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My name is Oscar Trigueros. I am a 33 years ole teacher. I have been teaching for 12 years now. I wanted to commen that I use your lesson to assist me in my IELTS PREPERATION COURSES. tHANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP. yOU ARE A WONDERFUL TEACHER AND GIVE MEANING TO TEACHING

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I don´t know if you can explain the topic: active voice and pasive voice

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I am homeschooling my kids and have been totally at a loss regarding phrases and clauses. You are the only person to have ever made sense of this and I applaud you!!! Thanks a million!


you said a phrase has a verb or a noun and you showed some phrasal verbs, but what about “turn on the volume”? it has a verb & a noun (volume) . You wrote “pick it up”, well in this case “pick” is a verb and “it” is a subject noun, so it’s also a noun.
And you said a clause has a verb and a noun.
So please, could you tell me if the two examples I gave you are phrases or clauses?


This is very nice James.



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can you give more example about your lessons today. how do you use after before and while in sentences.


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Keep doing it! As everybody is saying; you’re a very talented and funny teacher, your lessons are amusing! That’s the most effective way to learn.

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hej can you make a lesson with clauses of purpose ????


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hi mir. James you are really agood teasher and I like the way you teash. howevertry to do more videos on all claues please.thank you so much


Mr. James thank you very much for your great explanation. I love it what a nice explanation. Now I clearly understand the difference between phrase & clause.
MR. James would you Please! correct My Grammar if some mistake in this sentence. thanks again & God Bless!


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can we get exercise for that lessons .




James,thanks for the explanation. I would very much appreciate if you explain about phrases and clauses in terms of noun clauses and phrases and so on.


hi.. thts a nice persentation, but excuse me to say that i disagree to the point of CLAUSE.. wht i learned about it is.. it’s a sentence tht has S n V ty very much, i hope u dont mind it.. good luck.. i love this website


please check again about CLAUSE, ty

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Your lessons are very useful and had saved me a lot of time.
Could you upload videos on noun phrases, adjective phrases, adverb phrases, prepositional phrases, infinitive phrases, participial phrases, adverbial phrases, and adjectival phrases. I’m prone to interactive learning and your lessons are excellent for me to understand. Can any of you(all of you are good!) help me with all these please?I’m having an exam pretty soon.Please respond to me as soon as possible.Thanks in advance!



sir pls provide the 3gp formats to download it will be really helpful for us

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Hi James.

I just wonder about the sentence you said “I ate dinner”
Can we use the word “eat” with breakfast,launch and dinner”?

Because my English teacher teach me that we only can use “have” with breakfast,launch and dinner.

We say “eat” with the food.
Ex. I eat pizza.

Could you please explain for me?

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    nice comment bro.


      i agree with you raihan

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    Hello friend,
    Good query ..
    What James said, is right.What your teacher told to you,is also right.
    Explanation:I ate dinner and i had dinner both are right.
    Certain verbs like eat,enjoy,experience,drink and take can be replaced by have.
    Means you can also use have instead of these verbs.
    I’m drinking coffee / I’m having coffee
    I took lunch / I had lunch
    Hopefully, i’ll help you.

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It is so easy to understand with you!!!.
Thanks, James


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pick up = verb and an adverb

up the street = prepositon(followed by noun)


Your class is great clear, simple, and direct. Thank you so much for stay in this web side !!:)

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I wish you keep on teaching everywhere.

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I agree to all of these comments. For years in the Philippines, you are the only person that made me understand clauses and phrases. Now it is permanently carved on my brain lol, I hope to watch more videos of you. Thank you James

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Hello Mr. James!!!

You are the best teacher I have ever seen.
Can explain difference between Gerund&Infinitive. I’m suffering to choose one of them. It is very confusable for me. For instance,

The models practiced (walking/to walk) with a book balanced on their heads.

Mandy has promised (takin/to take) care of our dog while we are on vacation…
Please, help me

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What would you say this time James about Superman and Batman?

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Then, a sentence may be divided in a “phrase” (with a noun or with a verb but not mixed) and a “clause” (with a noun as a subject and a verb as a meaning), therefore a phrase and a clause are different but they are parts of a sentence. Furthermore, a clause may be also divided in Independent Clauses and Dependent Clauses separated by comas or relative pronouns. I have understood this concept and besides I have distinguished the difference. Thanks a lot teacher James from EngVid.

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