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If you need food right now and you can't wait to eat, you are ___________.

When you only want something small to _______ on, it means you are not hungry enough for a full meal.

When you eat food so loudly that people can hear you, you are ________ loudly.

To take food down your throat so fast that you swallow some air with it is __________.

The opposite of "to eat like a bird" is to ___________.

If your food looks like a "dog's breakfast", it looks ___________.

My mom's cooking is so good that I _________ my plate in one minute.

When the doctor gives me pills to take, I need water to __________ them.

When I haven't eaten in a long time, my stomach starts ____________.

I took a bite of my chocolate cake, and it was salty, so I ______ it out. I am a terrible baker!

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hi thank you so much james really it was so interesting to learn this word i will try more and more to learn it see you sooner james

Saturday, May 28th 2016

A lot of new vocabulary to study in this lesson!!
Thank you very much Mr James, and nice to hear your Spanish accent XD

Saturday, May 28th 2016

So interesting …
by the way, you look amazing … I love your style

Saturday, May 28th 2016

thanks too much

Saturday, May 28th 2016

Thank you so much James . actually, I have benefited a lot from you because I like your teaching way . I haven’t known some words before I saw your lesson . it’s very useful indeed . keep going James and I will follow every lesson from you . warm regards

Saturday, May 28th 2016

Thank you Mr James

Saturday, May 28th 2016

I think there is a mistake in the last question in the quiz. It should be “spat”, not “spit”, I think.

Saturday, May 28th 2016

    The past form of ‘spit’ can be ‘spat’ or ‘spit’. We have changed the it to ‘spat’ on the quiz now though to avoid confusion. Thanks.

    Monday, May 30th 2016

amazing you are, really useful lesson it was,
i devoured the vocabularies like a slice of pizza ☺

Saturday, May 28th 2016

Thank you this lesson

Saturday, May 28th 2016

Thanks for this useful lesson I learned many words which I can use in daily conversations

Saturday, May 28th 2016

Thanks for teach me friend! I could learn a lot of new vocabulary

Saturday, May 28th 2016

Sorry… “I learned a lot of new vocabulary”

Saturday, May 28th 2016

Thanks! Very useful!

Saturday, May 28th 2016

Thank you for the great and hepful lesson.
I’ve just got 8/10.I think I will watch your lesson again and try to do perfectly.
Thank you!^-^

Saturday, May 28th 2016

I think there is a tense error in seventh question (is so good – scarfed down). Am I right?

Saturday, May 28th 2016

    No, there is no error here. “My mom’s cooking is so good” means that it is good in general. That means that whenever she cooks, it is good. This includes the instance when the speaker “scarfed down” his plate in one minute. We could also change the sentence to say “My mom’s cooking is so good that whenever she cooks, I scarf down my plate in one minute” or something similar.

    Monday, May 30th 2016

Very useful lesson
Thanks a lot

Saturday, May 28th 2016

thanks a lot very helpful

Saturday, May 28th 2016

amazing lesson,man…you are top notch

Saturday, May 28th 2016

When I listened the lesson, I found it difficult and thought that I haven’t the right level. But surprising, my quizz was perfect. Thank you Mr James.

Saturday, May 28th 2016


Saturday, May 28th 2016

Hi James. Thanks!

Could you make a video about the difference between “once more”, “one more time”, “thrice”, “three times” and other words and expressions like these?


Saturday, May 28th 2016

Thanks James.

Very Good Lesson!

Saturday, May 28th 2016

Hello James .
I have got 90 . Question 2 can have as an answer ” bite” . I don’t want a full meal , I want something small , and small is subjective enough to indicate a hamburger for example .
James I definitely need to solve when to use Ing form or infinitive form verb after a verb of perception . You wrote on the board ” I can hear you munching over here” . Why didn’t you write ” munch” instead . Yet ” hear” is a perception verb .
I listened to previous engvid videos and it still confuses me . Can I rely on you to get finaly the right explanation ?
Thank you in advance .

Sunday, May 29th 2016

I agree with Corlioneo and Sibelka about their conjugation remarks . But Errare humanum est !

Sunday, May 29th 2016

Hi! James.
I have learned a lot of new vocabulary in this lesson, it’s helped me a lot!

Sunday, May 29th 2016

i accept your challenge and got 10, thanks a lot for the vid

Sunday, May 29th 2016

realy good stuff,
it makes me hungry
:-) :-) :-) :-)
thanks for this lesson…

Sunday, May 29th 2016

Thank yoy very much!!!
It was funny)

Sunday, May 29th 2016

please make a deep lecture on be,being,and been and how to use these words in sentences

Sunday, May 29th 2016

Thanks a lot mate! It helped me so much! I love your lessons they are always fun!

Sunday, May 29th 2016

Great job, James. Very useful vocabulary! Thank you so much!

Sunday, May 29th 2016

Thanks James for this delicious and useful lesson!

The problem is that I was hungry, but now I am starving and my stomach is rumbling! :-) I will scarf down something right now. (Interesting to use new LEXICON in such a hurry!)

Ciao, tchau, au revoir, bye!

Sunday, May 29th 2016

Thank you James.

Sunday, May 29th 2016

Thanks for such a nice lesson. i learned and enjoy alot.

Sunday, May 29th 2016

BTW, nice shirt!

Monday, May 30th 2016

Thanks James for this understandable lesson!You are doing great as always and funny too.

Monday, May 30th 2016

wew thx for this lesson James..
Check my gaming Youtube : Sandy widjay

Monday, May 30th 2016

Thanks for the Lesson James!

Monday, May 30th 2016

sir tell me something about passive sentence with “Go to” and some other verbs.

I go to college.
“Action of going to college is done by me”
is it right sentence or not??

And Can this sentence be translate in passive?
I jumped into the canal.

Monday, May 30th 2016

Thanks Jame, Your lesson is very useful and help me tobe more confident when I’m talking about eating and food :)

Monday, May 30th 2016

    you are also so beautiful

    Thursday, June 2nd 2016

Thanks a lot …you are the best ..always

Monday, May 30th 2016

Hi James! Thanks for theaching us this new vocabulary about food, that will be very useful.

Monday, May 30th 2016

its awesome……..

Monday, May 30th 2016

Thank you for your help lesson. I got to know several words and expressions. I’m going to utillize them in my life :)

Tuesday, May 31st 2016

Thank you James for the lesson. My studing time finished right now and I am hurring to scarf down anything because my stomach is rumbling. :)

Tuesday, May 31st 2016

Thank your for the lesson Mr.James

Tuesday, May 31st 2016

Thank’s for this lesson!

Tuesday, May 31st 2016

To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art. Ciao, James.

Wednesday, June 1st 2016


Wednesday, June 1st 2016


Thursday, June 2nd 2016

It was such a great lesson. Your classes are so funny and useful. Many thanks!


Thursday, June 2nd 2016

Thanks for the lesson!

Thursday, June 2nd 2016


Thursday, June 2nd 2016

Thank you very much for this lesson James!

Thursday, June 2nd 2016

Thank you very much.
I am now starving because of this video..

Thursday, June 2nd 2016

You are funny with all those sounds biting, gulping ands spitting :P
By the way, “numero uno” means number one

Friday, June 3rd 2016

Thanks a lot.

Friday, June 3rd 2016

Why I cannot see the video?

Friday, June 3rd 2016

    Our videos are hosted on Youtube, which may be blocked where you are.

    Friday, June 3rd 2016

Very useful lesson James. Thanks a lot.

Saturday, June 4th 2016

good video!

Saturday, June 4th 2016

thank you for you work, james

Sunday, June 5th 2016

It was interesting.I didn`t know the most of these words.

Sunday, June 5th 2016

could you speak more slowly, please?

Sunday, June 5th 2016

When you say “Some won’t have pictures,” why you ask us to “suck it up”? What do you mean by “suck it up”?

Monday, June 6th 2016

i got 100 amazing MR. u doin well may god bless you

Monday, June 6th 2016

Your way in teaching is the best!
Thank you.

Tuesday, June 7th 2016

good video

Wednesday, June 8th 2016

Thanks James

Friday, June 10th 2016

Hi, James. I really like the way you teach, easy to understand. Thank you.
Have a question here : The passer-by saw the (old lady) fall but he did not stop to help them.
Question is : Why ‘old lady’ and not ‘old ladies’ as the last word is ‘them’?

Saturday, June 11th 2016

your accent so funny and good James thank u for everything:))

Saturday, June 11th 2016

i did’t even realize that i watched your lesson more than 19 minutes. thank you very much James and im gonna watch this clip twice a week until my mind get used to it

Sunday, June 12th 2016

wow it was so interesting after devoured this lesson… you are so funny and your classes were so interesting one

Monday, June 13th 2016

Thanks for your lesson. I can know a lot of word.

Monday, June 13th 2016

Very interesting! Thanks a lot…

Tuesday, June 14th 2016

I get it all! Thanks!

Wednesday, June 15th 2016

Very Interesting!

Thursday, June 16th 2016

thank you master….

Friday, June 17th 2016

good munching of this topic

Sunday, June 19th 2016

Thanks James ..

Sunday, June 19th 2016

It is very interesting to learn those vocabulary about eating and very useful for me.I can’t wait to watch the topic about drinking.

Friday, June 24th 2016

You´re so funny, it´s easy learn english…

Friday, June 24th 2016

It was very easy to understand and knowing newer words.

Saturday, June 25th 2016

wawooo…Amazing…!useful lesson…

Monday, June 27th 2016

Amazing really

Monday, June 27th 2016

THank you very much!

Tuesday, June 28th 2016

Hey! James, you’re my favourite teacher on EngVid :)

Sunday, July 3rd 2016

All videos with this teacher is lame

Monday, July 4th 2016

James You aré so nice lteaching. Thank a Lot to Support me to be a better person in my life.

Tuesday, July 5th 2016

Thank you so much, like always very useful, thank.

Friday, July 8th 2016

omg so much fun )) You are the best teacher I`ve ever seen in my life. Thanks a lot!

Sunday, July 10th 2016

james you are the best teacher in the world

Tuesday, July 12th 2016

Thank you for this class!

Sunday, July 17th 2016

thank you,10/10:)

Monday, July 25th 2016

in the second one, Why is wrong the word “bite”?

Thursday, July 28th 2016

9/10 not bad
thank you mr james

Saturday, July 30th 2016

Thanks, James. You are so Great!!

Wednesday, August 3rd 2016

good manner thanks

Sunday, August 7th 2016

i can`t loud the video. please help me

Sunday, August 7th 2016

thanks James for this very good lesson

Sunday, August 7th 2016

Thank you very much for your good work that makes easy to learn English.

Monday, August 8th 2016

I liked this lesson, so much :))) Please never stop doing these videos! They are so funny and useful!

Sunday, August 14th 2016


Monday, August 15th 2016

Thank you for the interesting lesson ^^

Friday, August 19th 2016

thank you very much James .. I have learned the vocabulary of many new words.

Monday, August 22nd 2016

Thank you so much Mr. James .I’m starving all time to get your lesson.

Thursday, August 25th 2016

I can’t see you on Wikipedia james 😭

Tuesday, August 30th 2016

that is so good, to much new words.
Thanks a lot James!

Tuesday, September 13th 2016

The quiz was so easy with the video! Thank you James.

Saturday, September 17th 2016

Thank you Mr. James for the interesting and easy lesson, I understood very well!!!

Monday, September 19th 2016

Very usefull, thanks!!

Monday, September 19th 2016

9 / 10 thanks

Tuesday, September 20th 2016

Very interesting. Thanks. I will trying to use them all

Monday, September 26th 2016

Thanks James! It was a Hard lesson but great one too

Wednesday, September 28th 2016

I got the lesson 10/10, I m happy yyyyyyyes

Thursday, September 29th 2016

all these videos help´s me a lot to improve my english skills, thank you very much!
Numero uno? Lol!!!!

Friday, September 30th 2016

i got 10/10 i can say that ” i devoured it” ^^ .

Sunday, October 2nd 2016

10/10…Thank you!

Friday, October 7th 2016

thank you very much.. you are really a good teacher

Friday, October 14th 2016

great teacher.

Thursday, October 20th 2016

thank you so much. Jame,You are a good teacher.

Saturday, October 29th 2016

Thank you so much.

Monday, November 7th 2016

Thanks a lot Mr James ! It really helps me!

Wednesday, November 9th 2016


Thursday, November 17th 2016

Thanks so much for this.

Saturday, December 3rd 2016

Thank you.

Thursday, December 8th 2016

Thank you for This lesson.

Monday, December 12th 2016

Thank you, James.It’s a good lesson.

Wednesday, December 21st 2016

thank u Teacher James!!

Sunday, December 25th 2016

I got 9 correct out of 10. I’m so proud of myself. Thank you James for your fantastic teaching!

Friday, December 30th 2016

It was very interesting!!! Thank you so much

Tuesday, January 10th 2017

I have one questions about the Quiz. №7(about mom’s cooking) In the video you said that we can not say “I scarfed down mom’s soup” couse it is not polite. But in the quiz correct answer is exactly (scarfed down) i am a bit confused.

Tuesday, January 10th 2017

Thank you for teaching ^^

Sunday, January 15th 2017

Thank’s a lot Teacher James.

Wednesday, January 18th 2017

Cool quiz, love you james your good lecturer for english grammar and everyhting about english

Thursday, February 2nd 2017

James Omg so many comments over there ,so in my opinion cool lesson about eating and the common for both eat and drink but sorry in the quiz you choose for the Mom’s cooking (scarfed down) which you said in the lesson it’s impolite to use it with Mom’s cooking >

Thanks James lOVE YOUR IDEAS :)

Wednesday, February 8th 2017

I’ve just got 10

Thursday, February 23rd 2017

Thank you, James! You make me smile 😄 It was fun and simple! I got 9/10 👍

Tuesday, March 7th 2017

Thank you so much Mr. James

Saturday, March 11th 2017

Cool explanation of slightly different words! Thank you.

Tuesday, April 4th 2017


Sunday, April 16th 2017

Very informative!!!

Saturday, April 22nd 2017

Thank you for this lesson…

Wednesday, June 14th 2017

Very good lesson which makes me feel hungry!

Sunday, June 18th 2017

Thank you very much James
It was very interesting and fun!!!

Sunday, June 18th 2017

Thank you so much , my score was 90

Monday, July 10th 2017


Wednesday, August 2nd 2017

Thank you so much.You are amazing teacher.I got 90.

Tuesday, August 8th 2017

thank you so much james

Tuesday, September 5th 2017

Appreciated all your efforts and time. Thanks a million !

Thursday, September 14th 2017

Good lesson, thank you!

Saturday, January 13th 2018

Thank you very much James!

Friday, March 23rd 2018

thank you so much! It was easy to understand and really helpful! 👍

Wednesday, April 11th 2018

& I scored a 100 ! yayyy:😍😁

Wednesday, April 11th 2018

You got 10 correct out of 10.

thank you.

Monday, May 21st 2018


Friday, June 8th 2018

Dear James,

I have been attending english courses for 2 more that tow years and I stronlgy believe that you are the best teacher I have ever met! You use a mathematic way to teach, so organized. You establish yourself in the VR class so good!
Thank you all for creating this page it is very very useful!!!!

Sunday, July 15th 2018

thanks i got 90 correct

Tuesday, July 24th 2018

Thank you for your efforts

Wednesday, October 24th 2018


Monday, November 5th 2018

Well, I want to participate in the quiz but I don’t know why it’not working. Can you solve the problem for me?

Wednesday, December 26th 2018

Thanks for the delicious and useful Lesson.i am starving just right now I’m. Gonna eat 1 pancake and 2 slices guess what pizza! Thanks again!

Sunday, March 10th 2019

PLEASE don’t stop these videos!

Sunday, March 10th 2019

thank you mr. james i got 9

Saturday, March 23rd 2019

Thanks Mr. James. I’ve devoured and digested your lesson!

Tuesday, March 26th 2019

Tremendous job James, it really helped me a lot to understand my native speakers friends when they use all those words that I ignored.

Friday, March 29th 2019

quiz 70 offf i have to work hard

Tuesday, June 11th 2019

James please, what’s the meaning of ” suck it up ” you said this expression in this video?

Thursday, July 25th 2019

Does the word ” bucks ” means ” money”?

Thursday, July 25th 2019

Your lessons are awesome! You know how to teach. It’s always a pleasure for me to watch your videos. Thank you so much!

Saturday, August 24th 2019

thank you so much James.I got 80%

Friday, November 22nd 2019

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