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I got 07/10. You made me mouthwatering benjamin. Thanks .☺

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Thank you Benjamin.

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i got 10/10 thanks benjamin

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Well, now I want to eat some fish and chips. Thanks a lot, Ben!

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    Mr Alex, don´t forget to make a video about typical food of Canada ;)

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      Bacon, maple syrup, poutine, nanaimo bars…mmm.

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Hello Benjamin , Hello everybody .
Uk food is not my cup of tea but I try as much as I can to eat it when I go there . Indeed , I haven’t tasted all the delicious dishes you showed us in this lesson !
For me the best taste to try in UK is indian food . I have never found it so good in other parts of EU .
Till the next lesson . Bon appetit .
See you

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Mr. Benjamin. Thank you very much for this interesting and useful exposition of the British regional specialties.
The Scottish “Shortbread fingers” are delicious drenched in cappuccino (milk and coffee)!

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Thanks Mr Benjamin!!
As a Knopfler’s song says: Who put old pigweed
in the mulligan stew???
I´m sorry for British people, but Spanish cuisine is much better ;)

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yes i do

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This is my first time to attend the lesson, I will keep going on that, tks.

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I got 8/10 thanks Benjamin for this amazing info about the local food in the UK. Now I want to try every food on this list. yummy!

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This is the best site to learn english! Thanks!

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Thanks a lot. I enjoyed it pretty well

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I am not doing very well but I will keep trying

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Thanks a lot, Benjamin

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this Video I’m watching is look so yummy and i know about london food by watching this great and good lesson or video i enjoy your video whan i do the Quiz i got 10/10 watching this food and merry chirtmas benjamin have good holiday benjamin super nice video👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌 perfect and one more thing Benjamin you are a great guy talking england

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What an interesting vocab.lesson.Thanks,Benjamim.
Today is Christmas’s Eve so I wish you a very Merry Christmas!!!!
Thanks for everythings.

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I got 10/10


Hello Benjamin!Thanks for your lesson, I found it interesting and funny at the same time! Did you want to know about typical food in EIRE? Well, I had a delicious Irish beef stew made with Guinness there!

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ooh benjamin you speak too fast, I love your british accent but unfortunately I could’t follow your rhythm

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oh i got 3/10 !. that mean ??!!

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I have a question that confused me why the website can not thorough in China


Hello Mr Benjamin,
is there a typo in Question No 9?
The genetive and plural of “sheep” is sheep’s, insn’t it?
I was watching this lesson during eating Bismarck hering with sweet potatoes.

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Thanks a lot Mr. Benjamin I am going to visit my fridge just now.

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Very interesting! Lacking talking about the “teacakes”.

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You’re the BEST!!!!
And thanks I got 10/10

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Thanks for this lesson but now I’m angry that I’ll eat a horse.

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