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Good lesson

Profile photo of Jameso10 Jameso10

Thank you Adam for this useful lesson . I am hearing these words a lot these days.

Profile photo of W.S.A W.S.A

Thank you Adam, that’s great lesson covering with current affairs. This is good strategy to taught english learner for real conversation.

Profile photo of Muhammad Abbas Muhammad Abbas

very useful lesson! thank you.

Profile photo of Saesha Saesha

Well, now it’s all clearer and I can surely understand better political speeches and debates on tv….pity that I won’t vote for the next USA elections, I’m too busy here!

Profile photo of Canardo Canardo

I got 8 ☺

Profile photo of Annie Annie

Thank you Adam. In French interest in the US presidential election, I am disappointed by the poor image of this great country. The debate is not at the level we have imagined for the USA.

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

Thanks. It’s new knowledge for me. ☺

Profile photo of kasem.janma kasem.janma

Thank you so much Adam, I got 10 correct, the class is very useful, I have tried to watch the CNN nowadays and sometimes I didn’t understand these words, but now it’s clear for me. The Election in USA is different of Brazil, I’m interest in the US presidential election Thank you man, God bless you good job.

Profile photo of Rashake Rashake

Thank you Adam for making this useful video. I really like to learn English based on certain topic. It always make me learning many relevant expressions and vocabulary efficiently, and it boost my confidence when talking about similar topic. If it is possible, please record more video in this way. :)

Profile photo of Juco Juco

Oh! those politicians! Fuck them all!

Profile photo of proverbial horse proverbial horse

i got only seven out of ten.its an embarrassing one but honestly I’m not totally knew about American’s politics. Thanks Sir Adam for letting it understandable. Now I have a little understanding about American’s politics.

Profile photo of Anna Ando Anna Ando

good lesson to learn.It make me know more about the USA and The vote in November.Thank you so much Adam

Profile photo of tonvip21 tonvip21

Thank you so much! This is awesome.

Profile photo of Jirachi Jirachi

hi Adam could you till me the mean OF IsIs because i always have been see it on cnn

Profile photo of mahmoud ali kasim mahmoud ali kasim

    Hi Mahmoud,

    ISIS is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Also ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). They are also called Daesh, which believe is an Arabic acronym.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

hi again dear teacher Adam, although i could’t make good marks for test but i enjoy your lesson. see ya!

Profile photo of polly poohly polly poohly

hi Adam i have got 100% thank you for this lesson

Profile photo of mahmoud ali kasim mahmoud ali kasim

good teacher, good lesson

Profile photo of christianomm christianomm

Wow, thanks Adam, nice and useful lesson relating to politics. That helped me out about U.S election.

Profile photo of pablovinicius pablovinicius

thank you so much

Profile photo of nataanna nataanna

Thank you for this really interesting lesson!

Profile photo of VALE.J VALE.J

This quiz made my day. Thank you!

Profile photo of Alexandra Vavaeava Alexandra Vavaeava

Thanks Adam, but I am still a little bit confused about US election rules…

Profile photo of John B John B

    Many people are John :)

    It’s a bit complicated, but you can see the result now.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you Adam.Your lesson make me more understanding US elections.

Profile photo of pavanut2 pavanut2

That’s a great way to learn english ann more about united stades election !
Thanks a lot for teaching us !!

Profile photo of veronique1955 veronique1955

Hello Adam .
Thank you for making all that goes in present US election more understandable . Can pundit be used in conversation unrelated to politcs , speaking about an expert in whatever skill possible ?
Have a nice day

Profile photo of tsamp tsamp

    Hi Tsamp,

    Yes, we use pundits in many areas. Mostly, though, you will see this word associated with the media who have pundits in their broadcasts often.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

The lesson was great!! Thank you so much!

Profile photo of Remacha Remacha

Although I’m not interested in politics, I would like to thank you for this lesson because I have learnt some useful vocabulary.

Profile photo of mohamedahmedmohamed mohamedahmedmohamed

Thank you so much.

Profile photo of hayrim hayrim

Hi sir Adam, i’m having problem with pronouncing the word “Sheet”. Could You help me sir ?

Profile photo of SugiBlizzy SugiBlizzy

    Hi SugiBlizzy,

    Without hearing it, it’s a little difficult, but you can use rhymes:

    The ee in sheet sounds like the ee in meet, greet, feet, sweet, etc.

    Does this help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

US election is so different from Brazil, but that lesson help me to understand better about the subject.
Thanks Adam

Profile photo of Vitao1800 Vitao1800

oh it was great almost i answered the question correctly .
thank you so much for great vids i enjoyed it a alot.

Profile photo of rosa 999 rosa 999

US election? I hate the system of election of America. Philosophers should manage the country. Not despicable people like Trump and Hilary and the others…

Profile photo of emrahbulduk emrahbulduk

    we can’t election what want to perfect person in Turkey!Only, we can use vote and pretend expect to him .İf we have chance we have intelligent presedent.This case same to the every country.

    Profile photo of grandturks grandturks

    In an ideal world, yes, but this is not that world, Emrahbulduk.

    Maybe someday. :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks, Adam. It was a great lesson. It is very useful to know all of these information.

Profile photo of Júlio César L Sousa Júlio César L Sousa

Very nice!! Thanks

Profile photo of MonicaMelquiades MonicaMelquiades

That was so nice and helpful information
Thanks Alex

Profile photo of nadia nadia

Thanks Adam!!!! Good lesson!!!

Profile photo of Aline Matos Aline Matos

i did not understand the answer of the last question “be sworn in” what does it mean

Profile photo of Anas Nour Anas Nour

    Hi Anas,

    To be sworn in means to raise your right hand and promise to do your duty properly and in good faith. After that, the position becomes official.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

thanks Adam .. Nice lesson and good quiz too.

Profile photo of osama9988 osama9988

Wow! I got 100! Very good lesson, thanks Adam! (though I fear to do still a bit confusion with the American electoral system).

Profile photo of Carla Letizia Carla Letizia

    No worries Carla. Even Americans sometimes are confused by the Electoral College system ;)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks Adam for this useful lesson

Profile photo of papens papens

I like this video. :P

Profile photo of YeiferBastidas YeiferBastidas

Hi Adam! Thanks for explaining us how the US elections works. It is a little complicated, but anyway it is interesting to know how it works.

Profile photo of Aleachi Aleachi

Now,we know all about American election:)) thank you!

Profile photo of olll987 olll987

Very interesting lesson Adam! Now I can understand the political system of USA. Here, in Brazil wins the presidencial candidate who has the majority of popular votes. Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of celsofurtado celsofurtado

I almost forgot for say that I got 100%! Bye!

Profile photo of celsofurtado celsofurtado

70% :(

Profile photo of Patrykh Patrykh

Thank you! It was interesting to find out how election works in the US. I am not an advanced student, so I found 49 new words that I haven’t known before. Thank you.

Profile photo of Promidor Promidor

It was very enlightening lesson on the elections in the USA

Profile photo of maria izabel maria izabel

learnt a lot from this. thanks

Profile photo of Ellen Peng Ellen Peng

Thanks a lot, Adam. Your lesson is very interesting.

Profile photo of minhquangbk minhquangbk

Very informative lesson. Thank you, Adam.
I’ve found many interesting things and new words.

Profile photo of Dr@g0n Dr@g0n

So helpful! Many thanks for this great information. :)

Profile photo of Chloe.Lee Chloe.Lee

So Good, and so useful to me..I like to know about the politics specially about the US election..

Profile photo of sajjad.hf sajjad.hf

the options of answers for tast are very funny. I have been laughing so much. God’s official party and George Orwell politics was especially good))

Profile photo of svetashev svetashev

    I found a mistake: tast = the test or the quiz

    Profile photo of svetashev svetashev

    Thanks Svetashev :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Hi Adam;
great lesson
I just want to ask about something confused me lately,
what is the difference between ” device ” and ” devise”?
Thanks for advance

Profile photo of reemabousaid reemabousaid

    Hi Reema,

    a device (noun) is a machine or tool (like a phone, laptop, etc.). To devise (verb) means to create (a plan, strategy, approach, etc.).

    Hope this helps :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      what confused me that when I looked them up in the dictionary bothe of them could be verb and noun

      Profile photo of reemabousaid reemabousaid

        The noun will be with ce as in DEVICE and the verb will be with se as in DEVISE…………hope this helps

        Profile photo of ibrahimckmalayamma@gmail.com ibrahimckmalayamma@gmail.com

        hmmm… I’m a little curious now. Which dictionary do you use?

        Profile photo of Adam Adam

helpful lesson thanx

Profile photo of uzairdanish uzairdanish


Profile photo of bassem lahmadi bassem lahmadi

I undertood everything you said but I coundn´t remember any term. Nonetheless, it was a good lesson.

Profile photo of CART CART

Hi Adem,
Could you please kindly make a lesson about the usage of “get or have the the better of someone .” Thanks in advance! I highly appreciate your time and efforts. You are doing a wonderfu job.
Kind regards,

Profile photo of nilofer1964@hotmail.com nilofer1964@hotmail.com

    Hi Nilofer,

    It’s a bit small for a whole lesson so here it is:

    To have the better of someone means to be in a stronger position than that person, or to win a contest against that person by being more cunning or creative.

    Does this help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

thank you so much

Profile photo of D5.57 D5.57

thank’s :)

Profile photo of ahmedarafa ahmedarafa

yeahh 10/10! but it was really hard. And i still dont know what is going with caucus..

Profile photo of Siguros12 Siguros12

    Hi Siguros,

    A caucus is an informal way of voting for a candidate. People say their choice out loud.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

So, Is the electoral college the most important piece in the election?

Profile photo of Brenda Maggie Brenda Maggie

    Hi Brenda,

    Yes, it is. As you saw, Clinton won the popular vote but still lost the Presidency.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

geart explain

Profile photo of modassir modassir

the only one my problem is,i will not understand if i talking with native speaker because they speaking too fast

Profile photo of Desy Tasyani Desy Tasyani

    Hi Desy,

    Don’t be afraid to as them to slow down. But with time you will get better too ;)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

8/10 not bad, thank’s ;)

Profile photo of Alessio Alessio

Great lesson

Profile photo of lulaggo lulaggo

Great Lesson,Good guy ,Adam.

Profile photo of Sonice Sonice

Ada, Thanks for helping me!!!You are excellent

Profile photo of Hebbmara Hebbmara

Adam is my favourite

Profile photo of cyclops cyclops

Adam, Do a lesson in a native way of speaking.(ignoring consonant sounds and etc.) I’ve been listening to all of you for a long time, although I do not usually log in, You people have never done even a single lesson speaking as fast as native speakers usually do. For the convenience of listeners, you may make them understand what you said before.

Adam Please, Do At least one lesson

I’ll be indebted to you.

Profile photo of Abdul Rehman Ismail Abdul Rehman Ismail

    Hi Abdul,

    Actually, we have several good videos on pronunciation. Type “native” in the search box above and see what lessons are available.

    As for speaking fast, we speak more naturally for the IELTS and TOEFL videos. Try those.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

I’ll try again

Profile photo of wolfgang.a.romero wolfgang.a.romero

I did it. Thanks

Profile photo of wolfgang.a.romero wolfgang.a.romero

impressive lecture Adam

Profile photo of wizkhalid wizkhalid

Thanks. 100% understood.

Profile photo of Wasi Ahmed Wasi Ahmed

yeah i got 100% though it was mind twisting.You really did a wonderful job as ever teacher.I think nobody else can explain it in such a short and nice way that you did.I learned alot thatI guess I even can run for office my self next time.Good luck to me

Profile photo of eichi eichi

    Good luck indeed ;)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

hi!Adam a very good lesson,i learned a lot about the election in USA

Profile photo of Adhemar Doly Adhemar Doly

It is a really good lesson.

Thank you, Adam, for this amazing lesson and I hope to see you in a lesson soon.

Profile photo of kasemwalid kasemwalid

Thax adam very usefull

Profile photo of Aurehman Aurehman

it was very usefull tank you very much mr adam

Profile photo of amirkh amirkh

I got 4 correct out of 10 :(

Profile photo of Pyae Hnin Sai Pyae Hnin Sai

    No problem Pyae. Just try again. It will come soon enough :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks, Adam, for useful information about american election.

Profile photo of JackSparrow30 JackSparrow30

a good lesson, thanks mr. ADAM

Profile photo of MikaelaVG MikaelaVG


Profile photo of ahiab ahiab

Hi Adam. I think, this election has influence to other countries. I’ve watched last debates and I’ve read comments of american people under the video. I’m not glad, you know. 8-(

Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

    You’re not alone Katrin ;). But you never know, it may be ok. Let’s hope.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

cool lesson

Profile photo of carlvin carlvin


Profile photo of MartinaPinto MartinaPinto

thanks a lot

Profile photo of struggleForEng struggleForEng

10/10 Thanks, very clear lesson

Profile photo of Serge.T Serge.T

Great Lesson! I really enjoy it.
I just want to ask you this question: I have heard that they will have another electotoral college vote on December 19th 2016. Is it true?

Profile photo of esdras2016 esdras2016

    Hi Esdras,

    Sort of. They make the November vote official on that day. It’s not a new vote.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

I always wanted to know how elections work. thank you so much that was really helpful.

Profile photo of sajadmetlo sajadmetlo

thanks Mr.Adam i benefited alot of words, which i didn’t know before but i still don’t understand very well the word caucus and electoral college. if you can help me to know that words i would appreciate sir.

Profile photo of izze izze

    Hi izze!

    As far as I have understood, “caucus” is a kind of discussion to chose the candidate of each party. “Electoral college” is a group of people, elected by the American population, who will vote in one of the candidates. In the USA the election is indirect.

    I hope it helps!

    Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

Thanks everybody :)

I’m glad this video helped.

Profile photo of Adam Adam

Tks Adam, great lesson

Profile photo of Eduardo Veiga Eduardo Veiga

Hi Adam!

Thanks so much for the video, because it helps a lot to understand the American electoral system (which is quite complicate, I confess).

In Brazil the election is direct, so that we have no electoral college any longer. Our elections are electronic too. Then, we use a kind of vote machine, and not ballot box, like most countries. It’s very practical and safe (at least, they tell us so).

See you in the next video. Bye for now!

Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

    Hello, Eduardo França
    Could you leave your e-mails address, i want to practice english with you.

    Profile photo of liaogx liaogx

Thank you Adam, that’s a very good lesson!

Profile photo of liaogx liaogx

I got 100 thank you adam ,It was agood lesson

Profile photo of Rawaa sh alyasiri Rawaa sh alyasiri

I don’t like politics but thanks for this brief lecture

Profile photo of Worawitoo Worawitoo

Hey Adam! Amazing and usefull lesson! I have one question…how these “electors” of wich state are chosen? I thought wich state has a number of delegates (according with its size) wich votes at the election day, and these votes would decide who would become president.

Profile photo of thebluegangsta thebluegangsta

    Hi BlueGangsta (like the name ;)),

    As far as I understand, they are elected at each state’s party convention, and when the general election is held, the state that won the most votes sends its electors to the Electoral College to make it formal.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

hey adam thank you for this video it was really informative. But i want to know if there is a chance to have a question in ielts speaking or writing about THE US elections ??

Profile photo of ouiame ouiame

    Hi Ouiame,

    No, they will not bring politics into the interview. That would only lead to problems. The topics will be general and such that anybody should be able to answer them.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you for a great lesson, Adam.

Could you explain the difference between nominee and candidate again please? because, in the Oscars, nominees compete to each other right? Which circumstances do we use Candidate or nominee? Candidate for two people and nominee for more than two?

Profile photo of akkapulu akkapulu

    Hi Akkapulu,

    A candidate is anyone who has a change to achieve something (for example, if you study for a PhD. you are considered a candidate until you complete the degree.) A nominee is a person who others have chosen to be a candidate. In the Oscars, the nominees (people chosen to try to win) cannot be candidates because it is not up to them to win or not.

    Does this help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks Adam, This is a very useful lesson.

Profile photo of frankleon frankleon

Well done

Profile photo of Abdulwahid Shabaa Abdulwahid Shabaa

Thanks a lot for a wonderful lesson ……

Profile photo of ibrahimckmalayamma@gmail.com ibrahimckmalayamma@gmail.com

Wow, I got 8 out of 10! I thought it would be worse. Thanks, Adam! :D

Profile photo of Maitê dos Santos Pimentel Maitê dos Santos Pimentel

Which is the tea party?

Profile photo of manuel.mar manuel.mar

    The “Tea Party” is not an official party—it is a movement within the Republican party.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

thank you alot

Profile photo of spider spider

Thank you Adam.
I use some of your videos for my classes.
We are in the middle of an interesting project and we would like you to pay us a visit sometime next year.
We are located in Monterrey, Mexico.

Profile photo of manuel.mar manuel.mar

Excellent Lesson! Greetings from Ecuador Dear Adam!

Profile photo of Xavier90 Xavier90

Good day Adam! Firstly, forgive me for my bad English. Secondly, I have a question for you. You told “California….has an equal share relative to like Idaho” ???? But Wikipedia is written what California – 55 electoral vote, Idaho – 4. Where are the equal share? Answer me, please/


good and uptodate lesson ! Thank you.

Profile photo of Soei Soei


Profile photo of Soei Soei

    We have lessons on all kinds of topics—cultural differences, travel, English-language news, etc.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      Sorry ! I’m talking about the picture of flag and the sign of being teacher , not more .

      Profile photo of Soei Soei

      !!!!! It shows that you have gotten my mean !!

      Profile photo of Soei Soei

    hello could u guide me?
    i want to learn my son to speak english

    Profile photo of Mohsen Sheikhmordi Mohsen Sheikhmordi


Profile photo of Soei Soei

    Hello Mr. Sheikhmoradi . Although you look younger than me It doesn’ t show that I know more than you ! Since you yourself are a teacher know that speaking in real life and real situation is one of the best ways to learn english , both for children and adults . Best regarda

    Profile photo of Soei Soei

Thank you .

Profile photo of Soei Soei

Hi Adam,
Your lessons were very usefull for understanding so thank you for all. I am going to follow your all lessons.

Profile photo of Onur Yener Onur Yener

Thanks Adam for a great lesson!

Profile photo of mameawww mameawww

You say you see every thing . But a lot of things happen and you don’t notice !

Profile photo of Soei Soei

Hi, Adam! I like your style. That lesson is very useful, I enjoyed it much. I have got 100%. In fact; politics is everywhere, I love it.

Profile photo of Aly Sharaf Ad Din Aly Sharaf Ad Din

Hi Adam, this is the first lesson I take in this year, once again thanks for your valuable class, greetings for you from Venezuela my friend

Profile photo of Arnasa Arnasa

i like this website so much.

Profile photo of sun2017 sun2017

Thanks for this lesson, Adam!

In one more election the popular vote was different from the electoral college vote.

Profile photo of Fabio Cicerre Fabio Cicerre

Thank you good lesson, Adm!!

Profile photo of Sungwook Kim Sungwook Kim

I am a Taiwanese English teacher.

The reason why my English is so good in comparsion with most of my fellow Taiwanese is that I have been constantly learning and practicing English.

Hopefully the average Emglish ability level for Taiwanese can improve a lot in the very near future.

I have finished watching this video completely.

This video is awesome!!!!

It is bloody useful!!

Big thanks to the teacher and all the fellow students around the world.

Profile photo of Ray Hsu Ray Hsu

i dont mean to be rude but you speak way to much about america like you all were americans and no canadians, in this subject if you were going to talk about election i have would prefer if you speak about the different election systems in the UK, Canada, Australia, New zealen (i dont know how to write this country) and the USA, and other english speaking countries but not just the USA. Anyway thanks for the lesson.

Profile photo of leoxvell leoxvell

    That’s a great idea! I’ve added it to the list of requests, and we’ll see who wants to do a lesson on it.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

100 , very good video

Profile photo of Benaiad Benaiad

I got 9 correct :) Excellent Lesson!

Profile photo of KonstansFaust KonstansFaust

Very helpful, thank you !

Profile photo of alicechoi alicechoi

you are a real teacher. thanks

Profile photo of ygke ygke


Profile photo of sodojsa sodojsa

Mr Adam think you very much for you efforts,i like just to communicate english good what is the best way to take for speaking well?i try to speak stip by stip or find other person and communicate with him is also impossible for me.

Profile photo of taouil taouil

At first, i want to talk thanks a lot. I am myanmar. So i cant talk english language. This is my weak point. I am very sadly . Can u teach to me? If u teach to me, i am so happier in the world.

Profile photo of zinwaiaye zinwaiaye

This is the first time that I watch your class and guess what? I love it! The theme is very interesting I like to talk about politics. Good very good!



Profile photo of sodojsa sodojsa

Thank you Adam

Profile photo of Tyrion Tyrion

This lesson is very interesting. I got 10 correct out of 10.It’s my first time to reach this score.I’m glad.I really liked the role of the spin doctor. They might be very creative persons.

Profile photo of Gaga-intelligent Gaga-intelligent

good lesson

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

it was great

Profile photo of Sayed Behzad Sayed Behzad

I learned a lot of from this lesson.Thank you Adam

Profile photo of Peter Peter

Nice stuff, thanks a lot Adam, as usual pretty straighforward and clear explanation.

Profile photo of Luis.Hinojos Luis.Hinojos

thank you so much

Profile photo of TOUFIK269 TOUFIK269

it’s big deal .thanks ..
I’d like a lesson about elections in Africa .please i’m student in political science .i need to learn a new political vocabulary .you probably know it’s big defference between elections in Africa and elections in America ……..Touik from Algeria

Profile photo of TOUFIK269 TOUFIK269

The teacher is a Democrat suporter. He’s wearing blue.

Profile photo of Calebe Calebe
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