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Hi there can you help me improve my pronunciation skills? Thanks

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    Hi ,would u like to communicate with me?I really like improving english my speaking to foreign people.Looking forward to hearing from u.Greedings!

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      Can you heplp me to improve my English skills ?

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    hello jtag0541
    if you want us to be friends and speak english
    please add me on sky be othman291011
    thank you

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    would you like to help you?

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      I’d like u to help me

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        Hi Nada i’m from Algeria too, i wanna improve my English as well, if you don’t mind let’s speak and see if we can help each other.

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          I’m Algerian too, let me in :)

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        also me …need to learn english

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        hei nada , add my skype @dengichal09
        we can practice our english directly

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        Hi nada :) can you help me improve my communication skills?

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      Hi there Ali Kadhiim. Are you still interested in improving your language? I’m fluent in English and I d love to get better at it myself. This lesson is for advanced students — and very helpful with tips I didn’t know.

      My Skype is . mauro.cyber
      Whatsapp is 55 11 9 8969 3953

      Actually I’m from São Paulo, Brazil.

      Crazy place here. Cheers.

      See you later alligator

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    i am seeing this proplem is common . and i am suffering from it . so i see we can do a group and talk even 5 minutes a day . and when someone makes mistakes the other will tells hem . think of the idea and i am here if you accept .

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    I can if I am able :))) skype: CorradoGenoa

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Thank you jade

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Excellent lesson, Jade. Thank you. I think I’ll have a look into English poetry very soon :-)

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I’m very glad to see you again, Jade.

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Video isn’t playing . Plzzzz jade help me

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Hi Jade,

I am glad to meet you. It is a very intersting lesson. It helps me a lot. I have been learning English UK at my collage. Then today I am speaking English US because I am working in an American Company in West Papua – Indonesia. I am looking forward to your other lessons.

Best regards,

Oliver Thenu

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No quizzzzzz label

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    As mostly at pronunciation lessons.

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You’re very, very nice, Jade! I like your lessons too much! Thanks!

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Thank you so much Jade. do you have skpye too??

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“Ground control to Major Tom” .. Come on, Jade return to earth, we love you.
Boring English what’s wrong about that. First you must learn vocabulary, grammar, and be a confident speaker, in time, rhythm English will come. Even for an advanced lesson this is something very difficult to learn.
This time I felt like Richard Burton in “Cleopatra”

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    I totally aree.

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      Obviously It’s ‘I totally agree’.

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Thanks a lot, Jade. Your voice is just as beautiful as you . I want to show your video clips to my students to make them feel what the rhythm of English language is. It sounds nice when the words come out of your mouth, just like singing. From your lessons, I understand that English is not just about remembering the letters but about singing them wonderfully.

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thanx jade its really usefull vdo for me . now i keep on practicing for speaking in rhytha not like a robot any way thanxxx a lot again..

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Thanks Jade! Excellent lesson and the way you teach is perfect, and the best part is your mude. it’s always up!

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Hope you are doing well madame
I would be glad if you tell about TTC systems there in cannada what are the methods there
Thanks in advance

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incredible..Great work ..keep it up.thx

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Thank you Jade.

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Thank you

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Nice lesson, thanks

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An amazing lesson. Thank you more than I can say

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Thank you so much Jade., but I am looking lessons for beginners.

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is there a quiz for this lesson?

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Thanks jade i love your class

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It becomes so good when i hear your UK accent , much better , Thank you Jade

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Great Job !!it really works for meh :D

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Hello teacher, I can’t find the quizz for this lesson. does’t it exist?
thank you for the captivating presentation!

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And where is a quiz? :-) You promised us a quiz, Jade! Did you change your mind? Okey, in any case this lesson is very useful and interesting. Thank you very much! You did a good job.
By the way did you notice that Jade’s shirt has changed its colour? ^-^ On the video’s cover it’s pink, but in video it’s blue. Engvid has a good designer. ^-^

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i love your videos (Y)

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thank you, Jade

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I did not like this class. I think this subject is not important!!!

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Thanks for this lesson

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Thank you!!

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    hei lyric042
    do you have skype ?

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Thank you Jade, this is interesting. :)

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Thank you for the helpful lesson.

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Thank you very much Jade. Beautiful Lesson.

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Thanks really interesting!

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I won`t say interesting or amazing.because what you are doing on this site is help people for free.You are the real heroes .thank you engvid

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I want to ask you something if you don’t mind? Please answer me over Skype (ars.kakar)

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Wow. Very good lesson. Thanks so much Jade.

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Interesting! Thanks!

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it’s seems difficult to own it. Thanks anyway

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Hi everyone!!! That was an excellent lesson. Thank you Jade :)

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I feel stressed now :-)

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thank you) i will try to do my speaking more…living

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Great Lesson Ms. Jade, for sure to speak like that it’s a exercice lol I will not give up :)

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When I’m reading in English. My teacher told me that my voice sounds like GPS. I don’t think that is a compliment. LOL

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I love this girl. She’s so clear!

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I can’t see any quiz of this lesson…

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thank you Jade, intresting lesson

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Thank you very much Jade. Excellent.
In the past I would had some brit accent or have slang words. But now I think is much better speak standard and clear English with GOOD RYTHIM

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Good job, Jade! I like your accent, even sometimes it’s difficult to understand, but it means that I have to practice more and more. Thanks for helping!

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thanks for the lesson:)

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Thank you very much, a very interesting lesson!

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Hello there

Nice vid and explanation. I knew about unstressed stressed words and syllables but I didnt know it was that important.

One thing I think is missing in this video is an explanation for that poem. I know that’s not the aim of the lesson but I think we all got curious about that.


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hi sth ive noticed now — lots and lots of english words are monosyllale — mostly simple words connected with everyday life, which have been ‘invented” first. horse house boy girl small big tall short man table chair — heaps of them. so maybe thats why the unstressed stressed game is possible and desirable in english — very interesting 😀

Profile photo of maurocyber maurocyber

i felt humiliated because until the end of the video you seemed angry against people who english is not their main language. maybe it’s my own problem but you were cold to be honest, and still thank you.

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Hey dear Jade You shoud talk more clearly

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Hey do not blame I was joking

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HELLO PEOPLE, if you like speaking to improve each others english, add me on skype: CorradoGenoa

……………Tank you…………….

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Thank you Jade.

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hello everyone My name is Carlos and im from peru need improve my pronunciation. somebody wanna help me please search me in fb with this number : 991712523

thanks a lot.

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Thank you, Jade~

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thnk you very much it is intresting lesson

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Hi Jade!
Very interesting video. Could you recomend us any website or resource to hear (and read) English poetry and Shakespeare plays? I really want to do it, but not being able to understand it because I don’t get the rhythm puts me off.
Thank you!

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Hi is good video thanks for that

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thanks jade
your section is very useful and worth
i love that i could to enjoyable with it.
take it easy!

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thank u jade that great !!!


someone can help me with my pronuntiation?
my username on facebook is Israel Avila(Longmont) and we can make a videocall thanks

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Thanks Jade a lot. Sometimes I think, Speaking is difficult but when i listen your lesson i change my mind. Speaking English is easier . I hope that you will give us more lessons like that.

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Thanks lady.

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bare infinity !!!

Good teacher.

Profile photo of nano nano

i m sad , because doesn´t have a test rsrs

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The idea of “hill” and “valley” is great.
Thank you for this extremely informative lesson,Jade.

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Thank you Jade !

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Hi jade, I understand it’s very useful for all of us. I usually tend to apply this stress distress sort of technique while speaking but it takes time and lot of practice.

Profile photo of

Hi jade, I understand it’s very useful for all of us. I usually tend to apply this stress distress sort of technique while speaking but it takes time and lot of practice. I would recommend to all my friends in this club to speak with native speakers if possible in order to catch the ryhthdam of english can really help in understand this sort of thing. Good luck everyone.All the best.Happy New year to everyone.

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Hi Jade,

Your reference really helps me to learn English.

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exellent lesson.

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Thanks Jade very interesting!

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Thank you Jade

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Interesting Lesson Jade! I like the way you speak and give lesson. Though my English is terrible, can anyone help me out to speak in a more good way?

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