
    Welcome 2 this profitable site,
    Hope u get the best through.
    Kind regards;


thank you my teacher Adam really I have enjoyed your lessons .


Today first time I visited this site and was so impressed that became a member straight away. The grammar lessen for passive sentences was well presented. Thanks Adam for that, I loved it.


8 out of 10 not bad

ael raliuga

    Thanks Petitfelin,

    Interesting :)


it is really a nice one my brother sulaimon learn a great deal from it


thanks Adam 4 the information about coca cola I didn’t know n’ 4 the class of course. good english was taught by a good teacher, 4 real.


which is correct:
the plane _____20 minutes ago
a)had landed
c)was landind
d)has landed


    The answer is B because you have a specific time in the past — 20 minutes ago.

    I’m wondering about the C answer because I don’t understand it. Should there be “was landing”? If so, I’m not sure about “The plane was landing 20 minutes ago.” — in Polish language we can say something like this.


    B is correct answer, because as i know, land is not used in passive


      Actually, there is no “passive” answer.

      a)had landed — past perfect
      b)landed — simple past
      c)was landing — past continuous
      d)has landed — present perfect


      Hi MaiHuongNguyenThi,

      Actually, The plane was landed safely by the pilot would be ok. Unnecessary, but ok.



    Hi Mamuana,

    b is correct because of the specific time. However, Morfik is on to something: If there were more information I could make a case for c. But, being that all we have is what you have given us, b is the only correct answer.


Hi Teacher!
Thank you very much by lessons you have provided for us, it has particularly been a great help for me because I’m seeking to learn English.


9/10.. yeah, i am surprised :)… thanks for lesson


It was great! Thank you very much! Your lessons are very good.


Good lesson!. See ya




ooo I got 8 correct out of 10 npt bad ;) thank you man!! ;)

bakhtiyar ali

I’m an English Teacher myself…and I have to say that the way you put it was impressive…keep doing it …


    Thanks Marco. :0


Pretty good Thx you very much


Very interesting and the teaching so good.


I have two questions:
One question is about the sentence from the vid:
“He did A. C wasn’t done until he had completed B.”

Adam, why did you add “had”?

The other question is about the difference between (be) + pp and (be) + adjective with -ed ending — how to distinguish when we are dealing with passive and when with an adjective?


    “He did A. He then did B and finally he did C” It’s similar with the sentence: “He did B. C was not done until he HAD completed B”.
    these sentences mean that B finished then he did C. We use Had + V3 to express something had done before another thing in the past


      I know what the past perfect tense is used for. But here you have the word “until”, and it points which one of two actions took place first. And I know that if we have a word or words which determine the order of actions, we can use two simple past tenses instead of using past perfect.


    Morfik, you’re a challenge :)

    The ‘had’ was used as part of the past perfect. Like maihuong suggests, the sequence of actions here is A then B then C. In mentioning C before B, I use the past perfect to maintain the correct sequence even though the sentence doesn’t correspond.

    As for the second part of the question: I’m not sure I understood you exactly, but do you mean, for example, “He was depressed by the bad news” vs. “He was depressed”? Truth be told, all -ed adjectives are actually verbs that are used as adjectives (technically, we call these participial adjectives). hmmm… perhaps I’ll make a video about these- where do -ed and -ing adjectives come from.

    Sound good to you?


      Yes, you understood me well.

      As to the past perfect tense, I’m a little bit confused :)

      Ronnie said that “After I woke up, I had my breakfast” is a good sentence. So, why is the sentence “C wasn’t done until he completed B.” wrong? :)


      Yes…I hope so teacher!!


Thank you so much Adam for the fruitful lesson you presented.


Thank you Adam,it was so useful.


Very useful lesson. I got 9 points from 10 :D thank you very mutch


thank you adam


much :D


Thanks Mr. Adam,
You make so easy for me and they way of your are teaching is absolutely fantastic
Onece Again thanks Mr. Adam.

Riaz Noor

Thanks Mr. Adam,
You make so easy for me and the way of your are teaching is absolutely fantastic
Onece Again thanks Mr. Adam
Sorry for the mistake as I put they instead of the

Riaz Noor

good job .I really got better passive voise


Great Lesson, and you were right, many people disagree on who invented the airplane.
I personaly believe that it was invented by Santos Dumont.

Rafael Dayon

wow…that’s great
thank you Adam


Thank you very much for this lesson. I knew the active passive but I can not understand how to speak in passive. Some I get confused.


Thank you, Adam for all of your lessons. I have been using quite regularly passive voice in my writings , but you gave me the reasons that passive was so beneficial for me.


if the active sentence is…
Julia will take the luggage.
then the passive will be…
The luggage will be taken by Julia. But
if the active is…
Julia will be taking the luggage…then what would be the passive voice?


    “The luggage will be being taken by Julia”
    — Continuous forms of all tenses always use “being” before PP.


      Hi Morfik,

      Actually, not in the future, because the ‘be’ here can’t be conjugated (changed) like it can in past and present forms.


    Hi Tavo,
    In this case the passive would still be “the luggage will be taken by Julia.” the reason is that in the passive, the luggage is receiving the same action regardless of what Julia’s intentions are. In the future we can’t play with the ‘be’ of ‘will be’, so we leave it as is.


I really like your quizes.
Thanks a bundle.


tnks verry m t!


many thanks


hi dear teacher. it is so useful. thank u alotttttttttttt


hi dear teacher
so useful video.my english is so week pls teach more lessons. thanks alot


    Greetings from Mashhad!


Thanks everyone. Glad to be helpful



Hi Adam, I like your English lesson :) It is very interesting :) These movies helped me much in my exam :D


Dear Adam,

Thank you so much for your useful English video lesson regarding the passive. After watching it, I did the test and got 7 correct out of 10. I hope to learn some more video lessons in English from you to improve my English in the future.

Thanks again and have a great weekend!

All the best,



Thank you very much Adam. This is very useful lesson.

Don Luckmal

thanks you so much


You’re a really good teacher. The way you explain things is so clear and very easy to understand.
Thanks a lot.

Greetings from Europe




Thank-you Adam, I got 10 /10 in the test.But Morfik is going to confuse me….


    Don;t worry Mapi,

    Ask questions if you’re confused.


hi aAdam .i want to speak fluent English without hesitation .please suggest me how to improve my fluency and vocabulary.


    Hi Lisa,

    Best advice I can give you is to read a lot. anyting in English will help (especially novels).



      sorry… anything


a very interesting lesson


thank u mr adam this in my first time that i vite this website realy i enjoyed & benefited from this lesson


thank you Adam

Inconsolable Heart

I’ve got 7 of 10.
But I could get 10 of 10 because I was not sure of my wrong answers:)
Thanks Adam a lot


Perfect!!:)) Good job, thaks you so much!!!:)) Greetings from Poland :D


Bravo Adam,Bravo!
I got 7 correct out of ten,:(


Very usefull and it is easy to learn the way is teached.


Hii Adam,
I am Sona Sharma from India.I have been a member of this educational site for more than one year.I wanna get my basic concept about English tenses cleared by you.After reading newspaper,watching movies,chatting with people online, I have figured out that an action word known as verb is the most important word in English that I need to know to express an action.Imagine,I feel thirsty.I need to have some water to quench my thirst.Then I perform an action called “drinking”.If I am not familiar with this word ,I can’t express what I want.People simply use this action word in different tenses to refer to different point of time like I drank a glass of water after returning from work yesterday as my throat had dried up.In my previous sentence ,I have used it in the past tense to express that I am not thirsty now but I was..
I am just a begginer.plz help me to learn this language well and also check out my sentences….

Sona Sharma

hello adam ,
there’s a mistake in the 4th choice in question nine , we must say “on saturday ” not just saturday!


    Hi Raghad,

    Actually, it’s not really a mistake. It’s ok to say it without the ‘on’ though most people usually use it.



Thank you so much


thx mr adam for ur interessting lesson


7/10 :(


Hello Adam,
I’m Kham from Vientiane, Laos. Thank you for your good good lessons. I got 8 of 10. I’ll practive more to get 10 of 10 for your next lessons. Bye.


Hi Adam,
It was amazing lesson, also the quiz was v.good.
i get 10/10.


oh, man!!! I don’t understand, can you help me, is a english class very hard. Bye bye.


    Hi Kevin,

    Which part is difficult?


Hi Adam. May I ask you? Sentence: I want to ask you about what happend yesterday.(Using “about” in this sentence is correctly or not correctly?)


    Hi Ruslan,

    this is a little difficult to answer. If you use about, then you want to discuss the events of yesterday. If you don’t use about, then you want to know what happened. So, in this case, both are correct. It depends which meaning you want.

    Does that help?


      Thank you very much Adam. It is like in mine language.


excellent explanation


hi Adam i want to konw that how to start preparation for IELTS. Please give me some tips for IELTS.


    Hi Lisa,

    Again, best advice: read, read, read. Don’t forget that on IELTS, spelling counts, so work on that as well.

    Also, look for some videos on this site about the test. I’ll make some vids as well soon.

    Good luck :)


      thanx Adam.


Hi Adam
Why can’t we write passive for “future continuous” & all “Perfect continuous” tenses ?


    HI Jayakoti,

    The main reason you can’t say “The car will be being fixed” is because the ‘be’ can’t be changed in the future. In “The car is being fixed,” the first ‘be’ can be changed for the tense, ‘is’. Otherwise it sounds strange. The same goes for the perfect, where been is already the base verb used for the tense.

    Does that help?


Hi Adam. I have question,but it is not from this lesson. Excuse me. In the movie “The seven year itch” Marilyn Monroe talking “If I WERE your wife, I’d be very jealous”. Why she is using WERE (it is plural)? Thank you!


    Hi Ruslan,

    No, it’s not plural. This is called a subjunctive form. If I were…, or He wishes he were…, etc. These are set forms. You never use ‘was’ because these are hypothetical situations, meaning that they are not real.


      It is realy big help for me. Thank you very much indeed.


Hi, Adam, Thank you very much for teaching us. Awesome. You said us “He did A. Then he did B, after that C.” You made it in passive ” He did A & C was not done until he had completed B”. But I thought “He did A&B were not done until he had completed”. Their order is A, B and C. Please kindly explain me if my thought is wrong.




    He said “C was not done…”


    Hi Ariunna,

    The correct order is A then B then C. In the sentence I put c before B because I used a past perfect tense. remember that the past perfect is used to talk about an action in the past that happened before another action in the past. So B happened first, but the past perfect lets me change the order in the sentence.
    Does that help?


Gocha. Now it is no need to reply to me. Thanks Adam.


Adam, U’re great! Thanks for lesson!


thanks adan


Hello Adam! My name is Akobirkhon Nosirkhudjayev. I’m from Uzbekistan. Nowadays, I’m preparing to TOEFL. And that’s why I need your help. I have problem with my listening. How can I improve my ,,listening”? Thanks for your attention!


    Hi Akobirkhon,

    Firstly, listen to as much as possible. Try ted.com for practice.

    Also, learn how to take good notes while you are listening. I’ll make a video soon about taking notes for TOEFL listening.


This lecture is really helpful to me!
Thank you for your teaching :-)


thank u sir,
i need few more classes on active voice


Thank you very much


Thanks vere mutshe


Thanks so much for doing all that.


my skyp is aysanaysan10 pls add me


I’ve got 10 points of 10 available.
Thanks a lot Adam!
There is only one thing I’d like you to ask about… Could you please tell me why the preposition “on” is absent in the phrase “It was delivered Saturday” (see Quiz 9)? We always say: On Saturday… or on Suday.. and so on.


    Hi Rokotelych,

    It’s not always necessary to use ‘on’. Though, most people do use it. Students learn it early so they generally use it. But I’ll give another comment in the general box so look for that



      Hello sir,i have the same problem that we us on sunday,on monday,on Saturday but in this case you haven’t used on before weekday.What could be the reasons behind this.I expect the reply from you asap. Thank you ,You’re a great teacher.


I got 8 out of 10 without watching Adam video
but thanks Adam


Hi Adam, how are you. I would like to ask you about the sentence “the sky cleared”. Why is it correct even though its form is not passive. May you please explain this in a new lesson. Thank you in advance


    Hi Zeyad,

    The sky cleared is not passive because there is no agent that does the clearing. It’s just a situation.

    Does that help?


      thanks a lot Adam, it helps.




The passive voice was learned very quickly.It was taught by a super teacher
thank you
could you recommend me a paid website to GET higher marks in IELTS exam (good yet cheap)
thank you very much in advance


    Hi Hotice,

    I’ll keep an eye out for a good site and let you know.



i have suggestion for the website admin:
i think it is better to restrict the comments for clarifications and questions so that the teachers can easily find out what we actually lacking for and give advises and correction fast rather than reading comments like thank you or it was very good lessons and so on.
just suggestion
thank you


Hi.in Quiz i got 5 from 10 what does that mean?am good or i need to focus or to understand more that lessen?am looking to hear from you soon teacher.


    Hi Imed,

    It means that learnign a language takes time and effort.

    Keep trying



i got 5correct very poor grammer…-(


yes!! i got 9/10 :))


thanks Adam


Thank you very much..


Thank you Adam. the Lesson is so helpful. I believe that using passive voice in a sentence, makes it more clear and understandable.


so hard my goodness


it’s all right I have learened many thing but no one can talk me in english if some one want
So it’s my number


    I took out your phone number because it’s not a good idea to put that online! If you want to talk to people, Skype or Google+ are much better!

    engVid Moderator

Hi Adam , i m from India nd it was really good to learn tht where nd how to use Passive..

nd plz tell me tht is my sentence correct or not?


Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note:

Next week I’ll go to school on Monday and on Tuesday.

Next week I’ll go to school Monday and Tuesday.

Both sentences are OK. More common is to use ‘on’ but you don’t have to.


    Hi there,
    What about this 1:
    Next week I’ll go 2 school on Monday n Tuesday.
    Is just 1 ” on ” enough in such a sentence??!!!
    Tx in advance.


      Hi Fatima,

      Yes, one ‘on’ is enough for both.


Mr Adam thanks for the lesson
But my weakness point that made me have only 6 correct answers out of 10 were the questions number 4,5,8 and 10 I don’t understand them


    you must do lots of exercises my friend.Once you learn you will love it using in your daily life.
    Maybe it is more difficult in your own language’s grammar.

    Safak Erman

I’m so gland to listen your lesson MR.Adam

and I’m very Happy when u said “pharmacist” in your vid that which the first video I watched here ”

thank u for helping us :)


hi Adam,
Can you explain Q.No:7, I cant find the number of passives in this question/.. need help…


Thank you very much for the lesson.
You are great!!!!!

wild boar

You are so good in teaching… i will copy the style to teach my class.

Lakshmi krishnakumar

I got 10/10; best explanation ever.
BTW, I didn’t understand the expression “are believed to be”. I have no problems with the meaning, but I don’t get the structure.


    Hi Gammexane,

    Is it the infinitive ‘to be’? Remmeber that in a sentence, only one verb (the main verb) can take a tense. The rest must be infinitives. So, Some people believe that ghosts exist: Ghosts are believed (by some people) to exist.

    Does that help?


      Yes, thank you very much.




Thanks a lot for this lesson. And I am looking foward to watch others.


I’m working in Toronto.I do write to politicians and other policy people as part of my work. I only completed basic English when I join with my work. So, I’ve been going through hard time in writing and speaking as well. I didn’t complete intermediate or advance or academic , TOEFL even IELT But, I’ve improved a lot, but still don’t have confident yet. Mostly confused with small small things, such as the embedded questions, how and where to use passive, etc.
But your lesson is giving me very confident and feel more stronger at my work place. It is saving many years of my life. Now I feel I can show my talents as the language has been a big barrier to show my talents therefor my talents have been undermined. Hats off to you Adam and your team.
I’ll visit soon to your place to appreciate your work.
Tamil EElavan

Tamil EElavan

Thanks adam


excellent mr.Adam. I thank for your effort, I believe than we always should publish our knowledge


## I liked a lot of this lesson because most of the questions are dificult. ##




What’s the meaning of TOEFL?
Sorry, I’m starting here.




Thanks a lot for this lesson, it was so important.


Thanks a lot for the lesson, I used to teach only 4 reasons for the passive voice, now I’ve learned 2 more uses.. thanks again you’re a great and knowledgeable teacher.


Although your teaching skills have been widely recognised, here i am to thank you for your help and commitment!!!:)


thanks for this lesson..I need to know more about passive, I have difficulties on this topic :(


Thanks alottttttttttttttt



I think you make here a great job. Thank you a lot. I will use that page for sure.


Hello, Adam!
Greetings from Finland.

First of all, thanks for your lesson!
I have now watched 2 of the videos you have made, and I have something to say about them. The fact that bothers me a lot is that you talk so much about verbs, objects, subjects, agents and so on. I know they are pretty important part of what you’re trying to teach us, but still.. for me those things have always been quite hard to understand, not only in English, but also in Finnish (which is my first language).
I was just hoping that maybe you could pay a little more attention in using them, because I think they make things you’re saying a lot more harder to understand, and in spoken or written English (apart for exams) they don’t really matter.

Thanks again!


Thank you so much and we hope to see more topics about passive

Fathi Ertemi

Hey Adam, by the way, it was Santos Dummont the one who invented the airplane!

Congratulations, good lesson!

Guilherme Frossard

thanks a lot)))




On teacher day in Viet nam,I wish you have good health ,success in your job,you will have may good lesson for me and friends over the world.


Nice lesson Adam!! Thank you!

As you said before, we know how to use Passive Voice but it is little used by us haha.


thank you Mr. Adam. it was a useful lesson.I was well informed and educated . Well done

manar moussa

Thank you for the wonderful explanation of passive voice. Now i can do it on my essays. Wish me luck on my upcoming IELTS.


Thanks a lot teacher. I got 10/10 :)


Hi!give me advice please. I lack of understanding.With what I should work harder volcaburaly or grammar


I want to get score min 6.5 band in IELTS (general). I wrote exam 3 months back without preparation then got 5.5 band. But it is not sufficient. Could you please guide me how to improve.


Thank you so much for your time.I leaned a lot.


hi, in Q-4 why have not has?


    Hi. For the third sigular pronoun or noun we use has, and for the others we use have. Best regards


10/10! Apparently…very useful! Thanks a lot!


iscored 4 out of 10.so can u advice my level plz


It’s very usefull and understandable!You are awesome teacher!Thank you.


Thanks a lot. Yours reply also very useful.


Hi Adam
Could u explain to me the difference Btn sometime and any time


Hi Adam
I have a problem with placing the following words in a sentence:
Can you help! Plz


Hi Adam! Can the passive used in this case? Client: When the soup will be done?
Waiter: Your soup is being cooked!


Hi Adam! Can the passive be used in this case? Client: When the soup will be done?
Waiter: Your soup is being cooked!


very useful lessons
thanks so much




Congratulations Adam, you are a great teacher. I am studying to be an English teacher too, and want to teach like you. You made it so clearly! The subject was explained perfectly!I can see how thoughtful you are answering all the questions! Thank you very much!

Sally S

Hi there, I scored 80% on the quiz. I understand why I got the questions wrong and I also see my mistake on the 2nd one, but I don’t see where my mistakes are on the first with recognizing the passives. Please can you give me more examples so I can understand the diffences.

Thank you Adam.


Sorry differences*


thank you very much Mr Adam, you alarmed me to use the passive voice because before I never tried to use the passive voice and one more thing that I hope you will share more funny and brilliant videos with us. thank you again


HI, thanks for your lessons. I have got question that couldn’t you add more videos for IELTS preparation especially reading skills?????
I am looking forward to hearing your respond…


Thank you now is more clear The passive is more clear, but to be’ honest my problem will be when I will speak…..how could help myself ?


Thank you so much. It’s very important to have a clear understanding of ‘passive voice’ to speak and write the right English.


I did the quiz and got 8. How is it?


Ohhhh my Godness !!!


thank you Adam; this my first time I visit engvid; i hope it will help me to get my english good.


Thanks so much
it helps me to understand the passive voice.


thanks so much


i got 6 out of 10.


Thank you Adam, Great Explanation about passive voice.

Sergio Sanches

Thank you so much because I have Known about the value of passive

Tar Wah

I need to have one Toefl certificate and how I can get that? Much appreciate if you kindly help thanks


thank you very much.


Hi dear Adam thanks a lot I really like it very much specially Your nice way of explanation also the new quiz style thanks again


    Hi Preemy,

    I’m also interested in improving my writing skills. Hope we can get in touch soon.

    Bye for now



HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thank you master Adam for your informations about passive voice .by the way I’m from Morocco my classmets found your video very intersting


Thanks Adam ,You are a great teacher.you did the best explanation .It was useful lesson.I’m a weak to understand Question and Answer so confused for that ,I need more practi.I hope to be better . Have a wonderful New Year :D


Ok! I’ll watch again the video and try again, 50, don’t work!


Thanks! Adam for teaching passive voice or the correct use of passive voice. You all are working very good. We are enjoying your lessons. Good bye!

Mohd Suhail

“If this is the first paragraph of a longer essay, what is probably the subject of the essay?” is a question and the correct answer – Bart Hemsey’s theories.
My question is this – Bart Hemsey suggested only one theory, at least it is not written in the text if he made more suggestions than one. Is there anything I missed, or, there is a mistake in composing the correct answer.
Thank you in advance.


Hi adam, thanks a lot. All your lessons have been really useful ! Greetings from mexico :-)


Thank you very much Adam. I understand better passive voice, but the only thing I don’t understand is “It was delivered Saturday. I would say It was delivered on Saturday.
Thank you in advance for your response.


dear adam,
what is the meaning of pasive

Anil Kumar Nair

Wow! Just can say a million thank! Very useful lesson.


Hi Adam,
Well done.
You teach me knowledge about langauage but not language at all. In polish I dont know what the passive or active voice is and I used it automatically. The same I want to do in english or franch for example.


Thanks for your help.


Sir, i have some problem in this question
1. I will be beaten by my mom (is this right or wrong i don’t know….isntead of this we could also right ‘My mom will beat me’ which one is correct)
2. is he worshiped daily(I’m not getting the meaning of this sentence instead of this sentence could i also write’does he wroship daily’ which sentence is correct please i’ve problem in these two sentence)


OMG I couldn`t get all the answers, but I learned something new!! Thanks professor


Great job.


Thank you very much Adam! You are very good theacher!


Thanks a lot Adam. Question#10 of the quiz: is it correct “It was delivered Saturday”? Shouldn’t it be “ON Saturday”?


My native language is Spanish and I need people help me improve my speaking skills in English!
You can send me an e-mail if you are interest in talking throught Skype

Thanks in advance


Good performance, Adam. Keep up the good work


I envisage passing Ielts but I little scary and I’m not sure in myself because of reading and listening what I must do?please help me


Thanks Adam,
I have started to watch ur Videos from yesterday and thinks now English is very easy to learn if some one teach in the same way like u do… Hats off….


Долго и отрешённо. Про Кока-Колу прочитал на доске, освежает.
Long and blankly. About Coca-Cola had read on the board, it’s refreshing.


Great video.




Hello adam, thanks for your video, but what about the impersonel Passive voice with reporting verbs? I really get mixed up when I have to change the tenses of the that clause:

It is said that the mouse was eaten.
The mouse is said to have been eaten. Correct?
It is said (was said) that the mouse was grey.
The mouse is said to be grey. ???
The mouse was said to be grey. ???
It is said (was said) that the mouse would bite people.
The mouse is said to bite people. ???
The mouse was said to bite people. ???
It was said that the mouse must have bitten about 10 people.
The mouse was said to have bitten about 10 people. ???

Actually, I am just guessing but I haven’t been able yet to find in the internet a rule to follow for all tenses.

I will be very thankful if you could help me as I am going crazy with the exercises I am trying to get right.



Eyy you make it so interesting! Now I’m kinda addicted to this page haha.


Hi Adam,

I’m confusing to use ” have/has been + past participle”. Examples, has been fixed, has been provided, have been exposed and so on.
Is this all a passive voice? Normally, in which condition we are going to use it?


    Hi Saw13
    “have” and “has” depends on the subject.
    I, you, we, they, we put “have” in the present perfect. However, she, he, and it we put “has”
    past perfect we put “had” with all the subjects.
    Ex1: Tom has eatten the apple”
    Passive: “the apple has been eatten by Tom.
    Ex2 “I have written the letters”
    Look the letters here is plearel so;
    passive: “the letters have been writen”


hello Adam .
Thank you very much .
You have really helped me so much .
I supposed that you continue for a long time making some good new videos .


Very interesting lesson!


The way you teach is great. It’s very very clear for understanding. Thank you so much,teacher


Thank you Adam for very useful lessons


Hi Adam!
Great lesson. I liked the focus on the coherence.


    hi would you like to improve your english with me

    shahriyar agamammadov

Hi everybody. i think the passive is very difficult. but we have to learn it. because not to use the passive, became boring. i like the passive sentence. butttt it is usually difficult for me too.
thanx 4 this lesson.


Hello everyone! thank you Adam to this lesson.


Thank you so much for this class. it is very clear.
I think you are very good explaining this topic, and you are very good using the place, because when you are doing it, you don’t cover the board while you are writing and speaking.


Dear, Adam,
Thank you so much. You’ve been friendly and helpful too.
In fact I want you to see is this sentence correct or incorrect.
Active: “Who wrote the letters?”
Passive: “Whom the letters were written by?”
or “By whom the letters were written?”
Thank you sir. your new student Otman from Morocco.


thanks a lot Adam , you r a fantastic teacher <3


That was great and helpful! Thanks!


Thank you


Good lesson Adam, also very helpful the explanation about “ON”.
But, after a week taking 2 or 3 lessons a day, I have the feeling that I’m learning in an unorganized way.
Can you give me any advice in that direction? I mean, can you help me to take the lesson in an appropriated order?
Thanks a lot.


Hello Adam, thanks for your lesson, it’s really useful for my English. I really like the way you present and teach the lesson to us. It was clear and easy to understand. Thank you again! :)
I have done the quiz already, but I saw a problem at question number 7. I found 5 passive sentences, not just 4. There are these sentence:

1. The riddle of the subject’s identity has been studied for many years.
2. But recently a strange new theory was proposed by a little-known art historian named Bart Hemsey.
3. A claim that has amused many art historians
4. Although no concrete proof has been provided to back up this belief
5. And perhaps his ancestry, can both be found in the paint.

Do I make mistake in recognizing the passive? and which sentence I was misleading?


Thanks Adam, it was really helpful explanation. Got 8/10 in the quiz.


Hi Adam !
Could u tell me why in the last Question of the Quiz “a tech was dispatched the same day” is more appropriate than others ?
Thnx in Advance…


Hi ..Adam was excellent thanks a lot .


Hello sir Adam I am happy to benifit wuth you I really binifit with you ; I have one question please if you can answer me please . Is this word ” awarness” countable or uncountable ; because I know it that it’s uncountable but why this sentence liek this ” . Having an awareness of different cultures” we can’t add s at the end of ” awarness” thank u Adam my best wishes to u .


Helpful lesson, thanks!


Hi Adam, In correct variant of the 9th question “on” prep. wasn’t used before Saturday. is it correct?


Hi Adam
Thanks a lot,You are an excellent teacher. Good explanations and


Thank you Adam. I did the test, 7 out of 10. What steps do you recommend for ESL student to getting ready for university? Usually how long dose it take to speak English fluently?


Hi Adam. Could you tell me, please, why did you say: “that IS consumed by…”?
Why not: that WAS consumed by…?


    Because it is consumed now. Don’t you drink coca cola now? Just people in the past consume it?


Thanks Adam…


Is this also passive right ?

I picked up my car repaired yesterday.
I picked up my car which was repaired yesterday.

These both sentences are equal in meaning ?


that is awesome lesson for me :) thanks a lot


Thank you so much for this lesson! I will work on this passive voice because I am taking the TOEFL exam in 3 weeks :D


Thanks a lot!!


ohhh… its good lesson,,,thanksss


Hi Adam.
Explain, plz; why in the first question of Quiz need to be “were arested”,not “are arrested”?
Thank you for advance.




hi adam i don t understundthis lessons :(


Good Job.


HI Adam;
I didn’t found the passives in equation 7.
Can you please help me to find them?


Hello Adam:

I got a question, please if you could help, I will really thankful to you.

Perfect Modal verb: The boy could have done the dishes himself but he took his girl-friend help to wash the dishes.

Passive voice: Dishes could have been done by the boy…but he took his girl-frined help to wash the dishes.

The second sentnce is a Modeal perfect in passive form..could+have+been+done.

Adam is that correct?




Thanks a lot!


Thanks it is useful lesson how i can join


I have completed the test with 10 correct answers =D


لولولولي this typing is a sound actually we make in egypt to congratulate someone
and I’M SO GLAD AS I GOT 10/10


This is distinctly one of the best that EngVid has offered us. As always, we are immensely grateful and eager for more precious work.




lucky, lucky this quiz was hard to do. I got 9. I considered the first option but instead I chose the last. But it’s okay, since the two is right


Thanks, I got 100%.


Very nice lesson!


Hi Adam, i am worried about my IELTS writing, my grammar is a huge issue for me which limits blocks me from reaching 6.5 on the writing section. what shall i do? thanks

Jimmy Jiang

thank you
it was really important and diffirent lesson
i like it


Hi Adam, I always attend the videos classes at ENGVID.com and now I am preparing myself for TOEFL Exam.

I have a question, in a passive voice, what is the difference between the following sentences:

1 – The rat was eaten
2 – The rat has been eaten

Are both correctly?


    1. The rat was eaten means past and it is completed
    2.The rat has been eaten means past but there is a prove that the rat is eaten maybe it’s legs ,tail or head

    anwar yemen

    Hi. Yes both are passive. They are different in tense. The best


think you teacher ,merci beaucoup :)


very interesting lesson
thank u truly

takwa wanderlust

Thanks teacher ADAM. Interesting lesson.


thanks teacher ADAM for useful lesson but I still have some difficulties to understand how I can make a good essay in IELTS and using PASSIVE?

fatmah almokhtar

Thank for you T.Adam in fact it is useful and i learnt a lot but it was on passive of present simple

anwar yemen

    it is on passive only

    anwar yemen

Redbus was started by a a software engineer name Phani. He wasn’t had confidence when he started his business in 2005. Now Redbus is Indian top online ticket booking website with revenue over 10 million rupees.


Nice job

Haitham Mostafa


Abdul Qayum



Really helpful, thank you Adam


good lesson!
but, what “a tech” mean? in the sentence “a tech was dispatched the same day”


Hi Adam, will you tell me the 4 passive sentences

narsimha sharma

so far,nobody explained in this fashion.it helps me to write in interesting way.thank you.


could you suggest me a site,where my writing skills can be assessed and made me write in constructive manner.i am comfortable in English except in writing the same.


Thank you Adam


Thank you Adam. When I leaned causative from you.
I made some mistakes . I’m not good at passive.
I failed again!
I’ll keep trying!

reiko kenmotsu

Great work!


Sir Adam, are you at Facebook? where can i find you? would you mind if I add you there? Sir Alex share his, hope you share yours, I wanna have a friends who are professionals. Such as you and Sir Alex :)


Thanks sir!! I’m going to take the quiz later! I have an important exam tomorrow and i’m soo glad I found this cool videos :’)


*these* Hahaha that’s not good uh :S


Hi Adam, thank you for the interesting lesson! I glad to be registered on this site. It’s very useful!


Thanks a lot Adam.


OHH! great I got 10 out of 10! thanks, I like your lessons Adam you’re a great teacher even better than mine :D


Can we say as in a quiz, the computer was delievered Saturday? I’ve thought that “The computer was delivered ON Saturday” is more grammaticly correct…


i got 90


Hi Mr Adam. Thank you for your informative video.
You have said that we can use passive in our essay writing.But Ms Emma has said in a video that we should avoid using passive in the writing.What’s the problem?

Mohamed 122

Hello Adam,
I got Q # 7 &8 wrong. Could you please elaborate on those questions.


Thank you Adam,
I’m actually glad for lesson about passive voice. You said totally truth, we know passive voice but we don’t know for what we should use it.


HI teacher Adam .
can you tell us more about passive .
i found it very difficult.
how could i change from passive to active ?
thank you

loleta borini 93

    Hi . The house was cleaned . (by the woman)
    The woman cleaned the house. 1) We write the real subject in the begining of the sentence. 2) We omit ( be: was, were, are…) then we write the correct form of the main verb( based on the tense of be, and the subject) . The subject of the passive sentence is the object of the active sentence. Thease are the main points. Ihope it helps


Hi.teacher Adum.
I have saw this website a few day ago that made me happy to improve English with your lesson.I would like you comment me message.I try to learn English by watching soundtrack’movies,listening music,conversation with foreigner and your lesson.thank you for your kind, Regard.

chutima anest.

After the second time I learned and made the test, I got 10 correct out of 10. yeah.. thank you, teacher.

chutima anest.

This lesson was very interested, I got 80 thanks Adam.
You are the man.


adam id like have a teacher like u in my university great job


Tanx Adam u were useful to me

ake cool

Adam you are simply the best!I follow different lessons and teachers but i ve subscribed only you.You turn me on.I try to improve my english and you are perfect even tough i can t speak with nobody for my conversations.I got correct 8 of 10.The seven one was difficult.I reply 6 but 4 was the correct answer.Would be great understand which one was correct.i was boring for sure but thank to you i will improve.I d like if you could reply but may be i ask too much.


You are a top teacher!Thank you!


That was great mr. Adam


actually the test was scored 7 out of 10


that was great and you are the best :)


I have found only 3 passive sentences


Ando bien podrido con el inglés, pero créanme que me la voy a rifar: ¡Bien Machín!


it’s simple and very useful….thx for all (EngVid Family)

rafi ghan

Hi Adam
thanks for your videos. in fact this lesson was very interest with me, but i have confused when i use “it” my estimation was when i use it my i write example, this videos it was very delicious.
repeatedly thanks for your teaching

asha a.mohamed

80% correct


Wow! 100% correct. Thank you very much.


Dear Adam,
I usually watched your videos without having an account. But, today I decided to create one to be able to send a comment for you! First, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your really interesting lessons. You are an inherent teacher, believe me! Your videos are perfect and that’s why I try not to miss even one of them. I am a graduate student in engineering and though I am quite familiar with these subjects, almost all of your lessons have something new to tell me and of course some fun!
Hope the Lord brings you all the best!


Hi Adam I am studying passive in my college and they gave me two ways to do it, one of them, is the idiomatic sentences ..x example I am given a dog.
This is very difficult to me because is completely different of my idioms.do you have some class explaining the different ways of passive ? Thank s a lot for your time! Regards


Hello! Thank you for your lessons, they help so much!
I was watching videos for TOEFL and I’m confused with one thing.
In this lesson you are talking to us that it’s really important to use Passive because professors who will check your essay will see that we know how to use Passive, so, we’ll get a good mark.
But in the lesson called “5 tips to improve your writing” by Emma, she is talking that we shouldn’t use passive too often especially taking TOEFL. Emma said that universities usually use Active voice.
Can you please answer, should I use Passive for my TOEFL essay?


Dear adam
Thank you for sharing the video
you are the best ~~~


Passive form always confused me but now I understand it better. Thanks


thanks Adam very good lesson and it is a good opportunity to learn English well, sorry for my poor English languish and i hope be better in the future

ehab sabry

Hey Adam!
I have an important question. You said that passive voice makes essey more interesting, but Emma said that it is not good to use it in it.
So, should I use in essey or no??

Fred Taylor

Hi Adam, As usual very nice lesson about Passive. First time I came to know about the Agent, which I thought Object. I would like to appreciate for the efforts you guys are putting to present simple and very nice lessons for English Language learning.


Hi Teacher Adam :)
thanks for the lesson it was quiet interesting but still i didn’t get it all the things what you mentioned because my grammar is poor i love to learn English and also i wanna do my higher studies in English as i don’t have any other choice because i live in abroad :( :(
please if u can make more videos about grammar for the beginners it will be more beneficial :) :) :)


Thanks Mr.Adam ,the lesson is clear ,I want ask about the question no.9 ,
can i use name of the days without preposition?

Hala Hmd

Love Passive Voice. In my mother language we don’t use it very often, which is a pity.If we do, people think you’re snobish!!!!

Great lesson, as usual, Adam.


Thanks Mr Adam for the lesson, but in my perspective i found ambiguity here.

I still do not understand why the first question’s answer is “WERE ARRESTED” not “ARE ARRESTED”

I still confused why the fifth question’s answer is THE MECHANIC – BECAUSE HE IS OBVIOUS. How if his car has been fixed by his friends or by his son?

Why the answer of question number 9 is “IT WAS DELIVERED SATURDAY”?
Is not it false, it is. I prefer to say “IT WAS DELIVERED ON SATURDAY”. If i were in the TOEFL TEST IT WOULD BE A GREAT MISTAKE!!!!!!!

What is going on here!!!!????


Hey, I don’t know why but this guy has got my sympathy :D Thanks for the video, Adam :)


ADAM, you are the best teacher of whom i’ve ever seen ! Thank you so much.


Hi Professor Adam,
Your great lesson and suitable examples ( they are sometimes missing in your lessons). I am waiting for part 2 of it.
The quiz is a super bonus to the lesson. Thank you.


6/10:(I never learn this I think. but you are really great teacher:)
Thank for your nice lesson .


I have completed the quiz and I have got a question, please – what about “named” being a kind of passive in this chunk: “a little-known art historian named Bart Hemsey” – that is, ” a little-known art historian (who was) named Bart Hemsey”? Thank you in advance


Got 100% thanx for the lesson


Hello Adam last question is confused me ;/


I took the quiz before watching the video. :-) That was a great start for me.


Adam can you please make a lesson how to make passive form of intransitive verb. like that of, “I’m go to a restaurant.”

Suresh Chhetry

Adam thank you for your effort but question no 4 confused me


Can you tell how can I get to the next lesson . thank you


Very usefull lesson Adam.Passive voice is not easy to understand but you explian that nicely.Thanks…


Hi Adam, thank you for your lesson. Question no.7 i got 5 passives: “…identity has been studied…new theory was proposed…named Bart Hemsey…concrete proof has been provided…can both be found in the paint.” Pls tell me why 4?


Thank you Adam! Gr8 work!


Hi Adam very helpful your video. But I have a question for you, How can I improve my vocabulary if almost every one here speak Spanish? I will be glad if you answer. Thank you.


Thanks Adam! You´re a great teacher. I understand better this topic!


Thank you for good explanation :)


Good lesson Adam


Hu, Adam! It always tickles me pink to know something new through your lessons. Lesson about keeping fit is especially interesting. Could you share with us ‘Ice hockey vocabulary’ and ‘(ice) hockey idioms’.

Ania Pe

The birthday cake was made by the woman. She is my wife. So I said delicious after the cake was eaten by me. Therefore, I was not punched…XD


Hi teacher. Thank you for the video.
I need study more, it still complicated for me


hello adam!
thank you your video:)

I have a question.

I found passive 5 but it was wrong.

1. has been studied for many years

2. was proposed

3. named Bart Hemsey

4. has been provided

5. be found in the paint

Could you explain why it was wrong?


    Hi, number 3: named….., is Not passive . The best


Good insight to this difficult subjetc. Thanks o’lot.


Thank you very much Adam
Now I understand the passive voice.But Can tou tell me the difference between watch and look at


Tank you so much . The lesson was very useful and the quiz was also very useful for more understanding.


Would you please explain when to be+3rd form of verb is used in sentence?there to be means to be not auxilary verb am is are etc.Here i am putting a sentence to clarify my question.”The light source must therefore be immensely brighter if is to be used as a headlight to illuminate the path.Please explain.


9 OUT OF 10


Hi, It Quiz was too dificult to me, I had 5 out of 10.
finally I understand pasive voice.


    I had 9 out of 10. But sometimes is difficult for me Patico…

    manuel hernandez

I might be wrong,but ihave heard first can not be say as firstly and you used so.
so sir…! please correct me if i am wrong.


10/10 thanks a lot <3

lolo alassad

dear Adam,you’re like the GREATEST TEACHER ON EARTH.
all the best…

lolo alassad

Passive Voice is so complicated, but this was an engaging lesson and about everything useful. Thank you so much Adam you are an Amazing teacher but I must to study more about this subject.


80 ))) OLEY)))

Ulker I-eva

The question about “The computer store delivered the computer on Saturday”. The right answer is “It was delivered Saturday” or it should be “It was delivered ON Saturday”? Which is correct?


Hi Adam
I am hailed from India .i feel like to speak English fluently and written .
could you give me valuable suggestions ,please?

rajeev 999


In spoken English how to use passive voice easily …

rajeev 999

I don’t find the words to express my feelings.


Thank you very much!






Hi.7/10. Excellent quiz. I haven’t seen the video yet ! Thanks.After that ,I’m sure I’ll get 10.


hi 7/10 great activity to test knowledge about passive.
Can we convert optative and exclamatory to passive if yes please share links or resources
i shall be very thankful


wait for reply plz help me to clear concept


Hi! Quick question.
Why in the 9th question there is no “on” before the day?
It was deliverd ——-on——- Saturday.

Is it really correct?


Thanks Adam. I got 7 out of 10. but I will be better in the next lesson. thank you again.

Maryam Zaky

Noooo. I always get 7 out of 10. I don’t know. Thanks Adam.


Great video , thank you !


hey adam, i want to thank you for the great lessons, i and i’m sure almost everybody that have been watching these lessons, have been improving their English a lot. thank you and all the engvid.com’ screw for this so helpfull lesson god bless you all.


oops crew, sorry


Which sentence could best replace the bold words above?
The computer delivered on Saturday,
The delivery company delivered the computer on Saturday,
On Saturday the computer came,
It was delivered Saturday,

It was delivered Saturday,
It was delivered on Saturday. which one is correct ?


Thank you Adam.


Hello Adam,

First of all, congratulations and thank you by the class.

I have a doubt about the question number 7.
I couldn’t find the 4 passive sentences at this question. I know i have to study more, but, can you help me to find then. Thank you for your time.

Sorry if I did some errors at this text/question.


Nice class Adam. Thank you very much!


thanks :)


I liked your explanation about the Passive voice. You gave me a new point of view to explain it to my students. Thank you!

Queenie 2

HI Adam, Could you please interpret that?

1. Five of the gang members _____________ after a long police hunt following the burglary.
was caught
were arrested
were stop
are arrested


    8 out of 10

    I choose (are arrested) but it is wrong answer (


    Hi, the time is Past, so ( were ) is correct here. The best


Your lessons are so interesting and understandable, thank you for what you are doing.:)


Hi Adam,

For the 9th question:
I think the answer should be “It was delivered ON Saturday.”

Am I right?


Thank you!!



Abdullah Barakat

    I got 9/10

    Abdullah Barakat

hi adam thanks for the help

harshit shukla

I got 10 out of 10 :D thank you very much for your help, I have a test about passive voice tomorrow, I hope your explanations will help me :)


Thank you Adam!!!!!!!!


I’d like to know from wich video I shuold start for preparing for TOEFL? I couldn’t find which video is 1st, 2nd, etc…could you help me

Mr. Jabison

Thank you dear very nice and creative lesson for me.


Hi! Thanks for powerfull lesson.
When you told somebody says “I don’t use the passive and although this I feel OK whaile speaking…” I thought how about useful phrases like:
– I am interested in…
– …after this it became clear

I mean we use the passive pretty often even we don’t think about we use it ; )


it was very useful thanks


Hi, Adam. Can you explain question #7 please. Thank you)


Thank you Adam.I think that very important to know how and when we can use passive . As always very useful lesson.


Thanks very much . .


very nice


very useful

Mohamed Sedky

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Was a great lesson, thanks a lot Adam


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it’s difficult lesson
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You are amazing Maitre! Thanks for lessons.


Wonderful #Adam


Hi Adam! I got 100 :D


I still confuse a bit :'(


Thank you Adam

Walid Mouna

I’ve got 6/10.
Very bad for me. I need to improve passive voice skills.
Thank you.
Happy New Year!!!


I am a Taiwanese English teacher.

The reason why my English is so good in comparsion with most of my fellow Taiwanese is that I have been constantly learning and practicing English.

Hopefully the average Emglish ability level for Taiwanese can improve a lot in the very near future.

I have finished watching this video completely.

This video is awesome!!!!

It is bloody useful!!

Big thanks to the teacher and all the fellow students around the world.

Ray Hsu

Thank you for the lesson; but i have a question, you said that use passive voice for the TOEFL test is a good option, in another video teacher Emma said it isn’t. Is it a good option? or only if it’s necessary, for example, as you said, to avoid a boring essay?


I got 90/100. Thanks a lot Adam. Can you tell me which is correct in these sentences :-
1. An European country.
2. A European country.


Hi Adam, thank you so much for the useful lesson, I got 10/10. You have the best teaching way I have ever seen.


thanks a lot teacher Adam


I have to admit these kind of topics are very confused sometimes… Although I feel my English is working better!!! Welcome to Colombia THE LAND OF MAGICAL REALISM!!!

manuel hernandez

Are you Colombian, too?
I am from Bogotá, this is the capital, great City.


Hello, Adam Thank you for the very precious English lessons you teach us.

For this lesson I have no problem about using the Passive, but I am curious about how to use “which is why, this is why and that is why, I got these from the example while you were explaining about using Passive on Coca Cola example.

Your reply is much appreciated.

Thank you.


thank u adam ?

nazek n

Must thank the incredible who was done such as these quizzes. more vocabulary, awesome written way.

I would like to express of my likely on you teacher Adam.
best wishes


This lesson is so useful to understand passives. At the same time, I think the quiz was so enough to measure my success. Thank you, Adam!


I’m just impressed, thank you so much teacher Adam,your lessons make me so happy .

Asmaa Naciri

I love it, I got 100 point so I think I am getting better.


Hi Adam brother,I have seen a Telugu movie named ‘Oopiri’. In that film Hero says ‘Beauty not admired is a sin’.Can you tell me what its meaning is.and what kind of sentence it is.Please let me know brother.I have asked many people.But I couldn’t get an appropriate answer.

Akbar Basha

I don’t know why, but I love to study passive voice… Thank u very much to bring us this important lesson.

claudia conti

l got 10 corrects. yeah!thanks Adam. you are the best!


Answer me Adam

Akbar Basha

you are such a great teacher Adaaaam thank you :)


Yay i got 10 correct

Elga Malik

Yayy i got 10

Elga Malik

In question no2 we use ‘are believed’ but in question no.1 we use ‘were arrested’. Why can’t we use ‘are arrested’ in question no.1? Please sir! Clear this confusion.


    Hi, because of the tense! When the sentence is past we use Was or Were ( based on the new subject) and when it is present we use: Am, Is or Are. I wish it helps


Dear Adam, I’ve a problem concerning the question n°8. As answer I chose “Da Vinci’s mother” instead of “Bart Hemsey’s theories” because in this latter the subject was plural, whereas, on my opinion, the theory was only one; this tricked me into thinking that was a wrong choice. Could you explain me why the plural form is correct in this case? Thank you so much.


how do i send essay to u

krishna shrestha

hi. everone. how can i learn ielts?
please advice me .


I Feel Happy and motivated with this class, thanks teacher.


Thank you Adam


Just 7/10, oh man, I need to improve myself. Thanks Adam.

Lucas Avelino

Great video!! Many doubts solved!! :D
I got 9/10
Just a question: The sentence “It was delivered Saturday” shouldn’t have “on” before Saturday?


Thanks. Now I know the Passive Voice but I still with difficults about it. (score:8/10)

Lucas Avelino

Great Lesson, thanks!


Thanks Adam!


Thank you, Adam!


Hello Adam. Also tell the difference between which and that while refering something.


Hi Adam, would you explain, please, why in the sentence 9 it’s correct to say “It was delivered Saturday”? I think that it’d be correct to say “It was delivered ON Saturday.” Thank you.


try to be less clumsy like you dropped your marker


I hadn’t clear idea of this Area. but you clearly explained it..
Thank You Sir,


Thank you Adam


useful as always, thanks Adam

Michele Vis.

Hi adam!I couldn’t understand the last question.how can a tech be despatched?Generally we use despatch for delivering things as far i know.

Sarupa Debnath

Thank you so much, Adam, because I am impressed by the way you teach, it is amazing, and I promised to myself to help others like you.


Adam, let me tell you… You´re a great teacher, I mean you are amaizing, for real… Thank you so much!


A great lesson and I got to know some information for the first time about the importance of Passive


Thank you very much Adam ^^


Hi Sir, i’m so glad bcz ur explanations works! so , can y correct for me some exercises that i did?


“The graph shows how the populations of India and China have changed since 2000 and how they will change in the future.”

Why instead of “have changed” and “will change” you didn’t use “have been changed” and “will be changed”

because as I think, the population will not change anything, but it can be changed. I’m confused, HELP PLEASE!


Thank you very much, Adam!


hello, I really like your way of teaching, i prepare for TOEFL and i hope get a good score. Thank you Adam!


Hi. I really like the method of your teaching, and they are very beneficial.
Just I have a sentence that I don’t know how to change into passive ” she works to earn money ”
Please, change it


Thanks a whole lot Adam. This has been very informative. I wish you could give more tips on TOEFL writing.


BTW I got a perfect 10 in the quiz.




thanks Adam!


Little quastion: In the above paragraph, how many passives are used? Why 4? I’ve counted 5:
1. has been studied
2. was proposed
3. has amused
4. has been provided
5. can both be found – isn’t it really a passive?

evil toad

    1000 thanks teacher! you are one of the best!


    Hi, 3: has amused, is Not passive, so number 5 is passive! Best regards


1000 thanks teacher! you are one of the best!


Hi Adam,
Could you please explain me the difference between ‘ it was made’ and ‘ it has been made’ and when to use the one or the other form?
Thank you


Hi Adam,

Thank you so much for your good lecture.




This was a fun one! Thank you, Adam :)


Thank you


Excuse me, Adam.

I do not understand the correct answer of question 9. “It was delivered Saturday”.I think the correct answer must be “It was delivered ON Saturday.” Please help me. Thanks a lot.


thank you very much, really I learn alot from you


thank you teacher i get it your lesson are very important for me


Thanks Adam :)
This lesson was awesome. It was clear and easy to understand.


Hi, I would like to confirm question 7, I looked for the”ed” at the end of the words that is how I got 4, can you please confirm this is a good method for this type of exercise? Proposed, provided, studied and amused.


Hi Adam,

Your explanation was very clear.

Thanks a lot!


Thanks for quiz. You explained great.


Thanks Mr. Adam!


Thanks alot.


Thank you, Adam!


Adam thanks a lot!!!


10/10 bravo!!


It was delivered on Saturday. If I used this sentence without “on”, I would get no score.


You are the best Sir

Kanishka Abeykoon

I never realized how important the passive was to make a speech fluid and interesting. Really useful!


I have a question, Adam:
In Q7, there are 4 obvious passive tense:
1. has been studied …
2. new theory was proposed by …
3. no concrete proof has been provided …
4. can both be found in the paint.

But, the 5th has been hidden inside the ‘Adjective Clause’:
a little-known art historian named …
which is the shortened form of:
a little-known art historian who is named …

Why didn’t count it?


Good day, Adam. From my point of view, there are 5 passives in the seventh questions. Can u please check it?
has been studied
was proposed
a claim that has amused
has been provided
can both be found


    “has amused” is not passive,
    it is just a present perfect tense.


Thank you, Adam. I really learn and enjoy your lessons. You are so charismatic. You made me smile with this video.


Indeed, airplane was invented by Santos Dumont.


Excelent class, thank you Adam


Thanks a lot Adam, I really think you are the best teacher on whole internet, I really think so. The passive voice’s grammar was very well taught XD
Best regards Adam!


Hi Adam…I have a serious problem with the writing.
I took part in a mock IELTS exam and my scores were: L 7.5 R 8.5 W 6 and S 7.5
my problem is I don’t know how should I practice writing. I mean, it is really confusing to me. I have good ideas,but when I write I realize an other idea could be better then I erase some sentences and write again. and then I freak out because of time limit..what should I do?
IELTS exam is really expensive in my country = 2 months salary for me!! so I have to be sure then sign up.


I really like your approaches in teaching English. Thanks .

mohammed hatb

Hi all, hi Adam! Could anyone explain to me about the question 8? Why is that essay about Bart Hemsey’s theories? This man is mentioned in the middle of the fragment as “a little-known art historian named Bart Hemsey” which implies that his name itself is new information and probably there was nothing told about him before? Sorry for my broken English. Thank you.


thanks Adam … ö


Thank you ADAM!
You are super awesome.


Thanks Adam.


made two mistakes; 4 and 5, but what i consider relevant though is number 4! HAVE instead of HAS…
I will work on that!!
Thanks Adam


some of Englesh learners think ,so am I ,it is nescesary to put the word of “on” on before the specific day.Even my English teacher thought so…I was suprised at Adam’s explanation.But I understood now. if, when and somethingelse


or…sorry.without words like if ,when somethingelse,we don’t need “on” before a day ,do you? I’m interesting that many people asked you the same question.I mean to ask Different language speakers having same questions is funny.I’m beginner learner, I apologize for immense grammar error…


Hi Adam,
Your teaching inspires me a lot and is helping me to learn English grammar. I really appreciate it.
Kind regards


8/10! You lesson was connected after I’ve finished Emma’s English lesson.

Jerry Gu

I got a 8. Nice explanation teacher.


for question number 10, may I know why we have to choose answer 1 ( a tech was dispatched the same day ) instead of 4 ( the computer were fixed ) ain’t both passive


Thanks Adam. This lesson is very useful , not only for teaching some rules on English grammar but also for rhetorical analysis.

Rajib Majumdar

she…(promote) by the end of this month.
Should it be “has been promoted” or “will be promoted” ?


Hi Adam;
hope your doing well as you make me feel when I study your lessons :) , I have finished now watching all your EngVid videos and they are really helpful, informative, straight to the point , and fun .. keep smiling while teaching, the teacher’s smile ease the onerousness of the subject for the students.


Adam! why are your tests always difficult? I find you are hard to follow! maybe I’m just stupid


I didn’t choose “It was delivered Saturday,” because of the absence “ON Saturday,”.



khaled hamid

Hello Adam. Thanks a lot for your numerous intetesting lessons. I agree with SlavaProtasov and consider that the right answer for the question N5 is 5.

yushchishina anna

Hi Adam, I was wondering if we can use the word “dispatch” with people.
anyway very it was very interesting and helpful lesson.

Abdullah Moha

Thank you. With your explanation it is easy to understand.


thanks for the lesson it was very useful

Rania Nasrallah

Hi Adam, I think you were correct. C wasn’t done until he completed B. Because B was done first, later C was done. If we write; “C wasn’t done until he has completed C.” C should be early than B. Am I correct?


I am a Chinese,I like to listen your lessons.Thank you very much


thank a lot Alex (Kazakhstan 17 oct2021)
the lesson is not an easy one


Hi Adam: although in 7 you don’t indicate which are the passive, I pointed out 5; however the system says 4.
I believe the passives are:
1. has been studied
2. was proposed
3. has amused
4. has been provided
5. can both be found
Would you please let me know if I am wrong?


    “…a claim that has amused many art historians” is not passive. “Has amused” in this sentence is the present perfect tense, in the active form. There is an active subject in the sentence — the claim. The claim is the thing that is performing the action, amusing.

    I agree that it’s a difficult question though, and I’ll ask Adam to add a note to the answer specifying exactly which portions are passive.


      Mr Adam i am soo confused cuz Emma said in a video we don’t have to use the passive in IELTS essay. Here video title is: improve your writing. Am looy forward your answer thank you

      Fatima titima 10

Thanks for this stunning and fun English class teacher Adam…….. Greetings from Surco my hometown

marc anthony

The Airplane was invented by the brazilian Santos Dumont.

Adm. Paulo Rocha

10/10 I did it really good!!!


Thanks Adam, you’ve given me a new thing.


I got 7/10


Great lesson sir.
Is it me or question 10 does have a grammar mistake in the sentence we didn’t give refunds ?


Thank you a lot i got 4/10
i am a beginner plz i need to know english very well im from Tanzania


Alex, thank you so much!


i got 90% right answers. I have been taught how to use passive voice correctly by MR Adam.


Thank you so much Mr.Adam


Hi Adam.
Just thank for your videos. You explain very, very well.


A question: When I rewrite a sentence from active voice to passive voice, and after putting the subject followed by the verb “be” and the verb in “past participle”, do I put the “agent” first and then the complement? Or first the complement and then the “agent”?
Sorry for the long question.


It is a great grammatical lesson. Thanks.

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