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Well done. You really exert yourself to give good explanation to us. The quiz is also well made. I think I will remember the key points of this lesson.

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It was a great video! Congratulations to this site and thank you so much for these videos!


I got 9 correct out of 10.

So thank you so much and keep your good job.

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helpful topic thank u Adam.

Efrain Dominguez

Hi,there am really enjoy learning English


I liked this lesson. Thanks teacher


Hi Adam, I like watching your lessons. You are really good instructor. thank you.

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Thank you Adam!
This video was amazing.
Hugs from Brazil.

Lucas Ferreira

Thank you Adam!
This video was amazing.
Hugs from Brazil.

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Hi Mr. Adam,

I have a question,
what differences between
guaranty ( noun) & guarantee (Noun & verb )
warranty ( Noun & verb) & warrantee (Noun)
Thanks your wonderful lessons

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    I found this:

    So, if I well understood, “warrantee” and “warranty” are different words, but “warranty” is misspelled and that’s why we get “warrantee” while we should use “warranty”.

    And “guaranty” is used as a noun and has plural form “guaranties”, and “guarantee” is used as a verb mostly, but people are more likely to use “guarantee” either as a noun or as a verb.

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    Hi Lu Lu,

    Good questions. First, warrantee is the person who receives the warranty (like employee receives employment). Guaranty is something a person gives to guarantee something. For example, if I want to rent an apartment in a foreign country, I’ll probably need a guarantor, a person who will guarantee that I pay my rent. The guaranty this person will provide is usually his/her bank info and consent to cover my costs if I run away from the country without paying.

    Does that help?

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      It really helped Mr. Adam. Thank you!

      Igor Brazil

      Thank you Mr.adam




It’s very instructive,wonderful! thanks

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Nice lesson ! Thanks so much Mr. Adam !

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Thanks a lot Adam it is very clear for me the meaning of the lesson your a good instructor… well done i got 8 correct out of 10. MABUHAY KA…


Nice lesson. I doesn’t knew this rebate procedure. In my country send money through mail is a little weird. But very interesting that lesson Adam, very intelligible and didactically.

Diego Brito

Very good lesson. Thank Mr. Adam.

Cuong Vietnam

hi i dont know why i cant see the quiz .i use a proxy .there is not like that before!why ???


I am back to ENGVID! I love it!

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    I love EngVid so much!

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      Me too:)

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thanks adam!!

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Hi, good lesson! Thanks.

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I got 10/10.
Thanks Mr Adam.

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it’s strange. i didn’t choose the picture… it’s not my face )))


    If you don’t have an account, you get a random picture. To choose your own picture, sign up for an account; the link is at the top right of the page!

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Hi Mr.Adam
what is the difference between refund & rebound


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    Hi Khalidindo,

    These words aren’t actually related. ‘rebound’ means to bounce back, usually about something physical, or sometimes we talk about someone failing but then rebounding and being successful. ‘refund’ means getting money back that you had already spent.

    Is that clear?

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      yes,thanks Adam

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Thank you Adam for usefull lesson.


Thanks Adam. You’re very good!! This video was really helpful!


I don’t know how to express my great thanks.




thx a lot Adam very useful lesson .

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The lesson is very useful and simple. Thanks so much, Mr. Adam ^_^

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I got 100

Thank you adam. Your accent is good. I can understand anything.

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    I hope that you can understand everything :)

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Adam ,You are born to be a teacher .
Thank You

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Adam, keep teaching us, please. I appreciate it.

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I got 100%!!! First class with Adam, I like it! Very good teacher!

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Mr.Adam super thanks for you

it helped me a lot


I’ve got 70pts

slc hoi bat chuyen

Great lesson Adam. It’s very useful

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Thank you


thank you teacher the lesson is good


Good lesson and exercise. I’ve got 10 points and deep understanding of these words.


Thank you. It is the first time I see the difference between guarantee and waranty. It is very useful.


Very good!I’ve got 8 correct points. Thank you.


Thank you so much it’s really work and I love it


yes good for learner I hope I will be improve my english vocabulary very soon.


hi adems i got only 50 from 100 i cant recogonice this words please give me egsampels


thanx adam nice lesson . i enjoyed it . plz slow down ur speed while speaking. because we are not english native speakers and we do have some listening problems , and sometime we have got problems in getting ur lecture. hoe u wo’nt mind


    I’ll do my best :)

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Thank you!!


Thank you Mr.adam I really like the Engvid work team and there why in teaching us the english language
my best wishes to you

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This lesson is so good. Thanks for it Adam.

I would like to pratices my english and i’m looking for someone who want too.
We can do it by the skype.
it’s mine skype is:Clayton.Grilo search me there if you want to pratices also.

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I got 8 correct out of 10.Thank you very much.

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would you please tell me what is transformation-generative grammer
please define its all accpects


    Hi Mahdi,

    Transformational generative grammar is a theory that can’t be explained in a few words. This would be an essay for linguistics students, not real everyday grammar for ESL/EFL students. There is a lot of info online though.

    Good luck :)

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Thank u :-)


thmks so much Adam but it confused sort of .

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    It will get easier Asala, promise :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

It is really useful website . thank u a lot for highlighting sales vocab .

Love life

thank you it is so useful

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WOW Adam, your lessons are fantastic !!!

Thanks a lot :)

Cris Ribeiro

Dear Sir ..It was very useful lesson !!! Thanks a lot

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Thank you Adam, great class!!

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My satisfaction always guaranteed with Eng-vid

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thank you!


many thanls


sorry many thanks


i got very good idea about these words you have taught in this video.thanks lot .and my all questions regarding this video is correct..


Dear Mr.Adam,
i really love ur way of teaching english, u r the best.
i loved u so very much, please allow me to say that. FROM KSA

english teacher

add me on skype i just want to learn more from u, u r great teacher
this iz my account marwa.marwa5737

english teacher


anil rajpoot

hi adam good


Thank you Adam


Hi Adam
When do we use redeem?

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    Hi Phoenicia,

    Good word. To redeem basically means to collect on something. For example, if you have a coupon for a product, let’s say 50% off, you can redeem it at the time of the purchase. This means that you can collect your discount then. Another way to think of it is ‘make use of’ a coupon, or rebate, etc.

    Does that help?

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      Yes it does.
      Thank you

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I like your teaching very much because you speak slowly, clearly and have good examples.
It’s easy to understand.


I got 8 correct out of 20. I was not sure about Rebate, it is actually a discount.


Thank you Adam! That’s great! Please, make more lessons on business vocabulary

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Thank you Adam


Great lesson .Thank you Adam

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Adam, could you please make a vid about usage of “if” and “unless”?

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    Hi Morfik,

    That’s a good idea. For now though, remember that unless basically means ‘if not…’. I’ll see what can do soon.


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I have scored 10 out of 10 thank you teacher Adam.

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Great lesson. Thank you.

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i am interrested on it >
thanks Adam

hamza ali

100 I got 10 correct out of 10.


This is a good teaching. I really like this


many thanks Adam. you made it so easily

moha 3 ms

It was a great video! Thanks so much.

Ubiracy Mafra

What a great job you did! I really love the way you explain it and your accent is easy to understand. It’s really useful to me.


It was nice video …I have learned very much


thanks alot


Thanks a lot!


thanks Adam


Thank you Adam!!!You are super instructor!!!


thank you:)


Verey good it is verey intersting lessone and good teaching


thank you , that was very helpful


Thanks everyone.


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Thank you. :)

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Thanks alot

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hello Adam could you tell me please what is the dfference between avoid and escape

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thank you very much, excelent lesson


Thank you Mr. Adam. It was an applicable lesson.


Great lesson, thanks !

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hm 6/10

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Great teaching. Thank you so much for your very explicit instruction.


I didn’t know the difference between Warranty, and Guarantee. Now, I do, thank you Adam!

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I got 10/10, thanks Adam!!!


nice thanks


Hi, thank you


Thanks Adam

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Thanks a lot Adam!


Thanks a lot

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HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Adam, you’re the guy!
I always appreciate your lessons.


I really get a lot of usefull tips about english and for competetions.In this quiz i got 10/10

Manish Tiwari

It was really good lesson , thank you ! I think that your speaking is understandable.I understood everything i mean that we should be ready for an real conversation. Is not only question of understanding we are supposed to use this lenguage in the street and if we are not prepared to follow the speach quickly it’s gonna be an failed conversation. My recomendation is to listen how much is possible , that’s the right way of learning other lenguage. Thank you again , cas you help me a lot :)


Thanks for the lesson


Wonderful lessons, in our daily life we are using these words; without knowing the meanings. Thanks a lot Adam, my full family is daily attending your class. We can easily understand your pronunciation.

Anil Kumar Nair

teacr tnank yu a lot…yure the best!!!!!!


Very useful, I used to work as a sales assistant and I said these words about 3.000 thousand times!!!. People gets confuse about the meaning of these words, so well done!.

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I got 90% :( , I hope do better next class
thanks teacher :)


It’s amazing. Thank you very much for the clarity of teaching n explanation. I can distinguish the differences now……


I got 8. Thank you! I learned a lot.


i do love your lessons,


Thank you a lot

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Hi Adam,
nice lesson, but i faced a problem on question 8
why we can’t use guarantee instead of warranty dealing with software and hardware as electronics???

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I am really happy to gain D of this a bit difficult quiz about x-year warranty , low price guarantee , full money refund , mail-in debate , be allow to exchange other item in our stores , in-store credit etc. You are really excellent at teaching. You always point out the purpose and sample of use to us clearly and concisely. I love your lessons.

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awesome lesson! if you happen to come to South America, be my guest in my home! it will be a pleasure to host a nice person like you!

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Thank you teacher Adam. Very great lesson, keep doing the best.

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Thank teacher a lot

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hi teachers,please give us a lesson about past tenses please.its so difficult to use them correctly

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Cool : )

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Thank you very much Adam!!

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Thank you Adam, I got correct 9.

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awesome explanation…..//

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yayyyyy i got 90 thank you a lot adam

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thx adam:D

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Yeah!I got correct 10:)

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Really useful, continue please

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thanks a lot

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I got 6 correct out of 10. I was confused and forgot the meanings and differences. But the quiz is really helpful for me to understand or not. I hope to watch your lesson and answer the quiz again someday. Thank you, Adam :)

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Thanks, Mr Adam

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make some sentences using “WARRANTY, GUARANTEE, REBATE, EXCHANGE, CREDIT”:

I bought a Toyota sedan with 3 years warranty or 100,000 km warranty last month and I satisfied their service in workshop. They gave me a guaranty to exchange if the car have any problem and will give credits using in workshop. But the bad thing is that I didn’t pay attention to return the form for the rebate of $500. It’s over due for that right now.

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hi adam, i am just wondering, how can we actually put these words into real practice?

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Thank you teacher. Your lesson explain very clear and helpful. I like to watch your video so much.

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It’s always good to learn new vocabulary. You’re a great teacher Adam thank you!

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Thanks I got 70%.

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60% WITHOUT watch the lecture ..

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Thanks a lot mr adam.

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your presentations are very attractive

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Hello Adam! Thank you for the very useful lesson and vocab. I really surprised with this vendor’s gimmicks :)

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Thanks a lot Mr.Adam…it helped a lot…scored 10/10…surprisingly..:P
never understood economics terms …

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Thank you! Very useful lesson

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Really fabulous explanation! thank you Adam

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Please, I need a grammar lesson about “Question Tags”.

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thanks for that lesson teacher Adam…I got 10 correct answers out of 10…=)i could use this to improve my vocabulary…=)

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Thank you so much. I always follow you lessons; It’s very helpful for me. Misspelling is always be my main problem, thanks so much for reminding. :) :)

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100% thanks

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Thanks adam

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9-10 yes Not Bad..

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Now I understand. Thank you Adam.
You are great! Funny! and I like your lessons!

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Execllent lesson for me because I am woring in retail.
we use this words daily ,good to know correct meaning of each words.I got 10/10.Thank you very much.

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Hi there ! Sir Adam I want to know between. Could and can sometime I get confused between this tow model. Is my sentence correct also ?

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Thanks! Mr.Adam,
I got 9 out of 10.
I do like your lessons.

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Thank you Adam, Very useful lesson. Would you please do a lesson about business e-mails. thanks again.

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Very good explanation!

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Thanks Adam

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8.0 my score….it is not bad.
this topic is clear and good explanation.
thanks Adam.

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Good job Adam. Next lesson right off the bat jajaja

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Dear Mr Adam, Thank you so much for this lesson.I am wonder how different between freedoom and liberty ? Can you help me ?Thank you.

Profile photo of ngockhanh ngockhanh

Thank you Adam.

Profile photo of Jean-Michel.M Jean-Michel.M

Dear teacher,
What is the difference between trade and commerce?
By the way, i am living in Hanoi – Vietnam so i would like to ask you a question related to our money. In VN we use Dongs as a main money. But there are many way when we write it in words: someone writes VND, it means Vietnamese Dong or Vietnam Dong? It also means that VN is adjective and Dong is a noun, right? Which one is right and which one is wrong?
Furthermore, AUD means Australian Dollar, CAD: Canadian Dollar, Bristish pound…
Otherwise/in the other hand, USD means United States Dollar instead American Dollar? or Singapore Dollar but Singaporean Dollar? and so on.
Oh, they make me confused.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you so much.
Love you Adam.
Could you please help me to find out the answer?

Profile photo of Sophia Hoang Sophia Hoang

    hello. I’m not professional in English, but I can answer your question just a little bit
    1. VND= Vietnamese Dong or Vietnam Dong?
    I think it will be the same question as ‘Japanese Yen of Japan yen’. In Japan, the official name is Japanese Yen.
    Like that, the official name of Vietnam money is Vietnamese dong.
    Also I just searched in the internet about CAD AUD….
    what you wrote is all right except British pound. British pound, we call, GBP(Great Britian and blahblahblah(I don’t know exactly about the name but it will be related to British territory) Pound. In short, it is written in GBP.
    2. USD means United States Dollars. It is official name. But I didn’t heard someone who said like ‘Amercian dollars. They just speak dollar, or anything else.
    3. Singapore’s official currency name is Singapore dollar not the Singaporean Dollar.

    tips) If you find about Korean currency, you can find KRW, Korena won. Not the Korea won.

    I hope this answer will be satisfied^^

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i still don’t know the difference between exchange and credit

Profile photo of Mohamed Rabiaa Mohamed Rabiaa

    understand like this

    exchange : products to products

    credit : credit card

    That will be easy to remember

    Profile photo of adun adun

i still don’t understand the different between warranty and warrantee

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When I listen to you carefully I make it 10/10 🤗
Thank you so much you are an amazing teacher

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It is interesting! Thank you Adam.

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i’ve got 10 of 10. Thanks for this video. Keep trying!

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Hi, Adam. I would like to ask about some words I saw on an advertisement.
What does “dealer’s discount” mean? What about “ the trade discount”?

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Thanks Adam for this lesson.

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thanks, Adam I got 8 out of 10

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Thank you Mr. Adam.

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sometimes I can’t catch up what teacher Adam teach. Because too shot explain & no writing just explain by mouth . For me, it’s better Adam more explain writing note rather than speaking. It really helps for new beginner student like me to take some notes.TQ

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Congratulations Adam, I really liked it. Very useful this class!

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I got 100, thanks Adam I´m new student

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8/10! I also confuse on warranty and guarantee.

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i really appreciate your way of teaching.keep it up!

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