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Thanks for video and I am interested .I have recognized my doubtful points and I got this lesson.
I will greatly admire if you would teach a lesson about how to use “may”,”might”,”will” and “would” in sentences and their differences.

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    I’ll see what I can do Kanchapa ;)

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      Really the above request is so much important to get the correct difference that is making confusion.I will appreciate for your future efforts. thanks in advance.

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70/10. Thank you ! :)

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100 * :p sorry!

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Hello everyone
I m also here for a well communication
I hope I will get a great guidance

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    Welcome Isha :)

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7/10…not bad. Thank you, Adam, for your clear explanation.

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2/10 very bad

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    Keep trying Edwin. It’s all about the practice ;)

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Sorry Mr. Adam! I got 6/10. I’ve concerned with Th pronunciation (ð). Sometime I heard the voice of (d).I know this is out of our lessons but could you explain me please. Thank you sir!

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    6 isn’t bad Vongvilya ;)

    It’s a little hard to explain pronunciation with only typed words. Essentially, the ‘th’ sound pressed air between the teeth and tongue whereas the ‘d’ sound is a pop sound.

    Not sure if this helps. I’ll try to make a video about this.

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50/100))) While you were teaching me I was playing FreeCell… sorry

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    Very honest student)))))

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      OK Madam, I reacted a little too quickly. Sorry.

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      Indeed, :). Don’t be sorry. Your path is yours to take any way you like.

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Hi there .. could you help me with delexical verbs

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    Hi Hdhdname,

    I’m not sure what kind of help you’re looking for, but if you Google this term you’ll find lots of materials about it.

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I got 7/10 as well. It was little confusing. I didn’t understand the real destination of “underneath”))

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    Hi Mir,

    Generally, if something is touching the top of it, then it underneath that something. Does this help?

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8/10. Thank you Adam.

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wow i got 10 out of 10

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8/10, Thank you for the clarifications and let me/us know the difference in crisp and clear way.

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Welcome me Adam!

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    Welcome Khyber :)

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Good lesson, thanks Adam

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Hi teacher,moderator and all friends on the forum, It’s me Eichi…I’m back!!! sorry for such long absence but if you remember teacher my mom was diagnosed with Lung cancer last year, she died this April,May her soul rest in peace because of her serious illness I could not join you for such long time but I missed your great teachings all this time and now I must watch all the videos I missed.As for today’s video it’s really wonderful as ever, hope to learn such more great things from you.Regards

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    Welcome back, eichi. I’m so sorry to hear about your mother. On behalf of all of us at engVid, my deepest condolences.

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      Thank you so much moderator, I really appreciate your care.stay blessed and happy.

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    Hi Adam,
    We are so sorry to hear about your loss. Please accept our deepest condolences for your mother.

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      Hi Jadam,

      Thank you, but it is Eichi who you should reach out to. Much appreciated no less.

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      Thanks Jadam.

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    Hi Eichi,

    I’m very sorry for your loss and I sympathize greatly. I’m glad you have decided to rejoin us. I will do my best to help everyone along :)

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      Thank you so much teacher,I really appreciate your care.stay blessed and happy.

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      Thank you so much teacher,I really appreciate your care and concern.You have always been so helpful for all your students around the globe.May you always stay healthy and blessed.

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6/10 not bad. Thank you Adam


Thank you Adam. It seems to me a subtle lesson and if, one day, I can understand all these stubles, I’ll be fluent. I have a dream…..

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    It’s good to dream, Beernaard. Especially when those dreams come true. Keep at it ;)

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Very polite student. She’s sorry ?

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thank you, I got 9/10 very useful lesson

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I got 5 :”(

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    Not bad Elham

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    No worries, Elham. Just keep practicing. It’ll come to you soon enough :)

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    Hi love don’t worry

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I didn’t watch the video first

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I am so sorry I have started my quiz before completed the lesson. I have got 3/ 10 !!. For me, the most common is the under and below only. Sure I will listen to it, again and again, to reach them all understand.

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Hi Adam. I was always taught that we use UNDER when one thing is exactly under another, and we use below when one thing is below a level of another thing. So when things are exactly vertically one over another we use OVER and UNDER and when things are on different levels but not exatly vertically we say ABOVE and BELOW. So it is completely different from what you said. ???

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    To be honest, Jarek, most people will understand your intention based on the context. If they are not sure, they will ask for clarification. That said, there are technical definitions as well. Over is most commonly used to include movement, and below is most commonly used to include level.

    Was there a specific example that was new to you in this lesson?

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70/10. Thank you!

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Thank you Adam! These words are sometimes very confusing to use…

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    You’re not alone John. It’s just a matter of experiencing these words as often as possible. you will see that context plays an important part.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you so much.

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Thank you Adam! In my mind, I had a lot of questions to use these words. Now everything is okay. I understood how I can use it. But of course I need to make more practice.

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    Keep working at it Aysedemirel :)

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thanks so much, i got 80/100

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5 out of 10. so disappointing. but you did great. so clear! perfect! thanks

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    No worries, Iman. Just keep trying. it will come to you ;)

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wow its 9 out of 10

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Good I didn’t knew that underneath and beneath exist!!!

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Just one 1 😣

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    Try it again, Panjshir. It’s all about the practice ;)

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Thank you very much, it helped me a lot….!!!

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Mr. Adam can you help me with fifth question? I don’t get it.Can I use below?

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    Hi Raging Beast,

    Technically, yes, you can, but the implication will be different. If you dropped it there on purpose (with intention) then it would be below. If it is accidental, then underneath. This is because the idea of something on top covering it and making it difficult to reach would use under.

    Does his help?

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This topics aren’t very easy to learn because they are very similar each other and they create confussion among them, but we have studied them a little more than before and then we know how to use them better. Thanks teacher Adam, it has been a very interesting lesson as always.

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    Sorry, “These topics…”

    Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

    You’re right, Angardiobel. These words can be confusing, but in most cases the listener will understand you even if you use a slightly different word. Just make sure the general idea is clear and practice until these become easier.

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oh thanks 7/10
i think its enough to start

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Got 5/10.not good but interesting topic

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    Keep trying, Apiti. It will get easier ;)

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50/100😫 bad mark how can I do teatcher

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    Hi Tasneem,

    Watch the video again and keep trying. also read English every day. These are common words, so you will read/see them often. It will get easier with time and practice.

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Thank you :)) 7/10.

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I have got 6/10.
Thank you Adam I learned a lot from this lesson.

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emphatic, tank top, turtle neck. new words for me. I thought I was a bit more than a beginner..

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    Hi Siberian Boy,

    Lots of words in every language :) Maximize your exposure and you’ll pick up more and more

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Thanks, Adam. Great lesson, I scored a 80/100 just missed it by two answers.

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Great lesson! I’ve just finished the quizz, copied all the information in my notebook and watched the video several times. Planning to do the same everyday.

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    Good work, Fgr :)

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Mr. Adam,

I liked the videos of you in which you talk about all the vocab for one topic. Could you please do this kinds of videos more.

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I got 90/100. Very useful lecture. Thanks Adam.

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Thanks everyone :)

Profile photo of Adam Adam

I`ve got 5 :] xd

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thanks for your lesson and the way of teaching very sweet puch me to learn mor and like englich

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Hello here, thanks for the clarity. Eventhough I got 80/100, I am grateful.

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This lesson was a little difficult to me. I guess it will be better with practice, but I wish I have friends for speaking, because I think watching videos and movies is not enough for learning :(

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Adam, today is my fisrt day in this group, I would like to learn english to course a master degree. I need to prepare for the TOEFL exam. I like your videos.

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    Welcome Miguel :)

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Thank you, 6/10, pre intermedia level. I hope it’s not bad

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Thanks Adam! I study english alone and I am so happy for meet this website. You and your collegues are the greatest.

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    Welcome Rudinei :)

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This is the worst quiz I have ever done on Engvid. 3 out of 10!
I have to kill myself…

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    lol. No you don’t, Alesia. Maybe just practice a bit more ;)

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Hi Adam, can you please make a video about mass nouns? what are they? how are they used?

Profile photo of Mustafa Sharafi Mustafa Sharafi

    I’ll see what I can do, Mustafa

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks so Adams , you are a great profesor.

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Hi Adam and Eichi,
I am apologize for the confusion. I should have reach out with Eichi. The picture made me thinking this is your account. Eichi sorry to you too and that message was for you.

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I got 80, I think it was good. all of them were tips that I have not ever known.

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excellent video, I clearly figure out the diffenrence between these 4 words,the quiz is great, the hint is great.

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phrasal verbs with the verb BLOW pls.pls.pleeeeeeease

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6/10 :(
Thanks Adam.

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So complicated to understand, thanks! =D

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It was 8/10 it is good, but i have to work more on it. Thanks!

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Hello Adam. Thank you for your perfect lesson

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8/10 at the begining. Thanks Adam.

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I can not understand this lesson It is hard.

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    Keep trying Sara :)

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Hi everyone!

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Thank you, Adam.

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I was on the way to be 100 % correct as long as the goddamn napkin made a bungle of it.

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Sir, my first language isn’t English so I have a doubt….. I have coffee this morning or I had coffee this morning which tense is used….(also) ..I have watched two films this week or I had watched two films this week (also) I have coffee around 2:00 am or I had coffee 2:00 am…… please reply

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I am a big fan of you

Profile photo of Ray manu Ray manu

Sir! you are the great….. can i make a call with you

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got 30 omg

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8/10 still confused about under the car and beneath silverware.

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Thank You Adam. You are such a great teacher!

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Still confused but interesting
Thank you

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😀 got 6 below the average

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Thanks a lote .can you give me papers for grammar with simple exercises


I have a question. Why can I not to use “below ” in the first sentence ? The cloth is in the one list when I put on these place ( .. 5 layers”)?

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I have a question. Why can I not use “below ” in the first sentence ? The cloth is in the one list when I put on these place ( .. 5 layers”)?

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is helpful video. fantastic,i like your video is my first video. i hope i will get more and more knowledge from this app

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Thanks Adam your explanation is easy to understand thanks a lot.

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Please consider this thing that we are taking lessons in the level of beginner. The things which were taught were suitable but the questions in its quiz are in different level. There are many difficult words in them that I cant even check my understanding about under,below,…. They are not at the same level.

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    Agree with you!

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6/10 not bad for a beginning.
thanks for the lesson

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Thanks Adam, this is the more difficult lesson I have received, I didn’t know the meaning of some words in the sentences. Too bad 3/10😫

Profile photo of Liiiz Liiiz

60% mmm I must study more. Thanks, Adam

Profile photo of silvii@ silvii@

Thank you Adam ☺
But What if a reference point come in a form of numbers as 40, 758 and so on, in this case use under or below ?

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Thank you ))

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this test is terrible for me to answer.

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at first, I deem that were same, ok now, I can distinguish them. thanks

Profile photo of Qorise Qorise

8/10 very helpful lesson

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i got 6 correct of 10

Profile photo of syarfin bahnar syarfin bahnar

9/10 but it were lucky hehehe

Profile photo of rodrigobb rodrigobb

40/100 :(
I’ll do my best next time! Thanks Adam!

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Thanks a lot for the great lesson.
One quick question regarding the first question plz!! We hear the term “under-water vehicles” all the time, how come we can’t say the treasures have been under the sea?!

Profile photo of bidad bidad

I can speak English but I have a lot of problems in my grammar and my spelling so Mr Adam what can you advise for me please

Profile photo of Diriye Diriye

First off, Thank you a lot Mr. Adam, Before I ran into one of your lessons I’d been learning English in Russian but your lessons are proved to be so much better and informal!
I got 7 out of 10, I think I’d better watch that lessen once more and really listen to it)

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I’ve got 6 out of 10. Not good… I have to make sure when to use the word beneath, so I must watch the video once again. Thank you very much Adam.

Profile photo of Christine2004 Christine2004

Thanks a lot

Profile photo of vovh4ik vovh4ik

Hi, Adam, you said that beneath and underneath are more formal. If I choose this two in an essay, would you give or take points?
By the way, you’re such a great teacher.

Profile photo of AnittaRodrigues AnittaRodrigues

Mornig Adam,
I am new here.
This lesson is very difficult for me
and in my language we have only one word for this meaning…that means…LEARN…LEARN…LEARN
P.S. This is really a very good side for learing English…MANY THANKS

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good work

Profile photo of Amr Almazzahy Amr Almazzahy

i’ve got 6/10 maybe something is so confuse. thanks a lot Adam.

Profile photo of jackie kieng jackie kieng

could you please explain how to use pronoun correctly , according to class 11 SAT

Profile photo of Humaid shams Humaid shams

Why is the expression ‘six feet under’ not ‘ six feet below’?

I’m really confused about this.
Thanks for any input!

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10/10 Thanks Adam.. and this is very useful

Profile photo of Gayani716 Gayani716

9 of 10. by chance

Profile photo of Amir1993 Amir1993

50/100 :( I feel so sad for my punctuation.
I’m going to cotinue practice with you because you spell very well.
Thank you so much Adam!

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I won’t make mistake…

Profile photo of Guilav92 Guilav92

I got 8/10. Not bad for me. I have never used “beneath or underneath” in my sentences. It was look a same meaning for me. Thank you Adam for this lesson.

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70/100 🙂
I’m gonna watch all your videos for my University entrance exams,English Major.
My exam+interview will be next week :’)

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Thank you Sir.Hope, you be Heathy!

Profile photo of kyaechan1993@gmail.com kyaechan1993@gmail.com

thank you!

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4/10. I need to watch your class again.

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thanks but this prepositions sound a bit the same

2out of 10

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Nice class, Adam!

Profile photo of d0ug d0ug

he is sitting ______ shed of tree
1. under
2. beneath
3. underneath

Profile photo of Aamir. Aamir.

    under is more appropriate

    Profile photo of ho3n ho3n

Thanks you a lot for this lesson. I am glad to hear your lessons.

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Dear Adam
I’m a teacher in Iran I want use your videos in my classes, I want ask for permission.
And can i have your email?

Profile photo of Ramin.nouresgandari Ramin.nouresgandari

Thank you
I’m happy with you
I live in Saudi Arabia

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Hello mr.Adam

Profile photo of sari sari

Hello,adam for the lesson,I got7/10
Your explanation is very well for me
Thanks alot

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Is there anyone help me please ?
Where should I get to take up practise ?

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i got 6/10 i think i have watch again your video.

Profile photo of REDNURSE(salveebaldivia) REDNURSE(salveebaldivia)

I am starting now while I’m free from college. I always watched the videos on YouTube, but randomly and now i’ll watch them all to improve my vocabulary and pronunciation.

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thanks you!!!!!!

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Thank you Adam. I love it!

Profile photo of jane.doe jane.doe

It was very useful lesson. Thank you very much!

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9/10, still need to brush up the subject.

Profile photo of oleg@odessa oleg@odessa

Great lessas always but I did a mess!!! 30/100 , i’m really a donkey!

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Hi Adam, thanks a lot for your effort in enhancing our communication skills.

Please help me what are the differences between Depends on, depends upon, dependent on, depending on, depending upon. These are little bit tricky for me. I am waiting for the answer. Thank you in advance.

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10 out of 10
Adam merc :)

Profile photo of ho3n ho3n

Nice lesson.

Profile photo of Abduke Abduke

I’ve always seen prepositions as confusing words but every time I read and listen native speakers the prepositions are super common (as in Spanish).
I have to say that your videos, Mr. Adam, are fantastically and clearly explained. You have turned your grammar lessons into a fun and super enjoyable lessons and I’m very grateful for your hard work. I have to give you a million thanks for it.

Profile photo of RaulQueOr RaulQueOr

Thanks a lot for the lesson Adam.But i want to ask that: Mike, I know that somewhere all this mess is
UNDER /BENEATH /UNDERNEATH the floor of your room.i can not understand why blank is here.

Profile photo of Pelinni Pelinni

A very thankful for your outstanding lesson sir!You have really explained in a very good way that is easy to understand and get every point from the lesson.It’s so useful,very clear and more informative.I learn a bit day to day from the beginning of my preparation on engvid.com.I really like your lesson as ever.

Profile photo of Prasunan Prasunan

I will repeat again. It is developing the knowledge. Keep on.

Profile photo of Kaditye3 Kaditye3

firt time i got 3/10 score :(
then watched the video again and got 9/10

while I still confused with these words

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