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1o/1o :D
Well done
It’s a helpfull lesson, especially for those who want to learn play basketball
Thanks a lot, Mr.Adam


Dear Adam,

From this lesson, I learned about the rules of basketball and at least how it is played. Although I had watched basketball games on TV many times before, I did not have this much knowledge and I was watching randomly, focusing only on the score. I would be glad if you have lessons about other sports branches. You did a great job; Thank you so much.

Best wishes



    Thanks Musta33,

    I will do videos about baseball and hockey as well :)


Like Mustafa, I learn the rules of a game that I like but which is not very popular in France.
In my city there is a famous hockey team that I used to go to see sometimes. Unfortunately, the game is very fast and the rules complicated. Perhaps it could be the subject of one of your next courses?
Thanks Adam.


    That is a great idea! We have a few lessons about sports that mention hockey, but it really deserves its own video.

    engVid Moderator

    Hi Beernaard,

    I will certainly get on that. Hockey is hugely popular in Canada :)


Thank you!

Lily Hu Langya

Hello Mr. Adam. Would you please suggest me a good grammar book that covers everything in grammar?? I want to learn sentence structures, different clauses, phrases and more. I will be thankful if you answer

Mamad F14

Can anyone please mention a good complete grammar book?? Mr. Adam in most of his videos says “get yourself a good grammar book” but the ones that I’ve found don’t include the Topics he talks about… I’m looking for answers and I appreciate anyone who give me some suggestions.

Mamad F14

    I’m also working on an essential grammar book myself. I’ll post a note when it’s ready :)


Great lesson Adam, thanks a lot!!


Thanks Adam, i really like the sports series program lessons.


Adam is my favourite.

Learn English with Hamid

10/10! Nice! I like watching NBA! Fantastic! Adam, pls give another lesson with more professional words and phrase verbs about basketball.

Jerry Gu

Hello Adam!
I got 7/10! Sorry, but I’m going to study more and more!
Excellent class. Congratullations!!! That’s a helpfull lesson!!!
In Brazil, basketbal is very popular!
Thank you, very much!
Take care and God bless you!!!

Miguel Geronimo

Thanks everyone :)


Thank youu!

Hieu Tr๏ng Khau

Thank you dear teacher for sharing these videos for English learner. I wish you be healthy,

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