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Hello Benjamin .
Thank for this lesson .
can I use “latter” to speak about the last word of an enumeration list of more than two words .
See you

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I learnt something new because of you. Thanks so much!

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🖒thanks so much

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Thanks for this lesson Benjamin. I confess that I made some confusion in some words.

Profile photo of Fernando Moreira Fernando Moreira

This helps me alot! thank you so much Mr. Benjamin

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Lastly, I can understand how difference between ‘lately’ and ‘lastly’. Not only those 2 words but I also have got ‘outlast’ and ‘latter’ in my flashcard lists. Thank you very much!!

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thank you for this lesson.

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thank u Benjamin that was a good leason. greets from colombia

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Thanks Benjamin!!
Interesting, short and useful lesson ;)

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    what an interesting topic

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They are very similar expressions in form but with a little touch or nuance in meaning, therefore you can doubt and make some mistakes with them. I think I will have to watch the video class again, it has been short but with intensity. Thanks a lot, teacher Benjamin, this lesson is a good gift or present from you.

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Very useful lesson!!! Thanks a lot

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Thank you!!!

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Thanks Benjamin!!! I had been confused as using these confusing Words,however lastly I know the differece between them. I am looking forward to see more videos from you.

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Thanks teacher! It was so practical and easy to learn.

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Thanks for this video. It helped me a lot!

Profile photo of MargaridaSouza MargaridaSouza

Thanks, Benjamin, I was not familiar with the words, LATTER and OUTLAST.

For women, we use all the time “Ladies First” but when it comes to death — they are outlasting. So funny.lol

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Thank you..

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this is so good. thanks, benjamin

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Thank you!

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Very helpful lessons, I got 10 correct out of 10! Thanks a lot Benjamin!

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Thanks, very interested object

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Thanks very much to this lesson.
before this video, i believed the english language just have a 3 types of “last” words

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Thanks sir it is a fruitful lesson

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Great job, Benjamin. Thank you so much.

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I got a perfect score..thanks

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It is very good to master the easy topics in order to be fluent in English or any other language

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Thank you! It will be good if you can give more examples in the next time:)
Thank you!

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Thank you, Benjamin. I really like your lesson.

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Good job,I make the score 100.

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thanks!!! useful video!!

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Great job! Thank you ..

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Thank you Ben.

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Thanks for explaining effectively :)

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I’ve got only 50 of 100, it’s awfull ((

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Thank you so much Benjamin!

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your accent is very wonderful, thank you

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    I don’t understand what latter means still

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wow :) i didn’t understand some means of these words but i got 10/10 :)

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thank you so much it really help me to distinguish between the words

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Very good lesson,Benjamim. Your accent enriches it. Got 10/10.

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Benjamin, I have 10/10. It means You’re very good teacher!

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Thank you for the lesson

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For the first time i watched you,but i enjoyed a lot. useful lesson and nice presentation, thank you very much

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Very good lesson. Thank you very much.

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This is another important lesson of English grammar. I am glad, I got 100 scores. Thank you, Benjamin!

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Thank you Mr. Benjamin for a good explanation of the lesson.

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Thank you MR. Benjamin.

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Thank you very much

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