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what the answer

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Got 60 :”( .Nice lesson . Thanks :) <3

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thank you for tell us the way make the story become more interesting, but in my opinion you should talk shorter and more vivid

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this really helps, thanks

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thank you a lot!!

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I am the third one

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90 thanks Benjamin. nice lesson!

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I am the fourth one. Good lesson. Thanks!

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This video is very succesful for English but we are not enough :/

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Thanks Benjamin!!

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got 70 thanks a lot

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thanks a bunch Benjamin, carry on

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Thank you Benjamin

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A great lesson, Benjamin! Thank you a lot

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it was pretty useful thank you Mr.Benjamin

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Congratulations. Good tips. Grade: 90

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Really thanks a lot

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Thanks, I’m 60

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I scored 80, thanks

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Thank you so much, I was searching and finally found the trainer which is expected.

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Thank you so much!!! Great video!

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I love English language

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good lecture! thank you Benjamin ! the example cited in your lecture could have been more interesting.

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thank u

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Thank you.

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Thank u

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Got 90, not too bad, thank you so much Mr. Ben

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it is quite useful

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Good question

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I got 90. Thanks for this vedio

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I got 80 . Thanks for that video

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I got 90. Nice lesson.

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The lesson was useful thank you Mr. Benjamin.

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Thank you Benjamin!

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Thank you so much

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thank you

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i can’t read any of the video, why

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    Hi! It looks like you’re posting from China, where YouTube is blocked. You may have to use a VPN or Tor Browser to see the videos.

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10/10 Thank you, Benjamin. This lesson was really useful

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Well said

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that was cool lesson!

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70/100 not bad .

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absolutely superb video… im not exactly a good story teller and i feel the need to improve my skillls

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really good!

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You are a great story teller i must say.its splendid…i was not able to move my eyes without going with your delivering flow sir…thanks for your wonderful guidelines…. <3

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Thanks Mr Benjamin, i got 80

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i got 80 WELL DONE

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Very nice. I enjoyed myself

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i don’t put much attention i scored 50 :( i will take it again… thanks

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thank you for lessons..
and i want to make practice with another friends, if you interested adding my number.

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    hi dewamde
    I’m also want to make my practice in English with someone,,please here it’s my number or whatsup:

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Thanks . I got 90.

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Amazing!Thank you!

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i liked your accent teacher and thank you so much for the amazing teaching

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10 of 10! Now I’m professional storyteller;)

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Now I’ll tell you a little tale. Once, couple of years ago, I visited a tourists basecamp in mountain region called Bayka. It was a peaceful and really lovely place somewhere in Carpathians. At first day of staying I was relaxing outside after long trip from my home city to West Ukraine. The sky was so unbelievable and birds singed so goodly that I felt myself like on heavens. And then suddenly cute white kitten appeared and started to come closer to me. “Oh my God, what a beautiful creature!” – I told to myself. As it approached I couldn’t hesitate to caress this little piece of living snow. I started to pet it, kitten began to purr and nothing could be wrong. But then suddenly unexpected was happened! The kitten twisted around of itself like a snake and stubbed fangs in my wrist! I immediately pulled back my hand and have seen good flow of a blood out of my wrist. “What the hell???” I asked myself. I had strange feelings because I didn’t feel pain or something. The only feeling I had was fear. Cold sweat appeared on my back. I remembered scary but truly stories about people who took care on kittens and died in cause of rabies disease! “Rabies!” was my first thought. You really can’t imagine how I was scared at this moment. “Will I die?” was my second thought. Then I’ve told to myself: “Keep calm, I need to do everything I can to survive!” I immediately started to clean my wound with a medical napkin. I knew very well that I extremely need to kill as much potential rabies virions as possible. I cleaned my wound as much as I can with soap and water for 20 min and after this there wasn’t any relax on this journey. 10 days I was in Carpathians, 10 days I investigated Internet for any information about rabies. I’ve found that wrist is one of the fastest gates for rabies in cause of multiple nerves surrounded the flesh. After being involved in tissues, rabies starts to looking for nerves cells and since it found nerve, virions starts to replicate themselves and spread by the nerves line to brain with the average speed 3 mm per hour. After reaching brain cells by the rabies, no living warmblood form of life has any chance to survive unless it was pre-vaccinated. Kitten was stray animal and nobody could tell anything about it. In my case immediate post vaccination was totally recommended. I’ve started to think how much time I need to take medical care in time. I thought that I had about 15 days in the best case. After arriving at home I felt myself sick. I had sore throat, fever and I was totally depressed. But I immediately asked for help in local hospital. For my surprise I had to even insist for medical help. I was hospitalized for 3 days in the department of traumatology. Doctor told me that I could literally have died in this 13 days. That was really terrifying. I received full course of anti-rabies vaccination. First two days was most difficult. I felt strange fear for no reason. I read this fear appears in aggression type of rabies. “I want to survive” – was my only thought. I accounted every day of my life, tried to do everything to help my organism to beat this disease. And then after receiving full course of vaccine doctor has told me: “Well, that’s ok. Be careful next time and avoid close contact with any mammal animal especially wild one”. That gave me a little hope. My stress passed, as the days went by. Now, after one year I almost forgot about this. But several days ago I received news about death of young woman in Norway due to rabies. It is the first rabies-related death in Norway for more than 200 years. Birgitte Kalestad had caressed a stray puppy on her journey in Philippines. Only a little scratch on the hand was the case of 24 year old woman death. Now I have several feelings. I’m really sorry for all human and animal victims of terrifying rabies disease and I’m happy to be alive. Maybe I’m alive because of my precautions and medical help maybe because kitten hadn’t rabies in its saliva. But the things I know now: deadly danger could be anywhere, we need to be careful with our life, we have always to think ahead, and we need to know what to do if fatal mistake happens. Be careful and healthy my dear readers!

Profile photo of Vasyl Smalii Vasyl Smalii

    Wow! That was a gripping story.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      Thanks :)

      Profile photo of Vasyl Smalii Vasyl Smalii

I got 80!!! Thank you for the quiz. Thankz Mr. Benjamin.

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uh oh…. i got 60 … i want to make good scoe. and thanks Mr. benjamin

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Thank you so much Benjamin, i really like your videos but can you explain the meaning of clever clogs, please?

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It is quite interesting to now how to get the people attention when a story is told. Actually it is an exercise to improve the idiom. Great!

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this video was useful thanks very much and carry on to make kind of those video who help us to improve our English speaking.

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hello benjamin thank for all lessons, there are so helpful
can you cover the MEXT scholarship’s english exam?

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Thank you so much Benjamin!

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