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it’s draw-ing NOT draw – ring;

it’s AS I said
like I said.


Thanks, it has been lovely lesson!

Erkinbek 63

Thanks for the lesson, and the good pronunciation that I learned from you.


Thank you. Always fascinating to learn the different variations of languages in the society. And can be handy if you want to try to climb your way towards the ‘U’… :-)

Stephane R

Hello jade dentures reffers in french to the real teeths, and dentier to the false teeths.
I am a native french speaker so it help a lot when i learn english.
Thanks for these good lessons.


Is good to mention that dentures is in the plural, normally the word is used without the (s) in french.
Unless we are talking about several dentures


The idea behind the instructions was not very clear to me.


    She just illustrates the difference between upper class & middle class in using some idioms.


    Real upper class vocabulary=U and fake upper class= No U or people that pretend to be upper class.

    TZ ZT

thanks a million


It’s not easy to distinguish between U and non-U words. I think I’d better watch this lesson again to understand more. Thanks for the superb lesson and I learned an interesting history of English today.

Insoo Yeo

Thank you so much,Jade


That is a good idea having several names for the same thing, the problem is when you mixed them with natives. You can see funny faces at the time you speak and saying to you, oh you speak quite good English which is not true. That’s my experience.

Pedrop Guijarrog

Thanks a lot for your explanations, teacher Jade, now we know a little better the meaning of posh.


Thank you so much, now I know what the word ‘posh’

Cathy Ding

the lesson is quite difficult, i must rewatch many times just to understand, thank you very much

nguyen van long

Good lesson!


Thx but I want someone to speak with him to learn accent


Thank you Ms. Jade.


What is the relationship between English and globalization?

Does globalization have an effect on smaller dialects?


Hi everyone, is ” The couple got married last spring ” dynamic or stative?
Thanks in advance.


It can be good for me to use the upper class words. At least I can seem rich, even if I have a normal standard of living. :)

Thanks Jade!


Good-handed teacher. Languageless life is meaningless because I can’t understand this video. All my desires and desires are going backwards

Mabast. Ahmed

thank a lot,Jade, hugs (Kazakhstan o2 Dec2o21:)


Thank you very much for the lesson. I have a question. I have heard from my British friend the word “Chav”, which as far as I understand means the lowest class in British society. Is it a slang word or is it more like an official term?




i was sorprised with the result hahaha i got 100 , of course i pay attention the chass, but I’m sure your english is British, and I’m from colombia learning americam english, and the accent is totally different, thanks..


What is the social class of that sophisticated mafia working in The City?Those that have become very rich working with dirty money thanks to the upper class working in the parliament that deregulate the financial system? That’s a good example of inclusive class.


Thank you Jade!


This is a masterpiece of a lesson in culture, habits, behaviour, language, all wrapped up in a single snowball of knowledge, ironic short innuendos, funny straiggtforward and eficent method of teaching. It penetrated my mind and stayed tgere, thank you Jade for that. Jade does all that so naturally it seems she doesn’care about peoples’ comments. Very cleaver and smart, intelectually a truely posh woman, genuine ( no matter if money came by or not).
sentences like” a good part of the working class does not truly work” require courage and a sense of wit to say it. Congrats!

Ron Serio

I am a reader from Brazil

Ron Serio

I’ve read a story that all royals mut learn and speak French fluently ,since childhood, from the days of Guilaumme Le Conquereuer ( William the Conqueror) on. The queen may speak working class words in English but she speaks first-class French. Is this a true or false legend ?

Ron Serio


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