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Thank you teacher Jade .


    Congratulations. You’re the first one again.


Thanks very much Jade, this is the first time I watch your video.


Hello why you don’t speak about the letter “t” in the slang language when the letter is dropped.
It seems for example the word little is pronounced li’le.
Thx for your courses.


    This is the glottal stop Fredojo . T stays like deep in your throat and you breathe it out like an H

    Have a nice day


      Hi tsamp i didn’t know the glottal stop.
      i found a video from Jade about the glottal stop i’m going study it.
      Thanks for your reply.


Hi, everyone!
It`s the 1111th lesson! Congratulations to EngVid!
Very useful lesson for those who has difficulties in pronunciation, especially sounds [th] I`ve got a friend who suffers this problem. I`ll


Sorry, I did`t finish my comment. Something happened with my laptop. So, I`ll continue….
I`ll tell her how to overcome her trouble and she`ll sound almost like real Londoner.
Though I don`t like “cockni” accent.


    this time you are among the first ones, this courage of you, congratulations.


      Yes, thank you. I was happy as well!!!


      You’re wrong. Teacher Soei is the first one again. I think when you visited engvid, you saw Natanna as the first one. By the way, I hope, that Natanna can be the first one in next video.


        Hi, nkh453. I know I’m not the first one. I was happy to be AMONG the first ones as SKIKDA noticed.
        And I never give up trying!


          If you wanna be the first who comments, so it is easy and you can be always the first, Just get into the website about 7 am (the timing of Algeria (+1)), I used to find the field of comments empty at that time.


          Hi, struggleForEng! Thank you for the advice. I’ll follow it. There were times I wasn’t interested in comments on EngVid ( I just watched videos) and I noticed that only at 2am (Algeria timing) the fields were empty!!! Can you imagine that?!
          Do you know we have been struggling for the first comment since November/October? I think it gives us more interest and makes the process more competitive.
          See you.


          I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.


        Hi my friend. Among first oneS is all right. It’s completely true. Take care.


    *Cockney, sorry


how lazy pronounciation english, it’s difficult to understand and i don’t want to speak like this but at least i will always remember ‘ave ju go? e ligh-e ‘ maybe one day i will be in london and i will understand it . thak you jade.


hi .that is realy good


Hi Jade.
Thank you so much.this lesson was interesting lesson so,is the best speaking,talking and writing about slang in London UK.

Muad Abdiaziz

I need to watch more lessons like this about British accent. Thanks Jade!

Isaias Menezes Silva



Actually there isn’t a”glotal stop”, only a Glottal ‘T’.
water /ˈwɔː ə/ intead of /ˈwɔːtə/


Oh! Sorry. It’s ‘instead’ not ‘intead’, innit?


This Londoner accent is a little weird but if you live there, you will be able to find out its rules, in fact, I was there in a recruitment for a job as a bus driver and I had some problems to understand what they were telling me, I had to imagine approximately the meaning of the words and sounds in Cockney and it was not easy, but anyway, it was a curious experience. Thanks a lot, teacher Jade, a very interesting lesson.


Nice to see you again Jade!Great lesson!But what if you can´t talk regularly to “Real Londoners”??It´s difficult to get used to this accent if you only learn English with books and other sources like
I hardly realise about accents in English, so, I will appreciate if somebody here can tell me which accent Gill speaks. In my opinion, she speaks very clearly and, as far as I know, she is from the UK, isn´t she???


Hi Jade! Actualy you speak in this slang:) Yuor accent is peculiar


Hello Jade. Thank you for teaching us.
But, to tell you the truth_no offense_ I didn’t like it anymore.
By the way, nice teaching


Hi Jade! It’s good to see you again, and thanks for another lesson. I like your accent. I visited London last year and I liked your city. It could be great for me to get a better comprehension of the language that is spoken in the streets.


Hi Jade! Thanks for this video, the accent is something really important for learning, so the more I learn the better I understand the language.


Hi, thanks for this page, it is amazing!!


Good…75,thanks for your lesson jade, i hope to learn more from you


Hi Jade
very interesting lesson


thanks a lot Jade

samira salama

You got 5 correct out of 8.!!!!
“I ain’t doin’ nuttin’.”

I’m not doing nothing.why????anything.
“Who dat brah?”
Who is that man?
I think this lesson was very hard and Don’t like it… wanna= want to …gotta= got to ….hafta= have to … Gonna=go to
ain’t your mama =ginifer lopez
ain’t my fault = zara larson
ain’t= am not or is not .


7 of 8 are right )))))))))))))))))))))))))
and the dude from the bus stop – he was AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanx Jade !!!!!!!!! I’m in love with Ur speakin’ style !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d like 2 have some private lessons 4 sure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andriy Shandra

Last time I came to London I almost understood nothing of what people said and now you have cleared up my mind: Londoners almost speak a language of their own!


hi there . this is Amir a new comer in your society , i am really happy that finally i joined to EngVid .

Farajzadeh Amir

Its really wonderful experience for me. The way of your lessons help me. Thanks again.

Russeau Rakib

I was bad. I haven’t a good British accent ?

Fernando Moreira

    No problem ! You should practice more, like most of us !


      I’m gonna do that. :D

      Fernando Moreira

        Good luck!


thanks miss jude you always remind me my former english teacher when i was studying high school


Hello Jade,
You are far better on EngVid than on your own channel on YouTube. Thank you for this useful lesson.


It was a good lesson, however, I’m not planning to speak like that, I mean, no effence, I don’t want to be like them I just want to learn how to speak English properly. It’s good to know this kind of conversation if you want to understand what they’re saying but I think it’s not necessary to speak like that.


Hi Jade, very interesting lesson!!


I was bad. I need to improve!!!


    you need to try more




thank you teacher jade


thanks Jade it’s very interesting. but i have dificult with it. I have to visit London.

youcef ouddane

Thank you Jade. I missed your lessons.


Thanks you so much Jade! Very interesting :)


hello teacher!
omg teacher u sayin dat i dont need to use “th” sound noway God heard my prays finally! hey lady I’ve just found u podcasts n you as well, amazing, although it seems like u dont use it anymore for quite a long time, is dis one yours too?
ave a marvelous week!


Useful and interesting. Thanks Jade


75/100 it’s not bad result! Thank you Jade. I’m looking forward your next lesson! Bye!


I,ve got a 76! Ive been talking with some native english speaers from UK on internet, sometimes I can understend them well, sometimes I can barely understand few words, I dunnt know why , a Friend of mine says her accent is very posh, I´m getting more familiar with these kind of english its not the same from someone who lives in Texas, or new Mexico or canada, I Find these english ver comfortable, i like it.

See a later alligator


when i can learn original English after i ll try to talk with London way i see that’s difficult lol so thank you teacher :)


Thanks Jade for letting us know all this. For me is really difficult to understand this type of expressions even when I hesrd them before, but now, after watching your video, it seem to me that I accomplish one step over


Hi Jade!
I’ve been enjoying all your lessons and I’m devoted fa.
Could you make a lesson about “”Delexical Verbs”?
Thank you in advance.


Got 88%. One incorrect ☺?. Thanks jade. Your are inspirable!


7/8. Thanks!



Nana nute

Jade, I love to watch your video lessons and love your British accent!

Jonny Nguyen

Thank you Jade for this interesting lesson.

But does it mean that I have to learn two English languages ? one is the formal and one of the street ?


I got 6 out of 8

Faizan 27

I need more than one time to catch everything.


Jade, amazing its really become hard

Ricardo Pizarro

Thx teacher jade

mohammed mohamoud

Thank you teacher Jade :)

Adham Nader

Thank you, Jade!


thanks U very much


Hello Jade! My name is Irina and I’m going to write a corse work about the deference between the language of aristocrats and the language of lower class people on the example of the serial Downton Abby. Can you help me with some materials? Maybe some articles or your own observations? I’m going to focus on the vocabulary and the grammar. Are there any distinguishing features?


Thank you, Jade! I must confess, it is really hard to understand people when they speak with this accent. It is so confusing! Even more, they don’t understand me when I try to speak English (as in the textbooks ;-).


Hi Jade!

That’s an amazing lesson! I am very surprised how you can explain complex subjects in such an easy, didactic and pleasant way.

While I was studying in an English course, a long time ago, I had to do a presentation about London and I studied a little bit about this topic (of course, not so deeply). Besides, I remember I read something about the “rhyming slangs”. For instance, “loaf of bread” which means “head”, “bee and honey” that means “money” and “dog and bone” which means “telephone”. Anyway, I reckon it was part of the old Cockney vocabulary, that isn’t used any longer, as you have mentioned.

Even though I don’t intend to speak like that, it is important to know that there is a city on Earth where people use it (and not any city, but London!).

Cheers and regards from Rio de Janeiro!

Eduardo França

thank you jade !! you have a good personality and i love to leasone to you


This lesson is bloody useful for the listening

hema alsawi0458



Thank you Jade


hi I am new how to download video

Islombek Aliyev

Thanks a lot jade,i dunno how to to thank you for this video


I have being in London few times, and sometimes i have struggled with the accents, So I really appreciate this lesson, thanks a bunch!


It’s very hard to me to understand this London accent. Great subject to talk about, Jade. Thanks. Your accent is amazing.
I’ve got 8 out of 8 on the quiz.


i’ve got 100!
thanks Jade , you’re an informative teacher…
I hope you would be my teacher and help me to improve my english, especially for GRAMMAR! thanks

rico adams

i GOT 7 OUT OF 8


Thanks Jade!


Great Jade. I always have so good time when I watch you and your classes. Thanks a lot.


Thank you Jade

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