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Hi, Gill! Thank you! Useful lesson!

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    I agree with you!

    Profile photo of Júlio César L Sousa Júlio César L Sousa

      Very useful indeed, I would say. The meaning of the word “Back”-as seen in the lesson- may be determined by context.

      Although in some instances is not that easy because we need to know how this word functions in the sentence.

      In other words, in order to determine the different meanings of a given word in context we need to be familiar enough with the different parts of speech.

      Many thanks for sharing all this with us Gill.

      Profile photo of Regino Regino

    thank’s Daniiii

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Hello, Gill! Great job! Please, be BACK soon with another great lesson like this one. Thank you very much! Take care!

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Thank you Gill for your helpful lecture!

Profile photo of yaoqian yaoqian

Hello Gill, i love your video lessons. Thank you very much. Pretty useful.

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Thank you for your great lesson, Gill. Helpful :)

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Thank you Gill

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    Hello Gansukh,It’s nice to see Mongolian.

    Profile photo of Bayardalai Bayardalai

It is my first time watching your class here on Engvid, dear Gill and I really liked it. I got everything you said. You are great. Thank you and come back soon.

Profile photo of luzafranco luzafranco

100% Thank you! I always have problems using prepositions and article “the”. Please help.

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thank you!

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Thank you! This really helps!

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Thank you very much Gill!!!
And what a funny way to finish the video! I thought I missed part of the explanation ;)

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

Nice and I had simple look and Understood much more fun this session was.. And lastly Gill
not forget Gill to tell us the last sentence before one I guess she did it deliberately and examine us whether we were active or not..
Good job Grandma!!!.. “I love the way you teach”..

Profile photo of Sivakumar Sivakumar

I got 7 to 10

Profile photo of Sivakumar Sivakumar

Tranks a lot! A really need to help with this!

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Hi Gill
You really are an amazing teacher. I like you.

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Great lesson, Gill. Thank you.

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Hi Gill! Thank you for this lesson!

Profile photo of Adriana Adriana

Thank you for your lesson Gill and helpful.
so,I got 8 out of 10

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yah!!!! i got 10 out of 10

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I have some struggles abaout back on phrasal verbs :(

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Great lesson ! Thank you Gil

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Hey Gill,my sister in law have the same name off your! its great! I love she! Today is teacher’s day here in Brazil! Congrats for your day! see you!!! thanks for all.

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C’est genial!

Profile photo of Elizabeth Jacinta Elizabeth Jacinta

Very important lesson
Thanks ☺

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Hi Gill,
Great lesson! I have learnt so much from you. Thanks. All the best, Gill.

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Thank you Gill,

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very nice lesson

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very great lesson , I really enjoyed watching it
thank you Gill

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Thank you, Gill!

Profile photo of linochok linochok

    Hi Linochok, do you like writing novels in your spare time? Wow! That’s great. Do you write in English or in . . . Oh gosh! Which language do people speak in Ukraine?

    Good to heard from you? Take care, see you round.

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hello i am sorry i want you explain do , does and did role
thank you

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    Hi. these 3 verbs are used for changing a sentence into question or negative when there is no modal or auxiliary verb in the setence :
    They live in Tehran.
    Q : Do they live in Tehran?
    N: They do not live in Tehran.

    She can bake a cake.
    Q: Can she bake a cake?
    N: She cannot bake a cake.

    He went home.
    Q: Did he go home?
    N: He did not go home.

    Please don’t forget: Did is used for simple past tense for all subjects.

    Do & Does are used for simple present tense . But Does for singular third person and Do for the other.
    I hope it helps. Best regards: soei

    Profile photo of Soei Soei

got 10 correct out of 10.
:D thanks :)

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Great Jill:)

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Sorry… Gill. I love your lessons.

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he gill this is great! thanks

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Great, thanks!

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thanks too much you are so great

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Thank you,very useful lesson!

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Hi I just want to tell you that please teach me how to write a notice

Profile photo of palakshi nautiyal palakshi nautiyal

Please,i need to know “Use of tend” in daily life and difference between Complement and Compliment.

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You are Really Perfect and Experienced teacher,i like your way of teaching.Thanks for joining EngVid and for Teaching Us.

Profile photo of Air Mughal Air Mughal

It’s a very useful video! Thanks!

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You are the best, thanks!

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thanks gill

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10 correct out of 10! thanks Gill for the lesson. I love your British accent!!

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Gill you’re great thanks :D

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thank you about this lesson !

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Hello Ma’am Gill,

Can you suggest any online source where I can check my essay writing skills?

Profile photo of Zeeshan007 Zeeshan007

thank you for your lessons. I watched all of them and I will always watch the next ones. And I have a request to you: Could you explain “Conjunctions” in detailed?

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Useful Lessons!Thanks!

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Dear, Gill!
I love your lessons so much! Always listening you with a big pleasure. Thank you very much.

Profile photo of Ekaterina Protasova Ekaterina Protasova

    Yep! Listening TO her is a great pleasure. Her teaching style and tone of voice make her lessons unique.

    I agree with you entirely Ekaterina.

    That’s it for now. See you round.

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Thank u so much! U explain very good!

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it’s very interesting. thanks

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Very Usefull. Thanks a lot :)

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Thank you.

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Thank you.

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I had a bad test result, see again the injury to try to understand it best. :(

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many thanks!!!

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Thank you Gill for the helpful lesson! I got 10 correct out of 10.

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Thank you

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Thanks everyone for your kind comments — I’ll be BACK soon :-) Gill

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    can you receive my words,I want to test it.now,I am in China use the eV,I feel amazing.

    Profile photo of Mr.Zhang Mr.Zhang

      Yes! First-time commenters need their comments approved. Welcome to engVid :)

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thank you for this lesson i got 6 out of 10 i have to go back to it.and learn more…

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this is my first time study in ev,feel good.

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thanks Gilly

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thanks Gilly

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Just awesome teaching method………

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thanks for this useful lesson ☺

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thanks alot

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Thanks very much)

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you are amazing Thanks very much

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Hello Gill I got 100… thank you very much.

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Thank you, Gill. very useful and easy to remember. your explanation is very clear and easy to understand. really enjoy your lesson. thank you again.

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As usual-simple and informative.Great! Thanks!

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Hi Gill thank you so much

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Thanks Gill. Very interested one!!

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LOL, got 100 .

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Great 9 out of 10

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Very useful,thanks

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Oh my God! I finally found a good English teacher! Tanks Ms. Gill!

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Thank you.^-^

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useful lesson, thank you Gill!

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Thinks Gill. But my first test only 70/100.. ????????????????

Profile photo of edgarnguyen edgarnguyen

Thinks Gill. But my first test only 70/100.. ????????????????

Profile photo of edgarnguyen edgarnguyen

It’s very useful lesson!

Profile photo of wasaroot wasaroot

It is good to learn moré and moré

Profile photo of Algomac Algomac

I have one question about back in adv
“Our neighbors are back from holiday.”
why do the word back in this sentence is adv ?
It’s used after V.to be so why don’t it is adj?

Thanks foe answering me
ps. I really love your teaching. keep doing it!! <3

Profile photo of faapingpung faapingpung

    thanks, it’s worth :)

    Profile photo of mhdbashar mhdbashar

Thank you it’s very useful lesson

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Thank you Gill, I have loved so much, Bye and see you soon

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Thanks Gil! It’s really amazing.

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thanks alot Gill,I like your british accent.

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very useful lesson thank you!

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Hi there! Thank you!

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Thank you!!

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thanks! very useful

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Thank you for a great lesson, I’ll be back tomorrow.

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Very good ! thanks a lot dear teacher.

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Thank you. It was a little difficult for me.

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It was very helpful lesson .Thanks Gill

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Thanks, Gill

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thank you very much

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Thank you Gill, I like the engvid courses, specialy the yours and the James’s one and the way how you explain different meaning you both. Thank you Gill and James, and thank you all the team of engVid, great work.

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is cool, I wasn’t paying attention to the lesson.

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Well Thank You Mrs Gill Ill Still learning this Task and Tutorial

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yay! thanks nana

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i need speak english

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Gill, You are a good teacher. I have liked your lessons.

Profile photo of CFAC CFAC

o. no!!!
4 correct out of 10.
i will watch this vedeo at least 3 times.
anyway, thank you very much mrs.gill.

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Hello, Gill.

I would like to tell you, I am interested in reading a history book in English but last week I went to a library and read some history books, I feel they are difficult to read, Oh dear! I need to open dictionary for finding many words that I did not know.

So, now I believe you can suggest me a tip how to read English history books.

(The books that I read like World history, Western Union History, Colonial States etc.)

Thank you so much.

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thank you Gill I love this lesson

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great lessons! thanks

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Hellow Miss Gill!
You just fabulous!

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Thank you Jill. I really like your lesson. It’s very useful. I quite understand your lesson.

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Dear Gill
This subject is a little hard for me, mainly the phrasal verbs, but you make it easier.
Thank you a lot for this lesson!

Profile photo of Uliam Uliam

Thank you, specially for the phrasal verb.

Profile photo of Maliban Maliban

There are some mistakes on the next short text. Could you find them?

This lesson is about the very useful word ‘back’. It could be use as a verb, an adverb, a noun, an adjective, and it is very common in phrasal verbs. Gill has give us a nice explanation of the mean of each one use, and some very clarify examples related. Noum: Do you want to sit at the back of the bus? I really can’t because my back is itching. Better we could meet us in the back of the stadium. Adjective: the back part of the garden doesn’t have any flower, maybe I could sow some seeds, those are in the back of the garage. Adverb: you will be back to your room hotel soon, because I will come back tomorrow morning. Verb: I’m going to baking at this corner, then back me when you are ready. PV: you should backed down when you understand your are not right. It would be great if we could make a backup of our memories. 0k, I will back off, thanks Gill!

Profile photo of Androp Androp

Thank you!Gill

Profile photo of maxwellzhg maxwellzhg

Thank you. Gill

Profile photo of Himanshu Himanshu

Thank you so much Miss Gill.
Could you please make a lesson about Subordinate Clause?

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Hi I am new here!
I liked you’re video very much!

Profile photo of RUSHIL RUSHIL

thank you for that lesson Gill

Profile photo of lazare lazare

Hi Gill, thanks a lot!
very useful lesson


I’m going back to this lesson so as to become fluent.

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thank you teacher very nice lesson.

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Thank you Gill

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Hi Gill! I give you feedback ;) It was great lesson!!! :)

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    Hello Anek! Excellent lesson, isn’t it?

    I’m Regino and I like capuccino! That’s true.

    Kind Regards.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

Hi Gill ! Thank you for the lesson, you ‘re of big help…..

Profile photo of Gaillo23 Gaillo23

Many thanks Gill, I like your lessons!

Could you clarify if we can use ( he/ she ) instead of they decide and why we use they here in your question copied below ?
Thanks again,

((If someone disagrees with you, but then they decide not to continue the argument, they are:))

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I got 7/10! Useful lesson!

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Nice lesson, Gill! Thanks a lot! 🙂

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You got 9 correct out of 10.
thank you

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thank you Gill!!!

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I believe that Jesus Christ is coming back.

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Dear Gill! Thank you!

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I’m enjoying Gill’s lesson. Thank you!

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