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Woo to day I’m the first one.
Thanks, I found this lesson very helpful, but I have doubt about question 6 so help me.


    Hi Prashant,

    Shocks (or shock absorbers)are the coils/springs that absorb a hit so that your tires don’t burst or other damage happens to your car. Potholes are holes in the road that your tire falls into. Does this help?


      love you Adam..your lessons are easy to understand…. and my friends now jeleous at my english..YES!


Woo to day I’m the first one.
Thanks, I found this lesson very helpful, but I have doubt about question.


Sorry about that, my PC keyboard is not working properly.


Got 80. Marvelous lesson. Thank you Adam! <3


Got 90%. It’s very educative. Thank you.

I missed question 1. I think the answer should be “water”. Any types of fluid that are used to cool system is a coolant. Specifically, we use water as a coolant in the radiator.


    HI Isma’il,

    Water evaporates when it gets hot, so as a coolant it wouldn’t work because it would be gone soon. Coolant is a chemical that stays liquid even in high heat.


Hi, Adam!
Why you call all wheel – “tire”?
I think that tire is a part of wheel.
Tire + Rim = Wheel


    You are absolutely right. A tire is a rubber part of a wheel.


    Cause speaking of cars in an informal way we use the word “tire” to indicate the entire wheel (tire+rim).

    al willis

    Hi AcidJumper,

    Sometimes people get confused by the term wheel because of the steering wheel. saying tire makes sure we are focused on the wheels outside the car.

    People will understand the full wheel even if you say tire because a tire by itself is useless. Also, in the trunk you have a spare tire, not a spare wheel.

    Hope this helps.


I found this lesson very useful… but hard to remember for me as I don’t have a car right now.. I finally know the difference between rearview mirror and sideview mirrors.. Thanks


I have got 9 it’s quite good. But I still don’t understand at first question: the radiator usually use water for coolant engine, so i think choose water is correct but the answer correctly is coolant

nguyen van long

    At early stages we use water as a coolant but due to its low boiling point it cannot cool the engine fast and also it evaporate easily and cause damage. Also water is a good corrosive agent. And in Europe, Russia, USA, Canada etc. territories, where in winter is lower °C, water simply freeze.


      Very well explained.


    Coolant is the same as antifreeze.


      Yes, it is Digranoff.


    Water evaporates at 100 degrees Celsius, coolant do not.

    al willis

    Hi Nguyen,

    Please read Acid Jumper’s answer if you haven’t already. it’s quite good.


Thank you teacher….!!!

Jakub Alvarez

Good choice to talk about car even we don’t have it.

Abuomar Sabbagh

    Maybe someday, Aboumar :)


Excellent Lesson, Thanks Adam


Take a not, listen anda read a subtitle its so hard and 20 minutes not enough all of them


Brilliant lesson for an enthusiastic about cars like me. I specially like European classic cars. But I wouldn´t make a fuss if someone gave me an old Ford Mustang.
Just a question Adam: are there more manual or automatic cars in Canada??
Thank you so much Sir!!!


    Hi Knopfler,

    Manual cars used to be standard, but these days most cars are automatic. You actually need to request a manual car. Sports cars are a bit different, but even they are majority auto I think.


Thanks a lot teacher wishing you a good luck

Muse Mohamed

    Thanks Muse :)


Thanks very much for this lesson. It’s very important to know all these words when we have to drive abroad.
I love listening to music and singing while driving! It’s so relaxing!
A smile


    A smile back Byte :)


not easy…


    Keep trying, Terrysam. It gets easier ;)


Muy bueno


thanks Mr Adam ..there is problem in the system of Determination questions … Regards .

husam simawi

    Not sure what you mean Husam. Do you mean the quiz?


      Yes sir, some times i facing that .

      husam simawi

thanks Adam I like your teaching which help me to take care my car on a regular basis.


Thank you Adam.


I started checking my car just after watching this listen …..coool Mr Adem

you know , you are one on the greatest tutor on this web

i really like you


    Thanks Khaled :)


Very good vocab. lesson. Thank you very much.


Wipers sounds like vipers :D


Thanks for the lesson! I’m waiting for an other one about bikes!!


    I’ll see what I can do Federico :)


Hello i need your help in a lesson where i have been asked to rearrange a very long sentence. But words are mingled. They put verb first, then the object and subject… I would like to know if there is any technic to resolve it. Thank you by expecting a reply from your side.Thank you very much for your job. From Senegal see you soon!


    Hi Mols,

    The most common snetence type is S – V – O, but there are others. Figure out who/what is doing the action and to whom/what. then you’ll know the right positions for each.




I find it a very good activity but I will continue to strive every day to learn better English skills

soto jimenez axel zaid

Hello Adam!
How about “First aid kit” and fire-extinguisher?


    Well, Dmitry, while these are very good suggestions, most cars don’t carry these.


Useful lesson.. Thanks alot


Thank you, dear Adam! The girl has got 10 of 10. Very useful lesson for travelling far of home realities.


Shock absorbers or shocks. Which of these expressions is more commonly used?


    Hi Digranoff,

    For those who don’t know much about cars, it’s shock absorbers. Those who do know, simply shorten it to shocks.


My first experience – I’m impressed. Many thanks.


    Welcome Zxzx :)


Thanks a lot


Thank you Adam. I found a job in a performance shop. this lesson was so useful. by the way, I Prefer Jack with capital J :)


    Congrats Soozi :)


Thank you Sir


Just today I have found your videos on youtube, I have to say ‘wow, amazing’ thanks for appearing
I am totally enchanted with the teacher Adam :)


    Welcome Fresitha :)


      Thank you Adam…the more I see your videos, the most I want to travel to Canada ;)
      kisses from a fan…


I got 10/10. Thank You Adam.


Hey Adam,
I hope my message finds you well
I would be glad if you could do me a favor and tell me tips on how could I be a better teacher, things I should care at class


    Hi Mehdi,

    The best tip I can give you is that you need to learn as much as your students. That said, don’t be afraid to say the words “I don’t know”– just make sure you do know for the next class ;)

    Good luck


Hi Adam,
Could you please help me?
Which dictionary is the best for us (English as a foreign language )
many thanks


Hey Adam
Could you please answer my question
When we ask something we generally use do, does, did like (why do you need that book?)
So what happens if we ask like (why you need that book?) what is the necessity of using do in this question that’s kinda obvious


    Well, Mehdi, the simplest answer is that that is how the language is constructed ;) We can take lots of shortcuts, but then we would change the language itself. I’m sure you can do the same in your language. Keep in mind that if you ask a native speak “Why you need that book?”, he would understand you, but he will also understand that English is not your first language.
    Think of this as an example–I ain’t got none ( I haven’t got any)– This person would be understood, but his/her education level would also be understood.


i got 50 % how can i re-take the Quiz again ? :)


    Hi Ssamoo,

    I think you can retake it after some time.


Very helpful, glad I stumbled into this lesson!


Hi, Adam thank you for your awesome lesson.


Simply and awesome! Like always!


Very helpful. Thanks a lot!

Abdo Hazem

Hi there , I’m Abdu..
could you help me with delexical verbs ,pls
I’ll be very happy if you can
thank you for all your video, you and other the teachers help me alot
,because of you new i have a job, you help many people like me , people don’t have enough money to be more than their food can.


I don’t even have a car but it’s really important to know those vocabulary


Thanks Everyone :)


Thanks for the tips! Very useful


Thanks Mr. Adam!


    Hello, Alex,
    Great that you learn english!
    I wish you success!


      My best regards.


Thanks for the great video you made! The details and explanations are very useful ,functional and easy to understand,Those are just what I really need after I got my very first car. I am so glad I found this video !

By the way, I am about to take a driver’s license test soon in the states. Is it possible that you could give some advises of passing it? Thanks :)

Penny Penny

Thanks for your great efforts Adam.
I just want to ask u about something ..
Can I take some of your lessons or Engvid’s lessons , and try to make videos to explain these lessons in Arabic on my page or my channel , in Arabic it will be more easy for our comunity , Is that ok ?


Second time got a 100!
Thank you very much my dear Adam!


Thanks a lot .


first time i get all answers ok ;;; i’m verry happy tonight (:


I do like your classes. Talking about ordinary things really helps anyone in daily situations.


Adam, I appreciate your lessons a lot! Thanks!


Hm-m, sorry for the picture, it wasn’t my idea to select such, seems that is a visual representation of what the spark plugs do inside of the cylinders :)

And a small question if you please, the “shocks” are suspension springs or shock absorbers? They work in pair, the spring supports the car body, while absorbers do not allow it to swing and swag after some potholes or whartever jump on the road

And yep, after a good pothole it is possibble to get not only shocks, but fenders, muffler, even the door holes broken. Had such experience on Russian roads :(

By the way, the problem with salt on the roads – YES, it’s smt … and after the spring comes, it all goes to coil and poisons it… comes to an air and we breath it… the balance is everywhere

Maxim Chizhov

    * coil -> soil

    Maxim Chizhov

    Upps, sorry i found the answer above – pls do not reply, sorry again!

    Maxim Chizhov

Excellent language lesson, I would be happy to see some pictures to understand more easily.

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