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Please _____________ at the corner of Dundas West Ave and Glenlake Ave. I would like to get off there.

Do you mind ___________ the parking lot? I'm not comfortable getting off on the street.

On our way to the music festival, we _____________ to pick up some snacks and drinks.

It was so dark outside that I accidentally ___________ a skunk. Now, the whole neighbourhood stinks.

A "backseat driver" is a person that gives ____________ to the driver.

Could you _____________ to work tomorrow? I would really appreciate it.

If you wait for me in the Whole Foods parking lot, I will ___________ there.

I'm not starting the car until you _____________ your seatbelts!

At only 21 years old, Kim is the owner of a trendy coffee shop. She is _______________, for sure.

Before embarking on a long road trip in the desert, be sure to __________ your tank and carry plenty of water.

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I’m not a driver, but thank you, Benjamin. I like your lessons and your pronunciation. May I ask what part of England has that accent?

Saturday, September 21st 2019

Wohoo I got 100 :) .Thank you Benjamin. Lesson was great and quiz was quite interesting!

Saturday, September 21st 2019

I admire the way you teaching. Thanks @Benjamin!

Saturday, September 21st 2019

I got 9/10 so i wrong at number four, Thank Benjamin

Saturday, September 21st 2019

Thank you Benjamin for a very intersting lesson.

Saturday, September 21st 2019

thank you

Saturday, September 21st 2019

Nice job benjamin, i took 100%.

Saturday, September 21st 2019

Its 10/10, i dont believe i can do it again

Saturday, September 21st 2019

I’m a beginner, I hope you will help me.
Thank you, =))

Saturday, September 21st 2019

Thank you, Benjamin, for your expressing explanation.
What about the driving terms like “roundabout’ and so on? Maybe a lesson about the difference of usage in the UK and Canada or USA?

Sunday, September 22nd 2019

Thank you Ben for a nice lesson.

Sunday, September 22nd 2019

Thank you :)

Monday, September 23rd 2019

This quick and short lesson was very efficient for me. Thank you Benjamin.

Monday, September 23rd 2019

Great lesson thanks :)

Monday, September 23rd 2019

Thanks, Benjamin.

Monday, September 23rd 2019

Thank you Mr Benjamin ;)

Monday, September 23rd 2019

Thanks, Benjamin. Good lesson.

Tuesday, September 24th 2019

Oh my God I need improve my English

Wednesday, October 16th 2019

What is the meaning of ‘pull over’?

Saturday, November 9th 2019

It’s essential lessons , I love it !

Sunday, November 10th 2019

Important lesson!
I got 9/10 Benjamin. I missed number 9
Thank you a lot!

Monday, December 30th 2019

Thank you Mr. Benjamin for a very useful lesson.

Thursday, January 2nd 2020

Im driver in Bogota, Colombia, thats topics are very important for me and my work
quiz 90 great

Monday, February 24th 2020

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