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Indian and Pakistan English so comic :)

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    Good on you !!

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It’s Urdu Not Hindi . Hindi is different Language.

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    Love Urdu.

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verb subject object .i did not know oh my gosh

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Hey, I am a South Asian boy, I have done 9/10, I like the part of ‘hotel” really it happens to us in Bangladesh and India. After watching your video Benjamin I knew it.

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Sorry, I know it.

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I got 06/10. 😞😭. Thank you benjamin for this very interesting lesson. ☺

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Thanks Dear you teach well….. specially when you talked in Urdu language it looked very nice to me.

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i got 100/100…..

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thanks it’s useful lesson ! ;)

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jesus crist what was that start!!!

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Very useful lesson. Thanks!

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I liked this lesson also although I am not Asian student.
Thank you, Benjamin.

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it is really helpful

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Yay ! 100% ;)

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its good

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Such a nice video and challenging quiz thanks Benjamin

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Is “much too” (in question #4) a common grammar construction (I’ve never seen it before)? I think using “too” sounds more natural to me, as in “Your music is too loud for me”. As a side note, Brazilians also have that tendency of inserting vowels, especially at the end of words (probably because most words in Portuguese end in a vowel)

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very resourceful lesson,thanks Benjamin.

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Very good lesson. Thank you!

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Well, I scored 70% because I misunderstanded some things about: the word “hotel” I knew it no no, and two points that I answered like: “much more” instead of “much too” “your music is much too loud for me”; and “more” instead of “too” “it’s too cold outside” thanks so much Benjamin :)


Terima kasih.

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No offense but for a teacher (Benjamin) if you don’t know how to speak proper Hindi then you should at least try not be hilarious. And those quiz questions are for kids.

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very good lectures for pakistani peoples.
but i need learning about article writing please help me sir?????
and i want some learn by using skype>>>>?????

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    I can help practicing via Skype with someone.
    Im learning too.

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Hi Benjamin,
Thank you for the lesson and your Hindi is superb.

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the film you were talking about is “bajrangi bhaijan”.

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very nice video from you Benjamin.I am glad and surprised pleasantly that you spoke some hindi sentences.It was a good try i must say.Thanks a lot for the video and for correcting our simple yet important mistakes.Best luck with your efforts.

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i got 9 out of 10

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It was great, and I got 5

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thank you.It was really useful, got 9/10.

Profile photo of Sai Gayathri Sai Gayathri

Thank you

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OMG! I got 10 out of 10!

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I think so.

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Thx Benjamin! Your lesson is helpful to me but not helpful to my sister! XD Have a nice day!

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thank you

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Profile photo of Prakash singh bisht Prakash singh bisht

Outstanding lesson.Seriously the people of sub-continent speak english in comic way but one can improve by practicing and taking these types of lectures.;)

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Thanks Mr. Benjamin!

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Q 4 is it ok to use too after much?? Help me!

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Thank you Sir Benjamin. This lesson was really productive..

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