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Good lesson! Like and thumbs up! Very useful! Thanks a lot Jade! , this lesson was wonderful! I hope I can remember all these clauses because they are very useful. Thank you very much!Salam from Kyrgyzstan!!


By the way. “French leave” in your country we call “English leave”. Especially In Russia and CIS (Community of Independent States)


    Hi,as we in Italy call ” Russian salade” the one you call” Italian salade ” lol

    Maurizio Y

Thanks a lot, Jade ! …. But French leavd, it’s very special and funny…. Just an expression, I suppose


Thank You Jade


Jade, you a joking person :) Thanks!


Wonderful lesson for me because I have never been to England, but when I move, I Will keep these words in mind.
Thank you Jade

Taqveem Ul Haq

Thank you a lot Jade!


Nice lesson again. Thank you Jade!

Akbar Safi

Hi Jade. Instead of saying and writing RSVP, is there any English word to write on the wedding cards etc ? Thank you.

Akbar Safi

Thanks a lot Jade,Instead of saying and writing RSVP, is there any English word to write on the wedding cards etc ? Thank you.


In Poland everything is exactly the same except for a bottle of vine. We bring a bottle of vodka instead :)


    The Polish know their vodka!

    engVid Moderator

      Well,they call it Slivowitz,isn’t it ?

      Maurizio Y

        Slivovitz is a kind of brandy (a liquor made from wine or other fermented fruit), made from plums. Vodka is made from grain or potatoes.

        engVid Moderator



Thanks Jade.
Many polite rules that you expose in your video, is common in other cultures. In my country, Brazil, many things are considered impolite too.

Fabio Skywalker

Hi Jade. Very interesting lesson! Thanks.

Júlio César L Sousa

Thank you for your wonderful lesson.


Speaking of stink and bad smell. Racism and wiping your poo with paper or tissue without washing your bottom with water are the most disgusting manners. By the way, Jade.. How was your experience with luxury life in Dubai? I guess you have seen many positive manners among locals which are habits in your country to queen and princes.


in Italy too we say “leave the english way” for what you call french leave. Maybe your friends
were wery polite and changed from english to french in respect to your native country.


    I think it depend when you come from, in Poland we say “leave the english way” to. But this type of leaving was popular in French in XVIII century.


Every culture has different manners.for example, slurping someone mouth in Asia is to like the dish.Turkish guy took his shoes off to show respect you.our country is cradle of civilizations.while your ancestors were taking a shit on riverbank,we had Turkish your opinion,all england has good manners, the others are shit. .we know that, you dont clean your ass after taking are walking around with shityy ass.that’s why your ancestor invented the perfume to repel the a word, you are completely a racist.that’s all.


    Easy there, buddy.

    Jade is not saying English manners are better than others. When people travel to other countries, they usually want to fit in (“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”). So this is just about what many English people consider polite. If this were “turkVid”, this lesson would be quite different!

    Please don’t insult other people and cultures. If you keep doing this, your comments will have to be approved by me before they appear on the site. If you keep being rude, you may be banned.

    P. S. It seems perfume was invented in the “cradles of civilization”, in what is now Iraq and Egypt. In Europe, the Romans introduced public baths to England, and France was the leader in the perfume industry.

    engVid Moderator

      Dear moderator,
      I guess mehmet09 could explain what he means in a more polite way. However, I also believe that Jade could respect more to different cultures. When she talked about Turkish guy, she was completely rude, even she did not use any bad word.


        That’s a fair criticism. Thanks for the feedback, fanisani.

        engVid Moderator

          I agree with the sum and substance of the comment, too. BTW perfume in France was indeed invented for masking stinkiness everywhere, including royal palaces, while perfumes in cradles of civilization were used to add up pleasant smells.
          And I didn’t get what Jade said about toilets with no water to flush. Is it polite for guests to bring their own water rather than for hosts to provide any vessel filled with water to flush?


      I Agree with mehmet09.Jade is disrespectful even if she used to travel to other contries, we notice that she looks down on strangers…and thinks tha british people are the best in the world…she doesn’t try to judge fairly but hold only bad things in mind. wath shock british people, dosn’t shock the others necessarly and vice versa.she needs to learn how to be tolerant and respectful.


        Thank you for your constructive criticism, kamilia77. I’ll pass it along.

        engVid Moderator

Thanks Teacher, very refreshing lesson, my first class with you, I liked the open way you say everything.
BTW: Don’t put to much attention to the complaining guys about the “French leave”.


Thanks a lot, Jade.Sometimes misunderstanding can bring cultural shock when you don’t know what is acceptable in this society.

Mysterious Student

Thanks Jade, it was great..

marcos alexandre

thank you Jade from china greeting

Spaak Sun

课程太棒了?????? It’s a Great lesson,Thank You Jade!


Well, a long and interesting lesson about politeness things. I have learned some new vocabulary like RSVP (répondez s’il vous plaît), slurp, burp, fart, to bump into, flush, stinky and litter, and also some new sentences. I remember the question five, it’s curious that when people go travelling by bus, sometimes I have seen them eating their picnics seating in the bus. I was studying the expression “in/on time” and it depends on the situation, near or far of time, I believe that. Thanks a lot, teacher Jade, I have been listening to you and I have realised about the difference between the American and English accent, I have to make a little more effort to understand the Britons but I have found the manner to do it, that’s following to listen to your video classes.


9/10 thanks jade


Thanks Jade, its great to learn about costumes for other countries.


Though the lesson was very informative about the culture as well, but another thing which I have learned from you Jade is “British accent” i.e. very useful for IELTS listening part.
Anyway thanks a lot for your lesson.


Thanks Jade!!Interesting lesson about British culture!!


Hi Jade, Thanks a lot for lesson and experience in Turkey :))
I d like to learn your opinion (if it is polite or not) about askin a person where he/she is from in the begining of the conversation?
Thanks in advance…


    This is a tricky topic!

    In English-speaking countries, “where are you from?” is a way of saying “what is your ethnicity?” However, this is considered insulting because it assumes the person you are asking is not from that country—often, they were born there. So “where are you from?” implies that you think they don’t belong there. It is better to just ask “what is your ethnic background?” Or, for example, “You have a Turkish/Chinese/French name. Is your family from Turkey/China/France?”

    In general, you should never ask strangers this, but it is okay for friends and acquaintances (people you know).

    To quote an American comedy TV show:

    Leslie: You’re not from here, right?
    Tom: No, I’m from South Carolina.
    Leslie: But you moved to South Carolina from where?
    Tom: My mother’s uterus.

    engVid Moderator

Thanks Jade.its my first and best session i have attended ever with detailed manner about British culture


Thank you for Lesson It’s very useful for us.


I learnt a lot of useful sentences that can help me whenever I travel to England.
But it is specific to England. Every single country has its own habits and manners. So we have to respect each other when it comes to cultural aspect in learning a new language. It is sure that there can’t be no language without culture. The relation between culture and language is so tight. Thanks a lot!

Mr Success

Thanks Jade, the rules of good manners are very similar in Brazil.

Rafael Torres

Hi everyone i liked this proqram

Anar Aliyev

Hi. It’s funny because the situation which you called ‘french leave’, in Poland is called ‘english leave’ ?


Hello, Jade.
Thank you for the lesson. You may not believe it, but in Spain, the rules of behaviour are practically the same. In the quiz, I’ve scored 10 of 10.

Emilio Garcia

Awesome course and I am surprised at that entering one’s house with bare feet is impolite in UK’s culture.


thank you so much Jade, I learned new vocabulary!

Diana Arellano

Thanks for the lesson jade.

Wagner sena

really helpful.

Metta khiev

thank you


Good,many thanks,I have question that is correct French or English leave?


at first i would say you were so interested to me during video, because you seem extra sensitive to me. and secondly i learned so much from this lesson thanks.


Thank you, Jade!! I love the way you explain those rules. It is very interesting also to hear about your experiences in other countries. Thanks for sharing!!!


Very interesting lesson! Thanks.

osama alaa mohamed

Oh My god, all the questions are correct. Thank you so much ,teacher.


Thank Jade and my father for the class, I learned a lot today.

yvonne chuo

what is the mean of couples of hours and couples of days ???
2 hours and 2 days. Am I right ?
and please correct me if i have done any mistake in this comment.

Ruby Arora

    Hi Ruby!

    In this situation, “couple” means “some”. Not necessarily 2, but it might be 3, 4, etc., depending on the case. Anyway, it’s not precise.

    Another meaning of “couple” is a partner, I mean, a man and a women, if they are married, for example.

    I hope it was helpful. Bye!

    Eduardo França

Thank Jade, excellent lesson


very interesting lesson…thanks so much

Vincente Than

thanks Jade


excelent lesson for me


Excellent lesson!!!!!! Really very useful.


ten/ten ! yes! thank you so much!


Hi Jade, you should talk more clearly,bye for now


Know, however, that this is not a criticism


Good lesson!


I got 80%. ☺ Useful lesson. Thanks jade!


Great Jade! In this lesson, you taught us words about good manners that are very important to a social life, so I need to thank you for it!

Isaias Menezes Silva

Hi Jade!
Thank you very much for the great lesson!
I am terrible sorry, but in Russia insted “French leave”, we are using “English leave” ( on original “ukhoditi po angliyski”).
So, another time merci beaucoup! O, excuse me, thank you a lot!


Useful lesson, thank You!

Andrzej D

Your narration is wonderful. Thank you Jade.


And we use “French Leave” in another situation. It means, you are talking to your friends and one of them said something and everyone got it but you did not. So you “French Leaved”. I can’t how can i explain. It means you are really don’t know, what is he talking about. as if you are a French and he is speaking Turkish and everyone can speak Turkish, so everyone get it. But you don’t. That is. :)


Very pleasant lesson!


Hello, Jade. First of all thank you for this lesson, I learned a lot watching your video! I think whoever watched was searching, beyond learn English, for politeness and manners, specifically in England. Unfortunately there are two impolite comments, totally rude and unnecessary in the way they show their opinions :( If I was you I would make some gesture for the guy to keep his shoes. The part of toilet water, it was kind of odd and funny, it seems that you had a guest who said like that. About this subject, in Brazil, we have a tiny shower next to the toilet. I didn’t see that in England or USA, but it’s very usefull and practical. You just clean yourself with water and then dry with toilet paper, it’s much more hygienic, in addition to being better for the delicate skin. Toilet paper is an issue here; we don’t throw away in the toilet, but in the trash can. Cultures can be very different, but being polite, all around the world, it’s being concern about the other, and try to do (or not do) what you would want somebody else do for yourself. Tomorrow is teacher’s day for us, so congrats again for you lesson, you are spontaneous and a great teacher.


While blowing nose in public places is not seen as an act of rudeness in Europe. It is disgusting when someone blows his nose in a your beside table while you are eating.


Thanks for all your lessons. Would certainly appreciate a lesson on posh English as well. I am familiar with the accent,if I may say so. I do have some problem in understanding meanings of certain complex words.



I got 8/10! Thanks for the lesson!


Thanks for the lesson.
A neat and comprehensive list need to be memorized.

Yc S

Very interesting about shoes.


Thanks Jade


It is almost the same in my couuntry with a little difference concerning taking of the shoes.
Thank you.

Basel Hasan

The funniest thing is if you start translating English into French or vice versa. Because in the French they say ‘filer à l’anglaise'(take english leave) and the English say ‘take french leave’.


Thank yoy jade for yours explanations.
In english ‘take french leave’ I read somewhere this expression ‘ Irish goodbye’


Thank you Jade, it’s amazing lesson.


I’m so grateful of what you are providing ENGVID’s Teacher, thank you so much we appreciated ^^


Damn!!! I get 90 because i didn’t read the question carefully. Thanks a lot Jade. GBU

Doni Bungaa

I really like the jade’s lessons!!! She is beatifull and a great teacher!!!!

Gabi Molbert


from all my school years i never had a lesson like that before ;)and sorry for my bad english im learning from you


Thank you Jade
I like your lessons it is useful for me.


Thank your very much Ms. Jade.


Very good teacher, well done!Thank you.

Marta Lucia Camacho Bello

I got 08/10


Great lesson! Very useful

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