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Learned a lot.Thanks

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    Great! So glad I could help you. My best wishes to you, vickeaz.

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Hi Rebecca! Hungarians use the ISO 8601. :)
Great video thank you!

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In Italy we follow the British system. So today is 11th January 2018 or 11/01/2018.

Profile photo of Osrevinu Osrevinu

    Thanks for sharing! It’s so interesting to learn of the different time formats used around the world. It just emphasizes that we need to be careful, and preferably use words instead of numbers. All the best to you,Osrevinu.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

      There is another interesting thing the date separator. In video there are two “-” and “/”, but in my country Slovenia we use “.” as date separator and we never (except of formal documents where required) write leading zero, so 11th January 2018 in Slovenia is written as 11.1.2018 (DD.M.YYYY).

      But I once have had a problem with Serbian they write spaces as date separator so “11 1 2018”.

      Profile photo of rokaly rokaly

        “@But I once have had a problem with Serbian they write spaces as date separator so “11 1 2018”.“
        I cant bealive….always problems with Serbian…..Serbian never ever write date in that way!

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      Another interesting video would be the time. You know the AM/PM confusion. Another mess is time-zones. I like using UTC+1 it means London time plus one hour.

      Profile photo of rokaly rokaly

        That’s a good idea, especially because in North America there are different names for the time zones. E. g. UTC-8 is “Pacific Standard Time”, because it’s the time zone for areas bordering the Pacific Ocean. Daylight Savings Time also complicates things.

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Got 09/10. ☺ I live in pakistan ,but I prefer to write the date in american standard like today is january 11,2018 while mostly people write in numbers what i see. Superb lesson rebecca.Best regards to you. Thank you so much!

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In Indian system, we usually use DD/MM/YYYY format but in some form, we are asked to write in MM/DD/YYYY format.

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cool topic
11/01/2018 Russia

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So nice. Thank you Teacher Rebecca

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Spain, 11/01/2018: thank you so much Rebecca, I really appreciate your lesson ;)
But be careful, as there were two mistakes on the board at 5.30 of the video. The last 2 of them were wrong. They had to be 1986-01-03 (YYYY-MM-DD) and 1986-03-01 (YYYY-DD-MM).
We all make mistakes ;)

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

    Yes, I am sorry about that. Thank you for pointing it out. I had planned to write it in a different order! In any case, I am so glad you are paying attention closely. All the best to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

      OMG! Imagine those dates were on a can of beans, you might have hurt yourself. haha!

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for this question : 3. What do DD-MM-YY stand for?

dog, monkey, yak
day, morning, yesterday
date, month, year
i think the DD is for the Day(not for date)!! :)

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    Hello. Day is used for days of the week, for example – Monday, whereas date – for data.

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Thanks a lot Rebecca.it is really important to know how to read and write the date.

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In kuwait we follow the British system. So today is 11th January 2018 or 11/01/2018.

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Hi Rebecca I think you made a mistake in the video.
For jan 3 1986 You wrote YYYY-MM-DD equal 1986-03-01 instead of 1986-01-03 and YYYY-DD-MM equal 1986-01-03 instead of 1986-03-01

Profile photo of Apa57 Apa57

    Yes, just checking that everyone was paying attention! Thank you, my friend. You are 100% right. All the best to you.

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In France: 11/01/2018

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Thank you Rebecca! You are the best!

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In Brazil, today is eleven of January of two thousand and eighteen.

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In Brazil DD/MM/YY;
thanks for the lesson

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In Japan I usually use YYYY/MM/DD.

But generally, HY/MM/DD now.
H is stand for Heisei(an era name).

ex. H30/1/12 or H30-1-12 now.

I was confused this quiz. But it was good study for me.

Thank you, Rebecca :)

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Thanks to all of you for sharing the date format used in your country. Look at all the variation! Just emphasizes the importance of writing out the words whenever possible. Thanks for watching, learning, and playing along! My best to each of you.

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I’m very grateful for your help in your all lessons. …. in all Arabic country we write the date DD-MM-YYYY if the day or month one number write D-M-YYYY …. the Arabic write From right to left – — ex.
2018-1-التاريخ اليوم 10

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    I think you are now write it in Chinese form DD:.

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same Italy, In Vietnam we follow British system it meant the day have format: DD/MM/YYYY. but almost computers has default date is United States because they used window system, therefore there are many mistake when you use them special Excel it part of Office

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Very interresting that course ,but I don’t understand the différence here in the last question of the quiz: any and none?
Thank you very much.
Here in Québec it is not easy to know What is the best system. I appreciate the Iso 8601.

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In Armenia the format is DD.MM.YY

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You are always teaching an important lesson! Thanks, Rebecca!go on!

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thank you for your video it was great

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dear teacher the lesson was very intersting
thank u so much.

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In Brazil:
Thank you, Rebecca!

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Last question of the quiz,WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE



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    Any = in ALL of the first three options (government forms, checks AND job applications).

    None = all first three options are wrong (NOT used for government forums, NOT used for checks, NOT used for job applications).

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Thank you Rebecca.
The twelfth of January two thousand and eighteen.

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thank you.interesting. not when you do not think about this

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in Latvia – dd.mm.yyyy

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great lesson!

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You have forgotten Africa miss Rubbica

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In Brazil today is 13/01/2018

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Thank you for your excellent explanation.

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Thank you so much for your impressive explanation.

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You’re perfectly right: even if it seems nothing, a wrong starting point, such as misunderstanding a date, could lead to a real disaster!
Greetings from Italy.

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Macedonia DD/MM/YYYY. So today is 14/01/2018

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thank you alot for flush out my confusion

Profile photo of Suleiman Nassor Suleiman Nassor

thanks a lot .

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Thank you very much.Interesting and usefull video. I love all your lessons.

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I think there is a mistake in video about date separators. In Japan they use YYYY/MM/DD, but ISO 8601 standard explicitly states there should be dash used as date separator.

Japan: 2018/01/18
ISO: 2018-01-18

Profile photo of rokaly rokaly

Thank you Rebecca.

Morocco : DD-MM-YYYY

Profile photo of kheireddine007 kheireddine007

Thanks Rebecca..

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In Brazil we follow the British system

Profile photo of Nathaliacsm Nathaliacsm

Thank you. I would never think how much important to know correct date format for each country. Also, I hadn’t known about the third ISO option of date format.
In Ukraine today 17-01-2018 and 17 January 2018

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Hi, in Brasil we follow the DD/MM/YYYY system. So today is 17th January 2018 or 17/01/2018. Thank you.

Profile photo of Schutts Schutts

Thank you, Rebecca, very much for your lession. It is very useful for me. The Vietnamese date format is: DD-MM-YYYY and so the date today is written as 17-01-2018.

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Thank you Rebecca :D

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hi everybody

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thank you Rebbeca for lesson

Profile photo of hanka111 hanka111

Thank you, Rebecca.
We follow the yyyy/MM/dd format in China.
I have learned that is the ISO 8601 format.
Today is Thursday 2018/01/18.

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Thank you a lot, this is a great lesson. In Argentina we use DD/MM/YY.

Profile photo of AckleySalinger01 AckleySalinger01

Hoje é 18 de janeiro de 2018 – Today’s Wednesday 18 January 2018.

Profile photo of Gabriel Gabriel

Thank you, Rebecca!!!!

Profile photo of JJulian JJulian

Very useful information, thanks so much! And it’s funny, from all the days of the year the 1st of August was chosen – my birthday :D

Profile photo of Ereadan Ereadan

Hi,Rebecca…Can you explain me the difference between Aldo,too and as well?

Profile photo of izabela749nh izabela749nh

    Also, too and as well

    Profile photo of izabela749nh izabela749nh

Thank you Rebecca,You always teach us useful things.

Profile photo of Terrysam Terrysam

I’m from Saudi Arabia and we use the dd\mm\yyyy format

Profile photo of vintageblue vintageblue

It is cool the way you teach, rebecca.

Profile photo of Martin Dario Martin Dario

Thank you teacher, it is a great topic I learn very much with each lesson.

Profile photo of Andresb.895 Andresb.895

In India as you mentioned we follow British system, and today’s date is 1/2/2018 – 1st Feb 2018

Profile photo of nagapavan525 nagapavan525

In Ukraine: DD.MM.YY

Profile photo of TaisaG TaisaG

السلام عليكم

Hi Rebecca
Thanks for the best way to learning English

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HI.Great Video and Great Performance.

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Thanks you for this quiz. am learning a lot with you!

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a thorough explanation, thanks

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Hi Rebeca. I really like your lesson. thanks

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Hi! In Brazil we use the date in format DD-MM-YY, but I think that the most of Brazilian people know that in another countries, the people use in this format MM-DD-YY.

Profile photo of richardpk richardpk

Thanks…so Thanks for your efforts. Great Work.

Profile photo of Hazem Abdein Hazem Abdein

year, the word plus number is the best way to express the date.

Profile photo of nonscholar nonscholar

thanks so much, learnt a lot,

Profile photo of A.Navid A.Navid

Thank you very much for your comprehensive lecture. In Myanmar, we usually follow British system.

Profile photo of yinyinaung yinyinaung

Thanks to all of you who took the time to share your comments and the date format in your country. Such an important point! I wish you all the best.

Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Hi Rebecca,

I have a question about writing the dates. Is it true that it’s perfectly acceptable to separate the items in a date by using a dot (full stop)like this:

11. February 2018 (or:)

A substitute teacher told us so the other day, even though all other teachers that I’ve had before said that you don’t use dots in dates in English. Now I’m confused.

Thank you very much, also for all the other videos that you have made. They are great.


Profile photo of KAT11 KAT11

Many thanks,

Profile photo of mojahedmajzob mojahedmajzob

It’s my pleasure I have been listening you in this video it was valuable lecture .
Thanks again ,,,,
Our time format in Saudi Arabia it’s UK

Profile photo of mojahedmajzob mojahedmajzob

In Egypt as you mentioned we follow British system, and today’s date is 12/2/2018 – 12th Feb 2018
Thanks Rebecca …

Profile photo of Mary Lotfy Gad Mary Lotfy Gad

Thank you so much Rebeca
Im new here and I really need learn business English for job
How could I improve myself during the short term?

Profile photo of Farib@@ii Farib@@ii

This information is really usefull. Teacher can you tell me how to know what english level I am? Do you have an english level test or something like so?

Profile photo of andresvas andresvas

    PD: I’m from Colombia and here the time format is DD/MM/YYYY

    Profile photo of andresvas andresvas

In Philippines the Date today is February 16, 2018.Thanks rebecca for the lesson.i never knew that writing a date is very interesting :)Godbless

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9 out of 10

Profile photo of Vanessa Tan Vanessa Tan

i loved your lessons, it’s very useful .. thank you

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HI,Rebecca!Could you please explain the differences between This and It?

Profile photo of mirand mirand

i never imagined that tha date was a Big problem but now i recognize it and i understand the Lesson well, thank you

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Thank you Rebecca. You’re awesome !

Profile photo of Alaa Bakkar Alaa Bakkar

Very Cool!

Profile photo of Mohamed Salem Awad Mohamed Salem Awad

Wow! I was really surprised that russian, indian and british have the same date standart!
So today is 16.03.18 – 16 March 2018 in Russia!

Profile photo of MariaKarnaukhova MariaKarnaukhova

Thank you

Profile photo of mohamad abdelwahab mohamad abdelwahab

Great lesson Rebecca! Glad to see it. There is a mistake, but I saw that other guy has already mentioned. I gonna keep viewing yours lessons!

Profile photo of FerGBA FerGBA

Hihihi your right. Here in Philippines we common use mm-dd-yyyy a lot. Hihihi :D thanks for informative lesson..Now I know why sometimes the date was ramble, the way we write it, when we fill up any form here in Philippines.

Profile photo of bfgeraldine bfgeraldine

Thank you for the lesson!
In Belarus we use ‘british’ variant with point as separator.
Today is 23.03.2018 or 23 March 2018.

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You got 8 correct out of 10.


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I got 10 correct out of 10. Thank you Rebeca. I think the lesson is very useful.

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thank you 👍

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thanks Rebecca got 10 on second attempt

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Thanks a lot!!! It was simple but very interesting.

Profile photo of deepikaevangeline deepikaevangeline

In Russia we write DD/MM/YYYY

Profile photo of krisstep krisstep

Thank you Rebecca, I have known so many different types of date writing.
And I like to watch your videos to learning English.

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great video, thank you.

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Profile photo of Rodrigo Ribeiro Rodrigo Ribeiro

Thank you. The lesson helped me to clarify this issue.

Profile photo of joycody joycody

Hi Rebecca, very nice lesson!
Here in Brazil, we follow the Britsh system:
Example: 13 de Agosto de 2018.

Profile photo of Cristelo Cristelo

Hi. Thank you.
ISO 8601
In Iran we follow this one YYYY,MM,DD

Profile photo of Sajjad Sajjad

Hi Rebeca
Thank you for you very good teaching.
I’m learning a lot.

Profile photo of MyCourse@1978 MyCourse@1978

It was great! Thank you Rebecca!

Profile photo of netameli netameli

Hi , Thank you for your thoughtful lesson !

In Iran the Shamsi Hijri calendar is the official calendar and It begins on the March equinox (Nowruz) as determined by astronomical calculation for the Iran Standard Time meridian (52.5°E or GMT+3.5h) and has days of 365 or 366 days.


We write YYYY,MM,DD.

Profile photo of Minooo.uuu Minooo.uuu

Thanks for the information, Why will not the English and the American system join?

Profile photo of Nicolas M Nicolas M

Saudi Arabia

Profile photo of Lama95 Lama95

Angola and Portugal

Profile photo of vasfer vasfer

Thank you, Rebecca

Profile photo of Jesan Chuang Jesan Chuang

Hi, I’m from Venezuela. we follow the British system: 22 August 2018

Profile photo of Ninaiskel Ninaiskel


Glad we follow ISO recommendations. Feels like team work :)

A bit surprised neighbors Latvians and Russians do upside down, as it always was this way, even in Soviet Union times.

Profile photo of Rita Rita

In India we write 03-Sep-2018.
Thank you very much for this lesson.

Profile photo of Englover94 Englover94

In Turkey, we use British System DD.MM.YY. For exeample, the date of today is 19 September 2018. At the same time, I wanna to say this course is very great:))

Profile photo of perfectmk perfectmk

dear Rebecca,
you can’t imagine what a great teacher you are! I really appreciate you. i have learned a lot from your courses. In Iran we write the date as ISO 8601. I mean YYYY-MM-DD
FYI it seems there is a mistake on the video where you were teaching at the 2nd part of your course. you were explaining an example: “Jan 3 1986” but on the whiteboard you changed it in digits wrong in last 2 lines.

Profile photo of F.Astani F.Astani

Thank you
I got 8 correct got out of 10.

Profile photo of Aziz90 Aziz90

thank you

Profile photo of anhvnsg anhvnsg

We in egypt use the britsh system to write the date, thanks alot it was realy useful videoand i get 8 in the quiz

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me learn so much
thx rebecca
me want to put more videos
me subscribe to your channlle

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thanks madam rebecca learned a lot.

Profile photo of giereviens giereviens

Thanks so much!

Profile photo of Morie DuMont Morie DuMont

ISO 8601 standard looks more perfect than the others.

Profile photo of avorobei avorobei

Thank you for the lesson, Rebecca.
I have a question about the ninth item in the quiz. Is the second option preferable to be said in formal situations?

Profile photo of avorobei avorobei

Thanks a lot Rebecca

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Thank you for your lesson Rebecca!

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thank you so much i found much helpful all your lessons

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Thank you Rebecca for the useful lesson!

Profile photo of keniuj keniuj

Hi Rebecca.
I am Vietnam born but have lived in US for many years and I still have problem when it come write date. Thanks for your lesson I am now able to understand for example:
Today is 25 May 2019 in Vietnam
May 25, 2019 in US

Profile photo of huynhbeti huynhbeti

I didn’t know that writing dates could be a huge problem 😮 thanks a lot

Profile photo of Ihssan87 Ihssan87

Thanks a lot for this lesson, In my country’s Egypt we follow British style so the date of today is 28 July 2019.

Profile photo of engmohamed287 engmohamed287

100….thank you
In Uganda we follow the British style. So today is: 20(th)-Aug-2019.
Though some computers return the date as: Tue,Aug 20,2019 (The American style)
I think its because you can choose which style your computer should use when setting it up

Profile photo of Sumaya2019 Sumaya2019

firstly, i want to thank you for this great lesson about how to write a date correctly, i understood Assalam Alikoume.
This lesson and now i can make difference between all these formats, the preferable for me is the British format, we start by the date, the month and finally the year. Thank you again Rebecca for this clarify.

Profile photo of LounesMath LounesMath

Thank you so much

Profile photo of dudujp dudujp

Thanks a lot. It was very useful. in Korea we follow YYYY-MM-DD like you mentioned and I think we often use .(dot) between. 2018.04.12

Profile photo of misogun misogun

    and if time followd afterwards it will be 2018.04.12.13:30

    Profile photo of misogun misogun

Thank for video it’s very useful and helpful i learned ISO 8601 Standart. I live in Greece. here is used DD/MM/YYYY (britsh form ) but i m using MM/DD/YYYY (US form) because i work for Us organization.

Profile photo of bekr33 bekr33

9/10, thanks a lot!

Profile photo of Alenasimple Alenasimple

I’ve learned a lot. A very silly mistake in writing a date create a huge problem on the individuals or business company if both parties misunderstood each other. Thank you!

Profile photo of Saint Saint

Thank you!

Profile photo of Raschida Raschida

Thank´s. In México, we write it as in England

Profile photo of Ruben Federico Ruben Federico

Thanks, Rebecca! Here in Brazil we use the Brithish System. For 2 days I almost watched this video on 1 August 2020 hahaha

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