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Today I kept my eye on the politics news. FML. All the politicians are cheating. They are pull the wool over our eyes. Nothing worse than this eyesore job. Don’t be idiots and don’t catch our eyes on their stupid speeches.


Last winter my family was on a vacation to Italy. We went sightseeing and the architecture at the capital city Rome caught my eyes immediately. My brother has an eye for the map so we fortunately never got lost in the city. In the afternoon we were tired and hungry so we went to a nearby restaurant and oder a large pizza but we have to keep our eyes out for the waiter to come in 30 minutes.


Last week i saw my friend wore expensive outfit but for me it was an eyesore. He caught my sister’s eyes but not for me. She said she had an eye for outfit but i dont trust her


No, James, your sweater isn’t an eyesore.
I like it too :)
And thank you for this fun lesson !


First of all, I would like to thank you about this great lesson and the way how you explain it.
For me was the first time I learn the Idioms such this.
In the future I will keep one’s eyes peeled in your next videos cause They are very interessting and helpful.


In my last trip to argentina i had an eyesore for modernist architecture, that keeps resembling to prision designs. On the other hand some girls were giving me the eye on the entire trip, but i was a little bit shy to giving the eye back


Thanks a lot James!


You’re great…


I’ll keep an eye on you.
Great job!


Thanks a lot James! Your sweater caught my eye… it is fit you ;-)


Thank you for your excellent lecture. I’ve done the test and my homework :)
By the way I think you have an eye for sweaters.


I pull the wool on my girlfriend’s eyes to avoid her that i was dating another girl


thanks James for for this interesting lesson


I don’t understand the expression ” pull the wool on someone ‘eye” and ” more than meet the eye”


As always, master of understanding, speech is great, sentences are fantastic, thank you very much!


Thnx James, I appreciate your efforts


I’ve got 90/10 in my score, it is good but I want to repeat watching this lesson so I can be fluent in using those expressions. Thanks a lot teacher James..


you have an eye to style your clothes.

Ban Ahmed

It is difficult to act in the age of globalized communication network. Cause there are so much information coming up to us all the time that ends up in pulling the wool over our eyes. We feel stucked like there isn’t any way out of these old structures-wearing new masks- we’re in. But deep down I know that there is more to these moments we live right now than meets the eye. The old structures are ruining a long time, and the new ones are going to take place inevitably.

Ana Augusta

thanks dear james,idioms is not easy for me ,i wait near future

awil wade

Good lesson, thank you


I always keep an eye on Engvid lessons, since they are quite interesting for me. I am not pulling the wool over your eyes. That’s the truth.

Eduardo França

Thank you for your helpful lesson to improve idioms with ‘eye’. I made a quiz to learn them better for me.

1. to attract someone’s attention = … one’s eye
2. to show good taste = [to have an] … for something
3. something so ugly it hurts to look at = …sore
4. show romantic interest = … someone the eye
5. watch something very carefully = … an eye on
6. to deceive = pull the … over someone’s eyes
7. there is something happening here that is not obvious yet = more than … the eye
8. watch carefully for somebody or something = keep one’s eyes …
9. watch for someone or something arriving = keep an eye … for
10. to have the attention of the public = in the … eye

1. caught 2. eye 3. eye 4. give 5. keep 6. wool 7. meets 8. peeled 9. out 10. public

Insoo Yeo

Thak you sir


When i asked myself where can i watch cool videos in eng i decided to surf the internet and you channel caught my eye.


Thx for the lesson it was helpful


Thank you Mr. James.


Appreciate your work Mr. James


This lesson is difficult for me,expecially how to use the preposition. I have to keep an eye on it. I do homework. I’m cooking . I have an eye for cooking. I keep an eye on the pan during make sunny side up egg. Telephone is ringing. So I get to talk for a long time. My cooking becomes an eyesore.



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