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I got 8 correct out of 9 :) Grammar is difficult but important to read or write sentences. Thank you for your great lesson, Adam :)


    I agree with you happy04, it is difficult; but grammar forms the backbone of the language.


      Indeed it does Regino. Well said :)


      Gee!!! I need to go over the lesson before taking the quiz.

      It was an execellent video Adam, I learned “new” grammar terms and patterns to talk about the sentence; a bit complicated, but digestible.

      Thanks again for sharing this with us Mr.____.

      P.S. By the way Adam, what is your last name? Hope you do not mind.



Good to see you again Adam lol, Nice lesson I appreciate it.


Thx Adam, that’s a very important lesson. Deeply appreciate .


Hi, I got 7 correct out of 9. I was difficult for me.



Thanks, Adam.
There’s a question I want to know:
find the answer on/in the book, which one is correct?
If you can help, I’d appreciate that. :)


    Hi Sophie,

    It’s “in” the book. The book is like a container; it holds words and ideas inside. That’s why it’s in the book.

    Unless you left you letter on the book, in which case it is physically on top of it.


      thanks for explain mr.adam

      Hussein al-jondy

      Mr. Adam,
      I’m still confused to make a distinction between dependent and independent clause.

      What is the function of ‘to celebrate her promotion’ in the following sentence?
      Belinda invited her friends to her house for lunch to celebrate her promotion.

      The answer is
      “verb of a dependent clause”

      Means “Belinda invited her friends” is a dependent clause. why not Independent clause?

      Thanks :)


        The answer to the question number 2 is
        complement to “invited”
        that clauses complements the verb of the sentence


thanks teacher Adem.

Rebecca Amal

I feel the lesson is verey difficalt.

Rebecca Amal

    yes that s right i fail in quiz lol


    Hi Rebecca,

    It is difficult, but if you watch a few times and understand it, it will make all of English much easier in the long run.


    yes it is difficult lesson but it’s very informative


Thank you very much! I’d like to know if you can tajik dish. My favourite food is OSH.


    Hi Rahmonali,

    I’ve never tried it, but I would love to. If have a chance to, I’ll let you know.:)


      Hey Adam. what is difference between complements and adverbials?? I’m so confused about this


Gee!!! I need to go over the lesson before taking the quiz.

It was an execellent video Adam, I learned “new” grammar terms and patterns to talk about the sentence; a bit complicated, but digestible.

Thanks again for sharing this with us Mr.____.

P.S. By the way Adam, what is your last name? Hope you do not mind.


    Benn :)


this is the first time i got 6 correct out of 9, what a difficult lesson! But i felt fun because it really useful for me. Thanks, Adam :D


Quiz nine cannot be true. First sentence is true, however the second one is absolutely false. The sentence size does not depends on the author, but on the fact or idea is decribed by him. So, the Quiz nine is logically false.


    Hi Britzen,

    I think you might have misunderstood. A sentence can have many complement; this does not say anything about the length of the sentence. A sentence can be one line but have three or four complements:
    e.g.: The boy ate the delicious ice cream fast because it was hot outside and he was hungry and excited.
    The independent clause is “the boy ate.” everything else is complements.

    Does this help?


I got 5 correct out of 9.
It’s really difficult topic.

Darina Sherley

    Don’t worry Darina, it is a difficult topic. What we need is a bit more practice, that’s all.



Excuse me Mr Adam, but I think the first question sentence we have a dependent clause ‘Jacqueline thought’ since the sentence is logically incomplete in meaning, thus the verb ‘thought’ should function as a verb of the dependent clause but NOT of an independent, do you agree to the point?


    Hi Omaxios,

    Jacqueline though…what? (that) she would win….

    The independent clause is Jacqueline though. I don’t need to answer what she though, but if I want to, then I have a noun clause as object to the verb thought.

    thought can be either transitive or intransitive, meaning it can take an object or not.

    Regardless, the verb of the dependent clause is “would win”

    Does this help?



      A great lesson and a meaningful set of quiz questions.

      Please consider correcting the word ‘though’ at two places in your reply to Omaxios to ‘thought’, so that readers grasp the correct sense of your reply.

      Regards, Ravi


I got 8 correct out of 9 :))))) I am really happy with this result .

Mai Farouk Ali

I got 9 of 9. Quite difficult lesson. I remember sentence pattern SVOMPT (Subject, Verb, Object, Manner, Place, Time)


    Hi Emo,

    You’re right. What you describe is essentially the SVO and SVA that I described, just divided into elements.


Perfect explanation. Thanks a lot dear Adam.
I got 9 out of 9. I like this grammar.
Would you please prepare a video about different kinds of clauses and phrases?
Thank you so very much.


    I’ll work on it Elmira :)


Excellent lesson!


Thanks for this very good explanation Mr.Adam.
I got 9/9
I didn’t have this clear vision about this grammar before.
it’s really great website.


Nice lesson! Could you teach us about compound adjectives? Thank you Adam!


    Will do Cuinojack :)


thanks Adam, it was a helpful lesson

moath saad

Hey Adam, congratulations.
You have a clear voice for to teach English, I can listening you perfectly.
I’m in Ottawa since last week, but I could to perceive that on “real life” people say every words together, then it is very hard to understand.

So, I have a suggestion to you and EngVid. Why you don’t record a movie with a list of common phases in 3 speeds (normal, slowly and “real life”)? Take a look in this example made by a Brazilian guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PH8zrnbYcE8

Thank you very much for your movies! EngVid are the best.


    I forgot to say… that guy did a good job, but he obviously have Brazilian accent.



      moath saad

        Sorry, actually I was replying another comment that I did but that didn’t be approved yet.
        It is other “guy”


    That’s a really good idea! I’ll add it to our list of future lessons :)

    engVid Moderator

      Yes, sure! I watched all of your movies.
      But, for me, listening is harder than talk, so I can try to speak like a native, but can’t understand the natives.

      Actually I need to correct my comment about that movie! The guy is from Ireland! He isn’t Brazilian! I thought that he were Brazilian because the speak Portuguese very well (I’m Brazilian! I know, I know… I’m crazy!).

      Thanks Dam, thanks EngVid Team!


A great way to learn. Thank you.


the quiz is fun. Looks like I have to revise my grammar


excellent quizzes.


Thank you very much Adam. It’s really a
very important lesson and your way of making students understand is really very nice!! Thank you very much again.


I’m the worst learner, only got 4 out of 9, I blamed myself for not intelligent enough to understand the grammar. Thank you.


    Hi TC,

    It’s not about intelligence. It’s about practice. You’ll get it soon enough. Keep trying.


Oh,my GOD!I got 5 outta 9.


4 per 9. poor me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
thanks you teacher Adam and welcome to VIETNAMESE


    Can find lots of Vietnamese out here. By the way, 9 correct out of 9. Very helpful lesson, again. Thank you so much, Adam


      Sorry #nvsanh, I wasn’t meant to reply your comment. I don’t know why it’s here, maybe it was a miscarriage. Again, sorry if it annoys you!


Although I’d played this video for 3 times, I got 6/9. Thanks for nice lesson. Maybe, I should back to basic lessons again. lol


Great job!Thanks a lot for your efforts to help us.I ,personally,really like your smile,so please always and in every lesson you do try to have your smile.Therefore,we can learn the lesson better.

connor timple


    Thanks Connor


I got 8 :D


56 per 100 it’s for high level


    Hi Dougss,

    Actually it’s the first step toward being high level. Keep trying. :)


:( I’ll be better next time!


it was not easy to understand (for me I mean) but it’s a very useful lesson


I got 6 :( but i promise i will practice everyday :)


Here in Ukraine our grammarians distinguish between parts of speech and parts of the sentence, and that’s why the core of the sentence is called “subject-predicate group”, but not verb.


    Yep! and what is the independent clause in your intricate sentence??? :-)


      It’s there Bahur :)


      I like your avatar, it’s very nice)


    Hi Ksuykot,

    Firstly, I’m glad that you know grammarians exist ;)

    Also, you’re right. However, I have found over the years that the idea of a predicate confuses students more than it helps them understand how a sentence works. That’s why I stay away from it and simplify it to what I presented. Once a student gets to a high enough level, and shows actual interest in grammar, then I can get into more complex ideas.


      Indeed, you are right) I try to teach my boyfriend English now, and I know how it is difficult sometimes… I appreciate your help. Thank you.


Hi Adam, it is a amaizing one to improve level and keep me chalenged! Many thanks your time!


good job . thank you :)

fatima elrayess

I got a very poor scored but i try my best next time thank very much sir adam


9/9 Very good lesson! Thanks!



Peter Jeon

Hi, Adam! Nice to see you again. You have been doing great job. I am sure all students appreciate your amazing lessons full of a detailed explanation. Thanks a lot again! By the way, I would like to congratulate you with launching your own web-site! I have already skimmed it but I am going to read it carefully. I hope you have lived your dreams out. Good luck !


    Thank you very much Ms. Luda :)


dear teacher adam please make lessons on different types of dependent clauses (adjective, adverb and noun cluases)


    Will do Syednomanshah :)


Hello Adam=)i am an english teacher,live in moscow)i would like to know do u have a profile in facebook?


6/9 but i’m happy with it.. some were random clicks :)


this is very useful and helpful


5/9 :-( it hurts you know, when the subject is grammar the difficulties show up, even in my first language, Portuguese. Compliments for you Adam to try complement a little more my English grammar.

Jorge Pedroso

whats means of indeed


    Hi Alan,

    Indeed basically means “in fact”. Most people use it the same as “yes” to confirm something, or to emphasize something already said.

    Does this help?


thank you very much Adam.


Perfect Lesson, Thank you.


excellent lesson, for me too hard to understand.
I need learn more, to write correct grammar.


    It’s an advanced level lesson, so don’t feel too bad!

    engVid Moderator

Thank you,it was so interesting video.


Thank you, it was so interesting.


Best compliments for your site and for this great lesson!:)


    Thank you Byte :)


Thanks a lot!

Btw, could you make a lesson about the phrasal verb ‘Take’, please?


    Will get on it Str99 :)


I have 2 question
1)what’s the diffrency between synonym and activator of a word?
2)if the pulural of tooth is teeth,why isnt the pulral of booth beeth?one goose 2geese So one moose 2meese?
thanks in advance.
by the way.
this is mehdi from Iran:)


    Ah, Mehdi. You ask the difficult questions :)

    1) a synonym is a word that has a similar meaning or function as another word. I’m not sure what an activator of a word is. t might be a learning tool to help you learn vocab.

    2) Because English is a crazy language lol.
    why do we drive on a parkway, and park on a driveway?
    Why does a ship carry cargo, and trucks ship parcels?
    Why do our noses run, and our feet smell?

    That’s English. (sorry I can’t actually give you a better answer) :)


Have 3 wrong noooooo


awesome lesson, 6/9 good


i got 7 out of 9
but you are the best thank you !!


Hey Adam. Thanks for the lesson, it’s compelte and comprehensive.
BTW, I’m wondering what foreign languages you know? :)


    Thanks Elocman,

    I can survive in French, Japanese, and Romanian.


This was a really useful lesson. It summarizes very important concepts in one lesson. Thanks teacher!
I got 9 out of 9


Adam, you are a great teacher. Thank you.




    No Cipenad,
    It should be :)


      Mr Adam,
      We would better invite them to the party
      My question is, how can divide this sentence for S,O,V type
      Please explain it.
      Thank you


Thanks! :)

pretty tirz

Oh no I did my quiz very badly I think I should be more attentive and I got 4 of 9


I got 6 out of 9 :( .It was really difficult for me.Anyway ,thanks for your lesson.

Wai Moe

7out of 9

Rami MHengvid

Grammar to me is very difficult to understand, Thx Adam to teach us!


As I am preparing TOEFL, I have been learning a lot through your videos! If possible, could you upload the video about how to write conclusion?


    Will do Sally.

    I will upload that page to my site later today.
    http://writetotop.com . Look in the writing section.

    Hope it helps.



Amar Amor

Very hard to understand. I got bad score. But I hope I’ll make it and understand it carefully. By the way thanks Mr. ADAM for sharing your lesson. More power.


OMG!!! I have passed the test!hehe


I got 8. Thanks Sir!!

Kavinda Wijayabandara

thanks teacher<3<3..see you soon


Great thanks for your explanation, Adam. I’ve got 9 out of 9! Wow!


I had only one mistake. Thank you, Adam!

Sally S

Thanks everyone. I know this is difficult grammar, but believe me, it will help you a lot in the long run. keep up the good work.



    Dear Sir,


    As you mentioned in your video about “who“and “whom.”

    Can you explain me the differences between “Whom” and “Who?”

    Followings are the examples I am face:

    1. Our request was to have the assessment of the four contractors “whom” we have shortlisted based on the advise.

    Can I use “who” instead of “whom” in above sentence?

    2. As informed by Mr. Adam that with the changed sitting layout there will be reduction in no. of persons “who” would be accommodated in the new building.

    Shall I use “whom” In lieu of “who” in this last one?

    I am really anxious to hear the same from you.

    Thanking you.


Thanks a lot for the substantial grammar class, Adam. May I ask whether any difference between these terms “subject complement” and “compound nominal predicate”? ex. I’m Russian.


just 5 correct


Hi Adam!
I was wondering if I could download the video to share it with other students in my class.
The thing is that I am from a different country where watching videos on the internet is pretty expensive due to a very high cost of internet traffic. Even though EngVid lessons are free, they are not available to certain groups of students who are willing to study and eager to watch such video lessons as you guys are making here.
Thank you!


I got 8 of 9 that’s correct. That is so difficult


Rahmat (‘thank you’ in Uzbek = ‘rahmat’) for lesson. it helps me a lot. I’m your new student from Tashkent)


hahaha I’m my not good in English but I got 8-9…:)


thank you so much sir Adam for the lesson…


I got 8 of 9 but I need more practices to be good at English …. Thanks a lot for this useful lesson

shada 84

Even if the lesson was extremely complicated, your explanation was so successful that I got the score 8 out of 9. I am sure, without your explanation, I would have 2 out of 9. However, this lesson requires revising from time to time, not to forget the essential of English grammar in use. Well done!


Thank you Adam! This lesson is really useful. And I am happy – I got 100% :)


funny! I got 6 correct out of 9, thank you for your good lesson. You are kindly teacher, I’ll follow your lesson next.

chutima anest.

Thank you, it’s very difficult lesson for me.
Understanding main idea of long sentences is almost impossible for me)


Thanks for your teaching classes, Adam. It’s very helpful for me!! ^^


Is it correct to call a sentence clause?


Is it correct to call a sentence clause,and vice-versa?


    A group of words with a noun and a verb is a clause. All sentences are clauses, but not all clauses are sentences. Sentences are independent clauses. Here are some independent clauses/sentences: Birds learn to fly when they are young. Ms. Jones is the principal of our school. Where he lives is none of your business.

    Clauses can be dependent (or subordinate) also. If they are dependent, they are not sentences. “Where he lives” above is a clause, but it depends on the rest of the sentence to make sense. “When they are young” is also a dependent clause. These, like all clauses, have a subject and a verb but are not complete by themselves.


      Well, Fantastic smile you did explain right, but I’d like to add some information–another version. Normally, we’d like to say ‘clauses’ and ‘sentences’ are different so as to avoid making the beginning learners confused. I’d say the easy way to identify a clause is to look for conjunctions: if, when, why, because, where, which etc.
      So, whenever you see these words in any sentences means those sentences cannot stand alone, meaning that their meanings are not complete. In addition, when we talk about ‘clauses’, we talk about noun clauses, adjective clauses and adverb clauses.
      Consider this sentence: ‘After we had had lunch, we went back to work.’ For this case, we like to explain that ‘after we had had lunch’ is a subordinate clause and we will call ‘we went back to work’ is a main clause or an independent cause. (The given sentence is called a complex sentence.)
      So, when talking about sentences (a sentence is a group of words that makes complete sense, contains a main verb, and begins with a capital letter), we talk about simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences and compound-complex sentences. Hope this will not make you more confused.


7 correct…could be better…a bit difficult lesson


I have seen that I still hate grammer. But thanks for this useful lesson Adam. :)

Notice: I’ve got just 6 correct of 9.


I have seen that I still hate grammer. But thanks for this useful lesson Adam. :)

Notice: I’ve got just 6 correct of 9.


100! You are a magician!


I took the quiz without watching the entire lesson and tadaaan!! I got 5 out of 9


    I did the same and the outcomes were catastrophic. We should’ve watched the video first, no doubt about it.

    But DO NOT worry, as Addam put it, this is the first step towards success.

    All the best.


    That wasn’t bad for someone who didn’t watched the lesson. :3 That means you know a lot about the sentence already.


omg i just did 4 right im depress


Thank you,that was very helpful.


i understoon but i failed the quiz 2/9


I have watched the video over three times for understanding the meaning of it. I already got it now. Thanks teacher, Adam.


I have watched the video over three times for understanding the meaning of it. I already got it now. Thanks teacher, Adam.


I’m happy for my score! You are a great teacher!


soooo nice


Excellent teacher.


Thank you for such an informative lecture. Truly, this material about sentences in English is seldom explained even at the linguistic schools. That’s very sad ’cause this information is essential for systematic and full understanding of the language.


Thanks T. Adam. The lesson made me see the areas I need to improve with my writing compositions. :)


Not good, 56 % , need more study. Sorry.


I know that what I’m about to say has nothing to do with this lesson, which by the way was extremely clarifying and helpful, but have you ever cooked ’empanadas’? If you haven’t, definitely you should give them a try!

Hugs from Buenos Aires!


    I, for one, love empanadas! There’re many restaurants here that serve them.

    engVid Moderator

Please , Adam , check this sentence : There are two boys in the pictures – ” There is two boys ” is Subject ?


You are a one of the best teacher I met.


The video was just awesome loved it from the beginning to the very end, but i do have a question and it is as follows:
she gave a letter to Mary
she gave Mary a letter
there is a difference in the structure of the sentence;although there is no change in meaning.
In the first we can say Mary is an indirect object but in second it’s a complement please specify it in videos through subtitles or other means so that users don’t get confused.





    engVid Moderator

    well, many thanks Adam for this fruitful lesson, I do really appreciate it.
    Saikat, remember that the verb give is ditransitive verb, that is to say, it can take two objects: direct and indirect


First, thanks very much for the video. It’s great to have this kind of lesson. Well, this lesson is not recommended for the beginner because you might be discouraged to learn English, but it is very important to learn so that you would be able to identify parts of the sentence. Frankly, to be able to be good at speaking, writing or reading, we cannot avoid studying the sentence structure, otherwise our English will be a broken English. Studying this lesson will make us avoid producing a fragment sentence or comma splice. In addition, related to this lesson, the learner should learn more about types of the sentences: simple, compound, complex and compound-complex sentences. These will really help improve the learner’s writing skills, for types of conjunctions, which are the key words to create different sentences, will be explored.


well, many thanks Adam for this fruitful lesson, I do really appreciate it


7 of 9 with two little mistakes but thank you Mr adam

mohamed costa

Learning for more than one year, i got 9/9 in Adam’s lessons for the first time.
You’ve always been choosing tough and important lessons for us. Thanks Adam !


Thank you, Mr. Adam. Very useful lesson


Hi Mr Adam,
It is a very informative lesson.
could you please suggest ways for coherence problems in writing essays,,

kind regards,


Dear Adam,

Thanks a lot for your efforts. It is a great thing that when people could learn a foreign language even without charge.

The question I would to as is that:

I)When a clause with SVsC or SVC(A) pattern, is the verb (in your example which is “be” and “go”) automatically turns to intransitive?

PS. 1)I _am_ Canadian
2)I _went_ to book story.

“Am” and “went” intransitive verbs?

I.b.) If they are, then does a clause with intransitive verb cannot be converted to passive voice?

EG. Birds fly to the skies. (SVC(A))

can I say : Birds were flied to the skies.

II) In your SVsC example,

I am Canadian.

Does it requires a article “a”?

Or both are acceptable?

If “I am Canadian.”, The “Canadian” is a adj.

If “I am a Canadian.”The “Canadian” is a noun.


Dear Adam,
Thanks a lot for your efforts. It is a great thing that when people could learn a FOREIGN LANGUAGE even without charge.

The question I would to ask is that:

I)When a clause with SVsC or SVC(A) pattern, is
the verb (in your example which is “be” and “go”) automatically turns to intransitive?

PS. 1)I _am_ Canadian

2)I _went_ to BOOK story.

“Am” and “went” intransitive verbs?

I.b.) If they are, then, does a clause with intransitive verb cannot be converted to passive voice?

EG. Birds fly to the skies. (SVC(A))

can I say : Birds were flied to the skies.

II) In your SVsC example,

I am Canadian.

Does it requires an article “a”?
Or both are acceptable?

If “I am Canadian.”, The “Canadian” is a adj.

If “I am a Canadian.”The “Canadian” is a noun


Thank you Adam for this wonderful lesson. Thanks to you, I got 9 out 9 !


Thanks adam for the the lesson it was very interesting.
But i am still unable to pick out the exact subject in long sentences after many efforts.
Could you please sort it out for me


Got 9 out of 9. That just means the matter was explained very well. Thanks Adam. You are among best English teachers I have had.


I’d like to thank you Mr Adam
i’ve got 78 but I learned well


Thank you very much Adam!!


I have 5 correct :'(

AitS Mostapha

being a software professional, always facing problems with sentence formation, now i got clear picture of it, which i never had in my education.

My score is 7/9.

Thank you adam sir :)


my score is 8 out 9 ^^ thanks Mr Adam :)


Although I try my best to do this exercise, I only get 7 correct out of 9. I do not correct sentences 5th and 6th.


oh my teacher Adam i only got 5 correct answer but I think this is a good start for me. From my mistake and with the help of you teacher Adam I know I can improve my english skills. hehehe. Btw thanks for imparting your knowledge about The Sentences. I learned alot today even im sleepy now bec. its already past 12 midnight already. I just want to finished your lesson and test so I will go to sleep late now haha


Great explanation. My score was 9 ;D


thanks adam. you are the best.

adam elhassan

Adam, this is very good explanation about sentences in english. I think this subject is the most important amoung others.If it is possible for you, you should make new videos on same subject. Thanks a lot…


Thank you adam sir

Jayamal Amarasinghe

Thx Adam!
I’d like to ask you guys of Engvid.com to make a video about noun clauses. I always confuse noun clauses clues with adjectives clauses clues.


I got 7 out of 9 !! yeaaaahhh !!!! =D

Aronii Hossain

I got six out of nine! Thank you Adam, you are great!!!

Nikki Lawrence

It’s a very usefull lesson for me. Thank you Adam.


Hello sir, i got 4 correct out of 9 , how should i practice.


Teacher Adam I got 3 from 9 it’s a diffeclte lesson I can’t understanding it


I’d like to thangok you I get 5 students/trainees in Toeic preparation and with you it’s more fun.
But I have made all with them they are excellent …now I search how I would be able to help them..do you have any idea?


I got 6 out of 9, I didn’t know that there are several forms of a sentence, I thought it was only SVO. This lesson really helped me a lot teacher Adam, thank you so much^^


I got 9 out of 9! :)
Thanks Adam, very helpful lesson


Yehey!!! I got 9 out of 9. Thank you so much for the great lesson.


got 6/9… thank for the lesson


Hi Adam. It was very helpful lesson. Thank you for this. I got 6 /9 and would like you to advise how to improve skills connected with grammar and reading? Regards

kuba aka

Just for your amusement- When reviewing the sentences at the end of the lesson…every time you said ” because we have a B -verb.” I heard “because we have a beaver.” Tee hee hee…I love canada.


It’s very difficult but I’ll try again because I got 44 :(

Ricardo de Moura

if u teach, i can understand 90% but in quiz so difficult what is reason sir?


lol greatfull site ^^

Mr. T

great Lessons ;) Many thanks

alvin flores

I got correct 3 out of 9 my grammar is really poor thank you

Hani @123

Good Morning Adam, it is a great job and very helpful. I really appreciate you. I haven’t quite understood the question no 3. A subject complement is similar to an object, except that it completes the meaning of the subject rather than the verb. I would like to get more detailed explanation , thank you very much indeed.


same grammar points in french but more difficult…I had 9/9 but it’s not important because I’m..


I got 8 of nine, but I had all nine but I pressed the submit before I answer. But thanks Adam that was a good class


Thanks adam actually no teacher has taught me about these stuff .. you have made a lot of problem so clear and easy :)


its so difficult to understand. but i got 6. so i think this could be best for me. thanks Adam.


    Hi eva, It is better to watch it again and try to understand it. Getting 6 correct answers out of 9 may be luck, since the answer is select among four.. In my opinion when we get 8 out of 9 I feel we understood properly, but small mistake has done.


Hello Mr. Adam

You are right, teachers don’t teach this subject in school, that’s why it’s quite difficult to understand, because I never get this lesson before. Anyway, I got 7 out of 9, thank you very much for this precious lesson.
Looking forward to your other lesson :D


i got 8 out of 9!

thanks Adam for such a great lesson, your teaching is awesome!!! Couldn’t understand so well.


A superb lesson, Adam. The SVOMPT works very well
in the portuguese language.

I paid a lot of attention to your explanation and
before taking the quiz I studied really hard.

Got 8 out of 9! I just have to thank you very
much, Adam.

Incidentally, I wish you and your family a
wonderful New Year.


Thanks before!


Oh my God. I got 10/10 It is the first time that i get a perfect score here. I am so happy that i want to continue studying English with this site… Thanks Adam. thanks everyone!


Hi Adam,
It’s an awesome lesson :)
Could you give me some advices to be a good writer in English please?????
I’m waiting your reply.


perfect it’s very simple thanks adam so much I NEED more exercises

kawtar zanib

i just got 3out of 9 huhuhuhu its not easy hahah XD


but i enjoy it haaahaaha


Hello Adam:) Please give me explanation about “to infinitive” and “gerund”. From this sentence “Wanting to be a good neighbor, Heather baked a pie for the family that had just moved in next door.” Can I use “To want to be a good…”? I’m looking forward to your reply. Thanks a lot!


Unfortunately, my score not good as I need, but in general all lessons of yours Mr Adam are very useful and I get a benefit from those.
But my question is it important to keep in mind all those details in this video “to make sentence with full meaning”?


In spite of it was the first time I have heard about it.I got 9 out of 9 correct. thank you, Mr. Adam for being so helpful.Great hi from Syria


Thank you.It is difficult.


thank you, it is very informative lecture especially for improving our writing and reading.i correct 7 out of 9.
could you please give lecture on noun, adverb and adjective clauses.
thank in advance,

maha tahir

Thanks for this informative web because it even improves my skills in my subjects.


Hei Adam, can you make more videos about sentence, about the syntactic structure of sentences? I hope you’ll do. Thanks.


wt r the b verbs n y they r called b verbs..


An excellent lesson,
Thank you to all.
but instead of just a thank,
people like me might want to contribute to your expences or so
I think you should think of putting a donate option to engvid.com for all you


Its very hard


Great sir. You teaches very well and in a very easy way.


I just love your teaching technique! Thank you!


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    thank you


Great lesson Adam. You are excellent teacher.


I’m surprised to get 8 correct out of 9 because I need study more about this grammar. The lesson was wonderful and helped me understand and create more elaborate and complex sentences. I just hope that this sentence are correct :-)


thx mr adam

saman saman saman

What a gold-mine this site is.

I’ve got one question. Why do you say at 5:14:
“you will never see an indirect object without a direct object in a sentence as well?”
I thought that if I say “I am talking to him”, “to him” was an indirect object without a direct object.
Could you explain?


thanks :)


Thank Mr. Adam, got 56% only. You often deliver very difficult lessons.

Abdul Qayum

I thought the independent sentence always in the top of the paragraph, it’s a tricky quiz. But thanks sir Adam :)


hi Mr. adam im wen from philippines i am starting learning in english thanks for you video and it very useful to me and how to make a sentence. thanks adam i hope soon do you have more tutorial videos .:D


I got 7 out of 9. To understand how to construct a good and comprehensive sentence is the reason why I am taking this class. I guess I need more lesson. Thanks Mr Adams


i got 5 out of 9 :(


I got 9 out of 9 !
You’re a great teacher Adam … Thank you !

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Thank you Adam, although I can’t 100% right when I answer that question. I think when I am speaking grammar is not important but now I know I was wrong. But, actually thank you so much Adam! I must learn more about grammar

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Thank you Adams, I got 100, it was a surprise.


I got 6 out of 9. I noticed I have to take my time and read the question well so I capture the picture.


Thank you teacher Adam :) I’ve been watching your videos:) you’re such a good teacher.


Hi Adam. Thank you for such interesting lesson. But I have problem with sentence #4. I quote:
“What you do with your own free time is up to you.”

But why not: What do you do with your own free time…

If we say: What do you do? and it’s sentence is complete, why we don’t use “DO” right after question word?

Great thank for you attention.


Hello Adam, thank you for this lesson. I learned loads today:)

When using a series of adverbial phrases in a sentence, should I follow a standard pattern?

Your example was, “I went to the store to buy bread for breakfast this morning.”

If I wrote it as, “I went to the store this morning to buy bread for breakfast”, would this be considered incorrect?

Your response would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance:)


Hi there Adam, I got 8 out of 9. Excellent material thanks for sharing it with us. that will help me a lot to improve my grammar. no doubt about it.


Excellent lesson

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Gosh I got a perfect score but feel unsure about this lesson. What is a predicate?


So tough! I got 6 out of 9 :(

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Oh just 7 out of 9 :(


9 out of 9 , hows that !!!!!! thanks adam could not have done with out u


yay I got 9/9. Thanks Mr. Adam.


I think this lesson a bit difficults than the others lessons because I never get this lesson before in my school.


I’ve been trying to understand this topic. It’s still complicated. Thank you teacher.


I would be very thankful if you provide me with
more exercises in clauses, parts o speech and sentence.


Thanks Mr ADAM for the lesson and I would be very thankful if you provide me with
more exercises in clauses, parts o speech and sentence.




8/9 . That’s good ! many many thanks.


I got 3 out of 9 l can’t understand is very difficult :(


But thanks


i got 7 correct out of 9

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I got 8 out of 9. Thanks a lot Mr.Adam

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I can’t see the movie

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Adam, I love your classes and your way to explain everything, no matter how difficult is the matter you always do it great! By the way I got 9 of 9 :)


Boring lesson,but you must know that. Suddenly got 8 out of 9


Thanks a lot for the lesson. But I wonder what part of sentence “Wanting to be a good neighbor” is. Whether whole sentence is this: “Wanting to be a good neighbor, Heather baked a pie for the family that had just moved in next door.”


I think I get better after I watched ( The sentece ) lesson of the witty teacher, Mr. Adam for many times.
thanks alot, teacher.


Hello Mr Adam, I’m ali I’m studying in faculty of education English department, our professor take us lesson about verbals as a fragments, where I can find this lesson here?
I hope you understand what I wrote


I don’t want to be boastful, but…9 of the 9 correct! And thank you so much, Adam, your videos are the best. I’m enjoying learning english with your help.


Thanks for the great lesson. I love learning at Engvid.com, and I also love visiting your writing website.


my score was 8 over 9
it is not too bad
I can understand the English grammars very well, but when i start to write an essay i alwayes making misteaks on grammer :\
how i can improve my writing


Adam, sir, I face problem to convert English language to my native language . please, do say what can i do?


Can we call compliments as modifiers in english grammar


Thank you,teacher.I will try to learn with a commitment and someday,I will good at English with my effort.


Adam Thank you so much
You help me a lot

I want to have more classes of your please let me know where I can find them and if you teach teat a teat(privately)


I got 9/9 great grammar lesson with interesting quiz.

Well done Adam


I’m so grateful Adam I and my family will do a movement from our country to England so we watch your videos a lot so keep going because you helped my family and you will help another one


Thank you a lot :)
I couldn’t even imagine that I can understand that theme but your explaining so easy to understand. got 9/9, thanks :)


Great lesson. Thanks Adam. It helped me explain all the difficult rules to my students. I really appreciate your help :)


Thank you Adam , finally I have understood this grammer point and answered the questions correctly except this question ‘What is the main subject-verb pairing?’
i didn’t understand the question . Can you explain?


Hello adam ,thank you for this really helpful video.May i ask u if there is any advice about comma mark ,coz im getting really confused on where should i put it,especially on complex clauses or complex complement …..thank you.


hi adam i am going to attend ielts exam soon i have a question for you…what if the writing task 2 question is questioned too long ?-i mean if we exert to paraphrase it,introduction word number will be too much and also will consume time while trying the paraphrasing the sentences–help please

Safa A.

Hi! Adams you’re my favorite teacher on engvid.com I like this video

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Thank you Adam! Very interesting lesson.


I’ve got 9/9. It’s a difficult lesson, but I’ve done it!Thanks, Adam!


God! This is hard! I teach English to beginners (kids) but I still need to improve a lot! Only got 8/9 here =(


Teacher Adam could you please help with this sentence..I need to identify the subject..
‘Now is the best time to leave’
the subject of this sentence,is it now or the best time to leave??!!

Thanks for advance..


Dear Adam,
I can’t believe that I got 100 score in this quiz.Recently,I have learned a lot from your clear lectures.I guess that my English has improved these days.Thank you for your hard teaching.I am going to take a important test in our country next year,and with your help makes the test seems easier for me.Again,thanks a lot.

Shu Hua Chen

By going through your lessons, now I am understanding the grammar which was quite hard before. Thanks a lot.

Saad Ifrahim

8. Wanting to be a good neighbor, Heather baked a pie for the family that had just moved in next door.
In the above sentence, what is the independent clause?
-Wanting to be a good neighbor
-Heather baked a pie
-that had just moved in next door

could you explain it to me please?


hi Adam,
I have got a question about clause, the adverbial. I found this a few days earlier and would like to know is it correct or not:
After working late into the night, Jack fell asleep on his desk.
It provides additional information about our subject, Jack, but the sentence does not require this information to be grammatically complete.
we learnt, adverbial.cl can only be refer to verb not subject why that example referred adverbial.cl to the subject.
I would appreciate to make it clear.


Hello, Adam! Thank you for this brilliant lesson.

Could you answer one question please: why is in the sentence “I went to the store to buy bread…” the part “to buy” isn’t a part of the predicate “went to buy”? And a noun “bread” in this case is an object. Because as you said, a verb “went” cannot function itself.


I got 9 out of 9. But i have a little dought whether i am perfect in noun clause.


Thanks very much!I got 7 correct out of 9.


HELLO!!!Happy to be here Adam
I got 8 out of 9 and the last answer was wrong :)
i AM STARTING TO FOLLOW your videos I hope to get improved my IELTS exam will be in 4 March 2017 . my writing pretty bad…

Layal Mahfoud

hello would you explain ”vice versa”please?


Dear Adam,
You have solved 50 years old mysteries in my life. All I can say is Thank you and I love ❤️ you!
Kind regards,
Your sixty years old student.


9/9 :D Adam Rocks! Thank you! You are the best!


Dear Adam, your lesson was very helpful, it really helped me to understand about the parts of the sentence. Keep going, great job!


thank you so much Adam


Hi!! sir,thank you for the lesson,could you help me to answer this questions,pleaase?
write a complex sentence with 2noun clauses,2adjective clauses and 1 adverbial clause consession.
-a complex sentence withe 2 noun clauses having diffrent function.
-a complex compund sentence with 2 noun clauses having the same function.
-complex compound sentence withe 2noun clauses;2adjective clauses and 2adverbial clauses.
thank you so much.

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hi adam i usually face problem in cloze test how can i improve?


thank you for the lesson 6/9 but i am not give up.


Got it, but it is hard. :D Thank you Adam.


Thanks even though I got some wrong I’m learning the correct way


Dear Dr Adam
I am Mehrez From Algeria . please Dou have a book about written expression? I want to buy it


i got 100…

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Dear Adam.
There is a hole on the back of your shirt. Fast forward to 12:30 minute to see it. But you look incredibly handsome in spite of it.


    Your eyes View piercing :D

    fatima bb

Thank you Adam ?

fatima bb

Hi Adam i have a question,
(go is a verb.)
in this sentence above , what is the position of (go), it is a verb or a noun or what ?
please , i want an answer.

fatima bb

Got 8 out of 9
Don’t get the sub-verb pairing!!

Zynab 88

Hello Adam,
I have some questions. Can complements be broken down any further? In one of my TOEFL books it says the phrase “on the table” in the sentence “The notebook which is on the table has four sections.” is the combination of a preposition (on) and an object of the preposition (table), but I took the whole phrase as a complement. So, which one should be correct?
Aditionally, although I got 9/9 from the quiz above, I’m still uncomfortable with something. In the sentence “What you do with your own time is up to you.”, I found the noun clause(the subject) and the verb(is) but I couldn’t understand what that “up to you” part was. I thought “up to” was a preposition and “you” was a direct object but should I count that as a complement too?
It would be very nice if you could enlighten me about the abovementioned conflicts. By the way, you’ve prepared an amazing video, I’m so glad to get to learn grammar from you.
Thank You!


I got 9 out 10. Thank you for the good lesson.


It is A very nice lesson.


Oh, my goodness! I’m so glad I found this site. English has always been difficult for me to write and understand. This site is so helpful. I can not thank you enough.


I want to ask abou ‘Belinda’ ‘s sentence. Its patterns
S V D.O Adverbial ?


Hello, Adam,

I am an enthusiastic follower of your lessons and, besides some of your peers are doing a good work too, I love very much the clarity of your explanations.

I must say, though, that I partially disagree with you (what a nerve of me to talk to you this way!) about the analysis of the penultimate sentence: “What Sharon forget to mention was that her husband was the CEO of Microsoft”. I think that, despite the presence of the BE verb, this one is an S V O clause, and I will explain the reason why I think so.

When I was a kid, my teachers give me that piece of advice: “When the structure seems a bit cryptic, try to simplify it, preserving carefully the main idea”. My version of the sentence then could be as follows: “Sharon don’t inform (you/us) about her husband position”. Put it that way, the subordinate clause “her husband was the CEO of Microsoft” could be seen as the direct object of a “negative action”. In my opinion, the form the original sentence adopts is only for literary purposes.

What do you think about?

Yours sincerely,

Toni Rodríguez


Hi everyone ,
is there a way to know the order of the lessons , or it is something engvid should make clear.


    There is no particular order for the lessons! A few are part of a series, in which case there will be links to the previous and next videos.

    engVid Moderator

I got 7 score haha


Thank you very much Adam. I really like to learn English. Someday, I wan to be a teacher. This lesson helps me a lot.


Thank you very much Adam you do an excellent Job. I got 100 % but even though it was hart to me resolve the tes. I think I have to practice and practice.


Hi Adan, thanks by the video, and I have some questions about direct and indirect object.
If I say ‘I paid you’ the meaning is that I used you as coin, or my payment destination was for you? What is the difference to say I paid you. I paid the bill to you? Thanks.

Luis Othavio

first of all thans a lot Adam. This subject is a little hard but İf you watch one more time you will understand almost everything,like me:d. After I watcher it second time my score rised to 9/9


    I am sorry not rised


Great job, you are the best


Omg… I got 6 out of 9. It seems that I am stupid :(


Thank you Adam it is so hard I try to remember those types but I can’t do you have any way to keep them in my brain please


Can you please check this sentence us correct
Sinju likes to work as a staff nurse was worked in India,unfortunately, he came in UAE ,is working as a assistant nurse


Thank you.


I got 9.


Dear Adam,

Thank you for the lesson and the quiz.

The lesson is much essayer than the quiz.




Hi Adam. I got 4 from 9. this topic is difficult as compound complex sentence:) But thanks for your perfect explanation.
I repeat my question about English language certificate, as I lost your answer.
So can you inform (offer) any kind of web site that can give me real certificate after inline lessons?
Thank you before.

Shahzod Nigmatjonov

sorry “online lessons” I mean

Shahzod Nigmatjonov

clauses are difficult for me

mir nosherwan adil

Close by, in the churchyard, is the famous Rudston stone, from which the village takes its name.
Hİ Adam,
Your lesson is excellent.And I study this issue from ohther books.And I get into diffucult in this sentence
İn this sentence; which sort of structure is “lose by, in the churchyard,”? Can you separate into fraction this sentence like verb, object,subject, preposition of…


Hi Adam,
I have an anouther question too. İn this noun clause I separate the clause to the parts like this:

the woman in the black dress talking to Marcus

(in the black dress):prepositional phrase
(talking to Marcus):clause
I don’t understand why ” talking to marcus” clause?

Can youeplain please?


thank you for the lesson i really understand very well but i need to practise more because i get 6 / 9


why i find it so diffecult for me i got 67 i really try hard :(


Dear Adam sir,
your lessons are just masterpieces for learning english I have ever found. I am greatly thankful to u for such wonderful efforts. please do more and more. thankyou

But I have to practice more and more.would u please suggest me some sources to practice?


7/9. There’s still room for improvement for me.


8/9 I am student at university in Turkey. I will become English Teacher if I finish the school :) Thanks to Adam I took 67 in Final exam but in vize exam i took 25 :( Because in vize I didnt watch videos of Adam The lesson is Rhetorical Grammar


Thanks for breaking down to the bare bones. Have always struggled with clauses/phrases and the crazy stuff they pull off together. :)


I got4/9 it’s difficult for me :-(


very good lesson..its hard but at the same time its amazing ..and i got 9 out of 9 ..awesome


About the sentence “I went to the store to buy bread for breakfast this morning” … is it correct to put “this morning” at the beginning? Thanks, I love your lessons very much!


8 out of 9.
Made a mistake in a simpler one.

Dawood Faiz

Hello Adamsir,
I’m thankful to you. I got 8/9.
Please guide me that how I utilise this lesson in my writing of sentence?


“That her husband is the CEO of Microsoft and makes a lot of money”
My question is:
1. Can that noun clause explain the subject which is also the noun clause? (dont you think it should be an adjective clause (not the noun clause) that explains a noun/noun clause?
2. That noun clause has a conjuction “and”, are they not a compound sentence?
Many thanks for the answer.


9 out of 9
Thank you to the author for pretty clean explanation.


My result is 8 out of 9. Well done, i think)


My result is 9 out of 9. thank you.


Hi, Adam.
I can’t help but say it’s an excellent job you’re doing. I haven’t looked through all the comments ( it might be that the question I have has already been asked), but I’ll fire it up anyway)))
In this particular video you’ ve been stating that an indirect object never occurs without a direct object. So, is this the rule or more like a recommendation?
Because you do have sentences like: I surrender to you
I understand it depends mostly on the verb itself, but is it ok to say to the students not to use one kind of object without the other?


Hello Adam I am Guillermina from Argentina, thanks a lot for your lessons I started studying English at university. I do it online and is very difficult to understand. Can I surch here for any theme that I need to learn . I mean university level. Thanks


I got 7 out of 9 and then now I have understood what you taught throug this lesson,can any one make conversation with me via Skype or WhatsApp to improve my English
Thank you so much


thank you so much, teacher Adam <3. It's very useful for me.


I got 9 :)) Thanks for your teaching.:)




Hi Adam, how are you? I’m confused about the following sentence. What kind of sentence is that? Is that a simple sentence ? Why?

It’s January 1, the day when many people around the world announce their New Year’s resolutions.

Please help me to be clear. I appreciate your assistance.



Thanks Adam,
I am really impressing your teaching way.I got 9 out of 9.


i got 67 :(


Hi Adam I don’t get the 8th question of quiz ? Could U plz help ?


I scored 100%! Thanks Adam for making this difficult lesson easy for me.


I got 9 correct out of 9, thanks all.


Thanks Mr. Adam.


Finally did it, I scored 9 Correct out of 9!First attempt was 4 only.


Thank you very much, very interesting lesson. I did everything right.


    I did everything right in this test.


Hi, Adam! You forgot the comma before the coordinating conjunction “and” in your last example…

Maggi J.

ı got 100 but ı dont think ı have totally learned the details. why?


I got 8 out of 9 questions. Still, I have to practice more and more. Anyway, I am very thankful to you, Sir.

Sravan Kumar Kotluri

I find your videos very helpful for my job especially in teaching my university students grammar lessons.


Hi Adam,

I want to thank you very much, you are the best teacher I never had

Rey Maria

Hi adam
I can’t get why “a linguist” is ambiguous in this sentence:
Poirot’s little sister wants to marry a linguist.

Asra abd

Y0u really hepl us with this lesons.


good i got 7 -;-


Thank you for your explanations,it is very helpful…
I want to ask you one thing. Can we use ‘verb+ing’ after “may have”
Ex.. photons may have traveling even before the birth of the earth.. Is this sentence correct…?


at the end of the lesson you made a mistake.
“John loves kate” loves whom not loves kto.
You myself mentioned about this at the beginning.

Best wishes for everyone!


    I forgot to mention. I got 8 out of 9. I made a mistake in 2 by my stupidity.


Adam very, very useful lesson and so important.
thank you very much! Grazie!<3


Thank you. I can`t believe, I got 9/9. it was a bite difficult to understand. Now i will attempt noun clause as recommended.


I got 9 corrects out of 9! Mr.Adam , thanks so much. Greetings from Turkey! ❤❤


Hi, Adam thanks for this free lesson. I got 9 out of 9 :) I have learned so much here that I didn’t learn when I was a student back then.


I got 9 correct out of 9. THANK YOU ADAM. You are a good teacher.


I got 8 correct out of 9.
I just want to say Thank you Adam for doing all this hard work in making tutorial videos.


I have a question. Carl reads for pleasure. The question you said is <>? In this case it becomes SVO indirect object, but if we ask why, it becomes SVA(C) . So how to decide how to give a question and what is correct. Thank you.

Nelli 1010@

Sorry, and also what is a be verb, first it is am, then it is exactly <>, so it confused me. Thank you.

Nelli 1010@

why do I see Russian letters?


thank you adam

Brian oscar

Got 9 out of 9.


I got 6 out of 9 :( It is very difficult but it is good for examination


Adam, can you make a video on how to transform between simple, compound and complex?


6 out of 9 at the first and i do hope that mind is going better next quiz. thanks Adam for sharing us.


I really like Adam’s explanation of the sentence grammar. He explains somewhat differently than I learned from school. I learned again the sentence today and now I have more confidence.

Insoo Yeo

I got 7 out of 9. I have to practice more. I appreciate the way you explained it. Understood very much easier than my teacher in grade school.


I got 7/9?
It was tough.?


Hi Adam
Could you help me with a question?
Number 9 says: “A sentence can have no complements, or it can have many complements. It depends on the writer.”
Actually, have or not a complement, wouldn’t depends on the verb (transitive or intransitive)?

Vitareli T.

hmm, i got 8 of 9 , it was a little bit diffuclt lesson but very important!
tbh i should watch it many times and practice it.


Thanks,Adam. It’s a good lesson.


Hi Adam Sir!

I’m glad to find this website through YouTube channel. This lesson is bit tough to get in although I got 6 out 9. Seems I need to watch the video more 3 times until I get better understanding.

Thanks for the class.

Sumaira fatima100

8/9! Good! These tips is useful for me to read the news in the website.

Jerry Gu

thanks teacher


I’ve got 6 out 9 and majority of them are intense and it makes me wanted to cry while answering them but still I survive the test. Thanks to teacher Adam and to all Engvid teacher who keep on teaching people who wanted to learn all the dimension of English.


Hi, Adam! Thank you for the lesson. It was a difficult theme for me. For a long time, I tried to find clear answers about transitive verbs, subjects, independent clauses, etc. You showed an easy way to crack the nut. Thank you again!


Thanks Adam!It was a great lesson although I got 7/9.

Carlos Emerson Esar da Silva

I got 9 correct out of 9.


After watching the lesson, answering the questions is very helpful to test understanding.


You got 9 correct out of 9. Cant believe! Thank you dear Adam!


The more complicated it gets, the easier it is to understand its simplicity!

Extraordinary class, Adam; and a great test. Thanks a lot and congrats!


EngVid is my favorite page on Youtube to learn English and the quizzes from the website are really useful to practice it. Thank you, everyone! Especially Adam! I’ve just got 9 out of 9!!


Hey, Adam!
Is the ber to be the only one that can be used in a S-V-sC sentence? For example, isn’t it also the case of “You look nice!”?

Pedro Lima

    Is the verb “to be” the only one that can be used in a S-V-sC sentence? For example, isn’t it also the case of “You look nice!”, or maybe linking verbs in general?

    Pedro Lima

6 out of 9, I guess I’m just really terrible…


I got 9 out of 9! I am very happy.


Youuuuupiiiiii I get 9/9 ❤❤❤❤??????

Laifa belkis

Great explanation, however I do need more exercises..could you help me out?


I got 8/9, but I don’t feel confident about this topic. Where Could I find more exercises?


Thank you so much teacher, I got 9/9

M Hussein A

Hi Adam.

May I ask a question about the following sentence please?

“Even with the weather being that nasty, the couple and their families decided to go ahead with the wedding.”

I am confused as to why the first part “Even with the weather being that nasty,” is regarded as a phrase rather than a non-finite dependent clause.

What determines whether or not a group of words containing a present participle qualifies as a participle clause.

Many thanks for any help.


I got 7 of 9


Omg! I got 9/9, but I need more practice because I cannot write sentences independently, although my comprehension is good enough. what do you recommend Adam?


Teacher, I hope you can read my message, I’m Chinese, and I’m preparing for IELTS, I can’t adapt to the way Chinese teachers teach English, but luckily I met you, I’m really thankful, in order to express my gratitude I bought two books you wrote, a total of 65💲, although I can’t read them now, I hope that when my level improves, I can use your books I hope I can use the contents of your books when I improve. Your grammar lessons are the best I’ve ever had, I listened to them several times and took notes, and I only got one question wrong on the test. I have a question, why not (above from Google Translate):What do you do with your own free time is up to you.


English grammar somewhat resembles mathematics structures, it’s science language indeed.

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