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Got 78. Thank you Rebecca. Lesson was wonderful.

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I appreciated your lesson as usual. Thanks a lot Rebecca.
And also thank you for replying to my last question a few days ago.

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I got 100. Thanks for your lesson was useful for me.
I will always look forward to your lesson!

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Thanks I got 89%, It’s a good lesson.

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i got 8/9, I was wrong at number 3, I forget the article ‘a’; actually i usualy forgot it. thank Rebecca

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    I really appreciate you for helping me to learn English in a higher level.

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i´m terrified !!!!

i was think , it was a easy lesson, but my score was 67.

i need to practice!

thanks Rebeca i love your proununtiation .

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hello everyone here i am new here and i need your advice i am planning to take TOEFL test next year in February what can i do

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    just good good
    Day day up

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i got 67%

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Thanks,for the same.

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Thanks a lot…!!!

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i was bad in this lesson.

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Thanks a lot Rebeca !

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3. Examiner: Where do you live?
“I live in a three-bedroom-apartment”

or should be-“I live in a three-bedroom apartment? without hyphen before apartment?”

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    yeah I have the same doubt

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    I share the same concern. I got that question one wrong as well. I think she needs to look that over and give clarity.

    Profile photo of shantie25 shantie25

    Well first of all this is speaking section so the hyphen problem shouldn’t be that much to worry about. And both are correct with or without hyphen. 👍

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Hi Rebecca, thank you so much for sharing your best tips to get success in the exam.

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Thank you Rebecca!

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Thx I got 9/9 on da quiz

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thank a lot Rebecca

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That pretty much explains it!

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Thank you

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Thank you!

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tanks a lot Rebeca lesson was wanderful and easy

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This is so wonderful

Thank you a lot, its easy but this helps me a lot thank again :)

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    Truly! She made it so easier for us.

    Profile photo of aminahakther1 aminahakther1

Thanks a lot Rebecca.

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I got 78 thanks

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Got 100% (9 out of 9)


thanks for helping

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thank you Rebbecca

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thank a lot Rebecca i got 8/9

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I got a 9 YAY

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9/9 thank you so much

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Excellent advices!!!!

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Hello Rebecca!
I know my comment is not about the current video but is screaming for help.
I will take the IELTS soon and as a self-taught, I noticed I am having problems in the listening section with spelling. Sometimes, you think you know the form of a word until you write it down. To illustrate my point: eyesight, audioguide, farmland, newsletters, and clubhouse are words that apparently must be written together. As a Spanish speaker, I made mistakes in writing them apart. I was trying to find online a list of common words in English that must be written together. However, I found lists of compound words with a hyphen.
Please, I need help, I am tired of losing 1,2 or 3 points during my home practices because of silly mistakes.
I will appreciate your collaboration.
PS: Thank you for all you do teaching us online.

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it is mi first IELTS lesson. i’ll prepare to it! thank you for good advices!

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Thank u

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i got 78 Thank you

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I really enjoying watching your teaching lessons. Thanks a lot.

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I really enjoying watching your teaching lessons.

Profile photo of Hedy0114 Hedy0114

thank u

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Rebecca: Thank you so much! You are an excellent teacher! :D

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Thank you so much .

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I got 89 out of 90.

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I got 7 out of 9 and i’m very happy its very useful

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The best website ever

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I need a speaking partner. Can anyone wanted to speak with me on daily basis for 15 to 20 minutes? I am not good at speaking English but can communicate with native speakers. If anyone interested please, feel free to message me on my email hazimnafi9@gmail.com.

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thank you Rebecca. I comprehend this lesson easily

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I got 89 marks ,Thanks Rebeca .

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67! I was bad at the lesson(

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thanks you Rebeca.

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it is really helpful

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Thanks Rebecca your are the best. I have score 100%

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Thanks Mrs Rebecca.

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Thanks for the lesson! I got 89

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I got 100. Thanks Rebeca, you’re the best.

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i want to practice to English speaking

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helpful lesson Many thanks

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I really enjoy these lessons, thanks Rebeca and engVid

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Good evening Rebeca, Here I am giving you greetings and feeling grateful for this lesson, thanks a million. I´m from Colombia and I live in a recognized city called Medellin. Just to let you know this is my second EngVid video and I was totally freaked out when you started with each mistake, I felt all these ones would cover my language proficiency, and what an astonished feeling came to me when I realized that yes, I trully have more than one mistake to expertise. I’m on my way to get the permanet residence in Canada by the Atlantic immigration pilot. Hopefully with much traning that will happen next year. I enjoy watching EngVid videos so much, your classes are greater than many other online lessons and I’ll leave no stone unturned until I master most of them. It’s worth say that I found this mark just in two videos and I can´t wait to see what is yet to come in this big amount of videos you provide us.

To conclude, I would like to know what would the corrections be for the comment jus written when it comes about proper grammar.

I look forward to hear from you soon!

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Thanks so much dear teacher Rebeca,great job. Best wishes.

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Thanks for these lessons

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Got 78 . Thanks mam

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Thank you so much, you are the one. I’m gotta 7.8

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Thank You very much Rebecca for you I won 100

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thank you for this one :)

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:) 89% Not bad.

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Awesome lesson! Truly loved it. 👍

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This is indeed a helpful lesson for an Ielts candidate, Rebecca.
Also your pronunciation is very vivid, which helps me to understand more.

Profile photo of aminahakther1 aminahakther1

This was tricky video but you made it seem so easy. All of the manners was effective and to be noted. Thanks for sharing this.

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