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Hi every body ….. I’m new here plz anyone help me to understand the process of learning here…. i want to improve my English skills….. so plz guide me…. i shall be very thankful to you for this kindness…

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sir you just tell us about the title of your lecture ,but where is your lecture… guide me

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Thank you teacher, it was a very interesting lesson!

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thanx mr Benjamin

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Thank you for this useful lesson and for your helpful explanation.

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Dear teachers,

Please let me know if the following sentence is grammatically correct.
“Some people are that stupid I’m starting to wonder how they made so far.”
I’ve been having hard times figuring it out for myself. Thank you in advance.

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Thanks Benjamin. I did just 6/10, but I’ll still trying

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    Hi, how are you ?
    my name is Lucas, I´m from Brazil too
    I want to practice English with you
    If you want too, answer this comment please
    my email is lucas.gomes.freitas@hotmail.com
    Até mais…

    See you around….

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I really appreciate what you do, and If you don’t mind I’d like to ask you to explain the passive voice with questions coz It’s a little confused me.
just with questions not all.

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In practice, do pattern drills, exercise 7 on “How to make a strong presentation”
1. Begin with / by (start off)
Benjamin’s video fitly begins with an elegant flair.
2. Base on
Most Benjamin’s video is based on teaching the non-English speaking student.
3. Come up with
I’d like you to come up with those Benjamin’s video to improving English day by day.
4. Deal with
I’ll deal with the future, my English to be as well as native English speaker.
5. Move on
Well , let us move on to the next item .
6. Refer to
All of the audience could referred to the transcript of Benjamin’s video.
7. To conclude
My conclusion: keep learning English, let’s love and go for it.

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    You did a great JOB. :)

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Thank you so much!

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Very helpful lesson. Thanks Benjamin.

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All of teachers here are good!

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Thanks Benjamin, useful lesson !

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Clear and loud, got it.

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thank you Ben. look for your next lessons

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I got 10/10. thanks a lot!! As always, you always and will be my favorite teacher! :)

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Thank you, Benjamin your lesson is useful.But difficult to remember then use for speaking.

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Hi Benjamin,
thank you for this great lesson. I did 8 right. I learn more and more every day! Thank EngVid, thanks all teachers!

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Thank you very much Mr Ben!
I really love the way you teach. You´re so unpredictable that make lessons much more interesting!!

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Tks Benjamin!

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Thanks Teacher Benjamin for these tips.

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thanks for this Useful lesson !

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Positive lesson and nice tie!

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Thank you Mr Benjamin!

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Thanks Benjamin, great lesson!

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Thanks. I did the quiz very well and got 10 out of 10.

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Thank you teacher for this lesson, it’s a good for my job

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Great class! Good tips! Thanks Benjamin! Love your acent by the way!!… ;)

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so good lesson thankyou

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Thank you, Benjamin. This is a very useful lesson. I got 100.

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Hi Benjamin! “deal with” is a little bit confusing phrase. An eng-eng dictionary says “(Commerce) to do business with” that means “cooperate with” for me. As I understand from your lesson the phrase is something like ” to act in return or in answer”, that is for me a bit different from “to do business with”. I may be mistaken. Hope for your answer. Thanks for your informative lesson!

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    You’re right, nanajie. To deal with someone – to buy goods or services from someone, or to sell them to someone – e. g. We have dealt with the company for years. But in general, to deal with means to face something, or manage, they are closely related.

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thank you for good lessons! ;)

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i’d like to start by thanking Benjamin for interesting lessons here.very helpful,i got 10 out of 10.

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Thanks for the class and I really appreciate at all these topics.

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Hi dears
Thanks for your efforts , i have a suggestion if you accept , you make me very happy.
what is the best method for transelation from English to other language ?

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    The best method is to become an interpreter. Regards.

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Thanks Ms Ronni and Emma

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Thank you for the lesson.

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Thank you :)

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Thanks, Benjamin, for this lesson!

It’s really useful to guide presentations.

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I really liked this lesson, Mr. Benjamin,let me tell you,you have great teaching skills. Your name is really cool by the way refer to a American hundred bill. (:

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Wow! This is a very great platform to learn for the people like me, thank you …..

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succesful ::::)))))

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Good lesson! Thanks teacher.

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Thank you

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Good lesson! SirI’am new students pz help to me learn English thank you

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You are really an amazing teacher!!! I love your lessons!

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Thank you. Excellent lesson

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Thank you, Benjamin

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Dear Benjamin i’m really appreciate your job, thank you so much. I adore British accent and your lessons.

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Thanks Benjamin! I love the way you speak. You speak clearly so I can understand it well. :D

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Thanks Benjamin ^-^

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Good one…

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thank you Benjamin. it was a nice lesson

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thank you very much!

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I would like to begin by thanking you for teaching us. Your accent is excellent. But I have to deal with my speaking problem. If anybody help me to improve my english please find me on skype: xbercantx@hotmail.com

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Thank you Benjamin for your nice teaching.

1. Begin with / by (start off)
When I was young, there was no problems to just start off an exercise without any stretching. However, I always got injured without stretching now.

2. Base on
I want to base myself on Netherland for my first job.

3. Come up with
The most important thing in scientific paper is to come up with a novel idea.

4. Deal with
I’m now having a hard time to deal with my girlfriend’s obsession to me.

5. Move on
I’m gonna move on English grammar study after finishing this.

6. Refer to
My diagnosis of the ailment is referred to the book “blablabla”.

7. To conclude
I conclude this practice by expressing thank to Benjamin.

If any people who find an error or better expression, I always welcome to hear your advice.

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Thank you Mr. Benjamin.

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It’s very usefull video! Thank you Benjamin.

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This is very a helpful lesson. I’ve got 8/10 points in quiz so i think i will watch the video once again to make sure I remember all things :)

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Thank you !

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thanky Mr. Benjamin.

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Thanks for these great points.

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thank you for these informations. I think it will help many people (include me) in presentation cases. Bravo :)

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    Information is uncountable noun, so you do not need to add “s” behind information.

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i got 9 out of ten, its difficult if you don’t analyze the sentence..

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Nice and every good presentation, thank you Mr. Benjamin

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I’d like to conclude this lesson by saying that it was just awesome and very important to me! Thank you!

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Thank you, I will use this words in my next presentation.

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I am interested in learning english well, I understand that english is not my native language

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Thank you for your lesson, Benjamin. It’s really helpful.

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I’d like to thank everybody here about these lessons, I hope to be successful.

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Thanks ….

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100%!!! Thanks for this lesson

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Hi All…
Nice to joint in here due to I’m just.
Please kindly support me to more good english lesson.

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very useful lesson. Thank you so much.

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Hi, I really enjoy my first lesson here. It is very great topic since my job is giving presentation to my team.

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Thumbs up!

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I really enjoyed this lesson. Good job, Benjamin.
Thanks a lot.

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Thank you so much!!!!!

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Thank you teacher for this great lesson :) :)

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I’d like to thank you for your effort, really enjoying to listen to you

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Thank you so much teacher

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Thanks, Excellent tips, when I have the opportunity I will put it on practice.

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hi i want to learn your lessons but i cant enter and

didnt open your shigt.please help me.
this is my email.h.

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I’d like to learn more on Business English, Could you please let me know how can I find more materials in this regard?

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10/10 thta’s the good way to begin with

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Dear Ben I’ll start off by noticing that you’ll be the perfect protagonist in a thriller/horror film.
All kidding aside your lesson was very useful.
Thanks you very much Ben :D

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thank you so much,that was really helpful. btw i really like your accent

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Great Lesson!

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Thank you, Benjamin. I’m so happy that I’ve got 10 correct out of 10.

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What a good lesson. Thank U Benjamin!

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refer to this lesson i’d like to say thats gonna be really rewarding for me / thanks a lot

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Thank you!

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Thanks alot really it’s uesful lesson God bless you

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Very good !!!

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useful lesson. Thanks alot. I get 9 out of 10. =)

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I got 100 point but actually, I’m confused about “refer to” which is not related about “page” and “to conclude” exactly. Could you give us more examples ? Thanks in advance …

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Excellent lesson!

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You helped me a lot this video is really very useful!

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Hello, i’m a new user. I’m very happy of this video, thank you Benjamin ;-)

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thanks Benjamin
Excellent lesson!

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thanks Benjamin

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Thank you!

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Thank you… It’s amazing lesson.

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I’ve got 100 percent!!! Thank you for the lesson!!!!

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Very good &grafic!

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I got 10/10. Thanks a lot

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what a nice tie benjamin.

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Benjamin, I have a mistake. You need second R in “I’ll be referring that to”

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good lessons, thank’s teacher.

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Good Teacher, thanks Ben!

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Thank you so much for the teaching.

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Benjamin was a very good lesson, with the information that you gave us I could improve my english and the presentatio of the result in the company that I work, the lesson add value to me. Many thanks

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thank u benj for fluent speaking and clear ,specially with sentence sample ,thanks again

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Sorry, it’s a be little hard to understand your lesson. I think he can improve his explanation because is not that all clear

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I appreciate for your lecture. I got 100 points from your quiz!

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THank you, Benjamin! 100% is unexpecting for me. Your lessons are very interesting. I always watch your lectures with pleasure.
Best regards,

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Don’t we double the consonant when putting refer at the ing form as well as the ed form ?

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Benjamin has very interesting lessons to learn.

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Very good lesson, and that’s ok in my test that was very difficult…

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It will help me a lot thank you

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Thank you Benjamin

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Thanks Sir..

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thanks teacher for this useful lesson!

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Thanks Benjamin for useful lesson!

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Thank you, Benjamin.

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Thank you Benjamin

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I’d like to begin my comment by thanking you Mr Benjamin for your useful lesson and the way that you gave us information based on making them easily to understand, i appreciate your effort to make kind of those lesson. really you gave me a courage to start making presentations in english language, especially in mathematics because i’m assistant professor of mathematics at university and i have to try make great presentation for my students.
i conclude today’s comment by thanking again you Mr for all these tips and i wish all the best for all person who use this website to improve their English level.

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Thank you so much for this lesson ! I just love your clarity, your pace and your volume, like Gill says !

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